The Economic Consequences of Immigration

Thomas Jackson, American Renaissance, December 7, 2012

How we suffer from our folly.

Steven A. Camarota, Immigrants in the United States: A Profile of America’s Foreign-Born Population, Center for Immigration Studies, 2012, 90 pp., $20.00 (soft cover, postage included).

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is one of the country’s best sources of information about immigration. Its reports on such things as how immigration affects American workers, the mechanics of deportation, and immigrant crime are carefully researched and clearly written. Since its founding in 1985, CIS has supported immigration control, but its main goal is to discover and present the facts. It is an invaluable source of reliable information on a subject that is driven mostly by emotion.

A recent study by the center is an exhaustive economic profile of immigrants living in the United States. Drawing primarily on the huge amounts of data gathered by two census bureau surveys—the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey—the center’s director of research, Steven Camarota, has assembled what is probably the most detailed economic picture now available of the foreign-born population.

Available on the web, Immigrants in the United States is full of statistics and written in measured language, but it makes a devastating case against current immigration policy. One of its great strengths is an examination of immigrants by country of origin; the difference in outcome between Mexican and British immigrants, for example, is immense. The report also examines the slow progress Hispanic immigrants are making, even after three generations or more in the United States, and offers surprisingly focused information about illegal immigrants.

More than ever

Mr. Camarota first points out that the decade that ended in 2010 brought us by far the most immigrants in any decade in our history: 14 million. There are now 40 million immigrants living here, and their percentage of the population has jumped from 4.7 percent in 1970 to 13 percent. More than one in eight people in this country were born somewhere else. Immigrants and their American-born children accounted for 72.5 percent of population growth during the decade.

One quarter of all immigrants live in California alone, and more than a quarter of the people living in the state are foreign born. At the other end of the scale, West Virginia’s population is only 1.2 percent foreign born, followed by Montana (2 percent), Mississippi (2.1 percent), North Dakota (2.5 percent), and Wyoming (2.8 percent).

Where do immigrants come from? Latin America, including Mexico, contributed 53 percent of last decade’s 14 million. We now have 21 million foreign-born Hispanics, in addition to the 31 million who were born here. The next largest sending countries are China, India, Philippines, and Vietnam. There are also 1.3 million black African immigrants living in America, and more than half came in just the last decade. We even have Nepalese (65,000), Burmese (80,000), Bangladeshis (159,000), and Pakistanis (300,000).

The table, below, taken from the report, shows cumulative number of immigrants from various countries in 1990, 2000, and 2010.

Immigrant characteristics

About 28 percent of immigrants over age 25 failed to finish high school, compared to 7 percent of natives (5 percent for whites). This helps explain why even though 71.6 percent of immigrant adults work (74.4 percent of native adults work), many are poor. The table below shows rates of immigrant poverty and near poverty (“near poverty” is an income of up to 200 percent of the poverty threshold), by country of origin. No fewer than 30 percent of Mexican immigrants are poor, and an astonishing 67.8 percent of Mexican immigrants and their children are in or near poverty. The figures for Honduras and Guatemalans are similar. Interestingly, immigrants from India (6.7 percent) and the Philippines (5.3 percent) are least likely to be poor.

The lower part of the table, with natives broken out by race, shows black rates of poverty (27.8 percent) and poverty plus near poverty (51.9 percent), which puts them at about the level of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. At 31.2 percent, the poverty rate for Hispanic immigrants and their children is more than three times the native white rate of 9.7 percent. It is common to bemoan the income gap between rich and poor in the United States, but few people point out how immigration has swollen the ranks of America’s poor.

The “near poverty” designation is not merely a measure of hardship. That is the income cutoff level that makes someone eligible for a great many means-tested programs. People in this category rarely pay any state or federal income tax, and those who work usually qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit. Over 60 percent of immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala are either in or near poverty.

