Posted on February 10, 2005

US Department of Commerce Rules “White Pride” Offensive

European-American Issues Forum, February 7, 2005

Civil rights leader Lou Calabro of the European/American Issues Forum has learned that the US Department of Commerce (USPTO) has made a final ruling on an application for a Trademark that the words White Pride, are “offensive and therefore scandalous;” the application #78/368298 was filed by the Honorable Justin Moritz. His appeal was rejected.

Commerce Dept. Attorney Barbara Rutland, ([email protected] or (202) 482-2000, based her ruling on “a Lexis/Nexis datebase and a search of the Internet using the search engine, [and found] the WHITE PRIDE element of the proposed mark is considered offensive and therefore scandalous.”

Apparently Ms. Rutland is unaware that the White House Office of Management and Budget has racially classified almost 70 percent of US citizens as being “white.” That White House office also racially classifies other US citizens as being black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Native Americans.

According to the USPTO’s own website they have approved many racial identified Trademarks, such as Black Supremacy, African Pride, Asian Pride, Jewish Pride, Kwanzaa Pride, Mexican Pride and many more.

It is certainly shocking to be told that based on a Lexis/Nexis search, and the contents therein, that almost 70 percent of US citizen should be ashamed of having pride as members of the white race when they have been so classified by the White House Officer of Management and Budget.

The European/American Issues Forum strongly requests that this decision be immediately reversed and a formal written apology be given to the Honorable Mr. Justin J. Moritz and all European American white citizens of the United States of America.

The European/American Issues Forum is a moderate and thoughtful civil rights organization dedicated to the eradication of discrimination against and defamation of European Americans. We do not denigrate or slur other racial/ethnic groups and welcome those who support our policy. Established 1997, San Mateo County, California

I pledge my full allegiance To all European Americans: To preserve our heritage, To protect our society, and To enhance our race. By my spirit and deeds, I do so vow.

Louis Calabro


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