Posted on May 1, 2006


Thermite, American Renaissance, May 1, 2006

To the Editor:

I would like to bring to your readership’s attention to a new low in merchandising, a brand of baby and children’s clothes called “Pimpfants.”

On the “Pimpfants” web site, you are offered a broad spectrum of the ghetto-style outfits favored by black gangsters.

This is only one of many examples of American businesses using gangster culture to sell products. Lee Iacocca, for example, appeared in a commercial with rapper Snoop Dogg to sell cars.

If the MTV pimps of Compton, Harlem, Detroit, Baltimore, etc., were not bankrolled and promoted by the pimps of Madison Avenue, they would have far less influence in this culture than they do.

Merchandisers have the right to sell gangster-style clothes and promote the gangster lifestyle. What saddens me is the fact that we are buying it. Soon you will be able to deck your little Thugling out in Baby Beaters Bloods Bling chic and take him down to celebrate International Pimp Day. He might grow up to run a string of high-class “Hos,” or better yet, become an Ad Man.

“Pimp” still means pimp.


Thermite, an old-school incendiary