And, indeed, we find that usage rates of means-tested programs are very high among Hispanic immigrants (Mexicans: 57.4 percent, Guatemalans: 55 percent, Dominicans: 54.2 percent, Hondurans, 51.3 percent) as opposed to a rate of 22.8 percent for native families. And there are, of course, sharp differences among native families by race (blacks: 43.8 percent, Hispanics: 40.1 percent, Asians: 19.1 percent, whites: 17.6 percent). Certain programs, such as cash relief and subsidized housing, are not supposed to be available to non-permanent residents, so amnesty would bring about a dramatic rise in welfare use by immigrants.

Immigrants who have not graduated from high school stay poor. Even after 20 years in the United States, 66.2 percent are in or near poverty, 63.2 percent use some form of welfare, and 47.6 percent do not have medical insurance.

Immigrants in general are far more likely than natives not to have medical insurance: 34.1 percent versus 13.8 percent. Again, there are huge disparities by race and nationality: Only 11.5 percent of native whites are uninsured while 21.4 percent of American-born Hispanics are uninsured. More than half of all Mexican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran immigrants are uninsured; these are the people who will benefit most when the national insurance program Mr. Obama signed in 2010 comes into effect.

Many immigrants live in what Americans consider overcrowded housing, which is defined as more than one person per room. Overcrowding is especially severe for Mexican immigrants (26.3 percent of households) and Central Americans (21 percent). Only 1.2 percent of native whites live in overcrowded housing. Immigrants as a whole are more than 6 times more likely than natives to live in such housing. Thus, although they are 13.8 percent of all households, immigrants account for 52 percent of all overcrowded households. In California they account for 72 percent, and in New Jersey and New York for more than 60 percent.

Mr. Camarota notes that property taxes are levied by household. Because immigrants are more likely than natives to be poor, they live in less-expensive, lower-taxed housing than natives. And because so many immigrants tend to live in each home, the per capita tax payments are lower still. At the same time, immigrant households send more children to public school than do native households—50 percent more in the top 28 immigrant-receiving states. In North Carolina, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska, and Nevada, the average immigrant household sends twice as many children to public school as the average native household. Immigrants consume other local services at higher rates than natives and are thus a huge burden on local as well as federal budgets. Mr. Camarota drily notes “the very real possibility that immigrant households are on balance a net fiscal drain.”

Stalled progress

This report takes a comprehensive look at the progress that succeeding generations of Hispanic immigrants make once they arrive in the United States. The graph below compares first-, second-, and third-generation Hispanics to non-Hispanic natives. Hispanics make clear gains from the first to the second generation.

For example, 47 percent of Hispanic immigrants do not have a high school diploma, whereas in the second generation only 16 percent are dropouts. However, the third generation is slightly more likely than the second generation to drop out, and Hispanics show this pattern of slight deterioration across the board, except in percentage without medical insurance. However, as Mr. Camarota points out, this exception is due to the fact that the third generation is more likely to be insured through government-funded Medicaid. It is worth noting that these comparisons are to all non-Hispanic natives. If the comparison were to native whites the contrast would be even sharper.

Mr. Camarota notes that declines from the second to third generations are not due to an age mismatch between the two generations. It would distort the comparison if middle-aged second-generation Hispanics were compared to young third-generation Hispanics who were just starting their careers. These declines from the second to the third generation are controlled for age.

Illegal immigrants

Mr. Camarota estimates that there are about 10.5 million illegal immigrants in the country, or the equivalent of 28 percent of all immigrants. He notes that this could be an underestimate, and that there could be as many as 11.5 million illegals. From various sources he also concludes that 54 percent of illegals did not complete high school, and that 58 percent are from Mexico. Twelve percent are from Central America, 9 percent from East Asia, 7 percent from South America, with 3 percent each from Europe, South Asia, and the Caribbean.

About half of all illegals live in four states: California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. Probably 62 percent do not have medical insurance (it is remarkable that 38 percent manage to get it). Illegals account for a fifth to a quarter of the uninsured populations of New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, and California, and no less than 29 percent in Nevada.

