Posted on March 4, 2005

Rice in Mexican Capital for Fox Meeting

Dane Schiller, San Antonio Express-News, Mar. 4

MEXICO CITY — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is to meet today with President Vicente Fox and foreign ministry officials to discuss immigration, terrorists and drug cartels.

Discussions also could include the United States’ role in Latin America, Cuba’s human rights record and the foreign minister of Mexico’s bid to lead the Organization of American States.


Derbez also said he was concerned about what he called “vigilante” groups along the Arizona-Mexico border who are watching for undocumented immigrants.

In April, as many as 1,000 civilian volunteers, on the ground and in the air, are expected to become what amounts to temporary, unofficial border monitors along a 20-mile stretch west of Douglas, Ariz.

Derbez said he objects to the effort, called the Minuteman Project, and said it was a chief concern among Mexican consular officials.

“I would like to mention to Secretary of State Rice the actions the Mexican government is going to take to protect its citizens as a result of our concern about these groups’ actions, which our justice system would deem illegal,” he said.