Posted on September 3, 2004

Illegal Alien Immigration Bonanza: Special Order 40

Frosty Wooldridge, Washington Dispatch, September 3, 2004

Illegal alien criminals fill a whopping 29 percent of America’s state and federal prisons. Still, many more are violent criminals running around in the general population. However, in dozens of cities where aliens commit violent crimes, police cannot use the most obvious method for apprehending them — their illegal immigration status.

Why? The answer: SPECIAL ORDER 40.

In Los Angeles, the 20,000 member “18th Street Gang,” comprised of 60 percent illegal aliens, runs a crime network second to none in America. According to Heather Mac Donald’s investigative report, “The Illegal Alien Crime Wave,” criminals run free because governors, mayors and city councils across America adopted “Special Order 40.” Because of it, Mac Donald said, “The bloody 18th Street Gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on drug-distribution schemes, extortion, drive-by assassinations and commits an assault or robbery every day in Los Angeles Country.”

With this sanctuary policy in place in Boulder, Colorado, eight illegal aliens were free to work, live and gang rape eight women in that city in 2003. Only one was caught while seven fled back to Mexico. Another woman jogger was raped and killed by four illegal aliens in New York City last summer. The violence to Americans grows in city after city.

What is Special Order 40? Daryl Gates, LA police chief in 1979, bowing to illegal alien immigrant advocates’ growing power, introduced the order. Much like Lord Chamberlain’s bowing to Hitler to preserve the peace for a ‘moment’ in history, the order prohibited officers from “…initiating police action where the objective is to discover the alien status of the person.”

As illegal alien migration grew, so did its powerful advocates. The order was adopted by cities across America. Today, illegal alien criminals are free to move about the country in San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Denver, Phoenix, Miami, Detroit, Houston, Dallas and most other cities across the United States.

Even if caught for a violation, one that could deport them before they commit a greater felony, they cannot be detained for immigration violations. Even though it is a federal offense!

Such is one of the reasons for 9/11. Illegal immigration had gotten SO far out of hand and unenforced, terrorists assumed they could succeed. How? Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sued all the way to the Supreme Court to defend the city’s sanctuary policy for illegals. He lost. He claimed that the INS ‘terrorized’ people. “On September 5, 2001, Giuliani hand-picked a charter-revision committee that ruled New York could still require that its employees keep immigration information confidential to preserve trust between ‘immigrants’ (illegal aliens) and government. Six days later, several visa-overstayers who had been stopped and released by police for traffic infractions, participated in the most devastating attack on the city and country in history.” It’s now referred to as 9/11 and is the reason for the war on Afghanistan and Iraq where nearly a thousand U.S. soldiers have died and over 10,000 Iraqi civilians. Ironically, Giuliani became Time’s ‘Man of the Year’ for his perceived heroics but nothing was mentioned about his aiding 9/11 with his illegal alien advocacy.

Fresh on Giuliani’s tails, Mayor Bloomberg stands front and center for New York continuing as a haven for illegal aliens. In Maine, Governor Baldacci, in March of 2004, made his state the first illegal alien sanctuary. As can be imagined, illegal aliens flock to Maine for welfare, free schooling, free lunches, assisted housing, free medical care and jobs. Little wonder Maine’s finances run blood red.

The results of this Special Order 40 grow with startling speed. “In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide, at 1,500, target illegal aliens,” MacDonald said. “Two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants, 17,000, are for illegal aliens.”

MS-13 gangs now operate with impunity in 28 U.S. cities. They distribute drugs to high school and college students as easily as Dairy Queen sells ice cream. One officer said, “If I see a deportee from the Mara Salvatrucha gang crossing the street, I can’t touch him.”

Aiding and abetting this alien crime wave, immigration lawyers, now over 7,000, have won due-process rights for criminal aliens that keep them in the U.S. indefinitely. One probation officer in Brooklyn supervises an illegal Jordanian and Saudi whom, “Look ready to blow up the Statue of Liberty.” The Jordanian had been fencing stolen Social Security and tax refund checks. The Saudi used a fraudulent Social Security number to gain employment. Intelligence reports linked him to terrorism. Again, thanks to Giuliani and Bloomberg, any number of terrorists may use America for their workshop and breeding grounds.

Where does that leave average citizens? For starters, American women are at risk for rape in cities where thousands of illegals reside. You could be killed if you’re in the wrong city at the wrong time. Kids buy drugs at the drop of a hat — addiction follows. You may suffer extortion if you run a small business in one of the 28 cities occupied by MS-13. You could be killed on the highway by illegals driving stolen cars loaded with illegals (Phoenix became the car-jacking capitol of the world with 57,600 stolen vehicles last year). Note they feature 500,000 illegal aliens in that state. The United States moves quietly and horrifically toward the crisis of Third World Momentum.

What does that term mean? It means the corruption, bribing, deceit, concealment and loss of the rule-of-law that strangles most Third World countries is now moving methodically into the United States.

Finally, what it means is that any terrorist can remain in this country as he plans the next 9/11. It means he’s protected and shielded from deportation by a deadly self-inflicted Special Order 40. It means he’s assured of a positive result. It means Tom Ridge may call for a green, yellow, orange, pink or red alert. It means absolutely nothing but a good laugh and a beer to an illegal alien criminal or terrorist. It means our federal, state and local officials aid and abet illegal criminal aliens to remain in our country without concern for abiding by our laws. It means if you’re here illegally, you’re protected legally. What a country!