Posted on August 17, 2007

BP Eyes Terrorism, Area Chief Declares

Cesar G. Rodriguez, Laredo Morning Times, August 16, 2007

Border Patrol agents don’t have the responsibility of apprehending illegal immigrants, Carlos X. Carrillo, chief patrol agent for the Laredo sector, said at a town hall meeting Wednesday. “The Border Patrol is not equipped to stop illegal immigrants,” Carrillo said, noting that illegal narcotics are also not on the agents priority list.

“The Border Patrol mission is not to do any of those things,” he emphasized.

The Border Patrols mission is to keep the country safe from terrorist and terrorist weapons, he said. Carrillo added that when and if terrorists come into the country, the agents will be ready.


A concerned citizen asked about deterrence.

Carrillo said deterrence comes from working with the community. He added that having a certain number of agents working an area indicates to the community their presence in the area.

A concerned citizen, who lives on property about 34 miles out of Laredo on Interstate 35, said she has seen from 20 to 50 illegal immigrants daily. She said agents have addressed the situation before, but they can only do so much and the situation continues.

Carrillo responded that the Border Patrol will look into the issue.

To report any suspicious activity, Carrillo said, residents should contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement at (800) 973-2867.