Posted on July 17, 2006

Junk Mail: ‘Round File’ The Only Proper Disposal Place

Anderson Independent-Mail, July 15, 2006

Like the rest of you, we get a lot of junk mail, both at home and here at the office. To call all of it junk isn’t always accurate. Sometimes it’s just magazine subscription offers or press releases that have also gone to 10 others in the news department or the occasional plea for a donation we actually put aside to read later.

But what came in Monday morning’s mail really was junk. We want to share it because the more people who are aware it’s out there, the fewer of you will be surprised when it comes to you.


It is for a publication named “American Renaissance” and it’s blatantly racist. It’s equal-opportunity racist, however, not just disparaging traditional targets such as the black community, but also Hispanics and Asians. There was no mention of Judaism, but it’s likely just not in this issue.


We would have done a little more research on the group; they have a Web site. But it was just before lunch and the flyer itself was an effective appetite suppressant, thank you very much.


OK, we went to the Web site after lunch and even worse than the articles of the organization are the comments of those who are reading the articles and actually believe the tripe they are reading. One calls for ethnic cleansing, which “if done humanely, seems the only answer to our problems.”


Illegal immigration is a serious problem for this country, as are violence, poverty and a host of other social ills. But to presume all are perpetrated by people of color — while the white folk stand back and tsk, tsk — is ridiculous and insulting to everyone involved.

In an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the organization is referred to as “a conservative publication that advocates for Anglos.” None of the “conservatives” of our acquaintance, in politics or out, would appreciate the usage of the term in this context. Let’s just call it what it is — a white supremacy group — and be done with it.

Every race, every religion, every ethic group should have pride in its roots and its accomplishments. But for any one to put itself above the others is not just wrong, it is egocentric, designed only to encourage the ignorant as loyal followers by telling them, “At last, here is a reason you can feel you are better than those around you.”


Skin color or where our ancestors came from aren’t what make us violent or peaceful, well-read or illiterate, hardworking or idle, faithful or faithless.

And it’s only the gullible who believe otherwise.