AR Conference Videos, Part I

AR Staff, American Renaissance, May 8, 2015

Peter Brimelow, RamZPaul, Richard Spencer, and Jared Taylor.

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  • Oil Can Harry

    I’ll only go to next year’s conference if they book Melissa Harris-Perry, Tim Wise and Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    • Caucasoid88

      I love Melitha Harrith Perry.

      • Irish

        I never miss her show. She’s a unvarnished White hater in a way only a mulotto can truly be.If you want a true window into what the left really thinks about this country, it’s history & White people in particular, WATCH HER SHOW..

        • Caucasoid88

          I watch her all the time. One of my favorite parts was watching her bawl after mocking Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. “Even our harshest critics can be our best teachers,” she said apologizing. What a lisping abomination she is.

          • Irish

            Oh yeah, she’s despicable..My wiife accuses me of liking to punish myself..The truth is one can never know their enemies too well.

        • dukem1

          I watch a bit of her as well. Wifey sez why do you watch? I thought you hated her?
          To which I reply, True enough. I just want to be sure I’m still right.

    • LyovMyshkin

      Steel cage death match?

    • Tarczan

      I would have attended but for the fact they did not have a sign language interpreter. I can not in good conscience attend an event that does not show compassion for those people who are deaf. They don’t actually have to have a real interpreter, just get somebody up there waving their arms , like in S.A., but at least it would show we care. I am volunteering to provide this service free of charge next year. I don’t know anything about sign language, but I can put on a good show, which is all that really matters.

      • carriewhite64

        Hahaha. You are evil.

    • Phoenixian Westernia

      Don’t forget to add Noel Ignatiev and Abby L. Ferber in that list.

      • I’d rather not, as I never was any good with a submachinegun. Two would be OK if they were standing close together. I could make one out of plastic, if that helps. I’m also hecka good at wood.

    • JGTThrasher
  • Truthseeker

    “Three rikes.” Ha! Took me a second to get that one!

  • Usually Much Calmer

    So, a woman began a conversation in the elevator after Jared Taylor’s address and referenced the question about sex equality as thought it were disparaging to women, or at least that is how I heard what she said, perhaps the error was mine. But in watching this video, I notice that the man who spoke did not disparage women, he just suggested that relations between white men and women have gone awry (and that equality is a false assumption), an observation with which I agree. She imparted hostility or I did, not sure which.

    These are strange events, with no small amount of suspicion and hostility among the participants. I keep thinking about the conflict between the individualism required for seeing the problem at hand and the communitarian spirit which keeps being identified as a means to face it. For those who did not attend, Matt Tait’s address, the first of the conference, was on this subject, wait for it. If you pay attention to my posts, you know I don’t think we need to organize. Train yourself to act on your own when the time is right and be aware, that’s it. Catallaxy is what white people do, no need to sweat it

    Jared Taylor’s response to the ‘Coming Apart’ question bothered me at the time and still does as it sounds distinctly collectivist to me. I have no desire to carry unfit whites, personally, and as commenters say when we read stories about women in combat, “now we just have to get our enemies to lower THEIR standards”- carrying the unfit is a handicap that other races do not saddle themselves with, why should we, and can we afford to? Also, I have to plug my mantra: Welfare (official or other) is dysgenic and ultimately cruel.

    Strange days. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, AmRenners! Stay crazy.

    • anony

      ” Train yourself to act on your own when the time is right and be aware, that’s it. Catallaxy is what white people do, no need to sweat it.”

      Now who would have thought that UMC would advocate leaderless resistance?

      So, you’ve read some Hayek too?

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Yes. Pareto, too, for the historical.

