Posted on August 9, 2005

14 Illegal Aliens Reportedly Voted

AP, Aug. 8

SALT LAKE CITY — The Elections Division of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office is looking into the report during last winter’s legislative session that at least 14 illegal immigrants may have voted in an election.

The issue was raised during discussion of legislation on drivers’ licenses for undocumented workers.

Legislative Auditor General John Schaff said more than 58,000 illegal immigrants had Utah drivers’ licenses, nearly 400 of them used their license to register to vote in Utah, and a sampling of that group revealed at least 14 actually voted in an election.

As a result, the Legislature enacted a measure that provides undocumented workers may not get a regular driver’s license but may get a driving privilege card that is not a valid form of identification.

Elections director Michael Cragun said he wants information on the possible illegal voters so county clerks can look at it and take appropriate action.

“If we find we’ve got someone who is not a citizen who has registered . . . someone at the polling place can challenge their right to cast a ballot,” he said. “As far as someone proven to be a noncitizen who did cast a ballot, that would be referred to the county attorney for prosecution.”


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