How I Learned the Truth About Race

Eric Gustafson, American Renaissance, July 11, 2014

And lost my liberal illusions.

Once when I was in high school, I annoyed my conservative parents by asking a cute Hispanic girl to a dance. I knew this would bother them, but I never understood why. They had occasionally given me vague hints to find a mate of my own race so as to “keep my heritage white.” However, they failed to explain exactly what that meant, or why it was important. Perhaps they took too much for granted. They had spent most of their lives in white towns and I also grew up mostly among white people.

In my younger days, my libertarian views clouded my understanding of race, which I thought was a corrupt, collectivist concept. To add to the confusion, my mainstream, 1980s Christian upbringing had taught me always to look past the surface and into the heart–a teaching I interpreted too broadly. I had a self-righteous moral universalism that was sometimes openly hostile to the values of my own parents. In my arrogance, I saw my elders much the way Michelle Obama sees older white people: as misinformed throwbacks who needed to be enlightened by young people.

This was my view of race throughout my college years, but what happened after graduation changed all that. The shock of making a living in a large, multiracial city shattered my race-denying idealism and set me on the path to truth.

I had a liberal arts degree and little interest in graduate school, so I made ends meet by working as a security guard and as a substitute teacher. When I was growing up I had a few black and Hispanic friends, but my background sheltered me from the madness that is the majority-minority high school. I learned more about race in one semester of substitute teaching than I did in all of my formal education. Nothing could have prepared me for that.

Certainly, the one-day orientation class I got from the school district didn’t prepare me. We covered very basic policies and procedures, and I thought it odd that I didn’t learn anything that suggested I was actually supposed to teach.

The first thing I found out was that the only schools that ever seemed to need substitutes were ones with many non-Asian minorities, and I quickly learned why there were so many teacher absences: The students literally ran riot. At one campus, especially, black and Hispanic students constantly roamed the halls. That was actually preferable, because trying to corral them inside classrooms only amplified the chaos. I was constantly on the phone with security guards to ask them to remove unruly students.

When I wondered what my parents may have meant by “white heritage” I thought of the old proverb, “Silence is golden.” Black students, in particular, always shouted. This was intimidating because they hollered so loudly and so frequently that I couldn’t tell if they were happy or on the verge of violence. They shouted in class, in the halls, outside–everywhere, and often for no reason at all. Since there was no way I could teach in that environment, I came to see myself as more of a custodian than a teacher.

I learned to pick my battles. One morning, when I ordered an obese Hispanic drifter, who had been banging on doors, to get out of the hall and return to class, he roared back, “I will f***ing kill you!” He had an enormous physical presence, so if he was capable of violence he could be dangerous. I wanted to know who he was, and report him to the authorities if necessary, so I went back to my room and asked if anyone knew his name. No one said a word. Later, I spoke with another Hispanic student whom I had caught selling prescription pills during class. I told him I would not report his drug selling if he told me the name of the student who had threatened to kill me.

Drugs were everywhere. During one class when I was showing a video, a Hispanic student directly in front of my desk took out a bag of marijuana and casually began breaking the buds apart. It was common for students to come to class on drugs, but one black girl was so high she literally staggered around the room for the entire period, climbing onto desks and staring at the lights. When I spoke to her she was completely unresponsive.

Black and Hispanic students are keenly aware of the power they have over whites. One day, I was trying to keep order in class when an indeterminate mestizo or mulatto began walking around the room hollering. I asked him to return to his seat and stop bothering others. Instead, he ran out the door and returned moments later with a black female security guard.

“Miss, this dude is a racist,” he declared with a smirk. She shot me a suspicious glance. I was forced to explain myself to the security guard, as if I had been the one who was out of line.

The most frequent assignments I received as a substitute teacher were to so-called “special education” classes. At first I thought I would be comfortable in them, since I had been around people with Down’s Syndrome, autism, and other developmental problems. Generally, people with these conditions are sweet and gentle.

The first time I got a special-education assignment at a majority-minority high school, I was shocked to find that none of the students showed any of the symptoms I was expecting. They were like the other poorly behaved minority students, only worse. During a conversation with one “special needs” student, I asked him why the class was filled with people who seemed to suffer from no disorder other than a lack of discipline. He said students voluntarily had themselves classified as having “special needs” because that exempted them from state-mandated standardized testing. I asked if he didn’t mind being thought of as having a mental problem. He said it didn’t bother him so long as he could advance to the next grade without taking the standardized test. The schools probably encourage this so as to keep the worst students out of the school evaluations required by the No Child Left Behind law. Whatever the case, the students and their families seemed perfectly content with this arrangement.

In another special needs class that was mostly black and Hispanic, I had an Asian student who was so loud and disruptive I had to have him removed from class by security. He returned with a teacher’s aide who told me that the administration did not like having special needs students written up for discipline issues. She would not explain why. Maybe the schools are under pressure not to have a higher rate of discipline problems for minorities and special needs students–even though they cause a hugely disproportionate amount of trouble.

“But what about when these kids go out and try to find a job?” I asked the aide. “When are they going to be prepared for the real world?” Instead of replying, she went up to the boy and put her arm around him affectionately–like a mother hen with her chick–as he continued his foul-mouthed tirade.

In my semester of substitute teaching, I was assigned twice to a middle-class school in a better part of town. I knew that most of the students were white, but by that point, I had become so jaded I expected more of what I had found on the other side of town.

I was wrong. The students were incredibly polite. They addressed me as “Sir” or “Mister Gustafson.” They paid attention and asked questions that showed genuine interest in the subject matter. On the two occasions I caught people violating the rules, they apologized and immediately corrected their behavior. This school was not all white, and the few minority students reminded me of my non-white friends when I was young.

I had a friend who was also a substitute teacher, and he told me about a conversation he had with a full-time teacher about the difference between good and bad schools. Since he is a classic liberal, he wanted to know if the district spent more money on majority-white schools. He learned that the worst minority schools got about three times as much money per student as majority-white schools, but that a lot of the money went into such things as English as a Second Language, security guards, and daycare for students’ children.

What I saw as a substitute teacher completely changed my views. I began to read more on race and education. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered that people were writing about their experiences, and that many of them matched my own. I gradually reached several conclusions:

First, my earlier, mostly positive experiences with minorities in a majority-white setting were useless for predicting how non-whites behave when they are the majority. I began to worry about mass immigration, because I could no longer ignore what happens to a neighborhood, a school, a city, or a nation when it becomes majority non-white.

Second, I realized that this country does not have an education problem; it has a race problem. It isn’t enough to teach a child reading, writing, and arithmetic. The student has to believe there is value in what he is being taught. Studies suggest–and my observations bore this out–that blacks tend to be more prone to impulsive behavior and immediate gratification, and less likely to invest in education. Yet we babble on about the virtues of diversity, spending untold amounts of money with the unstated and impossible goal of making minorities act more like whites.

Finally, my experience helped me understand what my parents may have meant by “white heritage” all those years ago. Although the Hispanic girl I took to the dance was not the sort of Hispanic I encountered as a substitute teacher, my experience made me aware of the advantages white folks take for granted–so long as we continue to enjoy majority white schools, communities, states, and nations. We accept displacement at our peril.

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Eric Gustafson

Mr. Gustafson is a technology professional who works in higher education.

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  • Alexandra1973

    My 12-year-old is mildly autistic and in special ed…it is true that special ed students are given more leeway because it’s acknowledged that they really can’t help it. At the same time, they don’t put up with nonsense. He’s sweet but not very gentle…he’s a strong boy.

    That being said, he’s nowhere near as violent as your garden-variety hoodrat. He knows how to behave himself.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The special needs category in majority-minority schools is largely a farce.
      Too bad for kids with real issues, but nothing is as important as excusing black-brown genetic pathologies…

      • Alexandra1973

        The school district my son is in (he goes to a neighboring school district because ours is very small and no special ed) is about 80% white. There are half a dozen students in his class, all white. Keep in mind our county is about 95% white.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Not entirely safe, but better than most, it sounds like. What’s his issue/issues, if you don’t mind? I used to work with kids like that, have a lot of experience. Some are actually quite bright but need to be taught right. Others must be realistically – for their own good – assessed and guided.

          Regardless, sounds like he’s in a better place than he could be, dear.

        • jdm

          actually america is about 64 percent white and should be majority-minority by 2039 if nothing changes. This nation was 90 percent white in 1960.

          • John Smith

            Back when we were able to put a man on the moon, as opposed to now, when we need to rent a ride on Russian rockets?

          • jdm

            That is a big part of the problem. Fifty or sixty years ago people who could “pass’ for white were happy to do so. Now blue eyed blonds like Elisabeth Warren try to pretend that they are anything but white. There is Mexican actress from Texas whose name escapes me who took a DNA test recently and expressed disappointment that she is largely white. In a way you can’t blame them since we have now glamorized being a minority and of course that is where the goodies are.

      • kikz2

        don’t forget, the schools get kickbacks for every ‘special needs’ kid…. they have every incentive to label your kid….

    • vladdy1

      As a sped teacher married to a sped teacher, I can say that yes, they can help it. I have seen completely out-of-control students change miraculously when the proper rewards and consequences are offered. It seems harder for the parent, who has a more personal connection, to be consistent in this, sorry to say…Please don’t take this comment wrong; the raising of a genuinely disabled child is incredibly difficult. But I have witnessed the changes too often to believe any child cannot be taught that it is in his own interest to follow simple rules and avoid disruption.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Excellent piece, Mr. Gustafson. Forwarded.

    • TruthBeTold

      Yes, it’s a great piece.

      I love reading first-hand accounts of how people became racially aware.

      • mmyotis

        Guy sounds like nothing but a garden variety coward to me. What he became aware of was his fear of otherness. Nothing to be proud of there.

      • Fantaman

        I know, right?

  • Once when I was in high school, I annoyed my conservative parents by asking a cute Hispanic girl to a dance. I knew this would bother them, but I never understood why.

    Young people aren’t naturally rebellious, they are naturally conformist. You weren’t rebelling against your parents, you were conforming to your popular culture as typified by your schools, teachers, education and one-eyed cyclops in your living room.

    The shock of making a living in a large, multiracial city shattered my race-denying idealism and set me on the path to truth.

    Shazamm, amazing how that works. You get actual responsibilities and all of a sudden you start seeing through left-egalitarian-libertarian ideology. This is why I pay no attention to surveys of or the opinions of “millenials” or “Under 25.” Get back to me when you have a spouse, and/or kids, and/or job, and/or you’re sustaining your own household. If you’re just running around your parents’ basement clad only in your underroos doing activism on an iPad, then I have no time for or interest in you.

    Black students, in particular, always shouted. This was intimidating because they hollered so loudly and so frequently that I couldn’t tell if they were happy or on the verge of violence.

    The answer is yes. I think with most blacks, there are no clear bounds between their emotional states. They can be in a state that embodies both happiness and violence at the same time, and feel no mental contradiction.

    Black and Hispanic students are keenly aware of the power they have over whites.

    They can’t beat us, we have to forfeit. This is what frustrates me the most about modern western politics, that almost everyone seems to want to forfeit.

    During a conversation with one “special needs” student, I asked him why the class was filled with people who seemed to suffer from no disorder other than a lack of discipline. He said students voluntarily had themselves classified as having “special needs” because that exempted them from state-mandated standardized testing.

    And also, the fambly gets a crazy check.

    “But what about when these kids go out and try to find a job?” I asked the aide.

    The EBT card is not a 9-to-5 affair.

    Finally, my experience helped me understand what my parents may have meant by “white heritage” all those years ago.

    The older you got, the smarter your parents got. Astounding.

    One of my own life’s epiphanies was when I was around 30 years old. One day I woke up and yelled out, with nobody around to listen: “I’ll be damned. All these old people knew what they hell they were talking about!”

    • mmyotis

      Actually, that was the moment when you finally gave up trying to maintain your sense of independence in a world that was doing its best to suck every ounce of self-worth out of you.

    • M&S


      “I’ll be damned. All these old people knew what they hell they were talking about!”

      While it would have been unnecessary for you to yell it to your parents (they would see the maturation in your attitudes through your actions and presented personality), what we need to do is find a way to break the bonds of assumption that force us to ‘wait on maturity’ to arise through experience.
      And the reasons, as always, is simple:
      1. Some never learn.
      Particularly if they are never rewarded but actually _penalized_ for seeing and acknowledging the truth. That house, spouse, kids and career you talk about have to be ‘conservatively’ defended by shutting up and saying nothing to offend the establishment. Whether you are Joe Schmo the Cubical Denizen at some Office Warren. Or would be POTUS. A conservative that has no conservative to vote for has no voice to direct the course of society with.
      2. Generational Compression.
      A TFR differential of almost a point and a half is bad enough. But our women choosing to delay children for career and then discovering how hard it is, often alone, to have a 30 something baby when your pelvis has fused are not only having only 1.83 kids rather than 2.14. But stretching out the generational lag must be compared against compressing of same by Hispanic women in particularly who are ‘brought out’ like young mares at their Quinteceanera at 15 and genuinely _encouraged_ to find boyfriends by 17 and marriage by 19. A fact furthered by the open-ended nature of the Social Welfare system here.
      What this means is that there will rapidly come a point where none of our higher education children can get out of the bag of social engineering brainwashing in time to see society as it could be vs. the leftovers of what it once was.
      If America is majority Hispanic in 2060, _there will be no upper middle income_ jobs available. As with Mexico, there will be a horde of corrupt micromanagers providing local-services functioning at the level of little dictators over their own piece of turf.
      But they won’t be hiring whites, damn their racist hides.
      I do not have an answer to this but I think you have hit on something important. We must no longer obey the social rules set which says whites have to die, as a people, to make room for the incompetent secondary races to inherit what they could not achieve on their own nor will maintain without us.
      The key to that is making true, paleo conservative, white’s for white’s sake beliefs more universally appealing at a much younger age.

