Crucified by the Church

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 17, 2013

Jared Taylor interviews Frank Borzellieri.

Frank Borzellieri, who spoke at several American Renaissance conferences and who wrote a popular column for a chain of Long Island newspapers, switched careers and became a teacher and then a school principal in the Catholic school system. When a newspaper wrote recently about  his earlier writings and his association with AR, the church summarily fired him.

This is an astonishing saga  of lies, cowardice, and betrayal.


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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • From all of us at the collapse report we just wanted to say that the way that you were treated was outrageous and we hope members stand together in offering support, jobs and charity

  • I really liked the interview. Mr. Borzellieri seems like an extremely likable and principled man. Even though I’m not religious, I can empathize with his experience of having a lifetime’s worth of faith in someone or something, only to be let down by that person or thing because they weren’t resilient enough or didn’t have the integrity to stick to the principles and faith they espoused.

  • sbuffalonative

    American Renaissance needs to be doing more video interviews.

    The future of information on the internet is video. Video conferences, video exposes, video interviews. AR isn’t taking full advantage of this medium to get their message out.

    I’d like to see Skype split screen interviews that are posted here and on youtube. These are the types of interviews that will reach a large audience and give AR notoriety and brand recognition.

    • Matt

      A mix of articles and videos is appropriate. Actually reading something forces you to use your mind, as opposed to watching a video, which doesn’t demand as much from you. It’s important we continue to read and thus conjure up our own visions, thoughts, etc. Read William Sleator’s book ‘House of Stairs’, in which some teens react in stunned disbelief to a boy’s confession that he actually read something rather than having it dictated to him over a computer monitor. The other teens couldn’t believe that one’s own imagination could be better than anything you could see on a computer screen. Needless to say, that book-reading boy, Peter, was one of only two teens to successfully resist the mind-control experiments which turned the video-loving teens into monsters.

      • Frank G

        A mix—-indeed. And in many way interactive email exchanges , if
        suitably moderated, allow the Internet to be used for, in effect,
        informal “hearings” toward clarifying facts or disputes about facts. This
        allows a complete factual record to be laid out. The Internet also allows primary source material (e.g., full and faithful written trial transcripts) to be
        accessible online. The conventional format of publishing journal articles
        as a lead in to discussion and factual exploration has given rise to what
        I regard as “paste and scissors” creation of presumed factual information that when examined from raw first hand testimony or other primary source material, turns out to have the status of adorned rumor. The internet if
        properly used for email discussions ( properly moderated) enable Mr. Fact to join hands with Mr. Reason to lay a far firmer and more adequate foundation for conceptualization and reasoned disputation.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Agreed. Look at RamZPaul’s youtube page. He gets tens of thousands of views! And he talks about the same stuff as on here. AR needs to incorporate more video especially to reach out to a younger audience.

      • sbuffalonative

        Yes, he’s a great example.

        I understand that Mr. Taylor and others would like a more well read AR supporter but we have to face facts.

        The left gets their messages out by appealing to people in simple and direct ways and on a visceral level. Social networking is now largely the domain of the left.

        You may attract one reader to an article but you’ll likely attract 100’s to watch a video.

        If we’re elitists, we fail to reach people.

      • Would be great if AMREN employed RamZPaul to do videos. Graphics, comedy, news rolled up into an entertaining experience. I would pay to watch!

      • tombarnes

        Just remember that RamZPaul’s first impression is comedic. People are drawn to jokesters and can only take so much gravitas.

    • haroldcrews

      Something similar can be done with Google Hangouts. I’ve been part of a couple panel shows that were ‘broadcast’ live and simultaneously recorded for VOD on YouTube.

    • NordicHeritage

      I agree 100%. In today’s world everything is about going “viral” on sites like youtube. Having more visual content would help make the movement a better fit in today’s digital world.

  • Deb in Queens

    Great interview. I have known Frank Borzellieri for 30 years and he is one of the most honest and admirable people you could ever meet. It is absolutely sickening what was done to him. I am completely outraged. We need to support this man. I have already sent my contribution.

