Posted on August 20, 2004

Jailed Muslims Angry Over Pork On Menu

Big News, Aug. 20

British prison officials have issued a written apology to suspected Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza and others for offering pork as a prison dinner, The Sun reports.

Prison governor Geoff Hughes sent a letter of apology to all inmates, saying the mistake should never have happened.

Spicy pork chops were described as suitable for Halal diets. Clearly that is nonsense, he wrote.

A prison worker told the newspaper Hamza was livid the Muslim dietary code was ignored.

The Muslims saw it as some sort of planned insult to their religion but that’s crazy. It was just a mistake, he said.

Hughes ordered pork be removed entirely from the prison’s meal offerings.

Hamza is in London’s high-security Belmarsh jail, fighting extradition to the United States to face terror charges.