    • melonhead

      I knew a Depression-era woman and was shocked to hear her say something about blacks wanting what the white man has without working for it (about Zimbabwe at the time), and put it down to her generation. Like you say, slowly it’s crept up on me that she was right.

  • silviosilver

    Since he is a classic liberal, he wanted to know if the district spent more money on majority-white schools.

    Oh, that is not a classical liberal, not by a long shot.

    • John Smith

      Classic progressive.

  • Nevsky

    My racial awakening happened when I moved to North America and found myself among hordes of non-whites. It took a few years though because in the beginning I was soaking in all the Liberals vices – drinking, chasing girls, occasional pot and other kinds of self gratification.

    • Alexandra1973

      It seems to me that when a liberal talks about freedom, they think it’s synonymous with hedonism.

      • ZB01

        Liberals conflate liberty with licentiousness.

        • Nevsky

          Those pesky Marxists were no idiots, they made it fun to be an egalitarian. On the surface you could have sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, tattoos, traveling, surfing and various exotic foods, yet under this sweet sauce they also introduced third world immigration, affirmative action, white guilt, wealth redistribution and other anti-white initiatives.

          It was like swallowing a poison pill covered in honey.

          • hastings88

            The duplicity of Marxism I believe, derives from the culture that produced it.

      • Nevsky

        Freedom for Liberals means freely taking from a whitey and giving to the hordes.

      • Spikeygrrl

        You are so right! I’m currently embroiled in making that distinction clear to a poster on another board (for the gazillionth time in the past 15-20 years…sigh…). From time to time I’m tempted to throw in the towel, but then I think of those 15-20 times over those 15-20 years that I actually got through to somebody, changing their minds and hearts and thereby changing their lives. You just can’t beat that kind of rush!

        • Mergatroyd

          Learn when to move on, I cannot stress this enough. Leftards attend seminars as to how to defeat Nazis, White supremacists, K members, that is any White that supports Whites on pro-White news forums.

          They’re adept at diversionary tactics and tying up the best, most coherent posters with double talk, deflection and tangled logic. They never quit because they’re paid to sit on “Nazi” forums to completely tear them apart until the comments are turned off. Ask K Mac over at TOO how it was before he was forced to shut off commentary – a “win” for the marxists who accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish: sever all means of Whites connecting with one another, especially to discuss White genocide. If you can get commenters to turn on one another, so much the better.
          This site too has been under attack.

          If the posters are indeed White, they need to be left behind. We cannot save everyone. Better to concentrate on those who are open to discussing the loss of White homelands through mass non-White invasion and the genocidal agenda that has been unleashed against Whites in White countries.

          More Whites will come on board as the living situation deteriorates for Whites and we become like cornered animals whose only option is to fight or die.

          • HE2

            K Mac over at TO

            If I may, what is TOO?

          • robinbishop34

            theoccidentalobserver dot net

          • HE2

            Thanks, robin.

          • Mergatroyd

            What is TOO?

            It is essential reading, that’s what it is. If we are ever to fight off the murderous anti-White narrative that is designed to genocide us, we must be aware of who is doing this to us and why.

            http //www theoccidentalobserver net/

            Critical reading here too.

            http: //www. prometheism net/library/CultureOfCritique pdf

            After reading this, the anti-White agenda will make complete sense. It is not insane or crazy as many people here say, it is a carefully calculated, multi-decade evil plan to wrest White countries away from the people who settled, created and built it and then destroy Whites. How can we begin to fight if we don’t know who or what it is we’re fighting? All is made clear in the Culture of Critique.

          • HE2

            Thanks Merg. I checked it out. Seems I already had it bookmarked, but had forgotten about it.
            A good read, for sure.

          • kikz2

            i’ve been wondering lately if all of those new ‘children’ will now be ‘hired/paid’ as obama’s FEMA Corps army….?

          • HE2

            I harbor the same dark suspicion, kikz.

          • kikz2

            guess we’ll see, won’t we HE2?

          • HE2

            The illegal invader “kids” [cough cough], who look like young men to me, are probably already drug cartel trained.
            Gawd, hope I am being tin foil hat nutso.

          • kikz2

            *nodz*… myself as well….

      • David Ashton

        With a few idealist libertarian exceptions, I have found that “liberals” only want “freedom” to pursue their own personal vices or ideological bigotries.

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Hmmm, so what are conservative vices, telling people how they should, live there lives, sometimes the conservatives holier then thou attitude is as annoying as liberal hypocrisy.

      • Chasmania

        Polite society is, generally speaking, a set of rules telling you how to behave. I much prefer the drone of ‘rules’ I already take for granted than the liberal invitation of ‘Freedoms and Rights’ .

        • adplatt126

          Eh, a balance is required. If the rules are too strict, freedom can suffer greatly. If there are no rules on conduct (as there are now in the USS of A) all standards go out the window and the most intolerable of behavior becomes commonplace. Freedoms and rights keep the government from imposing itself upon you. They restrain the law and other citizens from taking matters into their own hands, by barbaric means, or by total tyranny of the majority.

      • LACountyRedneck

        From personal experience Conservative vices arewere also chasing girls, drinking, and occasional pot. 🙂

        • Nevsky

          Its OK to have fun for a while, but if you’re 38 and still behave like a hormones stricken teen, then there’s something’s wrong.

      • Nevsky

        At this point both Libs and Conservative are two sides of the same coin for me.

      • WR_the_realist

        I see the liberals doing far more to “tell me how to live” than then conservatives do. The conservatives sensibly don’t want me making babies out of wedlock. The liberals insist that I subsidize social dysfunction and then require me to live among the consequences.

  • silviosilver

    I think with most blacks, there are no clear bounds between their emotional states. They can be in a state that embodies both happiness and violence at the same time, and feel no mental contradiction.

    If anyone’s halfway familiar with my posts he’ll know I’m quite “race realistic” about blacks, to put it mildly. Yet, fair-minded fellow that I am, I can’t help treating people as individuals, regardless of whatever racial group they belong. So it was that I built up what I wrongly thought was a decent acquaintance with this black guy at a club I frequent. Well, only a few weeks ago, I was walking from my car to the club when I saw him stumbling about going the other way, obviously very drunk. “Hey, what’s goi…,” the words were barely out of my mouth when he shoved me hard against the wall and got me into a headlock. I’m never in a mood to take crap from these people so I immediately fought back and bloodied his nose. Perhaps sensing how incredibly enraged I was, he scampered away rather than continue the fight. I didn’t just feel assaulted, I felt violated. I later asked myself whether I was so angry because I was attacked, or whether it was because the attacker was black and I “should have known better” than to get close with a black. I decided his being black really was the factor. I’ve simply never ever experienced an incident like that with a white, and I’ve known many, many “marginal” whites in my time.

    • Sick of it

      You usually know when a white person will attack you. As your story shows, one never knows when a black will.

    • Tarczan

      It’s the hardest thing, but I always treat everyone with deference. With blacks however I am always on guard. They never let me down, and I never let down my guard.

      It’s something I learned from years of dealing with them.

      • mmyotis

        Actually, no. That’s something you learned from years of fearing and not dealing with them.

    • italian guy

      Your sense of security around that person comes from a logical fallacy individualistic people have: The individualistic fallacy (i.e., the fallacy of assuming that individual-level outcomes can be explained exclusively in terms of individual-level characteristics), basically they completely ignore in-group behaviours… because we all know that would be “profiling” and “racism”! political correctness put you in dangerous situations too, it’s designed to take down your common sense after all.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Cultural Marxism is designed to override human nature and instinct.

        We have been brainwashed into believing in unproved theories, marxist claptrap and conjecture passed off as fact rather than one’s own instinct and experience which are labeled “inauthentic.”

        All designed to tear down and tear apart Western, White civilization, while the cultural marxists themselves practice ethnocentrism, in -group networking and lock themselves away behind walls that protect them from the hoards and chaos they have unleashed on the rest of us.

        • From Bertrand Russsell:
          ‘Physiology and psychology afford fields for scientific technique which still await development.’ The importance of mass psychology ‘has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education. The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray . When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

          • David Ashton

            Here is another quote from Bertrand Russell’s “Unpopular Essays” (1950): “The fallacies about ‘race’ and ‘blood’…are believed solely because they minister to self-esteem and the impulse towards cruelty….In so far as congenital ability can be detached from environmental influence, there is no clear distinction among different groups.” He was a brilliant mathematician, and passable as a philosopher, but as Mosley said of Russell’s espousal of unilateral nuclear disarmament, even the most brilliant minds can be quite childish outside their chosen sphere.

          • ” even the most brilliant minds can be quite childish outside their chosen sphere”. I personally know many who are struck

            with that congenital malady of thoughtlessness and erroneous deduction. Certain electrons or fibrous matter plainly do not exist in that particular part of their brains. In that sense, perhaps they are psychotic. It’s quite remarkable actually.

          • David Ashton

            Brain analysis is a most important development in (medical) science, particularly frontal lobe function.

            Incidentally, Mosley added to that comment an anecdote about the philosopher Aristotle who, when surprised in sexual misbehavior by his royal pupil, supposedly remarked: “You must learn from this, Your Majesty, that passion can override even the most exalted intellect.”

        • Mergatroyd

          The Cultural Marxist agenda, which in reality is one of genocide against the White race, is built on a pack of lies, just like it was in the old Soviet Union.

          They preach that a normal, heterosexual family consisting of White men and women with children is somehow aberrant and abnormal while homosexuality, militant feminism, multiculturalism and diversity are normal and natural – and anyone who says otherwise deserves to be labeled as a “hater” and racist for all time and have his job taken from him

          • Whitetrashgang

            Also pedophilia is going to be normalize to finish things off. Its amazing how if you keep pushing abhorrent things long and hard enough they be come the norm.

          • SentryattheGate

            They are also responsible for anti-racist education, which preaches, K-12 and college, that whites hold all others down, in school and in the economy, with jobs etc. They call this white priviledge and social justice, yet it foments more hatred against whites as scapegoats!

      • Mergatroyd

        It also comes from the Cultural Marxist fallacy that race is a social construct and that all of us are the same in all ways: IQ, behavioral patterns, criminal rates, etc. and that ANY deviation such that blacks have lower IQ or higher crime rates are the direct result of White oppression and racism.

        It is this narrative that must be destroyed if we Whites are to survive. Then we must destroy the hypocrites who promote this narrative as part of their White genocide, “no more White children” agenda.

    • RyanP

      I live in a majority white city. I sometimes like to indulge in the downtown bar scene. After the bars empty around 2:30am large crowds tend to gather along the main strip. People are getting food or just standing around waiting for cabs etc. There is a heavy police presence due to random drunken mischief and sometimes fights. Here is one thing I have noticed in regards to race.

      When whites get into fights it is usually a dispute between a couple of drunken idiots that escalates from a verbal argument. It also tends to remain one and one with no ones friends jumping in. With blacks it tends to be completely random, unprovoked, and 2.3.4. on 1. I have witnessed this second type of altercation a total of 3 times. In every case it was a black perpetrator. Given that my city has a black population percentage in the low single digits this seems statistically very significant.

      • silviosilver

        My own observations match your own. Whites are not incapable of attacking in groups but I suspect they require stronger reasons for joining in than other races. I’m not claiming it never occurs, but I personally don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of whites descend in a flash on an individual involved in a one-on-one altercation without knowing anything about it.

        The one instance in my experience that resembles such behavior among whites involved me walking back to and confronting a group of five or six after one of them made an insulting remark about my attire – my 21 year-old self was feeling particularly ‘heroic’ that night. They didn’t waste any words; they simply pummeled me as soon as I opened my mouth. One could reasonably argue that the ‘reason’ for their assault was self-evident: my provocative (and, in hindsight, somewhat arrogant) confrontation was a challenge that few self-respecting young males could allow to pass unmet.

        Such behavior is as common among non-whites – Arabs in particular, in my neck of the woods – as it is rare among whites. I couldn’t possibly remember all the times I’ve witnessed a group of Arabs fly into a violent rage at the drop of a hat and beat some lone white senseless, usually over something a member of their own group provoked.