Illegals are entitled to many kinds of welfare—food stamps, free school lunches, WIC—though they are not supposed to get outright cash assistance. Their US-born children, however, are a back door to the welfare system. In Texas, California, and Illinois, well over half of illegals are probably using at least one major welfare program.

This is not necessarily because illegal immigrants do not work. In fact, in 96 percent of illegal households, at least one adult has a job. This figure is considerably higher than the equivalent figure for natives, but there can be many people living in an illegal household. Immigrants who work, both legal and illegal, consume a great deal of welfare because there are so many means-tested programs for the working poor.

Mr. Camarota estimates that the total annual income of illegal immigrants is about $162 billion dollars and that the annual cost of educating their children is about $39 billion. Just to pay for the public schooling they consume, illegals would have to pay 24 percent of their income in taxes—an impossibility, given their low incomes. And this does not account for the other public programs and benefits they consume.

State data

This report includes interesting data by state. We learn, for example, that children of immigrants make up more than 30 percent of the public-school students in New Jersey, Texas, New York, and Nevada, and an astonishing 48 percent in California. Similar percentages of public-school students in these states speak a language other than English at home. We also learn the states where the highest percentages of immigrants are illegal: North Carolina (59 percent), Georgia (51 percent), Arizona (48 percent), Texas (46 percent). In California, only 26 percent of immigrants are illegal.

This report contains a great deal more economic information and makes many more instructive comparisons. All the data underline how varied the impact of immigration is on different states, and how much variation there is in the success rates of immigrants from different countries. The only possible overall conclusion, however, is that it is folly to import millions of poor, uneducated people, whose children and grandchildren continue to be poor and uneducated. No one can read this report and not conclude that Hispanic immigration, in particular, is disastrous for America.

Unanswered questions

Why does the United States admit so many immigrants who are poorly educated and consume so many public resources? One commonly proposed answer is that there are many low-paying jobs that natives refuse to take. However, Mr. Camarota notes that there are only a few professions that are dominated by immigrants: farm labor (53 percent of workers are immigrants), maids (48 percent), taxi drivers (41 percent), meat processors (35 percent), construction labor (34 percent), computer programmers (32 percent), and then the drop off is steep. Moreover, native unemployment is high in all these fields: an average of 16 percent in 2010 compared to 9.5 percent nationally.

The recession has made things worse. In virtually every state, there are about four times as many unemployed natives as there are immigrants who arrived in the decade ending in 2010. If only one in five of the 52.7 million working-age natives without jobs were to be employed, their numbers would be more than the 7.14 million immigrants added to the workforce in the last decade.

The contrast is just as striking when one considers illegal immigrants who hold jobs. There are about five times as many native unemployed teenagers and adults with no more than a high-school education than there are working illegals. Many of those natives may be shiftless unemployables, but others would doubtless have jobs if the illegals were not here.

Economics, moreover, is just one aspect of immigration. This report does not even touch on crime rates among immigrants or the extent to which many—especially those from Mexico—harbor resentments against the United States. There is nothing here about rates of illegitimacy, HIV infection, child abuse, school failure, or domestic violence. Nothing about the well-documented decline in social trust that accompanies increased “diversity.” Nothing about the “affirmative action” benefits for which many immigrants qualify. Nothing about the beleaguered descendants of America’s founding stock, who pay most of the taxes to support ever-larger numbers of tax consumers, both native and immigrant.

But the economic arguments should be enough, especially at a time of high unemployment and record budget deficits, to persuade Congress to eliminate most immigration. No sensible country lets in millions of strangers who take jobs from natives, and then gives those strangers free food, schooling, and medicine. This makes ordinary Americans furious, of course, but not our rulers. If all our poor, ill-educated, unassimilated immigrants were whites—from France, say—our rulers would have no trouble throwing them out and keeping them out.

Mexicans and Salvadorans are a different matter. We must overlook their failures because they are not white. To notice the harm they do our country would be “racist.”

