Posted on February 7, 2005

Six Charged in Pool Hall Killings

KARE 11 (Minneapolis), Feb. 6

Two men were shot dead as they fled members of a Hmong gang after a confrontation at a pool hall Thursday night, authorities said. Four other young men were wounded.


The trouble apparently started Thursday evening when gang members mistook a group of unarmed Tibetan Chinese, and one Cambodian, for another Asian gang, Aldrich said.

The Tibetan group entered Jimmy’s Pro Billiards about 9:30 p.m. Thursday and were confronted by Hmong gang members who spoke English, but used “gang speak” the Tibetans didn’t understand, Aldrich said.

To view Bernie Grace’s report on this incident, click on the link above.

He said the Tibetan group wasn’t looking for trouble, but someone made a call and soon another carload of Tibetans arrived at the pool hall. There was a confrontation and soon both groups grabbed pool cues and balls, Aldrich said.

The Tibetans eventually fled through the back door into an alley with the Hmong in pursuit, firing dozens of shots. A 9 mm pistol was recovered, Aldrich said.