    • gemjunior

      Amen Deb. I’ve met him a couple of times around Queens because he used to go see my brother’s band (rock and roll covers) and Frank is into it. He’s a witty guy too. I actually called the diocese when that happened and expressed my DISGUST with them. They tried to scare me by asking me all these questions about my address and what parish I was in like they would excommunicate me. Assholes. I don’t know if Cardinal Tim Dolan was in place at the time, he seemed to have more backbone but I guess not. They really let us down. But Frank most of all. BTW, I love Queens and grew up there. Different times though. Some areas are still nice, I was Middle Viilage/Maspeth still good towns.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Greeting from an old Queens Catholic schoolboy! God Bless Mr. Borzellieri for his honesty!

      • OlderWoman

        Excommunicate you? Why would you want to be part of this counterfeit Christian religion?

        • gemjunior

          Are you speaking about Catholicism? If so, it cannot possibly be “counterfeit Christian” as it was the first Christian church ever established and remained that way for approximately 1500 years until revolutionaries like Martin Luther and Henry VIII decided to found their own churches. There are now, in the US alone, more than 35,000 protestant nondenominational churches. That is the result of the break with Rome – a formless scattering of Christianity everywhere. Something that was the founding faith cannot, by definition, be counterfeit. Many anti-Catholic people don’t even know that the word “catholic” itself means “universal” although it is now synonymous with the Church of Rome or the Universal Christian Church. Which is the one Jesus Christ was referring to when he described the church that the gates of hell shall not prevail against.
          Unlike the storefront church you probably go to, right? Is that the First Pentecostal Union of Christians or something like that? I guess the one true church that has lasted through till now is the one that’s got it all wrong? That sounds about right. Faith of our fathers living still through dungeon, fire and sword is about the Catholic church, not some 5th level branch off the Baptist or Methodist church…..

          • Fr. John+

            Junior- I’m afraid you are indulging in wishful thinking. Rome has not been a true church since the Schism of 1054, when she split over the use of the heretical filioque, and universal jurisdiction.

            While the Church is One, Holy, and Catholic, Rome is no longer that edifice- as this article clearly shows. [How blind are those who will not see.]

          • Ryan

            Are you the same Fr John+ with the white Jesus blog?

          • gemjunior

            How bout this one: A man convinced against his will – will be of the same opinion still. Or, You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?
            I did address the sickness in Rome but it was accidentally removed or edited.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I don’t think that this short article reveals anything but business as usual. How blind are those whose conceit informs them that they see!

            This article merely shows that Christianity hasn’t changed; it changes with the current needs and always has. What it can’t absorb it destroys and since its power to destroy has been hampered in modern times, it seeks to survive more through compromises than it used to. But it sure flipped between Kings, Capitalist and Fascists pretty readily, regardless of the effect on its “flock.” (Always been a bunch of sheep). If the Bolsheviks hadn’t closed the Churches down, it no doubt would have made deals with them. The problem is that since they chase away intellectuals, they end up on the Left and against the Church.

            Today’s church is as politically correct as it ever was. People have always been dealt with harshly (firing being pretty tame in comparison with the practices of the past). The problem is that it is hardly for it to pretend and support despotism against the very alleged words of Jesus in their own scriptures. In the past, no one knew because no one could read and then weren’t allowed to own Bibles. It took hundreds of years to gain access and then hundreds of more years to undo the damage that these “Christians” had done to the European (white) psyche during the reign of terror that lasted up to at least the 15th century.

            I think that some “Christians” are still suffering a post Fascist era hangover. But if you think that Fascist Catholic Christians are somehow racial purists or care about the survival of the white race, explain why Franco shipped in Berber Muslims to fight for him during the Spanish Civil War? Or why the Basques were Republicans, supporting the Republic while also being devout Catholics?