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Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson lives in Virginia and has been writing for American Renaissance for more than 20 years.
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  • William Allingham

    What envy can do. They want to destroy the people responsible for most our intellectual and artistic revolutions who has the most beautiful women and at the same time give preference to the descendants of people whose most advanced societies resembled more hunter-gatherers and even today have not fully overcome that mentality.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      I’d be willing to bet a few pints of Guinness that JohnEngleman was the negative voter on the last three posts.

  • Athling

    The overwhelming majority of the Third World immigrants we have gotten and will continue to get with the help of Barry Hussein (aka Zero) will end up being an economic and social drag on the country. Young native-borns are already having enough problems finding their first-time jobs. You know, the jobs Americans just won’t do.

    Not to mention that these people will be voting en masse for the demoncats. A guaranteed and permanent far Left government will be the result which will eventually collapse. Most whites continue sleeping…

    • pcmustgo

      I find many to be, especially blacks, an emotional and psychological drag too… I’m tired of their whining. I’m tired of the fighting and chaos and negativity that always follows them.

    • kjh64

      What the democrats,( most of the democrat politicians are White) don’t understand, is that eventually, far from keeping them in power, all of these “minorities” will find the democratic party too White, too old, too American. The democrats will be ousted by some new party that is some far-fetched Latino Marxist party as well as other far out ethnic parties.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I’ve been saying this for many years… America and The West must be destroyed so the Third-World can feel good about themselves. The West was simply too far superior in every way and this is too much reality for the dark hordes of uselessness.

    Why have a space program when you can have millions of anti-Whites to pay for instead?

    • Mike Lane

      I think it is far more disgusting and sinister. This isn’t the doing of the Third World; it is the doing of our own leaders and their puppetmasters. The white race (as a whole) has always been a threat to the collectivist (Marxist) ideology and social order, because whites, unlike most/all races, do not only possess high intelligence on average, but a distinct sense of individuality, unlike countries like China or Japan, where its citizens think as more of a collective and are more willing to have an authoritarian state ruling. By wiping the white race out of existence, the competition has been defeated and a Statist society is inevitable.

      • saxonsun

        I could not have said it better.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    A good point about the importation of the poor. The left declares war on poverty while simultaneously bringing in millions of poor so as to make it impossible to win, and then they blame us because there are poor people here. I don’t want to get deleted, so I won’t go into what it makes me feel like doing.
    Another good point regarding crowded housing. Why is it crowded? To keep costs relatively low per person. Why are the costs high? Slumlords who get to charge a lot. VDare . com often mentions the cheap labor lobby, but I think there are many in favor of legal and illegal immigration who represent the high rent lobby, and they are just as bad.

    • puffdaddy

      It’s also true that Mexicans and other Latin Americans actually prefer to live in tight quarters with multiple family members and generations. Even when you travel to rural areas in Latin America and Mexico, as I have done several times, it is remarkable that even in spacious areas where homes – even cheap ones – could be spread apart with plenty of personal space for everyone the choice is still to build houses huddled close to each other and to fill them with numerous people.

    • saxonsun

      What you feel like doing is the only thing we can do.

  • Sean

    The left wants a larger voting bloc, greater diversity, and a large class of dependents. The right wants cheap labor and to not seem racist. Seems like both sides have forgotten about the white working class. Us white workers don’t want handouts or diversity, we want opportunity and an actual culture that encourages hard work and ingenuity. We want to be able to get ahead through achievement. We want a nuclear family. We want our actual culture back.

    Our politicians are so out of touch they can’t even reach what should be the easiest demographic for any real American candidate, the White Workers.

    • David Ashton

      The white workers by hand and brain, and their decent and admirable family units, are the prime targets and enemies, ironically, of the Cultural Marxist revolutionaries:
      “This new consciousness and instinctive rebellion isolate such opposition from the [white] masses and organized labor, the [hitherto] integrated majority, and make for the concentration of radical politics in active minorities, mainly among the young middle-class intelligentsia, and among the ghetto populations…the revolt against the old societies is truly international” – Herbert Marcuse, “An Essay on Liberation” (1969/73) ch.3 “Subverting Forces – In Transition”.