  • sam sneed

    when Jefferson said “All men are created equal” he meant … NOT KINGS and MEN, not that blacks were as smart as and equal to white men

  • sam sneed

    The immediate violent supression of any white unity movement is due to the jewish false belief in the holocaust and failing to take responsibility for their banking class and their role in the treaty of versailles which starved millions of germans. Instead they declare that jews were hated because germans dared to be white. Now, after fighting on the wrong side in WWII we are in the jewish won version of history which preaches zero tolerance for white unity and a utter push with all energy for endless immigration legal and illegal along with ZIRP ZOMBIES banking policies to utterly bankrupt and de-white the host society to make the world safe for “jews” and the whites who believe in the brainwashed myths of WWII that ignores the peace mission of HESS or that Stalin raped across germany tying 12 year old girls to tables while 20 jews pulled on ropes to pull their legs apart so that 5,000 soldiers could rape the girl until dead repeated over 10 million times, and 20 million starved by the jews, no none of that matters compared to the 1.5 million jewish dead who only died because thier zionist leaders refused to accept any place other than palestein for relocation and kept htem stranded in halfway evacuation from germany. It is necessary that America must die and starve by the hundreds of million as punishment for those 1.5 million jewish deaths caused by the jews themselves. And very soon America will become non-white and then the laws will change and our women will be raped not 40,000 a year but endlessly and the horror will be unspeakable. The jewish structure with 5,000 bnai brith organizations makes it possible to de-throne any congressman or senator in any race . And our government is forced to give 5 billion a year to israel which then comes back to control our government. Maybe it is best that America dies so that all these lies and horrors will be revealed. There’s a drought in California, maybe 40 million mexicans are drinking too much.

  • sam sneed

    We need an uncorruptable political (America First but take over the leadership) party and to bring in a few wealthy millionaires to support it and then to take congressional races and win. Fight where we are strongest. If we can get 20% of congress that is enough to drive a wedge in the collusion system of bloodocrats and rethugicans. So where are the wealthy people are they all sell out surely some must see our whole nation is on the verge of collapse! The platform is simple, remove the money flow to he federal government by abolishing IRS payments just run the nation on money printing until we can figure this out, establish a free state to begin reversing immigration there, begin locking up corrupt washington ites, move our capital to a REAL city not a synthetic city so people can protest and be heard and begin to push on policies to abolish the fed, establish real money and budgets, and pass a bill not recognizing the mis-interpretation of the 14th amendment for anyone under 16 years of age and deport them on horrible barges to the south side of mexico. So again I ask, are there no millionaires who see the sad fate if we do not change? maybe they see it all as hopeless we have to show them a strategy that is realistic. Trying to fight for a presidential election is stupid. We need to first get our wedge in congress. That is realistic and with millions not billions it can happen.

  • JohnEngelman

    Jared Taylor began his talk by making assertions which are often dangerous to make in public, but which have been proven scientifically beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt. IQ is important. (I would argue that a person’s IQ is the single most important fact about that person.) IQ is primarily determined by genes. Race is a legitimate human classification. The races differ significantly in IQ averages.

    Then Jared Taylor proceeded to make additional assertions that his audience wanted to agree with, but which are not as obviously true. He claims that racial and ethnic loyalties are almost universal.

    It is certainly not true that everyone in the United States prefers the company of members of their race and ethnicity. Many Americans would rather cultivate the friendship of members of other races and ethnicities, with whom they share common interests and values.

    It is probably true that as time passes racial and ethnic preferences are declining in the United States. This can be seen in the almost universal acceptance of interracial dating and marriage. According to Gallup in 2013 87 percent of those polled approved of black – white marriage. This was up from four percent in 1959.

    One can argue that the difference is caused by a growing percentage of Americans who tell pollsters what they think they should feel about this, rather than what they really do feel.

    Nevertheless, according to Pew Research in 2010 8.4 percent of marriages in the United States were interracial. This was up from 3.2 percent in 1980. People are unlikely to marry someone of another race simply to make a political point. Even conservatives sometimes marry across racial lines.

    The world of Hollywood and television is intensively competitive. By one estimate 70 percent of Hollywood movies lose money. It is probably the same with television programs. Many end after less than a season. Few last more than a few years.