        • Tarczan

          If a group of young whites is given enough alcohol, they can act like a normal darkie mob.

        • Juggernaut3000

          Too bad. Whites should come to the defense of other Whites against non-Whites instead of standing around and watching Whites get the **** kicked out of them, which I’ve seen on numerous videos that blacks post on the Internet and then laugh about.

          If we banded together, as they do, and helped each other out to put a stop to black out of control violence against Whites, maybe it would send a message to blacks in their pea brains that Whites will join in en masse and deliver righteous punishment to anyone who attacks Whites.

          This is what happened in the old days, as in “blacks knew their place,” that is if they deigned to attacked Whites, there would be swift and immediate, harsh punishment.

          I wish Whites had a reputation for fighting back, for not taking assaults, robberies, beatings from blacks and that touching even one hair on the head of a White means righteous retribution.

          Either that or carry a gun, another thing blacks understand well.

          • silviosilver

            It’s very frustrating. I have every reason to believe there are uncountable whites who understand full well the meaning of blacks and their typical bs. I overhear such sentiments voiced all the time. It’s very much a myth that whites are totally clueless about racial issues, at least among the working classes. But that sentiment so far has not translated into concerted social action, not even – as you suggest – banding together for self-defense against even the most obvious of anti-white provocations.

            Before we judge, however, we should be mindful of the cultural considerations that tend to constrain whites. Firstly, there is not a pervasive sense of white cultural identity. Whites tend to “know they are white,” but it’s a “negative” identity, the result of not being anything else – a “boring,” plain old “white boy” (gah, I hear this “identity” being volunteered more and more in non-racialist conversation). Secondly, even when whites have a positive identity – when they’re White and they know it and they like it – it’s an identity better “sensed” than it is “understood.” That’s to say white identity is unsure of itself, what its borders are and what such an identity signifies and implies; and needless to add, such an identity in today’s world is always on the defensive, justifying and apologizing for itself rather than being taken for granted.

            The result is that whites are profoundly unsure of themselves when it comes to acting as whites. On numerous occasions I have witnessed whites being treated roughly and – frankly, despite myself (“it’s not my business”) – I have felt a tremendous urge to step in and attempt to even the odds. This urge has been most notable when the incident has involved blacks, the group that invariably triggers my racial instincts most viscerally. I have so much wanted to wade in without regard to “who is in the right,” but I have been held back by the knowledge that: (a) society in general would emphatically not take my side if it came down to a legal judgment; and (b) that the individuals involved would in all likelihood disavow my involvement rather than express gratitude for it. It’s quite the conundrum.

          • I think it’s simply a matter of not enough white people not seeing a credible sociopolitical mechanism to translate their racial frustration onto the political process. If there is not, then our worldview is like skywriting at night.

            What happens when we get a credible outlet? Marine Le Pen, as one of many examples.

          • Mergatroyd

            Whites tend to “know they are white,” but it’s a “negative” identity, the result of not being anything else – a “boring,” plain old “white boy

            This is a condition that has been forced on us by the Cultural Marxists who have told Whites for decades now that to support other Whites is abnormal, aberrant and psychopathic – while supporting Jewish, black, Hispanic and Asian ethnocentrism as desirable, normal and natural, especially if it is directed against Whites.

            The anti-White narrative that is designed to destroyed the White race and has pervaded the White race and ONLY the White race must be completely destroyed, along with those who promote it.
            Is there anything more evil that promoting the demise of an entire race of people? I’ve tried to think of something but cannot, it is the absolute height of evil and should be condemned for all time, as the Nazis are condemned for trying to wipe out the Jews.

            Start small but speak out constantly and continuously against this insidious double standard. It it’s OK for blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians to be proud to be whatever it is they are, then it is OK for us Whites too. We have a long, proud history of exploration, creativity and building first world cultures that are the envy of the world to say otherwise is hateful and racist.

            Expect to be banned from many sites, often after the first comment, but if you reached only a few people, you’re getting the message out.

          • silviosilver

            Yes, I agree with you. When I described White identity as ‘negative’ I only meant to describe the present-day realities. I didn’t mean to suggest that’s what it always was or must forever be (until the last white man croaks) or delve into the reasons why such a state of affairs came about.

    • Mike Lane

      What I’ve noticed is that even white trash have some general sense of self control. They might be equally ignorant and self-destructive as low level blacks, but rarely do you hear of whites who are impulsively violent.

      • mmyotis

        Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, all white and all impulsively violent, mentally disturbed killers.

        • Mike Lane

          They had specific mental illnesses. With blacks it tends to be a consistent part of their genetic makeup.

          • Sasquatch

            I didn’t see his comment but I’m guessing it was the tired old “list some famous serial killers” shtick, right?

            Something worth considering is that the ancestors of whites were most likely much more similar to modern day blacks than modern whites are. I deduce this from the fact that since Sub-Saharan Africans are the one population that stayed in our species’ origin area, they would have had the least reason to change from our earlier state.

            Also, we know that our pre-human ancestors were obviously more animalistic than we are. Many animals are more impulsively violent, including our closest relatives, chimpanzees. Violence is often used to establish dominance and chimps will raid the territory of other chimps and even eat other chimps. I don’t think anyone would deny that it is much easier to provoke a violent reaction from a chimp than from a human. Greater intelligence has been pretty definitively linked to greater moral sense and greater self-control.

            Where am I going with this? Well, we all know that occasionally a person can end up with a “throwback” trait which traces back to distant ancestors, this is called atavism. This happens with vestigial tails, which babies are occasionally born with. This happens with full body “fur” like the wolf boys of Mexico, who were in the circus. It can also manifest in something called “snake heart” when a person has a circulatory system which operates in a fashion more similar to reptiles.

            So, it stands to reason that there can be atavism in behavior and mental structure, too.

            What I’m saying is, what if the psychopathic white person is such a throwback? But what if such violent tendencies are in fact up to date “state of the art” genetics in the black gene pool? Requiring no throwback at all.

            If impulsive violence is a trait much more common in animals than in humans, and if blacks represent the form of humanity which has changed least since we split off from the rest of the animal kingdom (two propositions I don’t think anyone could actually argue) then this could explain why impulsive violence is much more prevalent among blacks, but a fairly rare occurrence among whites and Asians.

            Indeed, I’ve heard some things about tests showing that what is considered psychopathy in whites is almost universal in blacks.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I wish we could go back in time capsules and “get samples”. I wonder when our White ancestors…became White, not only in appearance but in behavior, etc.

            Perhaps this to will be indicated by genetic sciences as well.

          • Sasquatch

            Another thing worth considering is how different the manifestation of psychopathy in a white person would be today vs. the past.

            First off, there’s a difference in how psychopathy manifests in a very intelligent person vs. a less intelligent person. Intelligence has the power to amplify and make more effective any other trait a person has. In the case of “evil” (inability to care about the pain of others, violent impulses) intelligence makes it that much more “evil” because it becomes more effective, more elaborate, more sinister. As in the case of famous serial killers.

            Intelligence helps a serial killer go longer before being caught, obviously, as they evade police for longer due to it. Better at covering tracks, etc.

            So if a white person and a black person both have the same level of “evil” or lack of compassion, it may manifest in a much more frightening way from the white person because, on average, he’d be smarter and more able to consider things like avoiding leaving DNA evidence, prints, etc. If you’re impulsive and stupid, you’re less likely to be able to consider such things in the heat of the moment, or even afterward.

            Anyway… back to my original thought: how might being a psychopath in a white community manifest in the past vs. today?

            Well, unfortunately the modern first world society gives many advantages to such a person. For starters, there are so many more people around. This creates an impersonal society and one where someone can easily be a loner and not be on anyone’s radar or gain much attention for it. Even their close neighbors may not notice that they are a loner, or are exhibiting any worrying signs. People aren’t outside as much or as engaged with their neighbors as much as they used to be.

            If you live in a small band of hunter-gatherer whites in the distant past, there’s no house for you to build a torture chamber inside of… there’s no massive city for you to disappear into… there’s no endless stream of millions of potential victims… there’s certainly no ability to drive across an entire nation on interstate highways and pick off people along the way, etc. There’s also no gun for you to take down a bunch of people with at once, or bombs, gas, anything else like that. You’re never going to get the ability to torture a victim for as long as you may wish in some controlled environment like a person can easily create in their own home today.

            If you were a psycho white guy among a small hunter-gatherer group, for starters you are so occupied with just surviving, getting enough calories, staying warm, etc… there isn’t a lot of time to sit around stewing in your own psychopathy in the first place. If it does manifest, it is unlikely to manifest in more than a single killing before the rest of the group takes you down. It would be so much harder to evade notice, and being identified.

            I guess I ended up rambling on some tangential expedition here.. sorry about that. Guess I’m thinking out loud and considering modern environments vs. the past. It’s an interesting topic. One way it may tie in with the previous discussion is this:

            I’ve often felt that the only way to truly get a feel for what a group’s genome is like, is to look at the sort of society they create when they have the place to themselves. As the author of this piece came to understand, you don’t get an accurate picture of blacks or Mestizos when they are a handful surrounded by whites. That situation obviously has strong incentives for them to “act white” and play by our rules. As we have relaxed our rules, lost our cultural confidence, and let their numbers balloon as ours receded, we’ve gotten a much more “real” version of them. The realest version can be seen by looking at the places they come from.

            And just as the white psychopath’s behavioral patterns will manifest differently, and much more dangerously, in a modern society… so too will black nature be worse in a modern environment. The quantity of victims, the ability to blend into the crowd (flash mob), the ability to strike and then disappear back into the sprawl… the access to firearms they never could have invented on their own… cars… etc. They are somewhat more harmless when they are by themselves, in the sort of equilibrium created by their own limitations.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Interesting observations. I’m often struck with the difference between high IQ serial killers and their low IQ colea

          • Mergatroyd

            “how might being a psychopath in a white community manifest in the past vs. today?”

            A psychopath, according to the cultural marxists that control the levers of power and academia in the United States, is defined as any White who supports White issues and objects to his displacement by non-Whites.

          • propagandaoftruth

            The MAN who can follow societal rules and function in peace but who also can do what needs be done when politeness is equal to stupidity and weakness…

            Is precisely the type of man those intent on genociding us want to destroy and wipe from the face of the earth. Such is essential, in fact, to wipe us out.

            Netflix gem – French film, Intimate Enemy, about the conflict in Algeria, late 50’s, early 60’s. Idealistic young Lt. meets brutal reality and hard bitten Sarge.

            “It was good that Terrien found the bullet he was looking for. With his stupid idealism, he never could have lived with the man he’d become.”

            Vive le peckerwood!

          • JohnEngelman

            Civilized behavior is the result of evolving in a civilization. Civilization selects for superior intelligence while suppressing criminal behavior.

      • indoctrination_FAIL

        “white trash”? Really?

        You are the problem. Try to get a clue.

    • HJ11

      Why waste one second of your time or burn one calorie of your energy to befriend Blacks? There is no payback on your investment. There is nothing to be gained. It is all risk with no possible reward. Blacks have nothing to offer Whites. Treat them as though they don’t even exist. Practice non-interference and indifference to Blacks and all non-Whites. They are not our kind. They never will be our kind.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Second, I realized that this country does not have an education problem; it has a race problem.


    Being a large White man teaching at such a “school” was mixed blessing. On the one hand the blacks respect size and strength, and only once did one assault me. I took his red hat one day (blood) and he assaulted and battered me, striking my hand as I held his cap. “OK. Take the hat, get out of my class”. At least after that the blue and black wearing ones kind of liked me, had my back. Sort of…

    I was actually well liked by many students at that hellhole.

    The problem with being a big white man was manifold. For one, truly oppositional defiant blacks loved to use me to prove their creds, knowing there would be NO real consequence. Other teachers seemed to expect me to “do something” but in reality the only thing I could have done would have landed me in jail or worse. Such a double bind.

    I was once quite adept at self deception. Most liberals are masters at such. I was able to maintain a large degree of indoctrination for years, especially when I did not have to deal with large numbers of them.

    • silviosilver

      I was once quite adept at self deception. Most liberals are masters at such.

      You can say that again. Thing is, people this (like ‘us,’ I guess) are one of the main reasons “race realism” (at a minimum) has had such a hard time breaking into the mainstream. Sure, we think, it’s okay if I, personally, recognize the truth about racial differences, but good God, there’s no way society at large could handle such realities. But the truth is society once did take such realities in its stride and everybody was better off for it, whether they understand it or not.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I no longer consider myself “liberal”. I use the term “liblefty” to distinguish from classical liberalism.

        Can’t bring myself to identify with any of the faux ideologies that fail to recognize the real roots of “all the problems”, however. This is the meaning behind my pompous self referential handle – “propaganda of truth”.

        It seems to me the Republicans had a pretty tight propaganda machine some years ago, gave us liberals fits. Very effective, very tight.

        Problem was, it was all ate up with lies and BS as well, and although using lies and BS to counter lies and BS can be effective in the short term, eventually the truth gets farted up somehow, and the house of cards falls.

