Posted on December 3, 2004

Carmelo Anthony Featured In Drug Video, Dec. 2

DENVER — Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony is featured in an underground DVD that is circulating in his home town of Baltimore, Md.

The DVD is called “Stop Snitching” and shows alleged drug dealers talking about what happens to people who cooperate with the police, and Anthony is standing next to one of them.

He is also seen on the DVD talking about his Olympic bronze medal and saying that he threw it in a lake. The man he stands next to later goes on to tell how he would take care of snitches by “putting a hole in their head.” However, Anthony does not appear to be taking part in that portion of the discussion.

The DVD is produced by an alleged drug dealer named Skinny Shuge.

Carmelo’s agent, Calvin Andrews, told 7SPORTS that Carmelo did not know he would be in the video.

“I don’t think he ever knew that this was going to be on a DVD and, if he did, I don’t think he would ever get involved with it or have any affiliation with it at all,” said Andrews.

Andrews said that Anthony grew up on the streets of Baltimore, where murders and drug deals happen often, but he doesn’t expect a lot of people to understand that type of environment.

“I just think he was hanging out with some guys that he probably knew growing up and was just hanging out . . . They got to talking and the last thing he was going to do is run away from it, so he just hung out with the guys. The last thing he thought is that it would be a production — a DVD selling in the streets,” Andrews said.

Anthony said he doesn’t remember taking part in such a discussion and doesn’t know how the DVD came about.

Baltimore police said that there appears to be nothing illegal in the video, although some people in the video are wanted for allegedly dealing drugs. The NBA said a response was unnecessary because there’s no apparent NBA or team violation.