Posted on July 20, 2006

Harlem Residents: Clinton Is Symbol Of Gentrification

Kelly Bit, New York Sun, July 20, 2006

Harlem residents gathered outside President Clinton’s office yesterday to protest against the former president as a symbol of Harlem’s gentrification and the displacement of its residents.

The Harlem Tenants Council hosted the protest at 125th Street between Lenox and Park avenues that was attended by about 40 mostly elderly, African-American residents of the area. A HTC co-founder, Nellie Bailey, said the primary goal of the protest was to draw attention to what she calls a “housing crisis in Harlem,” due in part to displacement because of price increases by landlords and evictions.

“We’re hoping to have a dialogue with a president of enormous influence,” Ms. Bailey said, “so he can understand the concerns of Harlem tenants,” including the lack of a comprehensive, beneficial housing policy and legal services. A Clinton Foundation spokesman, Jay Carson, declined to comment on the protest.


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