        Propaganda must be opposed with propaganda, but THAT is ultimately hopeless because all propaganda is ate up with lies that undermine it.

        Or is it? What if the propaganda determines the ideology and the propaganda is nothing more nor less than our best, objective (science!) understanding of the way things really are, the “Truth”?

        I believe that this form of “propaganda” is not only the only way to destroy propaganda, but since Truth IS on our side…

        We need to use it.

        • It seems to me the Republicans had a pretty tight propaganda machine some years ago, gave us liberals fits. Very effective, very tight.

          You have said this here more than once before. Could you give me some examples of what you thought was effective tight propaganda? Because from where I sit, having to absorb hard lessons from two years ago, it seems to me that what you saw from the outside and the other side as an “effective tight propaganda machine” was nothing more than talentless apparatchiks getting the credit just because their guy or gal just happened to win the election, even if their advice or strategy had nothing to do with it, and usually it had nothing to do with it. The legion of barnacle class hacks that “fall up the ladder” just because the guys or gals they attach themselves to keep on winning elections is legion, until they fall all the way up to the top, and that guy wins elections, so obviously the barnacle must be some sort of genius or architect, see: Karl Roverrated.

          V-Dare had a piece yesterday about Special Ed Rollins, who managed Reagan in 1984, coming out for 7 million legal immigrants a year. I mean, why is his advice on anything worth listening to? What, he managed Reagan to 49 states in 1984? Hell, a MONKEY could have managed Reagan to 49 states in 1984. It’s just because Rollins was there, he gets the credit, and people take him for some sort of sage.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Didn’t say I liked the propaganda, just that it was seen by “us” as very effective, and I think it was.
            Other than demographics and the slow rot of kitman practicing crypto-Marxists in education for the last 5 decades…I blame Bush 2 and the neocons for the ensuing debacle on “the right” in the country.
            David Brock, “The Republican Noise Machine” actually does a great job detailing the development of the Libertarian/

          • anony

            And politics hates you, White man.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Politics? Hell, my “own” country hates me, wants to eradicate me and mine (after all our women are apportioned to poor good blacks and browns).

            But me? No, I am heartily detested. And I return the sentiment.

          • “The Randian/Libertarians…best propaganda pushers”

            And also, perennial winners.

            (Insert laugh tracks here)

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I know PoT already answered you, but in a much earlier day I observed many moonbats up close and they always touted Lee Atwater’s use of the “Willie Horton” ad as a masterful masterpiece of “racist propaganda” that sunk Michael Dukakis.
            It’s funny, it’s always the most liberal Republicans that get under the moonbat skin – GHW Bush and son, McCain, Romney – to hear libs talk you’d think they were all the devil incarnate. The whining during the Reagan years was bad, but it was at a fever pitch in the Bush terms.

          • Okay, you just mentioned a name that’s an exception to my rule: Lee Atwater. He really did have a megaton of skill. He pulled out rabbit out of his hat after another after another to take George H.W. Bush from being considered a waste of space and oxygen irrelevant two-term Vice-President as late as the latter part of 1987 to the Republican nomination (Bob Dole was the favorite going into the season) and then to the Presidency (Du-KOOK-is had a 17 point lead over Bush after the Democrat convention). However, all of Atwater’s skill gave us: George H.W. Bush, so massive epic fail in the long run. Signed something of an immigration amnesty bill, massively expanded affirmative action, raised taxes in spite of his promise, and “popular”-ized the phrase “New World Order” in our lifetimes.

            Al Gore in the Democrat primary season in 1988 actually made first use of Willie Horton trying to knock Du-KOOK-is off his perch.

          • propagandaoftruth

            it’s always the most liberal Republicans that get under the moonbat skin – GHW Bush and son, McCain, Romney

            Yeah, cause they’re the ones who have the best chance to get elected.

            Those guys may steal some lines from the libertarian/paleocon/whatever fellows, but they just do that to get elected.

            You gotta be really really, soullessly cynical to understand how the political gods think.

          • President McCain, President Romney, Reagan could never crack through and win the White House. I see what you mean.

          • M&S

            Why use terms which are often disputed in meaning and certainly in application as a kind of elite vocabulary of personality cult identity if the final defining commonality of ‘libs and conservatives’ is simply: Whore.
            If there is any proof that our nation is not run by our people for our best interests it lies in the fact that we have no way of punishing those who deviate from their labels and they in fact break their promises to maintain allegiance to those who really hold their leash.
            Because we sure don’t.
            If all elections were politically funded through a specific and limited ‘equal’ budget and number of debates on topics defined by public survey, with absolutely NO outside sponsorship of candidacy being _legal_, we would have the means to make Candidates say what they meant and perform according to their promises.
            Or face recall.
            As is, political topics cover the gamut of subjects generally groupable under ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin’ and thus the answers given, the pledges made and the general beliefs by the people in ‘hope and change’ come down to irrelevance of trivia as debate points rather than true direction for our nation.
            This is why we must generate a system which acts outside the boundaries of public observance and social custom. Because the rule of popular opinion is so distorted by 30+ years of giving credence to the absurd that there is no way for REAL ideas to be pushed which are not artifacts of the Cult Of The Marxist Tribe which created them.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Why use terms which are often disputed in meaning and certainly in application as a kind of elite vocabulary of personality cult identity if the final defining commonality of ‘libs and conservatives’ is simply: Whore.
            Because I like to darn it, lol…

          • Spikeygrrl

            You want an example of conservative propaganda done right?

            “Morning In America.”

        • M&S

          Propaganda may be based on either a lie or a truth but if it doesn’t offer hope or at least justification, it fails in it’s primary purpose which is to unify people.
          Tell people that blacks/Hispanics/Asians/Jews are bad in a convincing fashion and they will believe it but only in the sigh under breath fashion that makes hopelessness acceptable because _other people see it too and still do nothing_.
          Tell them that: “And if you believe the truth of what we have just said, here is your chance to escape this fate.”
          And you make them co-conspirators in even the most desperate plan to generate change.
          Vote for X. A racially preferential candidate.
          Send money to Y. A campaign to generate a free white space by buying up land and bringing in qualified settlers from a lottery for which participation is far more likely to generate winners than Power Ball.
          COME TO US. With skills that we need to make these white colonies viable. Doctor, Plumber, Electrician, Lawyer, Landscaper. We will pay a White Premium to have your skills on our side rather than a race-X outsider.
          If we want to create habitatable white enclaves we have to do it outside the legal proscriptions on business and government which prohibit personal preference as ‘official’ racism.
          But we also have to appeal to those who can help fund and sustain that condition with an escape route that says: “Here is not just a group of fellow believers. Here is an entire life, waiting for you to make a success of it.”
          Anything less than this and you have a man-in-the-mirror issue for whites who want change but cannot see themselves breaking away from what they have, ostracizing themselves forever from ‘polite multicult society’.
          That is the difference between propaganda which works and propaganda which fails. Not the lies. Nor the truths. But the viability of mutual self interests.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Split the long posts up. Disqus sux – ha ha. It doesn’t space so you have to go back in and edit.

        • ThomasER916

          Classical Liberalism is just classical race denial.

      • Lion’s Mane

        Many ‘minorities’ themselves were better off for it as well.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          The United States was the greatest place on earth when negroes were racially segregated and third world immigrants were kept out.

          • anony

            And that’s why it had to be destroyed.

        • Mergatroyd

          Do you get the impression that maybe “minorities” are being used as a Red Guard and useful idiots by the cultural marxists to destroy Whites?

          “Minorities” are expendable and will be eliminated after they’ve done their primary job of destroying, terrorizing and especially outbreeding whites, therefore bankrupting them. Non-Whites only get their sense of power from the marxists who support them and oppress Whites as a part of their anti-White agenda.

      • HJ11

        If I correctly understand your point, you are saying that we as White
        individuals are simply internalizing our knowledge about racial differences and not acting as missionaries to other Whites by bringing them the truth.

        I agree that more of us should bring the truth to our fellow Whites. In fact,that’s one of the things I constantly do. It always begins with one. I am one. You are one. Each one of us is one. None of us should wait for a crowd to form to do what is right. Our position is a very high moral one: the survival and expansion of our people.

        • silviosilver

          No, that wasn’t my point. I was saying that while I realized very quickly that what racialists like Jared Taylor (among many others I began to read) was saying was essentially correct, I was very gun-shy about making such truths public. Not only that, I’d constantly dream up scenarios in which such facts, while true, could be disregarded as unimportant. This is why I agreed with propagandafortruth’s statement about liberals being masters of self-deception.

          That said, I agree that it’s important for racialist views to spread. I rather doubt I’d be in full agreement with the average WN on every issue, but I’m long past caring about that. Get the truth out there and allow people to make informed decisions. People may still disagree but at least they’ll doing so on the basis of racial fact, not racial fantasy.

  • david dorian

    Yes but liberals always want to say they we’re mistaken and they’re sorry when they discover the damage for themselves.

    But what damage they enabled and encouraged and even celebrated by negligence they are never made to account.

    They want help now, but they need to do more than say they we;re mistaken. They need to act and pay up.

    Pay back is a bitch.

    • Sasquatch

      Can you explain more? I was a race-denying leftist for most of my life until the last couple of years. I voted for Gore, Kerry, and Obama (thankfully not in ’12, just in ’08) and I was a fervent egalitarian libtard.

      However, all those votes were cast in a firmly red state which never had the slightest chance of going for the dem candidate, so I’ve never cast a winning presidential vote (I voted libertarian in ’12.)

      I’ve never pushed for any school or neighborhood to integrate more… I’ve never helped a non-white immigrate to a white nation… I’ve never race-mixed…

      At the moment, I can think of no way in which my former stupidity impacted anyone but myself. There may be a way, but it is eluding me.

      Would you consider me someone who needs to pay up? And if so, how?

      Personally, and I realize this may be self-serving, but I think we as race-realists need all the converts and allies we can get, and we shouldn’t be talking about “pay back” for any egalitarians we’re able to bring to our side.

      • Mergatroyd

        “I’ve never pushed for any school or neighborhood to integrate more… I’ve never helped a non-white immigrate to a white nation… I’ve never race-mixed…”

        Unfortunately, you supported exactly that by voting for Gore, Kerry and Obama.

        Glad you’ve seen the light, I have no sense of pay-back for you, as long as you’re White.

        But there must be pay-back for those who are doing this to us, who advocate and promote the anti-White agenda that says the moral thing to do is for us Whites to be eradicated and to object to our own demise is the height of evil.

        • propagandaoftruth

          But there must be pay-back for those who are doing this to us,
          An unmistakable message must be sent.

        • Sasquatch

          I’m glad to hear that you don’t want any payback for those of us who have managed to pry our heads out of our asses. I think that would be immensely silly, especially considering how dire our situation as whites is now.

          And yes, I am white. Extra super-duper white, in fact. I had my DNA tested last year and the result was 100% Northern European, not the slightest smidgen of anything else. Almost entirely Irish, with just little hints of German and Scandinavian (very small) from god knows when in the distant past. Viking raids perhaps? Ha.

          Anyway… I agree with what you said for the most part, but I do want to ask you something:

          “Unfortunately, you supported exactly that by voting for Gore, Kerry and Obama.”

          Can you honestly say I wouldn’t have been supporting exactly that by voting Bush, Bush, McCain?

          • Mergatroyd

            Not a one of them support Whites or White issues. Not a one. They’re two sides of the same coin AFAIC and, in fact support parts of the anti-White agenda such as amnesty and foreign wars in the Middle East to thin the White male population and keep Israel safe.

            That’s why I refuse to vote for either of the major parties, they both support the same anti-White agenda, the Republicans a bit slower, but the end result is the same.

  • Luca

    I become acutely aware that there were different incompatible types of humans who can not interact or live among each other peaceably when I was forced to live with them during military service.

    Just like in the animal kingdom, especially true with dogs as an analogy, certain domesticated breeds would not do well trying to live among wolves.

  • JohnEngelman

    There is more to liberalism than race un realism. One should not assume from Eric Gustafson’s essay that tax cuts for the rich are an economic panacea.

    Nevertheless, liberals – or let me call them “enablers” – who complain that too many blacks are expelled from public school should work as substitute teachers in black schools and see if they still think too many blacks are expelled after they spend a school year teaching in the trenches of the blackboard jungles.

    • expitch

      There is nothing in Gustafson’s essay that would suggest such a conclusion.
      Who on this site thinks that tax cuts for the rich are an economic panacea? Do you think it necessary to lecture people about something they haven’t said, or probably even thought?
      On another thread you declared that “Republicans” ( unqualified ) support the “top 10%.” You stated that as one of your “facts.” I asked you, why not 8% or 12%?
      You have also said flatly that New Deal “ended the Depression.” Yu might at least concede that it is a topic of considerable dispute. To wit, It was ended by wartime industrialization. That course would have been followed by any president of either party. If you want to claim that wartime industrialization is an example of government spending, and thus effectively an extension of the New Deal, let me remind you that you said that the money would have better been spent on social programs. All government spending is not the same, nor does it all have the same purpose. You equivocate.
      Trillions have been spent on social programs in the last fifty years. Some of the main results don’t seem to please you. Is there a contradiction here? Or just an attempt at legerdemain.
      You have an idee fixe on a couple of these topics.

