Posted on September 14, 2004

Mexico Deports American Illegal Aliens

Washington Post, Sep. 12

TIJUANA, Mexico — Authorities closed three rehabilitation centers in northern Mexico this week and deported hundreds of U.S. teenagers sent there for treatment of drug, alcohol or behavior problems, immigration officials said.

Authorities shut the three centers in the Baja California towns of Ensenada and Rosarito on Friday and began deporting 590 youths, many of whom were in Mexico illegally.

A man who answered the phone at one of the centers identified by the immigration officials, the House of Hope Academy in the Pacific coastal town of Ensenada, declined to comment.

The other two centers could not be immediately identified and contacted for comment.

Mexico investigated the centers after complaints of maltreatment, and found the youths had entered Mexico as tourists, not residents of treatment programs, the National Immigration Institute said.