            The only explanation is that Christianity has always sought to gain and hold power and therefore wealth. It suppressed Europeans and then the rest of the world when it could. Christianity was so racially backward in its start that even numbers were considered heretical. Math was of the Devil and books were banned. It took the revival by overwhelming numbers of people that finally could not be denied to bring about the Renaissance and then the advent of the Age of Reason., which is responsible for ALL Western advances. If left to its devices, Europeans would still be burned at the stake for knowing how to do multiplication or how to use a “magic square.” The world would still be flat and others, likely the Muslims would have eventually conquered us.

            Today in America, it is our religious ignorance that is seeing our best brains going elsewhere. Christianity trying to control or own science is to blame. Texas was building an electron accelerator three times larger than the one in Switzerland, but a Christian Congressman asked if it would allow “us” to discover God. The scientist gave a scientific answer and the funding for the Texas accelerator was defeated by one vote. Since then, scientists have allowed journalists to interpret for the public. So the Higgs-boson particle became “The God Particle.”

            Scientists actually learned to play this game some time ago and so by the 18th century, some lower religious orders in Europe became a good place for researchers to hide. One thing that keeps coming around is that you cannot keep the human spirit and mind down for long. Funny to think that those who think that God created man and his mind out of his own will have so much trouble coping with its free use and expression.

            The real lesson of this article is to wake up race realists to the fact that Christianity has NEVER been a home or reserve for white, racial exclusivity. The sooner you guys free your selves of the entire delusion of Christianity and religion, the sooner you will find your true center and your real power.

          • me
          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The Roman Catholic Church was not the first or even true church. It was merely the one that gained the most power and prevailed during the Roman Emperor Constantine’s time through his Counsels at Nicea that he called to settle the questions that had various – and widely varying brands of Christianity warring with one another since the second century. In order to finally prevail, the Nazarine, Pauline Christians actually poisoned Arius of Alexandria. Constantine was actually an Arian Christian that converted or was converted on is deathbed to Pauline Christianity. Once in power, all other ideas and Christian practices were declared heretic and harshly (famously) persecuted for the next thousand years. This and much more revealing (and condemning) history of Christianity is historical fact and as close as a paperback abridged version of Edward Gibbon’s classic, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”

            Also, Catholicism is no different from the later Protestantism in that it is constructed from ideas and beliefs borrowed from earlier forms of religion such as Judaism, but also polytheistic paganism. Pagan holidays remained, but were given Christian names and themes. The halo for example is a modification of the icon of Apollo who was always painted with the full sun behind his head. This is seen even clearer when one looks at a Greek Orthodox icon. Catholic meant that it was the accepted mix of doctrines and themes and it was intended to make it as easy as possible for people to accept. Paul (Saul) himself admitted to “stealing” from others and “lying to bring the truth” (very convenient). This early practice led to a habit of appropriating everything into Christianity that could not be either destroyed or changed enough to appear congruent. Things were famously stretched for the Crusades and especially for the Albigensian Crusade against “heretical” Christians in Southern France. Anyway, Christianity has always been changing with the times and with what is necessary and convenient for its survival and expanding earthly power base.

            What is happening now is nothing unusual for Christianity. The delusion that Christianity favored whites over any other race actually covers a very short period of history only made possible by isolation. Individual Christians might think that their version made them special, but the missionaries were ever on the frontiers, converting the non-whites and giving the same hopes and dreams, because that has been the mission of Christianity since its start. Whites that think otherwise are self-deluded, that is all. The sooner they get over their delusion, the better for all whites, even Leftists.

