The Left Contradicts Itself on Race

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, January 26, 2015

Its absurd positions cannot be reconciled.

We all know that the Left’s views on race lead to laughable contradictions. For example, there is no such thing as race, but racism is the scourge of the planet. All groups are interchangeable, but diversity is wonderful because people are different. As I will show, the Left paints itself into another corner on immigration.

The Left starts from the position that the United States is a very, very racist place where:

  • Failures on the part of non-whites are the fault of white racism.
  • Non-whites cannot succeed in the United States because it is intrinsically “white supremacist.”
  • Those who question these first two precepts are racists, even if they think they aren’t.

We find this logic everywhere. When George Zimmerman was found not guilty, a writer for The Guardian published a column titled, “Open season on black boys after a verdict like this,” in which he wrote, “Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn’t like the look of him.” The Nation published an article called, “White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman” that explained how “this verdict is a crystal-clear illustration of the way white supremacy operates in America.”

More recently, Salon published an article called “To my white male Facebook friends” that pleads with the “friends” to understand their secret racism:

[Y]ou may believe you are not racist. You may have never said the N-word. You may have non-white friends. However, there are many different forms of racism, not all of them are active. Many of them are passive, and they might be invisible to you, because you’re a white man.

Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who wrote a lengthy call for reparations for slavery last June, said in a recent interview that “to be perfectly blunt, there’s nothing wrong with black people that the complete and total elimination of white supremacy would not fix.”

These are not the opinions of a radical minority. The Atlantic and The Nation are sold in bookstores and coffee shops, while Salon and The Guardian each hold impressive rankings among America’s most visited websites, 350 and 106, respectively. National Review is at 1,211, Takimag 13,852, and AmRen 18,459.

Here are a few more headlines from 2014:

How the GOP became the party of white supremacy – and got away with it” – Salon

White supremacy lives on: Ferguson decision confirms absence of legal and moral justice” – Salon

Racism Lives On Under the Cover of ‘Religious Freedom’” – The Atlantic

How Racism Invented Race in America” – The Atlantic

White supremacy is the real culprit in Ferguson. The excuses just prove it” – The Guardian

The myth of the Angry Black Woman is a scandal of white supremacy” – The Guardian

Is Racial Justice Possible in America?” – The Nation

No Indictment for Darren Wilson, No Justice for Black Lives” – The Nation

In short, America is a racist country ruled by whites who kill non-whites with impunity. But I have a question: Why would anyone who believes that think it’s a good idea to invite more non-whites to come to America?

If America is a fortress of white supremacy, isn’t the arrival of more and more non-whites a human-rights disaster? Isn’t it the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of people a year pouring into North Korea, where they will suffer bouts of mass starvation under its totalitarian regime? If Jews had picked up stakes from around the world in the 1930s to go live in Berlin, the liberal media would have risen up in one voice to call this insanity.

Of course, the fact that non-whites so desperately want to come to the United States dispels the notion that this country is somehow “white supremacist;” people don’t migrate to places that mistreat them. But let us leave that aside for now. We are not trying to follow the logic of illegal immigrants but of leftists.

If America places no value on the lives of blacks, why let in black Africans even if they want to come? Surely it is a crime to admit Somalis to a country where racist police shoot them down like dogs in the street. The leftist press doesn’t seem to think Hispanics have it quite as bad as blacks, but surely a white supremacist nation treats them in a vile and loathsome way, too.

This should be the Left’s logic: America is a white-supremacist nation that treats non-whites viciously, so non-whites should be warned to stay away. Why don’t they take the logical position?

In some cases, the answer is blatant hostility towards whites, and a desire to see their power reduced by any means possible. Mexicans talk fairly openly about “taking back” the southwestern United States, and some Chicanos, such as college professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, talk about “taking over.” Also, the hostility so many blacks have for whites and their culture (shown in rap lyrics and demands that Western Civilization not be taught in universities), explains why many see non-white immigration as just another way to knock whitey off his perch.

Whites who have succumbed to ethnomasochism see non-white immigration as a sort of penance, and welcome their own dispossession. If the goal is to damage whites, white interests, and white society, there is no quicker and more permanent way to do it than through immigration. If that’s the goal, it is not contradictory to attack white society as racist and morally bankrupt, while simultaneously promoting mass non-white immigration.

But there is an important economic reason. Leftist pundits and academics are paid to analyze, and the more turmoil there is, the more there is to analyze. The more racism is “found,” whether it be in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or Jesus Christ, the more money is to be made through books, lectures, essays, and classes that denounce racism.

All anti-racist commentators benefit from high racial tensions–real or imagined–since it is their source of income. If America really were as racist as they made it out to be, a reasonable solution would be black repatriation like that of the American Colonization Society. However, if blacks were to flee American racism and return to Africa, leftist pundits would have a lot less to analyze and to mobilize about; it would be an economic disaster for them. African-American Studies programs at universities would close down, the Democratic Party would lose a huge bloc of voters, and it would be hard to fill the pages of The Nation.