      And it came to pass….

      • Sean

        Our opponents are truly perverse. Marxism is an ideology that would have been stamped out in any sane society. A paradigm shift needs to be enacted, books must be published and promoted that can reach the public. News media must be reached with more of our people in a non-pundit dominated arena preventing the odds from being stacked against us as it is in shows like “Question Time” on the BBC. Although society has gone insane we can give them a gentle nudge in the correct direction through literature and civil debate which the left seems to shy away from due to the lack of empirical evidence that supports them.

        Parody and cold, hard facts are the only true weapons we have left. Any notions of appeals to our traditional nature as a country have failed miserably. They are simply rooted far too deep in the collective consciousness.

        • Gracchus123

          Your suggestions for action are right on target. The problem is funding. As I have stated before on this site, our opposition has had over 100 years head start on us and has virtually unlimited funding to accomplish its goal which it has pretty much done.

          I think that the only real chance we have as a “people” is a great reckoning where society as we know it collapses. At that point, we have the ability to re-construct our society along the lines we want, but only if we are prepared to do so.

          I recommend the book THE GREAT RECKONING by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg.

    • Joseph

      Shut up and get back to work, son of privilege. If our benificent leaders want your opinion, they’ll give it to you.

  • JohnEngelman

    open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.

    – Paul Krugman

    • puffdaddy

      Wow. That’s pretty remarkable. he’s such a dunderhead it’s amazing he said something intelligent – and obvious.

      • JohnEngelman

        Paul Krugman is an economics professor at Princeton, a New York Times columnist, and a Nobel Laureate. By contrast Rush Limbaugh dropped out of college after failing all of his courses two semesters in a row.

        • Susan Rice-a-Roni is an Oxford Ph.D. history Rhodes Scholar. I have an undergrad degree in business/accounting from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

          I knew the “YouTube video caused Benghazi” excuse was nonsense from the get-go. The Great Genius Ph.D. (supposedly) didn’t have the common sense to question the notion from her superiors that it was, such that she did the News Church Full Ginsburg and thus is now said to have been made a fool for it.

          • Joseph

            Just because one is highly “educated” it in no way guarantees that they will act according to conscience, or even *have* a moral conscience. People like this are manifold more dangerous than a moron in the hood or a kook with guns in a school. These are the sorts who simply implement directives sending “dissidents” off to the gulag or place “enemy combatants in indefinite detention”. I don’t believe she is that stupid, unfortunately.

          • David Ashton

            IQ is important. What one does with it is also important.

        • Le Gaulois

          Yup and Paul Krugman is also a Non-Gentile who already knows that east asian economies aren’t what they are made up to be by silly little trolls. Read and learn engleman:

          “The Myth of Asia’s Miracle” by Paul Krugman

          • JohnEngelman

            When comparing the Soviet economy to the American economy we must also keep in mind that the Soviet economy was hardly effected by the Great Depression.

            Paul Krugman argues that high early rates of economic growth in the USSR, and the eventual slowdown in the Soviet economy during the 1970s and 1980s was due to the facts that the Soviet economy was suited to the rapid growth of heavy industry, but poorly designed for the creation of a consumer economy.

            This is because the Soviet economy could force present austerity in order to build for future production, but a capitalist economy is better suited for the far greater number of comparatively minor decisions to determine what consumers want, and what they are willing to pay.

            It is too early to determine if economies in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan have structural defects that will slow their economies in the future.

            My instincts tell me that with fewer social problems than the United States, and a higher average IQ they have significant advantages over the U.S., and that their structural problems consist of less natural resources per capita.