          • gemjunior

            I think if you focus only on the negative aspects of the Catholic Church, Catholicism in general and what is happening now you would not want anything to do with it, especially because of the pedophile scandals and cover-ups. The fact remains that it is the one holy Catholic and apostolic church. For those of us that are devout Catholics, we do not run off and bail out to some other church when the church is in peril as it is now. The great apostasy is here, and one of the prophesies of Fatima is that “Satan will enter into My Son’s Church”. That is why the sickness we are now seeing is so prevalent as homosexual satanic pedophilia is the culmination. There was a ceremony in the chapel of St. Peter and Paul in the Vatican which was “The Enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican” in the ’60s which coincided with Vatican II.
            The other sects were merely that – shattered groups of revolutionaries jockeying for their own special brand of Christianity – that does not mean there was not one church that was the mystical body of Christ ( the church has been through the same experiences as Christ. First a successful teacher, then an object of hatred an envy, then betrayed and placed on trial, then scourged and persecuted (the present) and of course much more is to follow. The One True Church most definitely was the most populated, the most powerful, and so what if that was certified at the Council of Nicea? We say the Nicean Creed in a Catholic mass. There is one true church, and without revolutionaries who challenged it at every possible turn (as God’s most favored archangel also did to Him, and fell to hell in the one flash of lightening) the church would be far more powerful and would have maintained it’s pre-Vatican II militancy and strength. The Rothschilds and freemasons are in the Vatican now and have brought their devil with them. Also prophesied by the Holy Mother at Fatima is that “My immaculate heart will triumph” so evidently they are barking up the wrong tree…. Challenging God and his church is for demons and heretics. Other people have their religions and I would never dream of commenting on it – I speak in protection of my own church when someone insults it. And I recognize the hatred for what it is – pure hatred of something spiritual and holy which has not been unexpected in these times.

          • Larry

            The Traditional Catholics—as in the Society of St. Pius X–surely
            contrast to their favor with what is today known as The “Church”.

      • Shattered2013

        They protected and kept the pedophile priest empowering Mahoney but Frank’s got to go and anyone that expresses their objection to this tragic event is interrogated in preparation for excommunication? Really? That’s no Catholicism I want anything to do with. Please DO ex-communicate me on those false grounds. It appears that Protestantism exists for very good reasons.

  • Athling

    This is why so many are afraid to speak openly and honestly about racial issues. We can never have a truthful conversation and we dare not notice or mention obvious truths about race because unprincipled men in high places are lovers of mammon rather than truth. Ready to sacrifice anyone not conforming to politically correct dogma, these men are cowardly geldings.

    The only way to break this chilling effect is to continue speaking out. We must never be silenced.

    I hope this man’s good name can be restored though he now bears the mark of Cain as prescribed by our morally ill society. We must all be willing to bear that mark too.

  • Funruffian

    Mr. Borzellieri is an intelligent, principled and tirelessly hard-working man. There is no way he could have helmed such a position in a racially diverse setting for so long without getting emotionally exhausted. But, he never did and he obviously honed his energy and commitment from his religious beliefs and self-sacrafice. What happened to him is a crime. There are two different types of people in this world, ‘givers and takers’. Frank is 100% unequivocally a giver in the truest sense of the term.
    This story proves that even the most devout Catholics can be jealous. There was obviously jealousy and backbiting or else this may not have happened. Why would the Catholic church throw one of their superstars under the bus? What does Frank’s story tell us?

  • Defoe

    Let’s never underestimate the power of the “press”. One wonders what kind of “threats” were lodged against the diocese in order to get Frank fired.

  • What an intelligent and honorable man. It saddens me to be reminded of the depravity of some that portend high ethics and decency. To simply identify as white has somehow come to represent an inherent evil to be crucified?

    Thank you AR for bringing me this story that I might have been unawares, and thank Frank Borzellieri for simply being who he is.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    How brave of the Catholic Church to throw Frank away when pressured by the McCarthyites. If Frank had merely stolen funds or messed around with the secretaries, he would still have a job. But he wrote the truth about race – a truth tht does not contradict Catholic teaching – so he is cast into the outer darkness.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      “But he wrote the truth about race – a truth that does not contradict Catholic teaching”

      Thank you for that!!! It is nice to hear someone tell that truth for once!

  • Dirk

    I agree with some of the readers here about videos. Reading from screen is very tiresome. A video can also be played on the background while doing something else. There is a lot more you can do with video which you can not communicate with words.

    • To each his own, but my brain isn’t exactly a multi core CPU, if you know what I mean. If I’m reading it, I’m devoting my undivided attention to the material at hand. If I play a video, I could just as easily drift off to something else and not pay attention to the video.