Just as blacks escaping American “racism” would hurt the Left, non-white immigration helps it. It means more Chicano Studies programs, more votes for the Democratic Party, and more editorials about the tribulations of Hispanics in “Amerikkka.” Immigration is not only the “Viagra of the state” as Peter Brimelow has put it, but the “Viagra” of every leftist institution. If Leftists were consistent, and persuaded all non-whites to flee our hopelessly racist country, it would mean sacrificing their jobs as permanent scolds.

The late Sam Francis had a keen understanding of this, and I leave the last word to him. As he explained at the 1996 American Renaissance conference:

What we need to do, in addition to building the scientific and scholarly case against egalitarianism and environmentalism, is to take a page from the book of the Left, to expose [leftists] . . . . as the beneficiaries of the egalitarian ideology they are trying to protect. We need to show that an entire political and economic industry gains wealth and power from egalitarian and environmental ideology, and ‘unmask’ or ‘deconstruct’ those interests. And we need in particular to show how Americans as taxpayers, as crime victims, as job and college applicants, and frankly, simply as white people, are being exploited and victimized by the lie of equality and the power structure that rests on it.

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Hubert Collins
Mr. Collins was born in Taulkinham, but doesn't live there anymore.
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  • Samuel Hathaway

    Some quack on facebook addresses whites males who may have never used the N-word? Well, a black co-worker of mine has used the N-word, so why don’t you take your hateful, racist, anti-white trash and address the filthy culture and dirty mouths of the cursed Negros?

    • It’s about power: “We blacks have a word and you white people had better not use it.” Blacks aren’t offended at the word itself. They are offended that a despised “white boy” dared use it in their face.

      • Jacobite2

        I wish somebody had named a street after me. Maybe not in Detroit, though.

      • H. Leonskoi

        They don’t have a word. It is English, not Bantu:)

    • Jacobite2

      I would say that every white American over 50 who ever had to make an uniformed choice has used the word in question. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. catch a _______ by his toe.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Not so much. I am over 50, and learned that rhyme as “catch a TIGER by his toe.” I was in grad school when I first heard the n-word version.

        • Jacobite2

          I’m older than that, and I never heard the ‘tiger’ version. But then my grandparents called them ‘d*rkies’ and ‘pickaninnies’. To this day, I don’t know the ‘proper’ name for the flower ‘n*ggerhead’. I grew up in America, which I’m glad of, but which makes post-America seem awfully strange. Ever see the W.C. Fields movie where he refers to an “Ethiopian in the fuel supply”?

          • Spikeygrrl

            Never heard of either the flower or the Fields quote. What’s really weird to me is that you never heard the Tiger version…and before grad school in my early 20s I never heard anything BUT the Tiger version.

            Then again, I was raised by “FDR Liberals” who no doubt are weeping in their graves to see what has resulted from the “civil rights” movement for which they worked so hard in the 1950s.

          • Jacobite2

            Did you grow up in America? America was a fine place, back in the day. White people could say what we wanted, and everybody else had to watch what they said. Now, it’s done a 180. You’re missing out not watching W.C. Fields movies. He’s pointing out that an unexpected person has appeared on the scene (i.e, “there’s a n—–r in the woodpile”). Ever hear of “Amos ‘n Andy” on the radio? Ever hear anyone complain that he was “J*wed down” in a negotiation? Did you get to see Disney’s “Song of the South” before it was declared a non-movie? Ever heard it said, approvingly, that a person had “never killed a white man”? Although his plotting is fine, and his imagination is excellent, I read James Elroy more than anything for his ability to re-create the traditional, historic world of 90%-white America, in the 40s and 50s. For any American (ethnic American), it’s elegiac.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Please accept my humble apologies for being raised and largely schooled by liberals, back when that designation was still an honorable one. And no, I’m not familiar with most of your pop culture examples from the 1940s and ’50s, so please excuse me –again — for having the effrontery to be born just a few months before the new decade of the 1960s.

          • Jacobite2

            Yes, us oldsters are always picking on you kids about how much that’s history to you was our experience. We may wear our wrinkles and scars like medals, but not ones we wouldn’t trade for a smooth-working spine.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Appearances — especially online — can be deceiving. I’d trade my wheelchair for your wrinkles and scars in a New York minute.

          • Jacobite2

            I’m sorry to hear that. I’m still walking around, thank God, for now. My serious fear is dementia. Just saw my mom and dad through that — bad. Our on-line appearance is pretty much our IQ, plus education, plus attitude. Really clever people can fake attitude and even assume a false personality. Luckily, there isn’t any reason to do that on-line. I take an hour an day to check a few sites and throw my two cents in. Quite enjoyable. Center-Right sites are much superior to Left-wing ones, as Leftists are always angry, and looking to be insulted, so they can direct their hatred away from themselves. Rightists are usually willing to match ideas instead of venoms.

          • Spikeygrrl

            I hear you re senile dementia; it killed my beloved late father half-a-dozen years ago. Even though I do not carry his DNA (adopted at birth), I am terrified that I’LL die the same way. Fortunately my husband is a medical professional. If my mind erodes to the point where “me” no longer exists, he knows what to do AND how to make it look like an accident.