          • David Ashton

            The Soviet economy was dependent for decades upon western technology and even credit. See the massively documented Hoover Institution trilogy by A. C. Sutton which the AFL-CIO endorsed. The Soviet collapse was facilitated by its inability both to provide a full star-wars defense system and consumer goods on the scale Khrushchev previously promised in the run-up to “full communism”.
            The combination of net aid from the west, with cheap or forced labor, has been a feature of the command economies in Russia and China.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            If the Soviets were so dependent on our technology, then the Asians must be even more dependent.

          • Joseph

            Yes, remember the Chase-Peking Bank, the Chase-Moscow Bank from the ’70’s ? The same players all of the time; all of these international banks buying political favor with American sucker/citizen guaranteed loans to places like Poland, Mexico, Brasil, ad nauseum.

          • David Ashton

            Yes, indeed.
            And Harold Wilson’s “trade” deals with Kosygin and Mikoyan were part of the “Vodka-Cola” process.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            That is a biased opinion. Fewer social problems? That depends on what you mean by that. Higher average IQ? For the thousandth time, who cares? We have invented 10 times more with our lower IQs.

          • JohnEngelman

            Hi Courtney, welcome back. I missed your comments. 🙂

            It is well known that Orientals have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites, and higher average IQs. Those are facts I have documented on this website many times, quoting among others, Jared Taylor and J. Philippe Rushton, who as I enjoy pointing out, spoke at six American Renaissance conferences.


            Those facts assist a nation economically.

            The Han Dynasty was contemporaneous with the Roman Empire. Both were technologically equivalent. From the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the Renaissance China was ahead of the West technologically. Please remember that few in the West could read during the Dark Ages.

            For at least a generation the Japanese have built better automobiles, motor cycles and consumer electronics than Americans. Now the Chinese are catching up with us scientifically.


            Much of what one finds in a department store was made in China. Where was your PC made? Mine was made in China.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            None of this negates anything I said about whites inventing exponentially more than Asians. Your tiresome comments about the Chinese making our products for cheaper or the Japanese taking our inventions and making them better, in no way refute my arguments, nor do your history lessons on China’s “brilliance” in comparison to Europe’s Dark Age. What exactly is any of that supposed to prove?

          • JohnEngelman

            This is what it proves:

            “Orientals are slower to mature, less fertile, less sexually active, less aggressive, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores.

            -Professor J. Philippe Rushton

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            You are stiil dodging my point, and you have still failed, after all these years to prove my argument false.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your point is that whites are more creative than Orientals. Your evidence is from history. My point is that Orientals are more intelligent than whites. My evidence is manifest whenever the test scores are published.

            There is a strong correlation between IQ and creativity. One could almost argue that they are equivalent.

            The real question is: will China surpass the United States in science and technology? We will have to wait and see, Check back at the end of this century. My bet is on China.

            While we are waiting, visit an elite university, and take notice of all the Orientals there.

          • saxonsun

            I teach at the college level. The Asian students are NEVER as a block more intelligent that the Whites. NEVER.

          • 6ix Pack

            I agree. From what I’ve seen, they are simply more group-oriented, which allows them to complete tasks as a group more quickly. However, they are not especially more intelligent or creative.

          • 6ix Pack

            “Your point is that whites are more creative than Orientals. Your
            evidence is from history. My point is that Orientals are more
            intelligent than whites. My evidence is manifest whenever the test
            scores are published.”

            But yet when measured by the test of history, Whites do better…..hmmm.

          • saxonsun

            And China closed off and became (thank God) very insular. That allowed the West to plow ahead–and no group does it better than us.

          • eduard

            But who invented and designed and developed it? The Eastern so-called high IQ is not the creative IQ.

          • Heff

            This troll and ADL employee has completely driven me from this site. I will never post here again. The moderators here are complete cowards for not expunging this guy. I think they tolerate him because they have deluded themselves into thinking that they can somehow form a coalition of “awakened” liberal whites and ordinary sane people. I’ve got news for you: ain’t gonna happen. Enjoy and get used to your losing streak continuing.

