Posted on October 19, 2004

Ohioan: NAACP Gave Me Crack to Commit Election Fraud

Newsmax, Oct. 19

Remember years ago when National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was a civil rights organization, before it devolved into one of the more hate-mongering branches of the Democrat establishment? Now NAACP has a hit a revolting new low, according to one of its accomplices.

Chad Staton of Defiance, Ohio, charged with filing 124 false voter registration forms, said he committed the felonies in exchange for crack cocaine from Georgianne Pitts of Toledo, who was working for NAACP National Voter Fund.

“Toledo police searched Ms. Pitts’ home and discovered drug paraphernalia along with more voter registration forms. Police said that Ms. Pitts admitted to paying Mr. Staton in crack cocaine, in lieu of cash,” the Toledo Blade reported.

Pitts turned in the fake forms to NAACP’s fund, which foolishly submitted them to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland instead of Defiance County’s elections board.

Among the names on the forms that the crackhead turned in: Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, Janet Jackson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Michael Jordan and George Foreman, the Associated Press and the Blade reported today.

Pitts told police that Thaddeus J. Jackson II of Cleveland had recruited her. Jackson admitted to the Blade that Pitts was working for NAACP, according to him as a volunteer. He denied any knowledge of the election fraud.

Despite her admission that she bribed Staton with illegal drugs, Pitts for some reason has not been charged, the Washington Times reported today. She has an extensive criminal record over two decades, according to the Blade.

NAACP, naturally, was one of the left-wing groups that successfully agitated for bogus provisional balloting, which will allow massive vote fraud in the crucial battleground state.

Ohio Republican Party spokesman Jason Mauk pointed out that there is “an effort to steal Ohio’s election” that is “being driven exclusively by interest groups working to register Democratic voters.”