            I’ve enjoyed matching wits with you and hope our paths cross again, here or elsewhere.

          • Jacobite2

            Thank you very much. I think your mind is fine so far. My father died last April. I must admit I’ve come through it with some ‘issues’ regarding hospice care. A sudden injury, and things played out, at warp speed, in a way I wasn’t expecting. I hadn’t thought about it in a pro-life way before, but, considering the testimony of people who come back after long comas about how aware they are, how much discomfort does someone who’s (let’s face it) dying of thirst and hunger feel, even when doped to the gills? I felt uncomfortable about what I was seeing and it’s going to bother me until I find some answers. I don’t know about the medical science, but I acknowledge that the hospice people have their PR down pat. Maybe a bit too pat…..

          • BulgAryan

            Song of the South is available on kick ass torrents, will have a look.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            There are a lot of place names like N**** lip mountain etc. where they changed the name around the 1960s or so because it was offensive. You can be gyped, Jewed down (or Jewed out of something), become N—er rich, fix something by n— rigging it (jerry rigged), we have lost all these fun racist phrases, but retained all the anti-white ones. People can have blond moments, be crackers, act like a blond etc. and it’s not considered offensive by the PC police. So long as you only bash Aryans.

          • Jacobite2

            The main thing people must understand is that in human society, or societies, dominance is a perfect zero-sum game. In a multi-racial state, one race, only one, will dominate all others. Once upon a time, whites in the US used derogatory phrases about non-whites. Today, whites shut up, if they know what’s good for them, while the derogatory phrases are all heading the other way. The point to remember is that one group is always going to be bad-mouthing all other groups, no matter which group might be on top.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t see where things need to be a zero sum game. I believe strongly in win-win situations and cooperation. Everywhere I go I see zero sum mentalities which seem kind of dumb and primitive. If you run a business and treat your customers and employees right, and maintain the business, it will reward you back. You feed the cow you milk, you don’t starve it. I see the opposite usually. I also see a lot of unnecessary conflict and antagonism as a result of zero sum mindsets. I can burn down my neighbor’s house, but it doesn’t make me any richer.

            In regards to race, I have no interest in dominance. I just look to have basic law and order to exist, competent leadership, competent laws etc. We can all operate under those things. Even if some do better than others or rise to more prominent positions, it’s not necessarily zero sum. A boss doesn’t need to exploit his employees. He just does typically because we live in a primitive, low I.Q. society.

          • Jacobite2

            It’s math. I first learned about zero-sum games in a college ‘Probability and Matrices’ course. The social pecking order is a dominance matrix. All social animals exist in a society of some sort. Every society is a dominance matrix. This has been studied up, down, left, right and sideways. Sorry you don’t like it. How we handle reality determines which ‘side’ we end up on. Rightists do their reality-testing and operate accordingly. Leftists don’t like reality; then they refuse to accept reality; then they decide they can re-arrange reality.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            If I need to build a house, I can’t hold up the drywall with my nose and screw it in with my hands. I need at least two people to do the work. So I pay someone to help me. It’s win-win. We both gain. It’s not necessary that someone else lose for me to gain or vice versa. It’s called cooperation and it is reality. The problem is low I.Q. people don’t understand reality and create conflict rather than cooperating for mutual interests.

        • Harry Savannah

          You simply can’t be serious. You must have been spectacularly sheltered. It is a wonder that you are here. Wow, what can result from 50 years of life.

    • H. Leonskoi

      They deserve a lot more than being called the “oh my!” “N-Word.” If they were in Africa where they belong they would not need to worry about it. I am advocating for the rights of blacks to lead their lives in their beloved homeland where they will be happy and will be able to make the best kind of lives for themselves that their talents will allow. I believe in the rights of blacks to live in their homeland, it is a kind of Zionism for blacks. May they live in their homelands. I believe in the rights of black to live in their homeland. What is a good name? Bantuism? Nigerianism? Nigerism? Liberianism?

  • Hubert Collins needs to familiarize himself with a word:


    As for why the left wing is so internally contradictory on racial matters, I think that’s not a matter of schizophrenia or mental illness, as such. I happen to think that the real archons of the left wing deliberately spew contradictory rhetoric on race and other matters, and blurt them through the microphone, as sort of a social Rorschach test. They’re trying to see who will and will not spout contradictions without reservation, and spouting these contradictions is to left wing individuals, a form of social signaling that they are or want to be the “right” people.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Well, they refer to themselves as “progressives”, which implies those who are not with them are “regressives”. Substitute the words “good” and “bad” and there you have it.

      • LS Wight

        The dictionary calls this critical theory and cultural marxism.

