Posted on August 20, 2004

Activist Charges Officials Promoting Guest Worker Plan With ‘Treason’

Chad Groening, AgapePress, Aug. 17

An immigration reform activist is calling comments made by Homeland Security undersecretary Asa Hutchinson nothing but political pandering to illegal aliens.

According to The Washington Times, Hutchinson wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying that President Bush’s guest worker program would help eliminate sleepless nights for illegal aliens who are worried that a single misstep might result in their deportation.

But Susan Tully of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) accuses Hutchinson and the Department of Homeland Security of failing to look out for American citizens. “These people are not representing you and I,” she says. “They are representing foreign nationals, and they are out there in the forefront representing and advocating for them every day of the week.”

Tully wonders why these government officials apparently do not care about American taxpayers’ sleepless nights. “We don’t have anybody up there saying ‘What about those who can’t afford to pay their taxes and their sleepless nights?’ Are they going to let us off the hook?” she asks. “Is anybody going to advocate on our behalf, where about 50 percent of everything we earn is now being taxed by the United States government. Where is help for us?”

The midwestern field director for FAIR says the recent comments by Hutchinson represent the “treasonous” kowtowing of many U.S. government officials to illegal aliens. “These people are elected, they take an oath that they are going to serve the citizens of the United States, and all I see is pandering to illegal aliens by all of them,” she says.

Tully says hardworking American taxpayers are expected to be honest and honorable, even while they are being forced to pay the bills for those who break the law — and she asks, “Who’s advocating on our behalf?” Officials like Hutchinson are not representing American citizens, Tully insists, but instead are constantly acting on the behalf of foreign nationals.