      • haroldcrews

        I’m the opposite. If I’m watching a video the visual and audible stimuli requires more attention. Usually if I’m reading I have something playing in the background.

  • joesolargenius

    To better understand some of the reasoning behind his firing you need to take a good look at the Catholic Church which has been a safe haven for the Homosexual community for hundreds of years.The Democrats are in bed with the Homosexuals and are promoting their beliefs one hundred percent ,of course they got paid for doing it. But since one of their battle cries is Diversity is Good the gay church crowd is but reciprocating by making an example of a church authority figure whom said something ideologically different .
    They would have gone much easier on him, had he been a mere pedophile !.

  • Mike Lane

    God bless this man. I wish the Catholic schools I went to as a kid were run by people like him.

    • OlderWoman

      The Vatican is only concerned for their survival. They want to rule the world. They’ll use and manipulate any one they can to achieve their goal of being the New World Odors one religion.

      • Mike Lane

        I don’t buy that. Whenever people tell me the Vatican is out to rule the world all I hear about are a few photos of the Pope with a weird hand shake. Also, the Church is persecuted way to much by Obama and his cronies (not to mention the decline in Church attendance in Western countries) to be part of a New World Order. I went to Catholic School my entire childhood and teenage years and all I can say is that the Church may have become impotent since Vatican II, but not part of a conspiracy.

  • Scott894398

    The NY Daily News is a thug outfit run by a Canadian Jew and is about as American as borscht. They run the most censored comments section of any major paper in America, with the possible exception of the NY Post, which now has no comments at all. These are traitor media outlets through and through and I hope Frank bankrupts the News.

  • AugustusAlexander

    Sorry Frank, It is tough being a white person that holds up western ideology.

  • bigone4u

    Jared Taylor claims to be shocked that the Catholic Church would lie to Mr. Borzellieri and lie to the public. Isn’t this the same church that covered upfor pedo priests for decades? The church seems more interested in money than anything else. It will lie to protect itself. That’s not an indictment of Catholics, but an indictment of human nature.

  • Remnant

    Borzellieri’s mistake was in not sexually abusing his students: then the Church would have given him their full support. All joking aside, it is remarkable that even the most innocuous race realism is an irreparable career killer.

  • Denise

    Thank you for the interview and update on Frank Borzellieri’s situation. I heard about his plight about a year ago, and was wondering how things were going. I don’t understand how the Catholic Church can throw one of their most faithful sons under the bus. And what of these journalists who think nothing much of destroying someone’s career? They probably sleep well at night, maybe feeling a bit smug about it all. Throwing the R word around like kids slinging rocks on the playground might be fun for now, but the worm will turn. I honestly don’t understand how people can destroy someone’s career and sleep at night. I hope Frank wins his law suit.

  • Nathanwartooth
  • newscomments70

    I do have one suggestion for Frank Borzellieri: Start your own private school that teaches American values to American children. You would have thousands of traditional Americans who would love to have such an alternative for their children. You would have too many applicants for a one school. You would have to open several schools. Maybe it is God’s will that no school will hire you. It’s possible that you are destined for something better.

    • The Ice Queen

      I second that. Spectacular idea. I can’t believe that God would be stymied because the Church threw him under the bus. I realize it is difficult to start over; situations like this make it hard to get your bearings again. Once he gets things sorted out, I hope he considers this an option. God knows there is a need for it.

      • newscomments70

        It sounds like that he has the talent and education for the job. When valuable employees lose their jobs to tyranny, many excel as business owners. I wish Frank luck in suing his former employer, but I think his energy would be better spend on starting something new.

  • NordicHeritage

    It would be great to see a video discussion by amren on both the catholic and protestant involvement in encouraging mass immigration, diversity, and race mixing.

  • purestocles

    Frank says “The problem they have is that i have documentation, in writing, of all the excellent evaluations of every boss I ever had there had given me.”

