Posted on December 16, 2004

Jackson Accuses Chicago Police of Racial Profiling, Dec. 14

Jonathan Jackson, son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, was pulled over by Chicago police, frisked and detained for a short time in what Jesse Jackson referred to as “a classic case of profiling.”

On Tuesday, the son of the civil rights activist was frisked and placed in the back of a squad car. The younger Jackson and his two friends were released after about an hour, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Jonathan Jackson, 38, works with his brother as an Anheuser-Busch distributor. After the incident, he checked his Acura to determine why he was stopped by authorities. Jackson found that his license sticker had expired; however, the police never mentioned the expired tag as a reason for the altercation and did not issue a citation, according to the Sun Times.

The trio was approached by two officers — one Black, one White — Tuesday evening. Jonathan Jackson said the Black officer assured him the stop had nothing to do with race.

One of the officers recognized Jonathan as the son of Jesse Jackson, which was also confirmed after a computer background check, but when he was questioned about their relationship, he responded, “I don’t know what my detention has to do with my father.”

Jackson and his friends said they have been stopped by police at least two times each.

“The question is, how many other young men are stopped in that way?” Jesse Jackson said.