    One does not get places in Hollywood and television by changing attitudes. One gets places by giving audiences what they want. The image of the United States one sees on television and movie screens is of a country in which the Great Society worked. Blacks and whites interact harmoniously. Blacks behave and perform as well as whites. Of course, this is not the way America really is. Nevertheless, it seems to be the way most Americans want America to be.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Yeah, but they make up for it in volume.

      • Glen

        Thanks for this information.

    • TrueNorthFree

      “It is certainly not true that everyone in the United States prefers the
      company of members of their race and ethnicity. Many Americans would
      rather cultivate the friendship of members of other races and
      ethnicities, with whom they share common interests and values.”

      This is very true, but many people prefer the company of members of their own race. Ethnic people who hang out with their own kind are never called “racist” but whites who dare to say what Jared Taylor often states publicly (that he likes being around other white people) are called racists and worse. I think the very simple step of being able to say this publicly and without shame and without apology, the fact that you are white, and you like the company of other whites, is revolutionary and I believe it is one of the best things that Jared Talyor has given us.

    • antiquesunlight

      “Many Americans would rather cultivate the friendship of members of other races and ethnicities, with whom they share common interests and values.”

      They would prefer to cultivate friendships with people of other races with whom they share interests rather than cultivate friendships with people of their own race with whom they share interests? I think not.

      Don’t you watch boxing? Have you ever noticed that black people invariably cheer the black boxer whenever he’s fighting a Mexican or white boxer? Or that they often will even cheer the darker skinned of two black boxers? Or have you noticed that whites tend to cheer white fighters over non-white fighters? Or that hispanics cheer hispanic fighters? This is clear evidence of instinctive racial preference. They aren’t choosing the boxer based on their personality or because of common interests, but solely because of shared race. I’ve often seen people cheer a foreign fighter of their race over an American fighter of a different race.

      As you correctly note, people congregate around similarities. Conversely, they separate and fight because of differences. Therefore, people who are significantly different are more likely to separate and fight than people who aren’t significantly different. People of different races are, on average, significantly different. Therefore, people who are of different races are more likely to separate and fight than are people of the same race. Therefore, on the whole, people of the same race will tend to congregate with each other and avoid people of other races.

      And this is precisely what we see all day, every day, everywhere.

    • LHathaway

      I will agree with your evaluation of entertainment in only one regard: ratings Are the most important attribute of any television program. Propaganda is useless if no one is watching. .

      • JohnEngelman

        Political messages are only effective if they tell people what they know to be true in their lives, or if they tell people what they wish was true.

        • LHathaway

          That’s not the conclusion I draw from living in this post-70’s, 1980’s world. Political messages are only effective if you can make people afraid to disagree with them.

          • JohnEngelman

            In a country with as much freedom as the United States one can only persuade by presenting appealing messages. Since at least 1970 social liberals have been more skilled at that than social conservatives.

          • LHathaway

            ‘messages’ being ridicule, demeaning, censure, hatred, defamation, firings, social and professional shaming and punishment? No, conservatives haven’t made anyone feel guilty or ashamed since Joseph McCarthy and even he seemed to fail. For leftists/the establishment that is their very reason for being – success through bullying and intimidation. At this point, the intimidation itself is the message. It is a display of their power and nothing else. The silent majority becomes even more silent. Any similarities between them and their pets is just happenstance. I do believe a reversal or course correction will occur. And when we eventually have our own country, there will be a reckoning. I certainly hope young people are considering what I say carefully.

          • An appealing message to me would be that I could have my firearms rights back and a decent job again. No politicician on earth has been telling me that.


    Thank you gentlemen! The speeches are captivating.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Thank you for posting them. Looking forward to watching them.