      • silviosilver

        This is a concise summary of Engelman’s position and his evasiveness. I do not disagree with him entirely but it is evident that there are certain questions he prefers to run from than answer.

        • Mergatroyd

          Really? You’re just now coming to that conclusion after years of John Engelman’s anti-white postings and “evasiveness” when confronted with facts and data exposing his anti-white, socialist position?

          His entire “debating” strategy is to evade, then when cornered to call for a moderator to delete factual comments he can’t answer.

          Why he hasn’t been banned from a pro-white issues site is the real mystery. Daily Stormer and Alternative Right had the good sense to ban him from their threads.

          • JohnEngelman

            When it comes to Antisemitism Daily Stormer is even worse than Stormfront. You want me to be banned because you do not like to be told the truth about racial differences.

          • LACountyRedneck

            You were banned from Alt-right because you insulted gentiles. You should be banned from this site for doing the same.

          • JohnEngelman

            How did I insult Gentiles?

          • silviosilver

            I came to that conclusion only a short while after reading his posts. I too have suggested he should be banned. He is not only indifferent to white extinction, he actively demands whites submit to it all the while posing as somebody concerned about whites.

        • JohnEngelman

          What questions?

          • silviosilver

            Why none, John, none. You are the greatest friend the white man ever had and woe betide all who suggest otherwise.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am a friend to decent people of all races. In addition, I prefer the company of those who are intelligent, well informed, and civil.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Passing off opinion as fact is what cultural marxists tell US to believe, while practicing the exact opposite themselves. When presented with fact, hard data and empirical evidence, they deflect, divert, throw out red herrings and when cornered claim their opponents “are afraid of the the truth,” and then call for moderators to clean up the threads of “skinheads” and “Nazis.” I see it on anti-White, Tim Wise-type forums all the time.

        These are Engelman’s same so-called debate tactics.

        Engelman is woefully ignorant of economics and history yet lectures us on how the world should operate according to his narrow viewpoint, meaning we inferior Whites should accept superior Asians and Jews as our overlords and masters and turn over our resources and living space to them.

        More proof that whites will end up foot servants for the more intelligent peoples. I for one can’t wait to welcome my Oriental overlords when most work is completely automated and we lesser peoples will have to serve our natural masters. With their higher intelligence, we will be treated with compassion and fairness.

        –John Engelman

        And people here upvote this.

        • JohnEngelman

          That quote seems to have originated from a post by someone named “John Engelsman.” It has been attributed to me, but I never posted it. It is not the way I write. It represents a distortion of the way I think.

          • Juggernaut3000

            It came from YOU, John. No use trying to backpedal now and pretend you didn’t say those thing. It was copied from one of your posts with YOUR avatar and YOUR name.

            You wrote it. You own it.

          • silviosilver

            Could you provide a link to it? I’m inclined to give Engelman the benefit of the doubt here. The positions he takes and his manner of arguing for them infuriate many and it’s reasonable to think some may as a result take to improper means to discredit him. As someone quite familiar with Engelman’s style the quoted passage sounds rather “off-key” to me.

          • Juggernaut3000

            You are obviously new here.

            Engelman is a hostile presence and has been posting the same anti-White, pro-Asian/Jewish supremacist comments ad nauseum for years all over this forum. Now he is trying to backpedal and demand “proof” that he didn’t post those comments, making him not only an anti-White subversive but a liar as well. His agenda is to race-replace Whites with Asians and Jews.

            I go on anti-white sites every day trying to counter the GD anti-white narrative and spread the word that the white race is being genocided off the face of the earth.

            I have been called every vile name imaginable, suffered the threats to “out” my IP and hand my online activity over to my employer, banned constantly, told I would have my face smashed in if these anti-whites ever find me, taken the constant threats of violence to me and my family. I actually pray that my proxies and the Tor keep me hidden from these beasts.

            I’m trying to help the white race survive, am well versed in the anti-white, genocidal narrative that is being used against us to great effect — and here comes Engelman, trying to subvert and undermine everything we’re trying to do and being allowed to do it, until he’s stopped, as he was at Daily Stormer, Stormfront and Alternative Right.

            I sincerely hope you are not OK with Engelman’s anti-White agenda.

            If you’re not onto Engelman’s debate tactics by now, here are a few are in a nutshell:

            *Deny Everything,

            *Admit Nothing.

            *Demand Limitless Proof and when valid Proof is offered claim to be unconvinced and Demand More Proof.

            *Answer a Question with a Question.

            *Use a Red Herring and Change the Subject.

            *Tell Lies.

            *When the argument is lost, attack the credibility of the messenger.

            *Utilize a strawman argument

            *Above all, avoid any discussion of the issues.

            Then, using these tactics claim victory against “Nazis” and “skinheads.” I see these tactics deployed on anti-White sites like the SPLC and Tim Wise-type sites all the time. All the time. What purpose do they serve on a (supposed) pro-White site except to distract and deflect from pro-White issues? The only solution is to ban these pernicious anti-White trolls.

            We are trying to advocate for Whites in an overwhelmingly and increasingly anti-White world and what does Engelman do? Undermines everything we’re trying to accomplish.

            Here are a few more comments, culled directly from his posts:

            “I confess to feeling a distaste for what characterizes lower income Southern whites.”

            “Miscegenation is the coming trend. There is not point in even trying to reverse it.”

            “White nationalists are bitter, vengeful, and stupid white Gentiles who cannot compete with Jews and Orientals because they haven’t got the IQ power.”

            “The thought of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.”

            “What you call “yellow fever” is admiration for a superior race.”

            “Many white women are attracted to black men for reasons I will not explain for fear of bringing a blush to the cheeks of Courtney from Alabama. Many white men – including me – think Oriental women are more feminine. Women of all races are attracted to Oriental men because of their higher average intelligence, education, and income.”

            “I love to remind white racists that they are not the master race. I love to remind antisemites that Ashkenazi Jews are the master race.”

            “I am not one of you. I am not on your side.”

            “I have no interest in designating a country as exclusively white Gentile.”

            h/t Celestial Time, who has also gathered comments copied and pasted directly from Engelman’s commentary over the years. We don’t have to make-up a damned thing, the comments speak for themselves.

            Alternative Right, Daily Stormer and Stormfront have rightly banned Engelman from posting precisely because of the comments I posted above. Alternative Right had the gall to post an article Engelman had written which elicited a firestorm of negative responses from its long-time posters and I’m sure not a few donors, many of whom said they would never return – after which Alternative Right, too banned Engelmen.

            Guess they came to the correct realization that Engelman’s anti-White commentary on a (supposed) pro-White site drives off donors to the point where in a few months they would be out of business.

            I strongly suggest you read the commentary on these two threads as to why pro-Whites object to the presence of an anti-White, Engelman, allowed to post his bilous venom down every thread across the forum. The posts are intelligent, well-written and well thought out, even though Engelman came back here and boo-hooed about the “Nazis” and “skinheads” (his exact words, BTW) on Alternative Right who were “afraid of the truth.”

            Go see for yourself how many commenters object to his hostile presence and WHY and feel free to add whatever commentary you’d like:

            http //alternative-right blogspot com/2014/06/freedom-of-inquiry-or-ideological html#disqus_thread

            http //alternative-right blogspot com/2014/07/swimming-in-our-enemies html

          • silviosilver

            Juggernaut, I am far from new on amren. I am well aware of Engelman’s activities and have gone toe to toe with him on all the issues you mentioned. That he harbors ulterior motives and is no friend to white racial interests is abundantly clear to me. I meant only that that particular comment you quoted sounded a little too extreme to be genuine even by Engelman’s standards.

            As for taking the fight to non-racial sites, I have done it for years. I need no reminding of what a thankless task it can be. That’s okay. While I’m not a “WN,” I am driven by an unquenchable, almost delirious desire to obliterate the anti-white left as a political force. I’m sure I will subsequently have much to quarrel with WNs over, but on this hugely important preliminary task our objectives are the same.

          • LACountyRedneck

            “The though of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.”

            “White Gentiles with double digit IQ’s are being tossed aside as brilliant Jews and Orientals are driving luxury cars to a future that will get better and better for them.” — John Engelman. Alternative Right.

          • silviosilver

            That’s sounds like him. Nasty piece of work.

          • JohnEngelman

            Post the web address where I posted that.

          • Juggernaut3000

            Why would I help you with anything? You are an anti-White who wants to race replace MY race with Asians and Jews. That makes you a genocidal monster according to the UN Human Rights Commission which condemns types like you.

            You want a land without Whites, just like Hitler wanted a land without Jews making you no different from Hitler.

            You wrote those comments and everyone here knows it, the admins on Alternative Right and Daily Stormer knew it too and they banned you specifically because of the type of comments you write.

            You wrote those comments and you will own those comments.

          • Mergatroyd

            Why? You’d just claim it was photoshopped by someone clever.

            Anything to deny and evade. You wrote those things and anyone who’s been here longer than a few months knows it.

          • JohnEngelman

            For the record: I admire Jews and Orientals. I am pleased that they are prospering.

          • Mergatroyd

            You’ve written a lot of ridiculous things over the years, but post takes the prize.

            You have repeatedly on this very forum bragged about your love of Asians and Jews and your desire for them to take the helm of White countries and lord over “inferior” Whites.

            Now you’re claiming someone else made all those hundreds of comments over the past number of years?

            You are delusional.

          • LACountyRedneck

            No. He’s simply a liar.

          • JohnEngelman

            On rare occasions I may have posted something that is not true. I am usually very careful about factual assertions. I do not lie.

          • Dr. Möbias

            He’s both.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Do you have proof of that?

          • JohnEngelman

            I did a Google search for the comment. That is what I found. The comment has since then been removed. Now the only time the appears is when someone like Mergatroyd claims that I posted it.

          • Dr. Möbias

            You’ve been reading this site long enough. That is exactly the kind of thing Engelman writes repeatedly all over this forum.

  • Pat

    In the poster – ‘Brian Injury’….the dumbing down of our education systems was how the attacks on us began and are maintained.

  • Ed

    Many White liberals that go on about Blacks have little interaction with them. They think the mulatto kid they went to prep school with is representative of them. Usually a mugging awakens them.

    • John R

      “The definition of a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.”
      Frank Rizzo, former Mayor and police chief, Philadelphia

      • IstvanIN

        Good old Frank, when the courts ordered him to NOT pick up the homeless he defied them.

      • expitch

        The first person to say that was Irving Kriistol.

    • JohnEngelman

      Affluent whites usually have little contact with blacks. The few blacks they have contact with are usually exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. This is true for affluent liberals and affluent conservatives.

      In order to know what most blacks are really like one usually needs to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where blacks are in the majority.

      When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

      • LesBaer1911

        You are correct. The ones who are encouraging all these illegal
        immigrants into the country will never encounter them. The mass
        illegals be will strategically placed among the common/average person
        whose lives will be forever changed. They are self-serving and
        incapable of empathy. Yet, when one defends himself or country,
        they are the first to attack YOU.

  • PB

    You make a point that gets lost a lot of the time on sites like this. There is an additional layer of toxicity in the American version of Black culture that seems to make things even worse. Saying all Africans are the same is like saying all Asians or Whites are the same, but the US Negro culture is something else again. Is it the best they can come up with once their needs for survival have been collectively met?

  • ncpride

    When we attended orientation at our daughters college, they had us split up in groups according to our kids prospective majors. When education majors were called, there were only TWO out of hundreds of people. Two. I suspect this is the very reason why. I think most know teaching has become not only a thankless job, but dangerous as well.

    • Kenner

      That means it’s a serious institution.

    • JohnEngelman

      No Child Left Behind has increased the reluctance of public school teachers to teach in black schools. No Child Left Behind assumes on the basis of no evidence at all that blacks can perform as well in school as whites. It punishes the teachers of those black students if they lag behind.

      • ncpride

        Obama’s AG Holder has made the situation much worse by basically threatening lawsuits for so-called ‘discrimination’ if schools dare discipline blacks when we all know they cause the most and the worst problems. Not only do teachers get punished for their total lack of interest and ability in education, but apparently must accept their terrible abuse as well. Who wants to deal with THAT?

  • Dave4088

    There’s nothing like a heavy does of racial reality to disabuse a white person of their fervent belief in universal human equality. But I regret to inform everyone that our race will always have a sizable number of eternal blockheads who can never be educated on racial matters.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Pathological altruism and ethnomasochism are deeply genetically ingrained personality traits for many whites, which is why so many of them become such ideologically blinded social welfare liberals. These “natural born” liberals can be robbed and beaten over and over again by blacks and Hispanics and still retain their childlike faith in the religion of social welfare liberalism. No amount of abuse from nonwhites, especially NAMS, can ever wake these freaks of nature up.