    Whoops! Time for some Ministry of Truth lackey to get busy rewriting and expunging that pesky written record stuff–yet another good reason for READING ACTUAL WRITTEN MATERIAL rather than passively watching videos, which are much easier to edit and so obliterate from memory (and there is too, the difficulty they present in transcribing and commenting upon).

    • Deb from Queens

      Yes, but if you watched the video you see that for a donation, you can receive Frank’s book where he reprints all the documentation and tells this terrible story. I hope everyone contributes and reads it. He also showed a hilarious political cartoon in the book. But my favorite part is where Frank said he reprinted an email from the priest who fired him, where that priest said he enjoyed and thanked Frank for sending him an article in American Renaissance by Jared Taylor. I have to see that! What an embarrassment for that cowardly priest!

  • Jimmu Rustles

    Thoughtcrime?! How blasphemous!!

  • Why would it come as a surprise that the Church must fire an avowed white supremacist? In order to maintain credibility for their position of anti-gay bigotry it is incumbent that they maintain a position of absolute anti-racism.

    Mr. Borzellieri must be a very foolish man if he thought that they could retain him after his history came to light.

  • Michael Ryan

    the alt right sphere is discussing” tricotomy” the three areas we come from to reactionary views religion race and free argument is being made I think successfully that HBD is the lynchpin.Like Churchill I support the Church from without and recognize its cultural contributions and civilizing influence.Also I support free market capitalism but am aware of of the crony capitalist excesses that are developing though im not convinced of any conspiracy theories I am convinced we need to find the least socialist way to allow our least gifted citizens to afford family formation and a dignified existence this wont be easy.While I think the tricotomy discussion is imperative, we need to find common ground and a platform we can coalesce around, hopefully one that does for than simply splits the conservative vote but that splits the liberal vote if possible.I at least am in this to win not rant.We are going to run into the morality problem with HBD, we cant simultaneously expose the left for unscientific delusion and moral subjectivism while supporting a resurgent Christendom philosophically.HBD tells us any inherent morality we have altruism religious etc is simply evolved survival strategy. as Dostoyevsky implied in Karamazov without god all indeed is permitted.People like Harris Hitchens seem to miss this point when they rationally crush religious revelation. while they cant crush the possibility of a creator with a design beyond our comprehension they seem to think like the american founders that their morals are self evident.when cornered they justify the flourishing of life as “The [irreducible]Good” And here they are correct but perhaps this is what drove Nietzsche mad. The ethics of the flourishing of life are evolutionary laws, the law of the jungle. part of that genetic strategy in humans involved an irrational moral complex of various altruistic co evolutionary relationship.But it is objectively a biological [and social] construct subject to changing environments and random mutations, under the right combination Hitler is only doing what is needed to survive his success proves his moral righteousness.On some level lefties get this and try to keep all the balls in the air. Perhaps it is why to some extent the progressives abandoned social Darwinism.we have picked up a very difficult sale. My guess is many in the Alt Right are above average how does this sell to the masses? Youre superior to the mud people? Its an uphill sell but say its workable, We need to assure the bottom 50% of the top 50% they are not next on the list. Reversion to the mean and the randomness of genetics wont be scientific constraints for long.

  • jeffaral

    If you are a White nationalist, why would you work for a globalist, race-mixing organisation as the Catholic Church??!!

    • Michael Ryan

      the nuns that taught me said if you mixed races the kids could come out striped or dotted
      I know you old KKKers hate us catholics more than the jews and blacks but its always seemed kind of dumbass to me after all we are THE CHURCH you know the one we mean when we speak of Christendom Crusades Holy Roman Empires its the religion of all the worlds heavywieghts. Protestants on the other hand quicly devolved into tens of thousands sects of snake handlers, televangelists not looking to start a debate just saying catholicism seems a bit more traditional. that said my comment above brings up an upcoming problem we will have with any kind of christianity

