Posted on October 26, 2005

Far Right Says Immigration Makes Spaniards Outsiders

Reuters, Oct. 23

MADRID — Hundreds of far-rightists draped in Spanish flags marched through Madrid on Sunday, demanding the government put a stop to immigration which they said was turning them into foreigners in their own country.

The protest was attended by up to about 1,500 people, mostly young men dressed as skinheads who raised their fists in fascist salutes and shouted slogans such as “Viva Espana!”

“We are here to protest at the government’s immigration policy, which is converting Spaniards into foreigners in their own country,” said Fernando Cantalapiedra, 25-year-old leader of the Falange, a far-rightist group which organised the march.

“(The government) is giving social benefits to immigrants when we have a serious unemployment problem,” he told Reuters.

The Falange was one of the core supporters of fascist dictator Francisco Franco, who died in 1975. With 8,000 members, it describes itself as a promoter of national unity.