Posted on October 26, 2005

Second School Took Action Over ‘Bomb’ Teacher

The Journal (Newcastle upon Tyne, England), Oct. 21

A supply teacher under police investigation over claims that he could put a parcel bomb on a school bus was kicked out of another school for allegedly showing how to make a bomb out of golf balls and matchsticks.

The Journal revealed on Monday how pupils at St Bede’s RC School and Sixth Form College in Lanchester, County Durham, were left terrified by Mazin Albarq. It is claimed he told them he knew how to plant a parcel bomb on their bus unless they behaved. The physics teacher, from a supply agency, was alleged to have made the comments to a class of 13 and 14-year-olds.

Headteacher Maureen Bates reported Mr Albarq to Durham Police.

Yesterday it emerged that Mr Albarq, a Palestinian-born father-of-one, of Selby Crescent, Darlington, was reported to his agency, Teaching Personnel, by a headteacher at another County Durham school last month.

Anne Lakey, head of Durham Community Business College for Technology and Enterprise in Ushaw Moor, said the college had complained to the agency that he allegedly talked to a science class about making bombs. She said: “A first complaint was made because Mr Albarq had not done the work he had been assigned. But after a parent phoned to say he had told a class how to make bombs out of golf balls and matchsticks, we made a second complaint.

“I am surprised the agency assigned him further teaching duties at another school after my concerns.”

A Durham Education Authority spokesman said: “We share Mrs Lakey’s concerns.”

Following the incident at Lanchester, Mr Albarq said: “How sad that a joke can cause such a fuss.”