Posted on December 4, 2015

The White Choice for Gift-Giving

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, December 4, 2015

The White Choice for Gift-Giving

It is not easy for whites to live in a way that’s loyal to their race. We can tune out anti-white rap music, anti-white films, anti-white talking heads, and the entire anti-white political Left, but it is hard to use your wallet to fight back. Everywhere you turn, it seems you are funding some major player in the anti-white agenda. Finding alternatives can be tough.

So many of our race’s best minds, after bringing about wonders in technology and production, devote their profits to white dispossession. Bill Gates is a good example. He did as much as anyone to usher in the information age and now does his best to import more Third-Worlders. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is no different. It’s hard to avoid using their products.

Another example is Ford Motor Company. It was founded by a man who was not exactly politically correct, but now has a mammoth foundation that gives to all kinds of anti-white causes, from the NAACP to pro-amnesty groups. Even the Koch Brothers–for all the scorn they get from the left–give millions of their oil money to the United Negro College Fund and seem determined to release as many black criminals from prison as possible. If you boycott one of America’s biggest auto manufacturers–as well as all their Asian competitors–your choices are limited.

One American family once tried for an entire year to buy nothing made in China. Afterwards, they had enough of a saga to fill a book, and they concluded that a one-year break was long enough.

American movies are overwhelmingly anti-white, and children’s movies without an overt racial message are no better. The longtime chairman of Disney and current CEO of Dreamworks is Jeffrey Katzenberg–one of Barack Obama’s and the Left’s biggest fundraisers.

We face a tidal wave of anti-white consumption choices. Unless you have managed to drop out of society, compromises are inevitable. However, let me offer one consumer choice to make the world a little whiter: Legos.

From a pro-white perspective, the famous toy-brick manufacturer is one of the best products on the market today. To begin with, the company was founded in Denmark and is still based there. Even in today’s globalized world, it manufactures almost exclusively in white countries. Mexico has a few factories, but otherwise Legos are made in Denmark, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Lego’s charitable work is also not nearly as bad as many American companies. McDonald’s has a whole website dedicated to explaining how much it helps blacks, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies argued in favor of affirmative action the last time it went to the Supreme Court. According to the “LEGO Group Responsibility Report” from last year, the company primarily focuses on the environment and on having safe factories that produce safe products. While they do go on about caring for children’s rights and education, the targets for such efforts include not just the expected–South Africa and Peru–but also poorer white nations, such as Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

The “responsibility report” is filled with photos of token non-white children playing with Legos, but all the employees in the photos are white. And while the report highlights the number of women who work for Lego, and how high they have climbed in the company, it is mute on racial makeup. The workforce is almost sure to be overwhelmingly white.

Lego also promotes the great tales and myths of our people. It has entire lines of blocks featuring Vikings, cowboys, knights in armor, etc. This is a major holdout against anti-white indoctrination. Today’s schools try to teach children how noble the Indians were and how bad the cowboys were. Instead of classic stories such as King Arthur, they favor yet another tale about some Mexican peasant. It is an institutionalized extension of the New Left’s project of “ending victory culture” and ensuring that every white loathes his own past.

Lego combats this trend. It gives children a creative activity that encourages them to wonder who the Vikings were, why they were always fighting, where they went in their boats. It is a wonderful and subtle way to instill pride in the past. A pro-white children’s product is hard to find these days. Whenever I look through the toy section at a big box store, I notice far fewer items inspired by history than when I was a child.

Knights and cowboys have largely made way for action figures and play sets inspired by video games or Hollywood garbage–all made in China, of course. And you certainly don’t find any love of Europe in Jeffrey Katzenberg’s films.

Even when Lego toes the Hollywood line and makes models based on movies, they tend to be overwhelmingly white ones, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Furthermore, Legos let you build your own world, and let your creativity blossom. The castles and monsters found based on the movies are material for making even grander castles for your knights. That’s what I did when I was a child.


The same is true for Lego’s Star Wars sets. They are the starting point for children to design and build their own airplanes, spaceships, boats, etc. It’s hard to imagine a toy more suited for a race so prodigiously disposed to be engineers, architects, and designers.

On some level, the Lego company seems to understand this, and seems to have always understood it. The word “Lego” is a portmanteau of the Danish words for play, “leg,” and well, “godt”–which is to say, Lego means “playing well.” Their advertising has always emphasized the inner genius of children, and there are few Lego ads that feature even token non-whites.


More recently, their ads have invoked classic works of Western art, subtly intimating that through Legos, your children can reach great heights, too.

Lego is also acutely aware of the vile ways children are often encouraged to entertain themselves.

As Christmas approaches, sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, and plenty of other children eagerly await gifts from their relatives. Why not make yours a white one?