    • TheHBD

      Interesting…but I don’t think their thought processes go that far. They don’t call them knee-jerk Liberals for nothing. All Leftist thought can be boiled down to the oppressor/victim paradigm. It is through this lens that they see everything…so when whites are demonstrably shown to NOT be the oppressors, their entire argument falls to pieces and ends up in a heap of silly contradictions.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        You have behind closed doors the elite make policy decisions, then sell it to the people. The people think they are making the decisions. So its hard to assess their motivations, except to say they are intelligent enough to understand obvious and simple contradictions. Then the majority of people (including academia) are fed slogans and emotional conditioning. Not much different from the Nazi party. Among the public and in academia yes it is a simplistic system where one party represents the elite and one represents the victims. It’s a mockery of the old roman Patriarch/pleb political system. No real democracy would evolve this way (you would have many different parties). Rome only evolved this way because it had basically two racial classes (which in some ways they are trying to mimic as well).

        Behind all the simplistic slogans and emotional appeals given to the public the two parties are the same. When we look at their agenda we find a desire to either destroy or transform the white race (or in the least shrink it to something negligible). At the same time we see Jewish supremacism- zionism, special protection for jews, massive resources sent to fight antisemitism etc.

        This to me is the source of any kind of “anti-semitic” feelings I might have. I like most Jews I meet. I have nothing against Jewish people or culture, but rather admire it. Yet I just question this agenda where government and other social institutions bash white people, discriminate against them, preach hatred of them, and conversely promote special privileges and protection of Jews.

        Blacks, Hispanics etc. just seem to be pawns in this agenda. I suspect that the day will come where the Jewish poplation has grown enough and white population shrunk enough that these policies and propaganda will reverse because they are no longer useful. Policies will become more “conservative” and harsh towards blacks, hispanics and the rest.

        Just look at Israel. Most of the extreme left wing, black loving Jews move to Israel and suddenly transform into conservative extremists who believe in the supremacy of the Jewish race and a Jew’s only nation. So we can say that these “beliefs” are more like strategies rather than something they believe in.

    • LS Wight

      Yep, Kabuki Theater to test the waters!

  • Blacks don’t really hate the ‘N’ word. In fact, they love it, and use it as often as possible. They just hate it when the white man uses it. It’s their special little word that they can club whitey with as well as to manipulate him for more government goodies.

    Blacks who claim that they’ve only taken a negative word and removed its power as a force against them is absurd. Blacks use the term all the time as a put-down to other blacks, and not just as a means of showing racial solidarity.

    Either way, the entire notion is silly from the outset. Can you imagine the Chinese who were discriminated against in the early 19th century choosing to call each other “chinks”? Their customary greeting would be something along the lines of, “Hey, what happening chink?” Or the Japanese after WW2 calling each other “Japs”? A common greeting toward their own kind would be, “Hey Jap, what’s going on?” It’s so stupid, it’s laughable.

    Yet blacks continue to call each other the ‘N’ word without any collective sense of its degrading nature. Blacks may not like the low opinion that most of the world has of them, but they do little in their power to change it.

    • Jason Lewis

      I kinda disagree with them hating it when a white person uses it. Being a victim removes all responsibility for outcomes. The worst thing for the left is for racism to be gone.

      • Some whites, if they’ve been accepted by blacks (known as ‘wiggers’), may be allowed to use the ‘N’ word as a term of endearment. But these whites are clearly the exception. This is not an expression permissible for the average white person. Blacks exploit the term for all its worth and use it against whites every chance they get.

        What’s worse, whites allow blacks to get away with it too and allow themselves to feel guilty over it.

        • That is rare, though. Woe to the White liberal who thinks he is in “the club” and can use the sacred word! White libs have got to learn that blacks will never truly accept them-even as they demand acceptance from us.

        • UncleSham

          If you live in a place where Whites are still in power, you can say whatever you want.

      • Albert

        Agreed. It’s getting more and more difficult for the left to find examples of racism that they can properly exploit. They’ve been reduced to hunting snipe for the past couple of years and I’m sure they must find that very frustrating.

        • pwnful truth

          It’s not that frustrating to the left, because Obama voters don’t watch or read the news. They watch ‘historical fiction” like The Butler, Selma, The Help, 12 years a slave, Mandela, and all the other garbage that they substitute for reality. I live with a liberal who watches 40 hours of movies and TV per week, largely “Oprah interviews another wise and brilliant movie star” or “The View” type of show, or another movie or “award winning” cable series whose sub-plot always includes white hero standing up against racist whites who are plotting against an innocent black. Zero news for her, but she reads op-eds that she confuses for news. She tells me that “Cops” and “the First 48” brainwash me into thinking that blacks are bad, and ACTUALLY believes that Michael Brown was shot in the back with his hands up. She gets very upset if I attempt to tell her the truth. Her eyes get really big and her jaw gapes in fear and dread over the monster I am. Indeed, my words sound just like every “evil” racist killer in her movies. I am counting on her growing wiser with age, as she will be forced to witness the REAL racism that our little pasty white son will definitely be experiencing when he starts school. I love her alot; she is sincere in her beliefs. She is a victim of TV and college. When I tell her the truth about what I see in the world (she was very sheltered and doesn’t work), she literally starts crying and remains disturbed for days, literally afraid that I’m some raving, unstable lunatic. This is what a lifetime of TV has done to her mind. If not for the pregnancy, I would have given up a long time ago and never looked back. I have to just bide my time and bite my tongue, because if I tell her the unvarnished truth she will leave me to try to “protect” our son from my “insanity.”