  • Martel

    I don’t see Sweden still existing (as we know it) in 25 years.

  • Lion’s Mane

    Much of behavior is genetic. See, on YouTube, how the Russian fox was tamed in fifty generations to be milder than the average breed of domestic dog.

    • Remember though, the official species name for the domestic dog is:

      Canis Lupus Familiaris

      which means that Fido is just a wolf subspecies.

    • JohnEngelman

      Belyaev believed that the key factor selected for in the domestication of dogs was not size or reproduction, but behavior; specifically, tameability. Since behavior is rooted in biology, selecting for tameness and against aggression, means selecting for physiological changes in the systems that govern the body’s hormones and neurochemicals. Belyaev decided to test his theory by domesticating foxes; in particular, the silver fox, a dark color form of the red fox. He placed a population of them under strong selection pressure for inherent tameness.[3]

      As Lyudmila Trut says in her 1999 American Scientist article [1], The least domesticated foxes, those that flee from experimenters or bite when stroked or handled, are assigned to Class III. Foxes in Class II let themselves be petted and handled but show no emotionally friendly response to experimenters. Foxes in Class I are friendly toward experimenters, wagging their tails and whining.


      Anyone who has taught large numbers of Orientals, whites, and blacks in public school can see the relevance of this experiment to human nature. Orientals and whites have been domesticated by living for centuries under criminal justice systems that removed those with criminal inclinations from the population. Blacks have much more recently lived in an environment where the best killers had the most sons.

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberalism only works with a civilized population, that is to say with a population that has practiced civilization for over a thousand years. Unfortunately, liberals are too civilized for their own good. They have difficulty understanding the mentalities of individuals who are less civilized than they are.

    • LHathaway

      You’re being too kind, John. Lefties have ‘liberated’ people and put them on a path opposed to civilization?

    • Mike Lane

      Instead of liberals being civilized I would say that they have reached the great problem civilization tends to bring with it: complacency. Most liberals I know are so socially detached from the hardships of life (whether this be poverty, race, or even hard manual labor) that they simply cannot grasp basic concepts such as the correlation between a tough, hardworking culture that values strength and a healthy nation-state.

  • Anglokraut

    He’s almost there, but he needs to make the jump from calling them “minorities”, which they are not, to what they ARE: Non-Whites. When the author can do that without stumbling or stammering apologies, he will finally understand.

    • John R

      Good point. We have got to get away from the word “minorities.” It is antiquated. Over one half of newborns in this country are now “minorities.”

      • silviosilver

        Better yet, point out the glaring contradiction between “thinking globally” and referring to non-whites as “minorities.” Globally, whites are a tiny (and vanishing) minority.

        • anony

          And that excellent point is also an excellent segue into a “racial” conversation with an un-awakened individual; I’ve used it successfully many times.

          • silviosilver

            Yes, it’s a very effective entry technique. The logic is so overwhelmingly against the anti-white (whether he’s intentional or merely functional) that you can counter to any response he gives with something along the lines of, “Seriously dude, what did whites ever do that was so horrible that it justifies completely wiping them out of existence?” Whatever the average nitwit attempts to say in reply to this it forces him to confront the fact that, yes, whites really are being wiped out. That is the game-changer right there.

    • Juggernaut3000

      I noticed that too. In many American cities, Whites ARE an absolute minority, an endangered species yet are still blamed for black and brown failure.

      The entire Southwest is also rapidly becoming non-White majority, if it isn’t that way already. The government has been known to lie to us about many things and I wouldn’t trust for a second the demographic information it puts out. I have a feeling there are far fewer Whites than they claim, than they want us to believe everywhere in the former U.S. They don’t want us to panic.

  • TruthBeTold

    My sister is a teacher.

    When she was teaching second grade, a black boy was out the day of the test.

    The next day, the first grade classroom was vacant so thinking she was helping the boy, she had him take the test there.

    That night she got any angry call from the mother who wanted to know why my sister put her son in a first grade classroom. Did my sister think her son was dumb or something worse?

    A parent/teacher meeting was called and my sister was forced to give an apology.

    • Martel

      Make sure such stories will not be forgotten. The most telling experiences of Europeans living/working in non-European environments should be collected and used for propaganda purposes.

    • Kenner

      Style over substance. Black-brain syndrome.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I used to have similar thoughts, but I realized most of the problem is not in the ghetto people, but rather in their supervisors. It all boils down to a failure of leadership and this failure of leadership seems to trace back to the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and B’nai B’rith most of the time. To a lesser degree AIPAC. What I mean is that the ADL was harassing a Florida school because most of the students who were diciplined were black. The school principal simply said “Most of the students breaking the rules are black. We aren’t being racist in how we apply our standards, we are just treating everybody equally. What the ADL is asking us to do is treat people differently based on the color of their skin” And that’s the thing. A 12 year old student tries to slit your throat with a pocket knife, ok crazy enough, but the white faculty coddling him and saying its not his fault- that is the heart of the real problem- not the 12 year old. You have to look at the leaders rather than the foot soldiers. And we seem to constantly come back to the same sources we trace things all the way back to its roots. Example: South Africa was a thriving first world nation. The ADL, along with Marxist non-Jewish whites endlessly campaigned to change their racist ways. It is now a festering third world terd hole. So the large number of blacks is not the problem but rather our leadership, who has the money, who has the influence, who is making the decisions, what the general ideology is. I think it would be more effective to at first focus on one simple thing: try to get people to treat everyone equally and accept that equal treatment leads to unequal results. If we could start punishing students for raping, killing, plundering etc. it would be a crucial first step to civilizing our nation. We shouldn’t focus on hating someone because of their race or preaching about how terrible this race or that race is- rather simply applying our laws and minimal expectations equally would be a huge improvement.

    • Martel

      The first step is closing the borders and sending as many non-European immigrants home as possible.

      • Juggernaut3000

        The first step is to secure a homeland and resources for Whites and White children. If we don’t, who will?

        The second step is destroying the myth that race is a social construct and any failure after that is the fault of White racism and oppression. In fact, we need to destroy all of the myths the cultural marxists will have us believe but hold themselves apart from. (IQ doesn’t exist is another one of MANY). These have been used to tear apart White Western Civilization. If we are to survive, these myths must GO.

        The third step is to destroy those who seek genocide against the White race.

        • JohnEngelman

          How do you intend to destroy them?

          Also, how do you define “genocide?”

          Be specific.

          • Juggernaut3000

            Typical tactic from you:

            Demand proof and then when proof is presented claim “anyone can find anything they want on the Internet,” which you claim all the time, or attack the messenger “David Duke once put on a Nazi uniform 40 years ago making everything he says invalid”, another of your tactics used to deflect and distract from your anti-White positions.

          • Mergatroyd

            You are being purposely stupid to divert attention away from your anti-White race replacement agenda.

            The evidence has been repeatedly shown to you over the years yet you choose to ignore it all and then ask for “proof.”

          • JohnEngelman

            Answer the questions yourself.

      • anony

        That will not happen under the current system. The “system” must first be destroyed.

        • Mergatroyd

          Along with those who instigated the system.

  • zaqan

    While I am sympathetic to this view, has anyone considered other variables. For example urban schools vs suburban schools, poor vs middle class. Are there any poor urban white schools? Do they experience such chaos? Are there richer, suburban black/Hispanic schools that are peaceful? And let us not forget that white Europeans were slaughtering each other not too long ago.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I believe poor rural White schools do worse than rich White schools but better than poor black/brown majority schools.

      Regardless, if black/brown students know they cannot be really punished nor held accountable because of ideology, what are they learning?

    • John R

      That is the problem. Don’t give me that liberal garbage. Hey, it ain’t 1959 anymore, or ’69 either. You should know better. The results are in: The Fifty Year Social Experiment is over and the results are in. The races are not equal. Peddle your liberal garbage somewhere else, not on this website.

    • Tarczan

      Much more is spent in urban (black) schools per student than in white schools. The average black HS graduate has the cognitive ability of an 8th grade white.

      You mean civilized like the countries in Africa they left? Like Zimbabwe and Uganda/

    • Dave West

      That’s because African immigrants are the cream of the crop for the most part. Notice that refugees from Somalia who represent the average African are just as violent and dumb as you would expect black Africans to be; I use Minneapolis as a reference. Also they have done studies of SAT results showing that blacks who come from families who make more than 100K score less than whites whose families make less than 30K.

  • paul marchand

    This article dovetails with the expansion of the black
    population (in 1950, black births were about 1/9th that of whites,
    now they are about 1/3) and the Hispanic population has grown tremendously,
    while white births have gone from about 87% in 1950 to about 49% today.

    The United States government foisted / forced school integration
    from the 1950s on. White flight was not
    insane. It was, and is,
    reasonable. In addition to the
    academics, there are problems of drugs, and miscegenation (naïve girls being as
    such). These are viable concerns.

    The US govt STOLE, via the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the
    basic property rights and human rights of white apartment owners by fining them
    ( and yanking realtor licenses) if they “discriminated” from some black thugs
    renting. The influx of blacks, and to
    some extent Hispanics, made these apartments untenable for the middle and lower
    middle class whites. And it resulted in
    the ghetto-ization of thousands of complexes.
    The basic human rights of property and association were trespassed, at
    huge cost to property owners, and to the peril of tenants.

    The US federal govt also stole the basic rights of a
    business to hire whomever, to serve whomever.

    The rights of banks to loan to viable borrowers.

    The rights of homeowners to sell to whomever they pleased to
    protect their old neighbors.

    And in the process, having to fund welfare and all it’s tentacles.

    And to face the crime.

    • LHathaway

      “White flight was not insane”.

      White flight is 60 years of whites trying to avoid colored racism. Don’t expect the schools or media to see it that way. To them, the victims of racism are then branded the racists.

  • IKUredux

    As a born again race realist, I must say it pains me to admit that it is impossible to forge real, trusting relationships with Blacks. Lordy, Lordy, I have tried. NOT.POSSIBLE. However, if you enjoy the kind of relationship which requires you to filter EVERYTHING you say through an ever changing racist filter, well, then, have at it! It is literally akin to walking on eggshells, interspersed with landmines, while you are hopping on a pogo stick.

    • LHathaway

      Many of them will hate you anyway.

    • Kenner

      Brilliant. I’m stealing your vivid analogies, they perfectly describe black/white interaction.

    • Juggernaut3000

      You risk your very life by “trusting” blacks, any of them.

      There was an article recently in the paper about a black who slaughtered three members of a family that had taken him in!

      Mandeltort said the Engelhardt family welcomed Howard into its home and tried to give him support and a chance in life.

      His response was to murder three members of the family, “Laura Engelhardt, 18; her father Alan Engelhardt, 57; and her grandmother Marlene Gacek, 73; and the attack on Laura’s mother, Shelly Engelhardt, who survived with serious injuries.”

      http //www chicagotribune com/news/local/suburbs/schaumburg_hoffman_estates/chi-dandre-howard-sentencing-20140709,0,4518809 story

      Stupid, stupid Whites. Will they never learn?

  • Giovanni704

    “They had occasionally given me vague hints to find a mate of my own race so as to “keep my heritage white.” However, they failed to explain exactly what that meant, or why it was important. Perhaps they took too much for granted. They had spent most of their lives in white towns and I also grew up mostly among white people.”
    Lately…I’ve been of the opinion that this is our most fundamental problem. The Baby Boomer generation of Whites (and perhaps many Whites in the generation before that) never taught their children racial consciousness. Until White parents begin doing this again, children will have nothing to protect them from multicultural indoctrination.

  • Funruffian

    I can completely relate to this article. My experience as a Substitute teacher parallels Mr. Gustafson’s in almost every way. OMG! This is a case study that many White men have experienced, but re too afraid to talk about. In regards to his liberal friend, I certainly hope he realized just how delusional liberals are. The horror of the burgeoning masses of Black and Hispanic youths multiplying in our country is happening right within our own walls and yet, the majority of us don’t see it happening. Scary!

  • Chasmania

    Stories like this and the other litany of disasters that has become society today leaves me asking myself: Do we let it burn down and rebuild, or take it bake in some titanic, multi generational struggle ?

    • Mike Lane

      I say both. “How?” you may ask. It’s simple. First and foremost: Leave this muck of a culture we have behind. Quit fighting it head on. Quit trying to change the people who actively facilitate it. If these people were capable of changing their mind they wouldn’t be so eager to support such Leftist consumerist idiocy in the first place. Let it crash and burn. Now take all this wasted energy that was used to argue with and complain about our current cultural decay and use it to reconstruct our own way of life, our own institutions, our own communities, our own art, television, movies, etc. The problem the political Right has always had since it was labeled “Right” during the French Revolution is its reactionary stance. Ever notice how it’s the liberal groups (Black groups, gay groups, women groups, Latino groups, other non-white groups ,etc.) who paint themselves as the “Next Stage” while we right-wingers are left scrambling around trying to define ourselves as what they, the Left, is not. No more of that. So long as we define ourselves as the “anti-” to whoever our opponent is, we are destined to lose. It’s how the Federalists beat the Anti-Federalists. While the rest of the country burns we need to start building our own communities, networks, etc. for when the time comes for action to be taken.