          • 6ix Pack

            The mean Chinese I.Q. is 100. The mean German I.Q. is 103. Care to explain that?

            When Engleturd mentions I.Q., he inappropriately averages between ALL
            white Caucasians. Why not to the same for South East Asians – 1.2
            billion 100 IQ Chinese with ~145 million 105 IQ Koreans and Japanese
            will end up below the German/Nordic IQ.

            “Much of what one finds in a department store was made in China. Where was your PC made? Mine was made in China.”

            That’s because the Chinese work for nothing. Hardly a sign of superior intelligence. Most of what they make was designed elsewhere by majority non-Chinese. Take the 2008 summer Olympics, for example. That spectacular pool and building exterior – designed by Germans. Germany also maintains a large trade surplus with the Chinese.

          • IBWHITE

            Engleman frequently spouts off about the average IQ of Asians being higher but conveniently forgets to mention that White’s have a higher percentage of people in the genius range.

          • JohnEngelman

            If that is true, why is this true?

            “For years, many Asian-Americans have been convinced that it’s harder for them to gain admission to the nation’s top colleges.

            “Studies show that Asian-Americans meet these colleges’ admissions standards far out of proportion to their 6 percent representation in the U.S. population, and that they often need test scores hundreds of points higher than applicants from other ethnic groups to have an equal chance of admission. Critics say these numbers, along with the fact that some top colleges with race-blind admissions have double the Asian percentage of Ivy League schools, prove the existence of discrimination.”

          • David Ashton

            He also keeps quoting the observable external characteristics of legal Chinese overseas migrants, ignoring the lack of rural mainland IQ measurements and internal crime among the Chinese themselves at home and abroad, ignoring contrary documentation on, for instance, people smuggling, secret societies, corruption, dope trafficking &c.

            China and other eastern countries have vast resources of cheap or disciplined labor, which undercuts the western workers that Engelman has ostensibly championed, and international finance moves there instead of developing the west; an effective alliance between “capitalism” and “communism”. Chinese prison labor is used for some exports.

            As for young people supporting “socialism”, look at their crazy support in western capitals years ago for good OLD Chairman Mao, who reportedly told his aides during the Great Leap into Famine that it would be better for half the population to die of starvation so the other half could have their fill.

          • JohnEngelman

            In his book “Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations,” Richard Lynn, who spoke at the most recent American Renaissance conference, estimates higher average IQs in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. than in any predominantely white country.


            In those countries IQ testing is likely to be more honest and accurate than in Communist China.

            in the West support for Mao Tse Tung was never more than a passing fad of a very small percent of young people.

            Americans of all age levels who prefer socialism to capitalism are largely aware that by many criteria the social democratic economies of Scandinavia perform better than the U.S. economy. These criteria include employment rates, public debt per capta, and triple A ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

          • David Ashton

            My point throughout re Mongolid intelligence levels has been precisely that the emigrant or elite populations of HK, Singapore, Taiwan and other diaspora merchant settlements are likely higher have higher IQ scores than peasant populations across the east Asian interior.

          • JohnEngelman

            I agree that until mainland China becomes a more open society it will be difficult to estimate the average IQ there.

            Your explanation cannot explain the high averages for Japan and South Korea. Nor can my explanation. I attribute the high averages for Chinese to the Imperial Exam System. There was nothing equivalent to that in Japan and Korea.

          • David Ashton

            I think the Japanese probably have the edge on the mainland Chinese as a whole.

          • kjh64

            “Americans of all age levels who prefer socialism to capitalism are largely aware that by many criteria the social democratic economies of Scandinavia perform better than the U.S. economy.”
            Comparing Scandinavian economies to the USA is comparing apples and oranges. Scandinavian countries do NOT have huge numbers of Mexicans flooding into their nations taking jobs and they don’t have a large Black/Latino underclass they have to support. The true test of capitalism vs. socialism would be comparing the two if they had the same demographics but they don’t.