  • Jared Taylor: “We are an extended family…”

    A concept without practical application is still nothing more than a concept. It’s certainly not my intention to trivialize writers and speakers who call attention to threats and throw out ideas and suggestions. I just wish that those who do see the problems, do have ideas for practical applications, and do have a good medium to disseminate these ideas would at least direct more energy to expanding that foundation we call an “extended family.” At the very least, they could actively seek out others who have the time and energy to spend flushing out these concepts. Tangible results can come from rabid devotion to an ideal and a little risk taking just as they can from a huge influx of money.

  • DaveMed

    “But who cares about the American [emphasis added] working class? Certainly not the Left.”

    100% true. Looking at you, @JohnEngelman:disqus

    • JohnEngelman

      What makes you think I am indifferent to the working class? I favor strong labor unions, a high minimum wage, high unemployment compensation, more restrictions on immigration, and a well financed public sector of the economy paid for by steeply progressive taxation. I vigorously regret the fact that we have gotten away from all that since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

      • LHathaway

        History has remember Reagan as a great president.

        • JohnEngelman

          The enduring legacy of Ronald Reagan is to leave most Republicans with the delusion that tax cuts generate more tax revenue than tax increases, and that we can have the government we want without paying for it.

          • Mack0

            And the gift of amnesty

          • It actually did work so long as the federal budget was relatively balanced. What really helped the US economy was Saudi Arabian overproduction of crude oil during the 1980’s.

          • JohnEngelman

            The rise in the world price of petroleum doomed the presidency of Jimmy Carter. The decline in the world price of petroleum saved the presidency of Ronald Reagan. President Carter was not responsible for the rise. President Reagan was not responsible for the decline.

  • TrueNorthFree

    I agree. We need simple, strong, non-hating memes to educate and inspire people. I like this “”Races are different. People are tribal” and I will use it from now on when I comment online. I also often say “there is nothing racist about liking and appreciating people of your own ethnicity” That is a simple, positive, reasonable statement that it is very difficult to disagree with.

    To advance the white cause, we can actually use the strategies and tactics that have been used by cultural marxists for decades to suppress us and demonize us. Once whites reject the self-loathing that has been heavily programmed into us for decades, we can transform our world on a grassroots level.

  • Awake

    European derived societies have always been compassionate to others and we have freely given to those who need help. It is understood that anyone might have misfortune or become vulnerable through disasters, accidents, disease in any society. A problem arises when other races and cultures take advantage of us by demanding “tribute” (you know that we have African Princesses and Princes, Mexican Aztec Emperors, Jewish and Asian Supremacists, and Arab Sheiks, right?) so that we can no longer take care of our own vulnerable people.

    We have created the most advanced societies in the world and used our technological and medical advances to help others. We all thought of ourselves as middle class, wealthy and humble, at one time. In the balanced societies that we create, there is dignity and respect for even challenged people who contribute. You ever seen a Down’s Syndrome person washing windows and clearing tables at a Fast Food Restaurant – very proud to be helping, earning, fitting into the world.

    Charles Murray (watch his YouTube videos) talks about breakfasts with people from all walks of life at the neighborhood café in the small town where he lives. Even lower IQ folks have jobs, dignity, humor, wisdom, and don’t need the elite to rule their lives.

  • TrueNorthFree

    I am loving these videos!

  • Lygeia

    I disagree with Paul Ramsey’s contention that sex roles are who we are as animals.

    We are not animals.

    We are human beings.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      I disagreed with most of what he said in that regard, but he’s still fun to watch, and also made some good points.

    • UncleSham

      What does that mean? That we are not subject to nature? Of course we are animals.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        I think he meant that, contrary to other species, we are capable to not always give in to nature’s call. That we’re smarter than this. Although I will concede that, in many instances, going by our instinctive predispositions is the salutary way to go.

      • Lygeia

        What it means is this: Just because we have a body, does not make us animals.

        We are human beings, not animals.

        • UncleSham

          What’s the difference?