  • Alexandra

    Revelation 17 describes the Catholic system. Now you have an idea as to why they’re okay with illegal aliens invading this country (and let’s not forget that Mexico is predominantly Catholic). Never mistake Catholicism for Christianity…it is a counterfeit.
    I think there are closet realists in my church, which is independent fundamental Baptist. We go out and knock on doors (and find that the JWs have done some damage) and from some passing comments I’ve heard from other members…you can tell there’s a bit of realism there. I mean, you can’t go out soulwinning or go off on a mission field in Africa and not be hit with the truth at some point–you would think.
    I may identify with IFB but I sure don’t buy into diversity. Yeah, spiritually Christians are one in Christ…but in the natural, there are still those differences amongst the races. Each race should have its own nation(s) and build them up (or run them into the ground) as they see fit.

    • OlderWoman

      Jesuits are importing as many Catholic Mexicans as they can. Their Catholic Charities are signing them up to suck off the teat of the American taxpayers. It’s part of the Jesuit Counter Reformation to destroy Protestantism.

  • anonymous_amren

    The Catholic Church persecuting scientists, denying reality, punishing heretics, and not understanding human evolution, is nothing new. That’s what Catholicism is all about.

    • The Jewish Well Wisher of AR

      Not true on the evolution concept. The Roman Catholic church does support and endorse the theory of human evolution. It is actually these neo-protestant sects i.e. Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Baptists, Non Denominationals (who refer to themselves simply as “christians”) etc who not only reject science and evolution, but even actively fight against anything that resembles logic, science and facts! Of course the Catholic church is not that great, but where honor where honor is due – the Catholics are pretty pro-science/ Pro-evolution and even to some extent a lot more intelligent and rational as compared to Protestant fundamentalists who love to thump their bibles all day!

      • OlderWoman

        Protestants don’t reject science. But we do reject evolution.
        You don’t know Protestantism at all. You’re a Jew, thus you hate Protestants because you’re jealous we are inheritors of the Covenant.

    • Michael Ryan

      actually genetics was discovered by a monk as were quite a few scientific breakthroughs it protestants that don’t believe in evolution the church has no problem with it.
      that said Christianity is altruistic and self denying so its incompatible with the whole alt right movement

  • JohnEngelman

    On most issues I think the consensus of the experts is more likely to be
    right than wrong. Nevertheless, as long as it can be dangerous to one’s
    career to maintain that racial differences are significant and largely
    genetic it cannot be said that the apparent consensus of the experts on
    this matter is reliable because it has been coerced.

    Many social scientists and geneticists say in public what they know will
    safeguard their careers, even though they do not really believe it.

  • Mark

    Europeans are growing tired of false accusations and the moniker of white supremacist or
    racist for simply standing up for our rights.

    I’m confident the Zionist press will be indicted for Hate Crimes for provoking other races to hate and attack Europeans. The main stream media would never call Asians, or Africans, supremacist, or racist.

    • JohnEngelman

      The reason Jews are so prominent in the professions is because of industrial strength IQ power.

    • cremaster

      Ho-hum. Another conspiracy theorist mug attacking one of the few friends the Right have. What on earth do people mean by “Zionist”? They seem to think it means “Lefty”.

      But the modern Left DETEST Israel, because they are opposed to Muzzie fundamentalism and Muzzies are a favoured group as far as the Left are concerned. Figure out who your friends and enemies actually are!

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    It’s interesting to note that in the interview they said that church/school officials were no longer chosen by their local school boards, and that’s what made Borzellieri vulnerable. Wasn’t Borzellieri a New York City councilman at one time, and he lost his position or chance of being elected there, too, because of some kind of change in the rules?

    It seems like the rules are subtly being changed everywhere to make it harder and harder for dissidents to have a voice or a public position. It seems that the rigid racial orthodoxy that we’ve labored under for the last half century isn’t dissolving, it’s becoming more and more vice-like.