  • mmyotis

    Gustafson sounds like a coward.

    • IstvanIN

      You should flesh that comment out a bit.

  • alex

    You can hear from the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity: ‘Liberals destroyed black family, liberals corrupted peaceful, hardworking blacks, blah blah blah”
    Liberals aren’t directly responsible for black pathology. They just gave blacks an opportunity to be themselves.

  • RyanP

    True. But the Scandinavian countries were among the wealthiest nations on earth long before the modern welfare state. It could just be that the wealthier and whiter the nation, the more they can withstand the burden of a large welfare state. I don’t think you would see Sweden devolve into ghettos if they suddenly made a hard swing toward right wing policies. The same social cohesion would just be expressed in other ways that do not require state action.

    • silviosilver

      Your line of reasoning here is closely related to the hard right insistence that a welfare state is necessarily economically destructive. Therefore Sweden, say, may have been able to “withstand” its welfare state but only because it had grown wealthy before the welfare state was imposed on it. To continue the argument, had Sweden not been sufficiently wealthy before the imposition of the welfare state the imposition would have completely stifled economic development and the country never would have grown wealthy. This argument is belied by the facts of economic history. Sweden – and all western welfare states – is vastly wealthier today than it was prior to the imposition of the welfare state, so it cannot be that welfare is necessarily economically destructive.
      That said, even many left-liberals could agree that at some point a welfare state can become oppressively burdensome. The disagreement with the right on this question concerns where that point occurs. The hard right argues that welfare is already oppressive at the moment of its imposition, regardless of what quantity of resources are devoted to social spending. This is exactly the position the hard right took in the late 19th century, at a time when less than one percent of GDP was spent by western governments on welfare. More reasonable rightwingers allow for a much greater level of social spending before claiming that the level is oppressive.
      In America the hard right position on this question has enjoyed a level of support far out of proportion with the shaky empirical grounds on which it rests. The cultural shifts on race and crime are the two main explanations for this. The imposition of welfare in America occurred concurrently with the liberal laxity towards crime, the liberal breakdown of racial barriers and the liberal contempt for authority. The subsequent explosion in black crime combined with the explosion in social permissiveness enabled the right to claim that welfare was a corrupting social force. That a helping hand hurts more than it helps thus became axiomatic among many on the right. Disputing the hard right on welfare thus requires liberals to distinguish between welfare on the one hand, and crime, race and authority on the other, but the association of such attitudes with fascism has made liberals reticent to do so. Unfortunately, this reticence has conceded race to the right, who cynically use race to push forward their favored economic policies while leaving the underlying racial issues untouched.

      • Juggernaut3000

        “Therefore Sweden, say, may have been able to “withstand” its welfare state but only because it had grown wealthy before the welfare state was imposed on it.”

        Exactly. Sweden was never bombed or invaded during WW II, leaving Sweden’s industries intact. At that time, Sweden had a free-market economy which enabled it to profit from the reconstruction of Europe by exporting its good and natural resources to the rest of Europe.

        It is also a myth that the Scandinavian countries are socialist and have prospered from socialism. It doesn’t work there, it won’t work for us, in fact socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

        On Scandinavian socialism, from “The Scandinavian Socialism Argument Debunked”

        http //www libsdebunked com/socialism/scandinavian-socialism-argument/

        Although the United States ranks higher than these nations on the Index of Economic Freedom, Scandinavian nations are more free in several decisive areas.

        Scandinavian countries have certain socialist characteristics such as high taxes and extensive welfare systems. However, these countries have relatively capitalistic markets. Scandinavian businesses are mostly free from regulation, nationalization and protectionism.

        Von Mises Institute: “The Scandinavian Welfare Myth Revisited”

        http //mises org/daily/4146/The-ScandinavianWelfare-Myth-Revisited

        In an effort to save the economy, the government carried out extensive reform and liberalizations throughout the ’80s and ’90s, cutting taxes and welfare expenditures, abolishing government monopolies, reducing regulation, floating the currency, and permitting more private alternatives in the public sector.

        • silviosilver

          Exactly. Sweden was never bombed or invaded during WW II, leaving Sweden’s industries intact.

          I’m not quite sure what you’re agreeing wholeheartedly with. I have no wish to debate this issue here – truly, it’s distinctly secondary to race – but my point was clearly that welfare is not necessarily destructive or oppressively burdensome. That said, you’re quite correct that the Scands were not in any real sense “socialists,” if that term is to mean public ownership of means of production. Scands have only tampered with the market mechanism rather than attempted to dismantle it wholesale, which is what true socialism requires. Referring to such interventions as “socialist” is at best wishful thinking on the part of leftists and malicious mischaracterization on the part of rightists.

  • WilmotRobertson

    “We accept displacement at our peril.”

    Displacement is caused by demographic replacement, and demographic replacement is just a nice way of saying Genocide.

    • silviosilver

      That’s true, but the propaganda value of such rhetoric is lost by its overreach. Like it or not, people associated genocide with the terror instantiated by its typical mechanism, ie the terror of the killing. Multiracialism is associated with a host of social problems but the mechanism – miscegenation – by which it replaces (‘genocides’) whites does not terrify those subjected to it. Therefore calling replacement genocide risks alienating the listener rather than encouraging him to consider the issue.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Genocide doesn’t necessarily mean outright slaughter as practiced by the Chinese under Mao and the Soviets under the Bolsheviks, it means the forced disappearance of a group, and that is certainly happening to the White race.

        Section C of the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

        ( c ) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

        Section C applies to what anti-whites are doing to my race:

        Flooding our countries with non-whites, force integrating our communities, encouraging us to blend ourselves out of existence and attacking anyone who opposes these things are imposing conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of my race.

        It’s genocide.

        Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out.

        Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983)

        • silviosilver

          Again, that’s a technical definition, and I don’t contest it. The ultimate outcome has been foreseen and the process has been, at the very least informally, ‘engineered’ to achieve precisely that result. That is why such policies enjoy full bore support despite failing so conspicuously to achieve their social ends even by their own criteria (“diversity is strength” etc).

          Nonetheless, referring to it all as ‘genocide’ defeats the purpose of the activism, which is surely to alert whites to their looming demise. Despite the problems it creates, the mass presence of non-whites is not nearly, in the eyes of the great majority of whites, a severe enough negative to make them receptive to a message emphasizing ‘genocide.’

          As I see it, well before whites begin to care about the ‘nature’ of their racial elimination they have to care about the lived experience of it – namely, being outnumbered, mistreated and shoved aside. If the process of being racially eliminated itself is not experienced as undesirable (to put it in the least provocative terms possible) it’s highly unlikely they’ll care about the whys and wherefores of it.

          Though of course there is a certain small percentage of whites for whom the logic operates in reverse. For such people becoming aware of the whys and wherefores is wholly sufficient to change their opinion about the process itself, ie on becoming aware of the deceitful nature of the replacement they quickly come to disdain both its present effects as well as its long-term implications.

          • IstvanIN

            China uses non-violent means to get rid of the Tibetans through the mass relocation of Han into Tibet. I bet certain DWL would agree that that was genocide.

          • silviosilver

            I really don’t know enough about what’s going on in Tibet to comment, but based on the general tenor of what I hear bandied about, yes, I think you’re correct that many a smug DWL would call it genocide, for reasons of moral grandstanding if nothing else.

            Look, I’m not opposed on principle to describing white racial elimination/demise as genocide. In many ways, I think it qualifies. I just think it’s hard enough to get people to pay attention based on the most easily verifiable of facts and logical arguments as it is. The addition of emotive language like ‘genocide’ only makes it that much harder. But hey, I could be wrong.

          • IstvanIN

            You make a good point. Marketing, so to speak, is everything.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Kids in Africa don’t behave this way as often because teachers and administrators in Africa aren’t afraid of being called “racist” for punishing misbehaving students. They can and will remove students from school who won’t stop acting out and being violent or disrupting the class.

    In America, the teachers and administrators are very afraid of being called racist and will do anything and everything to let as many blacks off the hook as possible for all levels of misbehavior, including sexual assault, attempted murder, drug dealing in school, etc. This makes them look better to the government.

    Modern day American culture definitely adds an especially toxic element to the mix. Teachers should never have to be afraid to send students out of the class or give them suspensions for misbehavior, but they are, and the kids know they are, which undermines any authority they might have had.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    And this is while funding for special classes for students with above-average intelligence are being axed because tracking is “racist.” No one in power seems to care that we’re investing the most money into the least educable students who will live on welfare or in jail for the rest of their lives, and the least money into the most educable ones who will someday be paying the bulk of income tax revenue.

    Everything is backwards in the American education system nowadays.

  • Hallie Eva

    Excellent article.
    Similar story here, not as a teacher, as a physician working in an Inner City Trauma Unit.
    No one knows better than those who served on battle lines with blacks and browns, be one with law enforcement, medicine, or teaching, that impulsive violence is a baseline behavior in these two groups. It is a jungle out there. At least jungle animals are caged.
    Add alcohol, drugs, gangs, large groups, guns into the mix and you have a perfect storm of danger, death and destruction.
    No amount of well intentioned support or help makes a scintilla of difference.
    I have been physically assaulted not only by those I was attempting to assess, but by their families as well.

  • silviosilver

    America nurses black grievances to a degree unknown elsewhere. American blacks as a result are uncommonly spiteful towards whites. Nothing I’ve read suggests to me that such attitudes exist among blacks in Latin America, which is probably the most appropriate comparison given the comparable amount of time blacks have lived in close proximity to non-blacks (and mixed with them, to differing degrees).

    • Rurik

      A hungry wolf will always find a grievance against the fattened sheep.

  • condaggit2

    Another point there was Never was anything called “white flight” Instead white people saw the new crop of kids on a Jail track and not a college track so they moved to be with those with similar views and SO DID BLACKS……… was never about race it was about very low expectations.

  • benvad

    Seems like the white man ALWAYS has to learn reality and common sense the HARD WAY every time. Even if he’s forewarned way ahead of time, he insists on getting third degree burns in order to learn the stove is hot.

    At least this fellow has learned something, the pity of it all is that 85~90% of the rest of them will not accept the truth & facts of nature.

    When we’re all face down in the mud, then he’ll get it, when it’s too damn late.

  • JohnEngelman

    That would only work with high quality immigrants. No white or Oriental country benefits from the immigration of large numbers of Muslims and Negroes.

  • Randall Ward

    Very good article.

  • Gray Shambler

    I feel as if this site is populated by racists, I know. Racial Realists, but I can’t help making an observation of my own, cars. Yes cars. When I first noticed black guys driving four doors I thought they just couldn’t afford a coupe. You know, a 2 door signals that you are young and single, one door for you and one for your girl. A four door says you have kids, you’re unavailable. So why DO young black men prefer 4 doors? Same reason white men are always outnumbered. While a white’s first loyalty is to his family, a black’s first loyalty is to his crew. When out on the town, you’re with you’re wife, he’s with his crew.

  • WR_the_realist

    Every white liberal should be required to spend 4 years as a teacher in a majority black or Hispanic school. Probably more white liberals have been transformed into race realists by that means than by any other.

    • Ed

      Four years? Try one week. The turnover in urban school districts is very high so are the assaults on teachers. The Baltimore Sun ran an expose on how much the city spends annually on workmen comp. cases filed by teachers in Baltimore. It runs into the tens of millions.

      When school districts become more Black, teachers of all races head for the exits, even if they may get paid less at suburban districts.

    • Dave West

      I guarantee if I were a teacher in an inner-city school most blacks would probably have more respect for “racist” Dave West than some liberal TFA dork.

  • WR_the_realist

    White liberals hate guns because of fear of violent blacks with guns.

    White conservatives like guns because they want to protect themselves from violent blacks with guns.

  • unsub

    Niggas gonna nig. Why do we continue to pretend that this obsolete farming equipment is Human? We built Liberia for a good reason.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    He said students voluntarily had themselves classified as having “special needs” because that exempted them from state-mandated standardized testing. […] Whatever the case, the students and their families seemed perfectly content with this arrangement.
    Of course they are, since it also keeps the SSI money flowing. My own half-sister had her poorly-disciplined daughter diagnosed with autism for the same reason: $$$.

  • live free or die

    Never, ever give up your guns, White America.