          • LexiconD1

            Take her shopping in one of the diverse areas. See how long it is before she asks to leave? Drive around the hood a while…just make sure your cell phone is charged, and you have a taser and mace with you.

          • pwnful truth

            That is pretty much the plan. She’s going to get an education when we start taking junior to the park.

          • Yancy Derringer

            Give her a copy of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” and say it’s Oprah’s “book of the month.”

          • KyraNelson

            Colin’s got a new book coming out soon & it’s a thing of beauty. “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.”

    • LexiconD1

      Ha…funny you should mention Asians. I was told by my brothers friend, who’s Vietnamese, that the word “Oriental” is akin to the “N” word, and we should stop saying it. He said it’s offensive to Asians (the word I use anyway.)

      I looked at him, I asked, “So what do we call ORIENTAL rugs?” “What about calling Asia…”The ORIENT” “How about Agatha Christies book “Murder on the ORIENT Express?” and went on and on.

      He had nothing to say to all that…

      • Jason Lewis

        I’ve heard that too. I always thought Oriental was eastern Asian. Calling one Asian could make them from Japan, India or Iraq.

        • Kenner

          This is a new affectation, seemed to start in the ’90s. They were looking for a victim issue.

      • Yancy Derringer

        I have an Orient brand watch. Japanese company, so it’s not pejorative to at least the Japanese. There’s no such thing as a N*gger brand watch, though.

        • LexiconD1

          Lol! That was, sort of, the point I was trying to make. I thought the entire conversation was beyond stupid. He never brought it up to me again.

        • Albert

          They may well surprise you. They may just be far enough along to invent a sun dial.

      • LS Wight

        It’s a power trip they go on when critical theory is applied all day in the media to white people and it happens in every white western nation, not just the USA. You can see the “Progressive” morality re-shaping Europe and South Africa as I type this.

      • Rurik

        Your brother’s friend, he dinky-dau! He nummah ten!
        Ask him why the Vietnamese call the Hmong and other Montagnard tribes “moi”.

    • UncleSham

      My great-grandfather is a first-generation American and both of his parents came here from Sicily. He uses the word “dago” as a term of endearment towards fellow Italians. He also uses the word as an adjective. He will say things like “I just picked up a fresh loaf of dago bread”. Its not exactly the same as how Blacks use the N-word, but it is an example of taking some pride in a word that was supposed to be an insult. One major difference is that he truly is proud of who he is, so he doesn’t consider the word to be an insult even when used by a non-Italian person.

    • Ellis Kurtz

      Blacks don’t really hate the ‘N’ word…They just hate it when the white man uses it.

      But when the white man uses it (which he rarely does), what does it signify? IMO it captures the ultimate sense of inferiority in the mind of a black: that they are a failed population; that they are out of their element in the white world; that they are a loser third-world population in an energetic, striving, successful first world civilization; that they don’t belong here, and all their posturing and blame-shifting is just a pathetic attempt to conceal this embarrassing truth.

      • LS Wight

        The truth hurts when you are promoting big anti-white lies, doesn’t it?

  • Caucasoid88

    AmRen needs a marketing team. There is a vast demographic of people who would be interested in reading this. There is an ominous cloud of lies over America and many people are desperate to clear it. Articles like this would serve that purpose.

    • MathMan

      When I reply to an article in a British newspaper advising readers to read Amren, my comment is removed immediately, even in the supposed Republican papers. I suspect a conspiracy.

    • LS Wight

      Each of you is responsible to wake up your friends and family to the genocidal social construct of “Racism.”

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Why does the Left do these things?

    Its really quite simple. The Left hates America. Everything the do WITHOUT EXCEPTION is done with the intention of destroying the nation.

    P.s. I hate hipsters.

  • Tarczan

    “there is no such thing as race, but racism is the scourge of the planet”

    We need more one liners like this to drop in conversations with lefties. We won’t convince them all at once, but sayings like this allow civility to exist, and leave things open for future conversations.

    We will never get a true believer of racism to read this entire article, but dropping a saying like that, one so obviously true, weakens their belief.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      I know a bunch of them, however I don’t I would be allowed to post them here…

  • haroldcrews

    It is also absurd to claim that black people simultaneously built the United States and were excluded from participating in its society in a meaningful way but that doesn’t stop them from claiming it. Some people just don’t get logic.

    • Jason Lewis

      The new lie being told around the world is that white people didnt create anything, we stole it all. They’re really starting to lose. Look at the huge push at this “white privlege” bull. Younger people don’t seem to buy into the guilt complex anymore.

    • Paleoconn

      Harold, I always love your posts, very well-written and concise. However, why is that assertion absurd in your opinion? Blacks could have been forced to build the country, say the infrastructure, White House, etc, but also excluded from the decision-making and power, no contradiction in that. I think it’s blatantly wrong, but it could be historically accurate, not just in a leftist’s mind.

  • Jason Lewis

    Left contradicts itself on race? No they’re very clear. Race is a social construct. Race does not exist and the white race is the cause of all problems. No contradictions whatsoever.