  • antiquesunlight

    If I had a quarter for every time Peter Brimelow took his glasses off and put them back on, I’d be able to retire for life.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      He was very charismatic though, and made practical points. My second favorite speaker so far.

      • antiquesunlight

        Yeah I like him a lot. I just think he is very amusing, with his hair and glasses and mumbling and distracted looking around.

    • Some of us just can not wear contact lenses.

      I need need bifocals, but I can’t stand them, so I take my glasses off.

  • JohnEngelman

    My tribe consists of those, from every race, who are intelligent, well informed, and civil. There are many others with similar preferences.


      So why bother to come here?

      • Come here? Hell, I thought he lived here.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am a convinced race race realist, who enjoys political arguments. why do you come here?

        • IBWHITE

          Actually to get away from people like yourself. You see I’m perfectly content to live among White people of average intellect. The working class people I know are good neighbors, commit little or no crime and will often assist me without my asking them for help. The men are honest and the women are often attractive. I enjoy their company.

          You apparently long for some rainbow coalition of the super intelligent with a seat at the head of the table. You’re exactly the type of person I would like to stay separated from.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am glad you want to stay separated from me. I have no interest in you either. Please go away, and let me post on American Renaissance like I have for several years without being reminded of your existence.

  • LHathaway

    There’s a contradiction in Mr. Taylor’s speech. Something glaringly-obvious. If Whites are genetically superior to non-whites they need no racial representation or special interest groups working on their behalf, in such a case they would need no help or consideration whatsoever. In this Mr. Taylor seems to be in agreement agree with the multiculturalists and diversitoids.

    Mr. Taylor may be correct (although he might not be), Whites are genetically superior to if not all then the vast majority of non-Whites in the US. To go further and then base ideas about rights for Whites, fairness towards them or even their survival, upon first accepting the idea that Whites are superior is borderline insane in the present nation we live in. Such a belief is the one thing that would prevent Whites from achieving fairness in our current nation. It will certainly keep ‘white supremacists’ from a seat at most tables no matter how much the powers that be say they value diversity. It may be true, whites are genetically superior. To tie this idea to the acceptance of Whites or Whiteness is a mistake, in my perhaps less than humble opinion.

    • Mack0

      Being genetically smarter makes no difference when one lacks the will to fight

      • LHathaway

        What they seem to lack is the will to think . . . Or the guts to think. They’re like the Whites in the SF film ‘planet of the apes’, afraid to even speak.

    • UncleSham

      White males will never be given a place at the table as long as we play the game of elevating the victim. They will kill us all before they have any sympathy for us. We need to organize among ourselves. Alienated individuals are never powerful, no matter how superior their genetics.

  • LHathaway


    “In the UK and Sweden, what are like the two highest priorities of those countries? To import Muslims, right, that’s what they want – that’s priority number one, and to celebrate homosexuals, that’s number two. But the problem is they’re really in conflict because like these Isis guys, they don’t want to celebrate homosexuals they want to push them off tall buildings”.

    They’ll figure it out. How about blaming any problems that arise on White male racism, problems here and everywhere. You’ll find the majority is OK with that explanation and ideology, that belief system. The majority is OK with that in Western nations, and they’re OK with that in rest of them too.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Hey, what’s up with the gay mestizo at the end of Ramz’s speech, around 42:10?

    Bossman, was that you?

  • agatlin

    Mr. Taylor’s “What’s Wrong with the Country” speech is right on point–as always. Mr. Taylor is a great voice for those of us who have been marginalized in the nation our ancestors helped to build. Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for your courage and resolve. You are a great man!

  • Rob

    I am surprised that Jared Taylor allowed Richard Spencer to say Jewish Rabbi. OMG, if anyone says anything about the jews here, their comments get deleted. So why the double standard at the conference?

    • UncleSham

      Jared Taylor is a great speaker and an admirable White advocate, but he chooses not to address the JQ. Richard Spencer is much more open about that subject, perhaps you should visit some of his websites if that interests you. They both have their place within the movement.