Posted on November 27, 2006

Move Over Cocaine, Greencard Latest Controversial Drink In Energy Category

Convenience Store News, Nov. 27, 2006

As the energy drink category expands to the point where every new offering apparently needs an even more controversial stance than its predecessor, one new energy beverage is looking to target an illegal market — migrant Hispanics illegally crossing the border to the U.S.

GreenCard Energy Drink, made by Z CORP, markets its energy beverage to illegal immigrants on their way to the U.S. It claims that it will give energy to those looking to cross the border and potentially outrun U.S. Border Patrol.


Weiss seriously believes that the beverage will be a big sell in Southwestern c-stores, mainly as a novelty drink. It’s Weiss’ opinion that he can gain money and publicity through this beverage and its market.

The drink will have a “brand loyalty unique amongst Hispanic energy drinks,” Weiss said in a statement, but told CSNews Online that he doesn’t feel it is offensive to the group it targets.


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