Posted on March 20, 2006

Driver Says Mob Attacked Her Car After Parade, March 17, 2006

An out-of-town couple visiting a sick child encountered an unruly mob following the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

KMBC’s Chris Nagus reported that two cars with two different couples were on the way to Children’s Mercy Hospital when another car cut between them.

One of the drivers asked the cutting driver not to block them. Then, things got out of control when a mob came out of nowhere, Nagus reported.

“Just a whole bunch of people rushed the car. I was thinking 20 girls; my husband said more like 30,” said Michelle Essig, who was driving to the hospital when the people stormed her car. “They opened up my car door and started punching my friend, who just had a C-section three weeks ago.”


“I took great offense to the stuff they were yelling. It seemed to be a racially-motivated thing,” Essig said.

“‘You white b’s, you racist b’s.’ I don’t remember everything — I was caught up in the moment,” said Sharon Roffitt, who was in the car when it was attacked. “My window was down. They were swinging at me and hit me.”