    • Yes, the Left DOES contradict itself on race. The article explained the contradictions too.

      For example, on the one hand they rail against ‘racism,’ yet they deny the very foundation of ‘racism’ by asserting that race is only a ‘social construct.’ Their zeal to root out ‘racism’ stands in stark contrast to their claim that race is only a ‘social construct.’ After all, why spend so much time, money and effort decrying ‘racism’ if the very concept of ‘race’ isn’t true or grounded in human biology?

      The Left doesn’t answer such questions directly because they don’t even see the inherent contradiction in their premise.

    • Paleoconn

      But that is a contradiction. Race as social construct and White race as evil.

      • Jason Lewis

        I was being sarcastic. 🙂

        • Paleoconn

          I can’t believe I missed it. Sorry!

  • Luca

    Liberalism is a cult. Its followers have abandoned truth, common sense, morality, decency, self preservation, evidence, honesty, critical thinking, and have replaced these virtues with an impossible, irrational, unreasonable utopian agenda.

    They all belong in Jonestown.

    • You’re right, it is a cult – but this one is more dangerous than all of them combined!

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Jim Jones was a Communist.

      • Luca

        Liberalism leads to socialism, socialism leads to communism.

        • Garrett Brown

          Not necessarily.

          • Luca

            Not necessarily always, but eventually, most times. Liberals are infatuated with progressiveness. If things stay the same, they hyper-ventilate.

          • Garrett Brown

            Agreed. Not always but most of the time.

    • Wing-nut.

      They are in Jonestown, just too blind to see it.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Nous sommes Jonestown.

        • Wing-nut.

          Don’t drink the Kool-aid !!!

    • John Smith

      Jim Jones was a leftist who preached racial equality and blind obedience, so it isn’t far-fetched at all to suggest. In the end, he was also an atheist who used his charisma and the veneer of religious devotion to form a cult of personality.

  • david dorian

    “America is a racist country ruled by whites who kill non-whites with
    impunity. But I have a question: Why would anyone who believes that
    think it’s a good idea to invite more non-whites to come to America?”

    Simple: Anti-whites of all types want White genocide. They want whites to have their country and identity destroyed. They want it undermined in the interests of more important things–namely non-whites.

    And that is pure evil.

  • Cathy Madera

    The goal of the left is the destruction of white civilization and culture in general and white males specifically (white women can achieve absolution via feminism or by mating with a non white). Logic is simply not part of the left, which counts on its followers to not think through any of its ideas or endless accusations. The cry of white racism is just the most effective tool in the toolbox and it works over and over with little or no evidence. See – “hands up dont shoot, I cant breath, driving while black, open season on blacks, institutional racism, micro aggression…..

    • TCA

      And who is ‘the Left?’

      • Cathy Madera


      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Wer, wem?

    • Cid Campeador

      “driving while black” Let them go and ask the Channons and the Newsoms how THEY feel about the children who were abducted, raped, sodomized, mutilated and murdered for “being out for the evening while White”.
      The great oracle of racism , Miami Herald’s Leonard Pitts’ response to the above was “Cry me a River”.

  • IKUredux

    The business of America used to be business. Now, our biggest export is cultural collapse. Destruction of Western Civilization. TPTB who run Hollywood, banks, all media, have exported the “American” idea of diversity.

    I am ready to throw up watching White people engage in “twerking”, come on! REALLY! Whites invented ballet, and, many other forms of dance. Has twerking become popular because it requires NO TRAINING? Has our civilization been reduced to the lowest common denominator? Is rap comparable to Mozart? Have we Whites reduced ourselves to this gutter level, because, we know blacks can’t rise any further?

    Can we only achieve “egalitarianism”, by bringing our Western Civilization standards down to the level of savage barbarians?

    The answer is an unqualified, YES.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      “Look at me as I rapidly shake my buttocks in a manner which suggests I am eager and available for copulation!”

      Even white children do this.

      • John Smith

        I used to see this behavior taking place during some car show and spring break television footage involving Whites and Asians and wondered about it, having only seen it briefly while channel surfing through negro-themed stations. I never knew it was called twerking until recently, but the concept is disgustingly base and what I’d expect of lower primates.

  • Ludwig

    This article states the obvious. However, there is nothing in it that is not said by the by AmRen commenters on a daily basis.

  • Viking_61

    Listing all of those Salon and Atlantic articles yet not even a whimper about the 800 pound Jewish gorilla behind the curtain at those magazines? You are talking about Atlantic and Salon, for God’s sake, give the Jews at least an honorable mention, those magazines are about a Judeo-Bolshevik as you can get.

  • LHathaway

    “This should be the Left’s logic:”

    haha! There’s an oxymoron. But to make a longer comment. . .

    “take a page from the book of the Left, to expose [leftists] . . . . as the beneficiaries of the egalitarian ideology they are trying to protect. We need to show that an entire political and economic industry gains wealth and power from egalitarian and environmental ideology, and ‘unmask’ or ‘deconstruct’ those interests”.