  • M&S

    There are smart blacks and Hispanics. Using a straight Gaussian distribution, graduate level educateable citizens of color come to between 1-2% and 4-6% of the population norm using mean 87 and 95 respective IQ metrics. Using stochastics, the percentages may in fact cluster higher but still not above 10%.
    The view that you ‘must’ do something to create equity between races is what lies at the heart of the issue because it is that delusional nobility in the face of personal interests as much as factual data that drives our downfall.
    Did whites simply endorse their own _at the expense of others_ because we prefer it that way, there would be no foothold of fair play or fitness to be grasped by those who see our inherent nobility as a weakness and use it accordingly.
    Whites live in a world where our common European **class** history of oppression and lack of opportunities drove us to adopt radical democratic institutions on the basis of all whites being equal.
    Where this is applied to Northern and Western European white cultures, such is generally true. Southern and Eastern European groups have been trampled too often by the invading hordes of Asiatic steppe and Mediterranean Semitic cultures to be as smart as they might once have and so even among our own, there are ‘good’ groups and bad ones.
    But when you combine the aesthetic and economic and criminal proclivities of non whites of any group in a high TFR, low IQ, low social leveraging value population that whites _will not_ breed with; you end up with a condition by which we are being reproductively replaced at the same time our society is losing the kinds of high skill jobs which provide us a separate economic niche` to live beyond them.
    Poor, stupid, ugly, people don’t need specialist service, tech or management skills and thus whites doom themselves, not simply to being overrun but to actually being rendered _obsolescent_ because our high IQ skillsets are simply not required in the kind of society that other races are comfortable competing in and which America is rapidly becoming.
    Where the United States was struggling, in the 60s and 70s, to succeed as a nation with a 15-16% college educateable population with the requisite 115-120 minimum IQs, we will crumble completely as a nation with maybe 5% out of a total count of 400-450 million before 2060.
    Because almost all of the newcomers will be brown or black with relative IQs that take them completely out of the game for a high tech, ‘info dominant’ functioning society.
    Class cannot abide by unequal social rules which exclude up and comers from the same potential gene groups. We simply never know where the next strike of genius may arise from.
    At the same time, Races _must_ discriminate based on the collectivist assumption that, having evolved in different environmental as social normative conditions, their Savannah Principle legacied inheritances of potential are visible in their modern day degrees of home-society success, corruption and potential for growth.
    Given what Africa and Central America look like, we simply cannot abide by the notion that equality is presumptive. It is not. It is genetically and thus statistically, determinative and other races that cannot generate large numbers of college level IQs cannot compete in a white one.
    They can only drag us down to their level and then beat us with experience.

  • Rurik

    Beginning in the 1950s, society (the schools, Mass Media, Government, etc) began to teach Americans the basic principles of White Guilt, Everything was Whitey’s fault, Blacks were existentially innocent, and Black anger and greed were always ennobled. If you hang a “kick me” sign on your back you should not be surprised when you get kicked.

  • Spikeygrrl

    I keep trying to upvote you but Disqus is not letting me. Grrrrr.

    • DailyKenn

      Disqus can be a pain 🙁

      • Spikeygrrl

        …but it let me upvote you just now. Go figure.

  • Dave West

    NO, NO, NO! I’ve never met one black person in my life, but I know in my heart you’re a racist liar!

  • Evette Coutier

    While in grad school, I worked in a 90 percent black high school alternative education program. One of my students had an 18 month old daughter. He raped and sodomized her. The baby had to have a hysterectomy and reconstructive surgery on her colon and rectum. She almost died. Every week I was there it was one human tragedy after another. All whites should have the experience I did. Reality has a way of correcting misdirected idealism.

    • Hallie Eva

      Emergency room see the same thing you describe. Infants bleeding out from repeated sexual assault by black males. Additionally, crack addicted blacks are known to pimp out their toddlers and infants for drug money.
      Brown mestizo squat monsters rape their teenagers, including father/daughter, brother/sister perverse acts.
      The California valleys are just about finished, with the exception of a few pockets, by mestizo “culture.” Just as blacks, these people trash the integrity of every town they infest.

  • OhWow

    I have worked in an inner-city school. Minorities (obviously other than Asians) just do not see school as something that is important. They see it as something they have to sit through but not do. Blacks especially more so than hispanics take major exception to any authority figure. When told to do something they always fire something back. “My cousin will whoop you if you suspend me”. “My mama will beat your a**”. “I ain’t got to sit down for nobody”. “Who is you to tell me what to do?”. This is what they say. The few white students were fine for the most part. Of course you’d see one or two trouble makers who were white, but once you told them to get back to work they listened. The white students were more willing to listen to authority.

    Blacks are simply way more impulsive. This is why you see so many senseless shootings, stabbings, and fights over trivial things like shoes or $5. Blacks are all about immediate gratification. This is why they see no point in school. They turn to drugs and crime to get money instead of a career. They are not designed to be students. They don’t listen to authority, they are impulsive, and they cannot delay gratification.

  • NoMosqueHere

    When blax n’ browns take over the US in about 30 years, the chaos in urban schools will be the norm in every aspect of amerikan life.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I strongly support a whipping program. Treating them like humans doesn’t work. A good 10 lashes for the first offense and chances are there will be no second whipping.

  • Mergatroyd

    The anti-White marxists took over the entire system, the same ones that fomented the Russian revolution with the same egalitarian, multicultural socialist message that defies human nature.

    Human nature will always win over rhetoric about “how things should be” according to them. Over 60 million White Christian Russians were eliminated in the human nature vs. marxism “workers paradise” before the entire pack of lies imploded in on itself because it is unsustainable.

    The same exact thing is happening here and England and a lot of other White countries, a takeover by a White-hating alien elite whose goal it is to eliminate any objections to their odious marxist theories, that is the White race.

    A good reading of the thoroughly researched Culture of Critique explains everything one needs to know as to who is doing this to us Whites and why.

    http //www prometheism net/library/CultureOfCritique pdf

  • Mergatroyd

    Wrong. Socialism doesn’t work in the Scand countries anymore than it worked in the old Soviet Union. Those countries, BTW, are not socialist.

    • JohnEngelman

      Scandinavian Social Democracy is the closest approximation to democratic socialism.

  • gogriz91

    Glad you got mugged by reality before it was too late.

  • De Doc

    Many Libertarians (including myself in more youthful days) have subscribed to the dangerous notion that race is purely a social construct based on the evil collective. What few understand is that the original, pre-Randian form of libertarianism was an organic outgrowth from Western European culture, and more specifically, fully developed among philosophers and thinkers of Anglo, Scots or Scots-Irish extraction. Many of today’s libertarians are embarrassed that their cause is not widely accepted by other races and ethnic groups, but never bother to understand the origins of their philosophical outlook. Too often the collective is viewed as wholly corrupt by these same lockstep Randian libertarians without any need to look at the important roles that culture, race, and ethnicity contribute to the character of any society. In my opinion, while Rand helped to popularize the concept of libertarian values, her objectivist ideology that rejects any and all forms of collectivism, poisoned the tree of liberty.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Engelman should be banned from sites like this. It would be beneficial to the site in many ways. Greater membership, more contributions, and outsiders that know of the likes of Engelman and what he’s allowed to post here would respect the move and have better things to say about the site. I believe Amren needs to at least respond to comments here re. the issue.

    • JohnEngelman

      My comments are consistent with this, which is at the top of every page here, “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate. ”

      They are also consistent with this passage by Thomas Jefferson, “There is no truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

      I post facts some posters do not want to be told about. Many of these facts I have found on American Renaissance. I frequently quote Jared Taylor, and others who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences, like John Derbyshire, J. Philippe Rushton, and Richard Lynn.

    • Dr. Möbias

      I agree. I think a lot of posters have left this site because it won’t ban Engelman.

      • silviosilver

        That’s difficult to say, but it’s certainly understandable that many would find it dispiriting to be told incessantly and insistently on a pro-white site that it’s wrong to affirm a white identity or to desire to racially live on. White identity politics remains a fledgling movement and requires careful nurture if it’s to blossom into a potent political force. It must be defended against the Engelmans of the world who seek to strangle it at birth.

    • silviosilver

      I agree that he should be banned. It’s good policy to encourage debate in order to prevent an echo chamber forming, but Engelman’s postings are so voluminous they amount to a de facto editorial position. His effect is not only to shame people for affirming an uncompromising white identity that delivers a resounding NO – or even a firm, thanks, but no thanks – to racial replacement (be it by blacks, asiatics or anyone), but also, and as a result, to prevent people discussing ways such an identity may make political headway by tying them up in debates over side issues or non-issues like ‘Jewish intelligence.’


    Libertarian novelist Ayn Rand called racism “the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.”


    Of course, “Ayn Rand” supported racial collectivism for her own tribe.

    • jayvbellis

      No, she just denied that she was part of this tribe.

  • Mergatroyd

    Not true. On key issues such as business practices they are NOT socialist but free-market capitalist. This is what has made them wealthy, not socialist economic policies.

    Socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

  • Garrett Brown

    Reminds me of my racially awakening days in high school and college. Thank you for this Eric, very well done. And it inspires me to know you went down the same path as I, we woke up before it was too late.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Unfortunately the term has been poisoned and in America and the West it means crypto-Marxist ideology wrapped in a slick consumerist package.

    But I hear ya, brutha…

  • jayvbellis

    “I learned more about race in one semester of substitute teaching than I did in all of my formal education. Nothing could have prepared me for that.”

    My experience as a public school teacher in Brooklyn NY in 1985 was a similar awakening. I highly recommend Amren readers get their 20 something male relatives to do this experience, it’ s like the army used to make a boy a man. Teaching in an inner city majority non a White school will usually make a White liberal/libertarian in to a race realist. One must experience this experience , it can’t be done with just reading books.

  • SentryattheGate

    When I worked in school, the difference was obvious between white and black kids (there weren’t many Asian or Hispanic then); the white kids came to Kindergarten knowing most colors, some alphabet and numbers, the black kids knew NO alphabet or numbers and NOT EVEN THE NAMES OF ANY COLORS! Plus most of the black kids ate with their hands! But they sure were dressed well!!

  • John R

    As John Wayne would say “Get off your high horse mister!” The West Virginia “trailer” people are not asking the government for any special favors are they? NO! And they ARE Americans like us, aren’t they? And, btw, many of the soldiers fighting and dying for this nation come from modest “trailer communities” as well.

  • ThomasER916

    Every time someone says “It’s the parents!” or “home environment” they make Negroes and Hispanics a White problem. They’re not my people. They’re not my race. They deserve nothing from me and will get nothing.

    Can they do menial tasks? I’ll let them work outside but not inside. History has proven time and again what happens when you let them work at the office. The entire operation ends up like Detroit or Zimbabwe.

  • IA_Adam

    The reason why minorities have the run of this country and can brow beat and harass anyone they want is because the mostly white oligarchy wants it that way. They know they can’t beat an organized white majority should it become organized. But they can use sanctimonious idiots to enforce plutocratic control indirectly by convincing them that they are protecting poor abused minorities from evil white tea baggers. These useful idiots are the progtards, and they are addicted to contrived righteousness. The only ones who ever snap out of their stupor are the ones who get subjected to real racial harassment and are willing to forgo prior brainwashing to see the facts. For many, even that doesn’t change their behavior because they are too in love with harassing other white people. They addicted to the petty power that false charges of racism bring to them.

  • ThomasER916

    No wonder you’re anonymous.

  • ThomasER916

    It’s John Engelwitz. The Culture of Critique troll.

  • WorkingStiff

    @ Mergatroyd – thanks for the references to TOO and Culture of critique – Lord do I have some reading, learning and catching up to do

  • Fantaman

    Beautiful and frank thesis. I would never bother trying to teach a class of negroes, they don’t want to learn and their “culture” rejects education as if by reflex.

  • Fantaman

    You mean exceptions. Blacks on average have a far lower IQ and zero impulse control. No black, at the best of their peak, will rival the best white. You’re just talking about the end of the negro spectrum.

  • vladdy1

    Rather than either/or, it is both Marxists and corporations, since both have a totalitarian basis. The difference is that the corporations cannot imprison us, although they can make our neighborhood (or country) FEEL like a prison — or like an inner-city school, which is what they are doing, certainly, through both legal and illegal immigration.

  • anony

    No, those are tools of Corporate America.

  • adplatt126

    Your diatribe is heartening and commendable. Language is indeed a tricky thing. On the one hand, I’ve always taken exception to the labeling of these social Marxist drones and propagandists “liberals”, but indeed I must confess there is a startling amount of uniformity on a number of opinions emanating from the left wing, indicating a severe lack of open-mindedness on many issues, and so I can’t help but half-acknowledge the existence of this mindless block in American politics. So, I appreciate the existence of the group, even with its inherent self-contradiction and I certainly understand the animus towards it, regardless of what appellation you give it. There really is nowhere to stand today in American politics if you have a functioning cerebral cortex. I agree that your definition of the term is closer to its original and true definition, but the term has sort of come to mean and connote some quite different things in recent times, so it’s hard to decide which definition to accept and where to work from. I try to distiniguish between a liberal outlook and liberal politics, and also in political circles I try to differentiate between real liberals and social Marxists who are simply being labeled liberals due to political expediency and conservative tribalism, labeling and lazy generalization. The whole thing is messy. I am impelled to ask: given your attitudinal liberalism, are you more a conservative or a liberal politically speaking?

  • adplatt126

    Agreed actually. Conservatives don’t deal with any genuine or existential crises. They haven’t since the paleos were purged from the party and the establishment more generally.

  • John Smith

    Intelligence and the ability to delay gratification have a strong positive correlation.