Posted on August 20, 2004

Indian-Pakistani Gang Battle Ends In German Murder Trial

Expatica, Aug. 19

ZWICKAU — A gang-style battle between Indian and Pakistani immigrants in a remote German tourist resort was prompted by competition for a slice of the town’s pizza business, a murder trial was told.

In a frenzy of violence outside the pretty, white town hall of Schneeberg in January, two Indians who worked in a pizzeria fatally stabbed two Pakistanis working in another pizzeria, a day after allegedly being attacked with crowbars.

The two accused, 26 and 28, who went into hiding but turned themselves in the next day, exercised their right to silence as the joint manslaughter trial began in Zwickau, eastern Germany.

One victim, 38, bled to death on the town marketplace. The other, 18, died in hospital of his wounds. A third victim survived with serious injuries. Prosecutors were told nine Pakistanis armed with iron bars had ganged up on the Indians the day before.

The defendants told police they had acted in self-defence, fearing they would be killed. The 28-year-old said a Pakistani had phoned him 10 times the previous day and threatened to kill him.

The 26-year-old said he only took along a kitchen knife from the refugee hostel where he lived so as to give his friend confidence.

The opening day of the trial was devoted to legal formalities. A total of 15 hearing days have been allotted for the case.

Schneeberg is an ancient mining town on the German side of the Ore Mountains that is mainly visited on account of the scenery.

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