Posted on July 2, 2004

BNP Councillor Loses Day Job

Matthew Tempest, Guardian (UK), July, 1, 2004

A British National party councillor in Bradford has been sacked from his day job — three weeks after becoming one of the breakthrough councillors for the openly racist party.

Arthur Redfearn was sacked from his job as a bus driver yesterday because his employers feared they would be in breach of their care of duty, as his job involves transporting vulnerable Asian families.

Mr Redfearn, one of four BNP councillors elected to Bradford council last month, was told it was “incompatible” for him to continue in his job with West Yorkshire Transport Services.

The WYTS, which is run by Serco, is a bus service which transports children with disabilities and special needs to and from school and also takes adults to day-care centres and hospitals.

Serco explained that Mr Redfearn’s position was inappropriate because the “vast proportion” of people who used the service were vulnerable Asians.

A spokesman confirmed he was sacked yesterday and explained the reasons for his dismissal.

“The driver plays a caring role in the service. He has to strap passengers in and help them in and out of the vehicle.

“It’s not appropriate for an active member of the BNP to be ‘in loco parentis’ with them.

“Their families might not have confidence in him and that means we would not be fulfilling our duty of care,” he said.

He said the company were unaware that Mr Redfearn was a BNP member when he joined the company seven months ago.

But when he announced his intention to stand in last month’s local elections the Unison trade union raised concerns over his position and a potential conflict of interest.

They are believed to have contacted the council and warned them that they had a legal duty not to employ anyone with racist views.

However, Serco denied that the council had pressured them into dismissing the BNP councillor, and said it was a “purely operational” decision.

Mr Redfearn, who represents the Wisbey ward, is one of four councillors who gave the party a foothold in the city for the first time.

A fellow BNP councillor in Bradford, James Lewthwaite, insisted his colleague was “not racist”, and that the party would be considering a legal case for unfair dismissal.

He said: “He doesn’t take his political views into work with him. This is undemocratic, it’s sacking someone for something he might do rather than for what he has done.”


Comments from Readers

From: john q public

the left wingers are scared witless about the bnp-keep up the good work, nick griffin, bravo!!!!!

From: Dryden

So much for freedom, but that’s no surprise. Is there a site where we can provide donations to help him?

From: Casey Crews

For those of us in this group who are discouraged that more whites don’t speak out against the racial injustices that are being done to them, this article describes one of the biggest reasons; you can lose your livelihood. This is why I feel it is so important for us to support AmRen and other organizations like them. Since we cannot speak out for fear of reprisals like this we need to give Amren the financial means to do it for us. I sincerely hope this website is educating a lot of people but I wonder what effect say an ad in USA Today advertising the website would have on its popularity. I would bet there are millions out there who feel like us but are unaware that they are more correct than they realize about the realities of race. All they ever get from the media is accusations of racism and extremism which further lead to their belief that they must be wrong. It was by accident that I found Amren when I happened to see Jared Taylor on Donahue. Boy, were my eyes opened when I started discovering the real facts about other races which I had always felt but never had the information to back it up.