Posted on December 10, 2004

Resentment Of Immigrants Growing, Especially In Suburbs, Mondale Says

David Peterson and Dane Smith, Star Tribune (Twin Cities), Dec. 10

Walter Mondale has a message for his fellow Minnesotans: It’s time for a hard conversation about how our state is changing.

A new study commissioned by the former U.S. vice president suggests that a simmering resentment at the influx of immigrants in recent years is gaining steam, especially in the suburbs.

A great many otherwise politically moderate Minnesotans, the polling found, think immigrants represent a drain on the public schools, are failing to assimilate and get too many government handouts.


Mondale said the impact on schools of kids so far behind their peers can be severe, and that politicians and immigration boosters must listen more carefully to skeptics.

“Our first reaction should be to try to understand the fears and concerns and find out exactly what is going on and how to make things better,” he said.