    • Deb from Queens

      Tim, you are talking about two separate things. Frank Borzellieri was an elected school board member for three terms (total of 11 years) here in Queens. Those boards were in charge of the local PUBLIC schools. In 2004, the State of New York abolished school boards in New York City altogether. The job of a school board member was not full-time work, but a policy-making position. Frank could not be removed from the school board because he was elected – he was very popular with local voters. Separate from all that, Frank chose a career in education, where he was a principal of a CATHOLIC school. There are no “school boards” in the Catholic system. You are hired and fired by the pastor, the priest in charge of the school. That’s what heppened to Frank, even though he had an outstanding record. He was fired for political reasons, as you saw in this video.


    You can thank the Jews.

    Bill Ayers the terrorist can teach.

    Homos can ‘marry’.

    20 million illegals can be US citizens.

    Friend of Wright can be president.

    Enemy of first amendment Kagan can be supreme court justice.

    But Richwine cannot even work at Heritage and Frank Borzellieri cannot even teach.

    Chechens looking better and better. They don’t take no crap from nobody.

  • Shattered2013

    But if he had been a member of the Black Panthers or the Weathermen, he would still be working there. In the hypocritical world of cultural Marxist political correctness: It’s OK to be a member of a racist organization as long as it’s not a white racist organization and it’s OK to be a member of a Marxist revolutionary organization. It’s just not OK to be a member of a non-racist realist organization that advocates for the rights of white people.

  • Lygeia

    I watched this video twice and I still don’t know from watching the video what Frank Borzellieri wrote and believed that got him fired.

    It would have helped if Mr. Borzellieri quoted from his writings, because he may have made some cogent points that any reasonable person could agree with.

    In addition, what he wrote that got him fired a few years ago from his teaching post, may seem a little more mainstream now.

    This is because a lot of comments readers make to articles at mainstream news organizations, like CNN and ABC, NBC, and CBS, now read like the more balanced and judicious comments written about race and Islam that appeared in the past at publications like American Renaissance.

    American Renaissance was the only place where people could read about the forbidden news the mainstream news organizations refused to publish because it did not fit their agenda of pretending that the races all get along great with each other when we know this is not the case.

    That being said, the Catholic Church (in spite of all of its problems) appears to be the only place where we might be able to solve the dilemma of the different races learning how to truly get along with each other in a decent and civilized way,

  • Allan477

    Had this concerned a priest or nun, I am sure it would have been handled differently. But, then, the laity are always considered second-class Christians in the Roman Church.

  • cremaster

    Well I wish Mr Borzellieri luck with his action, but I think he is probably just another victim of the highly-organised Left. Even the the title of this site is a piece of hopeful nonsense. Where is our aggression? Why are we not organised like the Lefty scum?

  • Frank’s story is a sign that white identity consciousness is becoming a real threat to the establishment. Years ago Frank’s association with AmRen was acceptable. Now it’s not. I agree with the commenter who says that AmRen or maybe somebody else needs to be doing more. After the absurdity of 2012 people are starting to wake up. Well…I did. Is there a social networking tool that aggregates ideas from the dissident right and pushes the best ones to the top? If you want to change people’s minds you need to give them compelling ideas.

  • ravitchn

    As a Catholic I am not surprised. Try asking a priest about the effect of more and more Hispanics in his parish. He will tell you all is well. But among themselves priests worry that because of Latin American culture Hispanic Catholics will contribute little financially to the church and will instead expect to get financial help. The church in Latin America is rich and associated with the richer classes; the poor there expect the church to help them. They have neither the will not the resources to contribute to the church.
    The same is often true of Filipinos. Once at the new fancy cathedral in Los Angeles a Filipino woman asked me for change of $5.00. She evidently thought $5.00 was too much to put in the collection plate.
    I worry that with rising US populations of blacks and Hispanics and some Asians the road to Socialism will be unimpeded. These people will want socialism and the white population is diminishing. And many younger whites are probably also socialistically minded.

  • Marko

    A not so astonishing story in light of a reasoned historical analysis of the Catholic Church as merely a political organization more interested in power and money. Is Mr. Borzellieri still a member of the Catholic Church? If so, why?
    what is the status of the libel suit?