    Deconstructionism may prevail at university and in the popular print but some scholars claim it is useless and a bankrupt philosophy or not even a proper philosophy at all. Deconstructing the deconstructionists, however, is a proper and useful pursuit.

  • We are all one race, the human race. But we need to help “disadvantaged” races of people!
    Whites are not a race. And “they” (Whites!) also enjoy “White Privilege.”
    And, yes, I heard a black person say this: I am not racist, but I hate White people.
    This just never ends.

    • Paleoconn

      It’s not racist the hate the bad guys. Their thinking. Nor is it racist to blame all Whites for all ther ills for all eternity.

  • Paleoconn

    This is brilliant. There is no reason for anybody to advocate for more people o be admitted into an oppressive, racist White polity, except for the overthrow of said polity and the genocide of its citizens. Race realists should be unafraid to openly oppose third world immmigration into their homelands. The left is bereft of arguments, at leas those that are not admissions of hostility to the host culture.

  • saxonsun

    Benedict Cumberbatch is in trouble for using the word “coloured” for black actors.

    • Who Me?

      If saying “colored people” is racist, what is the NAACP? I thought it stands for National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE?

      • Proletarian Contemplations

        It’s the left. Don’t expect them to be rational, logically consistent, or equally critical of themselves as they are critical of others.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yes, the Left is a pirate culture.

      • Spikeygrrl

        “Colored people” is bigotry, yet “people of color” is the latest fashion in nomenclature?

        One might almost believe that they(*) are doing this on purpose just to keep White dissidents off balance; ANYTHING we say is interpreted as a slur.

        (“They” = White Leftists. This tactic is WAY too subtle to have been thought out by Negroes themselves.)

  • badbox27

    The survival of our race depends on separating ourselves from the savage parasites who hate us. And they can take our leftist race traitors with them.

  • Carney3

    I agree with most of what you are saying, other than your last paragraph.

    We should avoid literally dehumanizing rhetoric. People we disagree with, dislike, or even are outraged by are human beings, not “rats”. Furthermore, insisting on 100% perfection in politicians is a formula for a lifetime of fruitless and futile rage. Instead, we should learn from the Left and its success in moving things its way in incremental fashion. Even in 2008 Obama did not run on “gay marriage” or unilateral executive amnesty; he understood the need to go only as far as the electorate would tolerate, then push the envelope bit by bit once in power.

    Not all the politicians you listed are identical in the degree to which they hold objectionable stances on issues of paramount importance to us. For example, Romney was alone in the top tier of GOP contenders in both 2008 and 2012 in opposing amnesty. While he ruled out mass deportation (other than of violent criminals) he insisted the bulk of illegal aliens (other than “Dreamers”) have to return home to apply from there for permission to come here, like any other foreigner, and illegals still here be excluded from government benefits, be denied employment by mandatory e-Verify and employer crackdowns, and in effect be squeezed into giving up and “self deportation”.

    Most of the Republican contenders also would be far superior on the crucial issue of judicial nominations. Romney for instance had Robert Bork as his judicial selection advisor. Ultimately that means things like Prop 187 in California and SB 1170 in Arizona would have a better chance of survival and implementation.

    You have to be smart, ice cold, and use you head, not just your emotions.

  • badbox27

    The problem with White women is that they too consider themselves ‘minorities’. They have been taught that they have been discriminated against by the evil White man. Some of them actually feel a closer bond with the non-whites than White males due to the fact they are all ‘oppressed minorities’. I’ve noticed this phenomenon in White homosexuals also.

    • Cid Campeador

      It’s that with which our women have been indoctrinated since childhood by our Marxist Ed. system.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Why are Jews, Indians, Middle Easterners and Asians so successful in this ‘racist’ nation? Furthermore, Mexico is on ‘stolen land’ too and Native Americans are last class citizens in Mexico.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Judaism is not a race.

  • NoMosqueHere

    “[Y]ou may believe you are not racist. You may have never said the N-word. You may have non-white friends. However, there are many different forms of racism, not all of them are active. Many of them are passive, and they might be invisible to you, because you’re a white man.”


    Hopefully, the decrepit mansion of american race insanity will soon collapse of its own weight.

    • The Dude

      I will never for the life of me understand why a raggish website like Salon has so much traffic. Even liberal-leaning intellectuals like Sam Harris despise it:

      Much of what you read on Salon is just maniacs in their bedrooms typing.

    • Funruffian

      Notice that they target the ‘White Man’ as if it was the default enemy to their narrative. It’s never a Hispanic against a Black, an Asian against an Indian or any variation thereof. No. It always has to involve the “White male”. Not female, but male. White women are not the leftists or ethnics main target. They want to apprehend the White female as a carrier of their dreams of a mixed gene pool of White and colored hybrids. They want to annihilate the White Man only.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Pretty amazing passage, isn’t it? If those clowns could just hear themselves.

  • ricpic

    Essentially bright whites escape the hell they prescribe for less bright whites. How? By earning more. I was recently in Steamboat Springs, Colorado: overwhelmingly white and incredibly expensive. Superb amenities. Immaculate. And totally free of vibrancy. And all the residents, part time or full time have the kind of marketable skills and therefore the kind of income that allows them to totally escape the effects of the PC insanity that they all mouth. There are such places all over America. And those places will make it possible for the best and the brightest to totally escape the hell they have wrought for the rest of us. Indefinitely.

