Posted on January 26, 2015

The Left Contradicts Itself on Race

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, January 26, 2015

We all know that the Left’s views on race lead to laughable contradictions. For example, there is no such thing as race, but racism is the scourge of the planet. All groups are interchangeable, but diversity is wonderful because people are different. As I will show, the Left paints itself into another corner on immigration.

The Left starts from the position that the United States is a very, very racist place where:

  • Failures on the part of non-whites are the fault of white racism.
  • Non-whites cannot succeed in the United States because it is intrinsically “white supremacist.”
  • Those who question these first two precepts are racists, even if they think they aren’t.

We find this logic everywhere. When George Zimmerman was found not guilty, a writer for The Guardian published a column titled, “Open season on black boys after a verdict like this,” in which he wrote, “Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn’t like the look of him.” The Nation published an article called, “White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman” that explained how “this verdict is a crystal-clear illustration of the way white supremacy operates in America.”

More recently, Salon published an article called “To my white male Facebook friends” that pleads with the “friends” to understand their secret racism:

[Y]ou may believe you are not racist. You may have never said the N-word. You may have non-white friends. However, there are many different forms of racism, not all of them are active. Many of them are passive, and they might be invisible to you, because you’re a white man.

Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who wrote a lengthy call for reparations for slavery last June, said in a recent interview that “to be perfectly blunt, there’s nothing wrong with black people that the complete and total elimination of white supremacy would not fix.”

These are not the opinions of a radical minority. The Atlantic and The Nation are sold in bookstores and coffee shops, while Salon and The Guardian each hold impressive rankings among America’s most visited websites, 350 and 106, respectively. National Review is at 1,211, Takimag 13,852, and AmRen 18,459.

Here are a few more headlines from 2014:

How the GOP became the party of white supremacy – and got away with it” – Salon

White supremacy lives on: Ferguson decision confirms absence of legal and moral justice” – Salon

Racism Lives On Under the Cover of ‘Religious Freedom’” – The Atlantic

How Racism Invented Race in America” – The Atlantic

White supremacy is the real culprit in Ferguson. The excuses just prove it” – The Guardian

The myth of the Angry Black Woman is a scandal of white supremacy” – The Guardian

Is Racial Justice Possible in America?” – The Nation

No Indictment for Darren Wilson, No Justice for Black Lives” – The Nation

In short, America is a racist country ruled by whites who kill non-whites with impunity. But I have a question: Why would anyone who believes that think it’s a good idea to invite more non-whites to come to America?

If America is a fortress of white supremacy, isn’t the arrival of more and more non-whites a human-rights disaster? Isn’t it the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of people a year pouring into North Korea, where they will suffer bouts of mass starvation under its totalitarian regime? If Jews had picked up stakes from around the world in the 1930s to go live in Berlin, the liberal media would have risen up in one voice to call this insanity.

Of course, the fact that non-whites so desperately want to come to the United States dispels the notion that this country is somehow “white supremacist;” people don’t migrate to places that mistreat them. But let us leave that aside for now. We are not trying to follow the logic of illegal immigrants but of leftists.

If America places no value on the lives of blacks, why let in black Africans even if they want to come? Surely it is a crime to admit Somalis to a country where racist police shoot them down like dogs in the street. The leftist press doesn’t seem to think Hispanics have it quite as bad as blacks, but surely a white supremacist nation treats them in a vile and loathsome way, too.

This should be the Left’s logic: America is a white-supremacist nation that treats non-whites viciously, so non-whites should be warned to stay away. Why don’t they take the logical position?

In some cases, the answer is blatant hostility towards whites, and a desire to see their power reduced by any means possible. Mexicans talk fairly openly about “taking back” the southwestern United States, and some Chicanos, such as college professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, talk about “taking over.” Also, the hostility so many blacks have for whites and their culture (shown in rap lyrics and demands that Western Civilization not be taught in universities), explains why many see non-white immigration as just another way to knock whitey off his perch.

Whites who have succumbed to ethno-masochism see non-white immigration as a sort of penance, and welcome their own dispossession. If the goal is to damage whites, white interests, and white society, there is no quicker and more permanent way to do it than through immigration. If that’s the goal, it is not contradictory to attack white society as racist and morally bankrupt, while simultaneously promoting mass non-white immigration.

But there is an important economic reason. Leftist pundits and academics are paid to analyze, and the more turmoil there is, the more there is to analyze. The more racism is “found,” whether it be in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or Jesus Christ, the more money is to be made through books, lectures, essays, and classes that denounce racism.

All anti-racist commentators benefit from high racial tensions — real or imagined — since it is their source of income. If America really were as racist as they made it out to be, a reasonable solution would be black repatriation like that of the American Colonization Society. However, if blacks were to flee American racism and return to Africa, leftist pundits would have a lot less to analyze and to mobilize about; it would be an economic disaster for them. African-American Studies programs at universities would close down, the Democratic Party would lose a huge bloc of voters, and it would be hard to fill the pages of The Nation.

Just as blacks escaping American “racism” would hurt the Left, non-white immigration helps it. It means more Chicano Studies programs, more votes for the Democratic Party, and more editorials about the tribulations of Hispanics in “Amerikkka.” Immigration is not only the “Viagra of the state” as Peter Brimelow has put it, but the “Viagra” of every leftist institution. If Leftists were consistent, and persuaded all non-whites to flee our hopelessly racist country, it would mean sacrificing their jobs as permanent scolds.

The late Sam Francis had a keen understanding of this, and I leave the last word to him. As he explained at the 1996 American Renaissance conference:

What we need to do, in addition to building the scientific and scholarly case against egalitarianism and environmentalism, is to take a page from the book of the Left, to expose [leftists] . . . . as the beneficiaries of the egalitarian ideology they are trying to protect. We need to show that an entire political and economic industry gains wealth and power from egalitarian and environmental ideology, and ‘unmask’ or ‘deconstruct’ those interests. And we need in particular to show how Americans as taxpayers, as crime victims, as job and college applicants, and frankly, simply as white people, are being exploited and victimized by the lie of equality and the power structure that rests on it.