Posted on September 14, 2004

BBC Calls For Genocide Against BNP Members

Lee Barnes, British National Party, Sep. 13

According to page 10 of the Daily Telegraph ‘Review’ section for September 12th on the BBC Radio 4 show ‘ Speaks to the Nation’ the so called ‘Marxist comedian’ Jeremy Hardy said “If you just took everyone from the BNP and everyone who votes for them and shot them in the back of the head, there would be a brighter future for us all.”

We hesitate to call him a ‘comedian.’ If this is what the BBC and its pet Marxist lackeys such as Jeremy Hardy consider as comedy then it shows the inherent criminal nature of the BBC. From 1917 to 2000 over 100 million people around the world were murdered by evil Marxist and Communist fanatics. The shot to the back of the head was the trademark style of execution by the Russian internal security forces, the NKVD, run by the psychopath Lavrentia Beria.

Communist mass-murder

It is suggested by recent research into secret Russian documents that between 1934 and 1939 as many as 12 million people may have died either from execution by the NKVD or in the labour camps. A further 12 million were still alive in labour camps in 1939.

Coming from a known Marxist like Jeremy Hardy it is a chilling reference to the deaths of millions of innocent people in the Gulag Archipelago in Russia and the Lagoai of China. It is a call for a new ‘Communist Genocide’ against all those people in Britain that idiots like Jeremy Hardy and his BBC fellow Communist travellers want to see removed from Britain.

We in the BNP believe this was unacceptable for a recorded “comedy” programme and therefore should not have been passed as “acceptable content “ by the crooks and swindlers that run the BBC.


It clearly breaks every rule in the BBC Charter. Just substitute the words “Black”, “Jew” , “Muslim” for “BNP member” and the BBC would never have been allowed to broadcast the comments. But then again the BBC is known worldwide as a hater of all things white and European.

Coming so soon after the pathetic so called ‘ expose ‘ of the BNP ‘ The Secret Agent ‘ where the comments of individuals were used to smear the BNP as a party It reveals that the BBC itself are riddled with individuals who approve of genocide against anyone that dares with a BBC Liberal Fascist.

Protest against the fee!

We in the BNP have endured the lies, the innuendo, the smears of the BBC for far too long. This call for the murder of BNP activists and voters by the BBC is a step too far. We therefore ask that British citizens now refuse to pay their BBC license fees as a protest at the call for the murder of BNP candidates, members and voters on the BBC and also to protest the fraud, corruption and criminality at the BBC.

In recent weeks we have had a BBC reporter convicted of murder and details of executives fiddling their expense accounts. The BBC is out of control. The only way they will learn is to starve them into submission by refusing to pay your license fee. If we all say NO then they cannot imprison us all — the threat of prison is a toothless tiger if we all refuse to pay the license fee.

The BBC Charter at Section 5.1 (d) states that the BBC will not allow anything to be broadcast which “ offends against good taste or decency or is likely to encourage or incite crime or lead to disorder or to be offensive to public feeling”. One million BNP voters have been offended by this call for the murder of BNP members and voters.

Time to complain

Now we ask you to contact the BBC and complain about this ‘ Incitement to violence ‘ against BNP members.

We will also be contacting the police and asking them to investigate whether this call to murder BNP voters should lead to criminal charges against both the editors of the Radio 4 show and Mr. Hardy himself.