Posted on March 23, 2006

KTRS DJ Fired For Making Accidental Racial Slur

KSDK (St. Louis), March 23, 2006

It was in KTRS 550 AM studio D Wednesday morning that talk show host Dave Lenihan was rallying for Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice to become the next National Football League commissioner. Then Lenihan, on the job for just 8 days, says he made a career ending slip.

Lenihan said on the air, “She loves football, she’s African American which would be kind of a big (slur). Oh my God, I totally, totally, totally, totally am sorry for that. I didn’t mean that.”

Lenihan spoke to Newschannel 5 and said, “This morning I was on the radio and I was talking about how great it would be to get Condeleezza Rice to be the commissioner and I meant to say it would be a ‘coup’ and, unfortunately, I said what a (slur) it would be.”

KTRS 550 General Manager Tim Dorsey says it didn’t take him long to decide what to do. “Within about 2 seconds of listening to it,” says Dorsey.


[Editor’s Note: KSDK has decided not to republish the slur that was used.]