Posted on July 21, 2004

A Question from an AR News Reader

American Renaissance, July 21, 2004

Dear American Renaissance,

I have been visiting the AmRen site for some time now and have found statistics and such that confirm my “real world” reality. Thank you for what you are doing.

I currently work for a large firm with many of my co-workers being from the Dominican Republic. My community has gone — in ten short years — from a safe, livable community to one that is just overrun by minorities.

I can’t even feel safe with my wife to go to the grocery store! Or run up to the convenience store, gas station — anywhere! My children are in schools with 40% minorities and frankly, they hold the class back, cause discipline problems, on and on.

I have grown to respect the opinions I read at American Renaissance and am writing to ask a question that might help me and my family. I plan to work on my own in an IT related field that I could do from anywhere in America. We are ready to leave Oklahoma and would very much like to hear your informed thoughts regarding potential “safer” places to move my family. I have heard some of the “whiter” states can actually be not so good as they have little experience with blacks and hispanics and the guilt complex is high and they drill the “diversity” message. Am I wrong?

Bottom line, knowing no place is “perfect,” if I asked you to list five cities to consider (35,000+ population and up) — do five come to mind?

Again, thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to bring a sense of race consciousness to the white people of our nation.


Name withheld

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