Posted on October 20, 2004

Iowa: Congressman Fumes Over Public Display Of His Record

Craig Nelsen, Project USA, Oct. 19

Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell arrived in Chariton, Iowa yesterday for a campaign rally and was greeted on the highway into town by large signs reading,

“Congressman Leonard Boswell supports amnesty for illegal aliens.”

In answer to an email query, I received this report of the rally from a young supporter in the area:


Lets just say he DEFINITELY saw them!

A democrat who attended told me that his aides and him were talking about the sign when they got there and then he asked the crowd if they knew who was putting them up. Because he would like to catch them “red-handed.” He claimed that they were illegal because it was an advertisement or something like that? ????? My source said he wasn’t very happy!!!! <—-GOOD!

So now Rep. Boswell is a stickler for the letter of the law? You have to laugh, really.

AgJOBS Amnesty

Congressman Leonard Boswell is co-sponsoring Chris Cannon’s massive AgJOBS amnesty.

AgJOBS not only puts illegal aliens on the path to citizenship, it allows them, as a final shafting of the American people, to access public money to pay the fees of the immigration lawyers who prepare their amnesty applications.

Millions of foreign nationals can reside in the United States in open violation of our laws, and this American lawmaker wants to reward them with U.S. citizenship. But let a few high school students peacefully exercise the political rights guaranteed them by the laws of the country into which they were born, and their congressman wants to throw the book at them.

ProjectUSA will pay the $25 ticket for littering or whatever violation has the congressman upset, and then, since he’s so eager to “catch” citizens advertising his position on immigration, when he gets back to Washington, I’ll walk over to 1427 Longworth with a big red sign that says, “Congressman Leonard Boswell supports amnesty for illegal aliens.” I’ll stick it right where he can see it while he’s cleaning out his desk.

How’s that for “red-handed,” Congressman?

I don’t know what it is about billboards, but it turns out Rep. Boswell isn’t the only angry person in Iowa. I learned from a reporter at the Des Moines Register yesterday that the Latino DIVISION of the Iowa Democratic Party has denounced our billboards for being DIVISIVE.