    • MikeofAges

      Indefinite does not forever. Look at the Paol Atol, I mean Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Peninsula. The laboratory of the future, you know. Whose future? Not exactly sure. It’s still in dispute. The only sure thing is, it’s not yours.

  • Caucasoid88

    Social media is always good. Personally I think humor, especially in our case, would work best. Those billboards in the South with slogans ‘Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white’ and ‘Diversity means chasing down every last white person,’ immediately give the anti-racists fodder.

    We have to kill them with kindness and disarm them with humor. Billboards, though expensive, get a lot of press, and I for one would certainly donate to get the ball rolling…

  • John Smith

    I’ve mentioned this before in a similar context. Even leftists once realized that their ideals couldn’t reach fruition among the shiftless and uneducated masses that constitute the bulk of many non-white minorities.

  • John Smith

    Women are more suggestible than men and strive to avoid possible conflict, so they largely fall for that racial harmony and equality BS.

  • JohnEngelman

    What reinforces racism generation after generation ruins lives.

  • jayvbellis

    I always get a lot of mileage noting the fact that one of the main groups pointing fingers at us shouting “RACIST” is the National Council of Larasa – which translates as “The Race”.

    Being called “Racist” by a Latino Racial advocacy group called “The Race”, well, that’s a lot loke being called a “criminal” by a spokesman for the Gambino Crime Family.

    I also like to discuss the strange alliances of anti White Leftists – radical homosexuals and Islamic Fundamentalists ..

    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

  • Spikeygrrl


  • Spikeygrrl

    No mystery: there’s a good bit of misogyny here, and after an initial exposure to that few women come back for more. It took me quite a while to quit being so upset about that. What did the trick for me was the certain knowledge that if a real race war leading to low tech survivalism ever does occur, men will soon recognize that they need [non-feminazi] women every bit as much as [non-feminazi] women need men.

  • Cid Campeador

    I wouldn’t count East Asians as a savage race. They are frequently victimized by Blacks and Hispanic “Canalla”.

  • HouseOfTards

    To my non-white Facebook friends…

    Wait. Where are they?

  • LS Wight

    Anti-racist is code for anti-white! “Racism” is a genocidal social construct and an insidious display of critical theory against Communism’s opposition/white christians! This propaganda should not be tolerated!

  • ebonystone

    “Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who wrote a lengthy call for reparations for slavery ”

    Reparations? We’ve been paying them by the trillions of dollars, in the form of welfare, to blacks for fifty years, ever since the Great Society programs. Add to that the preferences in admissions and hiring, and I’d say American blacks have been over-compensated for the slavery suffered by their ancestors.

    • H. Leonskoi

      Not only have they been over-compensated but they are demanding reparations from those who had nothing to do with it. They might as well demand reparations from Fu Manchu. I’ve never had a slave, have you? If they want to demand reparations from people who were not alive at the time, they should demand reparations from 1) the African tribes that enslaved them, and 2) the Sephardic Jews who were disproportionately represented among the slavers.

  • H. Leonskoi

    The Melonogarchists, supporters of
    Melanogarchy, rule by the colored, the Melanosupremacists, are a
    collection of self-righteous narcissists and murderous anti-Whites
    using multiculturalism and “civil rights,” which in their warped
    Melanosupremacist minds means rights for non-whites, to attack, kill,
    and genocide whites out of existence while patting themselves on the
    back for it and telling themselves that they are the best people of
    all. They are the wicked stepmother in Snow White. They are jealous
    and have murderous intent toward whites. They are extremely immoral
    in spite of their narcissistic posturing. Don’t ever forget what is
    at stake. The question is, how must we deal with the threat?

    • H. Leonskoi

      The first step, and it is only the first step, is to constantly point out that they are actually immoral and are committing an extreme act of anti-white racist aggression. They need to be called on their melano-supremacist-melano-oligarchist ways. We must not submit to a melano-garchy.

  • H. Leonskoi

    Blacks belong to a different species
    and it was cruel to everyone involved for them to have been forced
    to live among our species.

  • InAFreeCountry

    ‘Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who wrote a lengthy call for reparations for slavery last June, said in a recent interview
    that “to be perfectly blunt, there’s nothing wrong with black people
    that the complete and total elimination of white supremacy would not

    So, totally eliminate white folks, and black people will thrive? Then it will be the fault of the asians and hispanics.

  • Harry Savannah

    Whites are in a deep coma and their enemies know it. Like a pack of salivating dogs surrounding a wounded sheep they sense that the prey is ready for devouring. The 40 % that voted for O’bama are utterly morally worthless and dead to us as a kindred number. Most of the 60% are devastatingly stupid. This is the kind that thinks the whores on con/inc. talk-radio encompass what reality should resemble. The rest who see the patently obvious can only wait and hope-against-hope the stupid will somehow start thinking a little. That’s all. It just takes so damn little thought.