Posted on July 6, 2004

‘We Don’t Want You Here’

Melanie Peters, Cape Argus (SA), July 4, 2004

Racism has reared its head in Nyanga in Cape Town where black business people have ordered two Indian businessmen to close their grocery shop by Tuesday–or face the consequences.

Salim Moosa and his brother-in-law, Shaheem Kadwa, signed a two-year lease to run Sondemase Cash Store in Emms Road and have been trading for the past three months.

But this has enraged local business people who want them out of the area next week.

Moosa said he and Kadwa had received a number of threats and even had five men walk into the store while they were not there, threatening the staff. He said one businessman told them that Indians had no place there. They told them to go back to Rylands, a predominantly Indian area.

“We’ve been told they don’t want Indians here because we sell things too cheaply and we will put them out of business. They also told us that Mandela is an old man who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to tolerance and unity.”

Certain businessmen in the area even wanted to dictate to Moosa and Kadwa what type of business they should run.

Moosa said after five men walked into the store and demanded it be closed, a meeting was called with other businesses in the area to try to resolve the issue. At the meeting they were told they could stay if they sold wholesale goods in bulk. “But this is a free country; this has always been a grocery store. Why can’t we sell what we like?”

Moosa said some of the businessmen also approached the elderly owner of the building, David Sondemase, wanting to know how he could let Indians into the area.

One black businessman said many business people in the area were not happy that Indians had moved in. “We believe that these people will lower the prices to rates that we cannot compete with and force us to close.”

He said Indians had a lot of buying power and always managed to wangle good deals. “We told them they could stay if they co-operated with us and ran a wholesale store selling in bulk to hawkers and spaza shops.”

Now they were doing both–selling wholesale goods and retail groceries. “They are trying to shut us down.”

Another businessman said they felt they should all be working together. Businesses had always worked together and agreed on prices. The most they made was 20% profit. “But these guys are operating at very low profits. If we go out of business many employees will lose their jobs and families will go hungry.”

“If you think we are being unreasonable not wanting Indians here, just think how difficult it would be for a black man to open a business in Rylands.”

Earlier this year racial hatred against Indians flared in the northern Free State town of Lindley, near Bethlehem. Reports say it was fanned by black community leaders. A shop belonging to an Indian family, the Khans, was looted, wrecked and faeces was spread on the walls.

Comments from Readers

From: Bernie

This is what their cousins in the U.S. have been doing to white ethnic shop keepers for years. An untold story of all the black race riots in the 60’s was that scores of Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews …etc lost family shops in these incidents of ethnic cleansing by blacks.

Today blacks are still at it but now it is Asian ethnics (and to a lesser extent Hispanics and Arabs) who are the victims.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to blacks as other non-white groups start taking over from whites. In areas like Miami and L.A. blacks have not liked it one bit. Asians and Hispanics are pretty open in their dislike for blacks and will not be shaken down like whitey.

From: Razor

This is similar to what a black group tried to do to some Korean grocers in the Anacostia section of Washington DC about 15 years ago. The leader of the group, Rev. Willie Wilson was quoted as saying, “We will roll his head down the street!” referring to one Korean grocer. I guess they didn’t know that no one else is brave enough or foolish enough to open a store in the “ghetto”.

From: Drew

I almost pity the poor black businessmen. I imagine that Indians might move into a territory and deliberately attempt to destroy other businesses using what one might call unethical business practices. They would probably think this was fair. Survival of the strongest don’t you know. My impression though is that having implemented a successful business strategy, the Indians would allow their arrogance to show. Also I’m under the impression that when Indians set up in another country, they don’t care to put back into the country. They just take and take. Hence, they get beat up, murdered and ran out.

From: Southern Cali

Indians are by nature braggarts. In addition to the usual behavior of blacks, the arrogance of the Indians probably also led to this trouble. The Indians in CA are quite arrogant and blind to their own shortcomings. Visit Artesia CA. It seems that unless Indians hire gardeners, they are incapable of keeping their s and yards clean and free of weeds and trash. Yet they will walk, act and talk as if they are royalty and living in palaces. These are Indians with money, not poor folks. They do know how to work the system to get easy SBA loans and favored treatment when setting up businesses and franchises. They are taking advantage of an easy road set up for blacks who don’t seem to be able to take advantage of it in large numbers. But the Indians and Asians and some Hispanics do.

From: M. Scott

Expulsion of Asian Indians from black Africa has been commonplace since decolonization. The late Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin particularly hated them.

From: Herodotus

To: Drew:

Drew, you mentioned that Indians use “unethical business practices” to hound other native-owned businesses. If I may ask, can you provide any statistics proving Indian businessmen are more likely to be incarcerated for unethical and/or illegal business decisions, or perhaps provide links to any news articles similar to this one which delineate the problem of immoral Indian businesspeople?

From: In Occupied L.A.

Just look up the info on google – if you really are interested in unethical practices by E. Indians. For instance, if you do some checking, you’ll see that E. Indians, while a minority of the physicians in CA, are the majority of physicians who are nabbed every year for billing scams and malpractice that resulted in maiming or death. No joke. Then of course, right here in L.A., we’ve had a couple of incidents regarding murders over motel ownership. One group of Indians hired some illegal Mexicans to burn another family of Brahmans to death in their , in order to try and gain ownership of a large motel directly across the street from their own. Everyone was caught of course, arrogance and their own belief in faultless super-intelligence aside. Then the same with Indians torching a Korean owned Motel. No one mentions the surplus of Indians running motels is due to US Govt. favortism in SBA loans in certain industries to certain minorities based on past cases of “discrimination”. Couple that with tax breaks big companies get for forking out franchises to minorities … recipe for third world business disputes. Hey, along those lines, just yesterday afternoon a Korean businessman here in Los Angeles decided to settle a business dispute the way they do back . He pulled out a gun and shot those he was, eh, disputing. Ah, diversity.

From: Herodotus

To: Occupied L.A

Sorry to trouble you, but I did try Google, and nothing much came up–I don’t have a whole lot of experience searching for crime statistics over the Internet. The incidents you mentioned were easy enough to find, but I was wondering, might you be able to provide the specific website, news report, or whatever it was you based your statement “Indians are a minority of physicians in CA, but represent a majority of physicians nabbed every year for billing scams and malpractice.” Sorry to be a bother, but it would likely be of great assistance to me to do some research, and others reading this forum might also appreciate it. Thanks muchly in advance!

From: James Hyland

More ethical, less ethical; more business-like, less business-like, smarter, dumber: who cares? The point is that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Czechs don’t like lazy, shiftless Gypsies living among them; Africans don’t like industrious, calculating Indians living among them and we whites have no particular reason to welcome the many non-Europeans who are attracted to the civilizations we build.