          • Anonymous

            Those ‘white’ geniuses frequently have Ashkenazi Jewish blood in them.

          • Well my instincts tell me that in those countries EVERYBODY WORKS. Also they are not plagued with diversity as we are. Therefore their societies are more stable than Western societies. That makes a much bigger difference than a measly 5 point difference in IQ.

          • David Ashton

            Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei states in “The Times” (London), December 17, p.20: “The Communist Party possesses full control of the media… . Access to blocked foreign websites was possible using technology such as virtual private networks, but even these were severely attacked during the [18th CP] congress….personal opinion could easily lead to prison or enforced disappearance…. Intellectuals, or any individual for that matter cannot reflect on their feelings or ideas…. Yet the Government lacks the creativity and independence to foster a stronger society.”
            He also says: “Its young people have no passion, imagination, or creativity. They show no ability to digest different perspectives or even to recognize that there are differences in viewpoint.”

        • Le Gaulois

          Yup and Paul Krugman is also a Non-Gentile who already figured out that east asian economies aren’t what they are made up to be by wishful thinkers like yourself: Read and learn engleman”

          “The Myth of Asia’s Miracle” by Paul Krugman

        • David Ashton

          “…and obvious.”

        • puffdaddy

          Did I mention Rush Limbaugh? Um…no I didn’t. At any rate, oh I am so impressed with Paul Krugman! Gee, I didn’t know all that about him, because – he never stops reminding people of it. Hey, I’m a member of the Princeton Club too, and lunch there often. Drink there too. Do ya know how ya get to be a member? Barack Obama got a Nobel Prize too (it’s a political prize, and has been for many many years). Economics is least understood by people who have degrees in economics. And the particular article blog you link to was written a few years ago; he goes on to blame angry white men for their own irrelevance and eventual demise. By now he understand mass immigration helps this along, and now supports it as he also believes the multiracial and multicultural society is the preferable one (which of course he also says in this blog). Besides, he needs cheap labor to mow the lawn and polish the silver in his mega mansion.

        • IBWHITE

          And Limbaugh has made more money than that left wing nut job Krugman ever will. So it comes down to what your opinion of successful means. Not everyone likes to listen to these marxist a$$holes preach their nonsense in a classroom setting.

          • He has made enough money to buy everyone in his immediate family out multiple times over. This falls under the category of “word gets around” — But in southeast Missouri and in Missouri state Republican politics, you have understood the name “Limbaugh” as the prominent family of lawyers in southeast Missouri, long before one of their own took to a microphone. Even before that one became a radio star, the endorsement and support of Limbaughs was important to anyone seeking office as a Republican in Missouri, and after he became a star, trips to Cape Girardeau for Republican candidates became almost a Mecca-style pilgrimage.

            However, before he became really successful in radio, Rush (as in Rush III) was virtually ostracized and driven out of his family for being the only male member who was not either a lawyer or even a college graduate. And yes, he was more ostracized and turned into a black sheep than he admits in public. This is why Rush III hates the John Birch Society, only because half the Limbaughs are Birchers and he’s under-the-table getting back at the same family that disowned him for awhile. It’s a similar psychology to the Chandler family that ran the Los Angeles Times for a long time — Early in the paper’s history, the paper’s editorial line was very close to what became the JBS’s. But by the time the 1960s came along, and the first Chandler to run the LAT was also the first college graduate to do so, the LAT seemed to turn on the JBS. But it was nothing more than a result of internal politics of the Chandler family: The college boy that ran the LAT and a lot of his Bircher relatives that had significant power over LAT from a business entity standpoint personally despised each other.

          • JohnEngelman

            Rush Limbaugh has made a fortune telling elderly white men lies they want to believe.

            “The dirty little secret of conservative talk radio is that the average age of listeners is 67 and rising, according to [Jon Sinton, founding president of Air America] — the Fox News audience, likewise, is in its mid-60s.”

            I do not want to sound guilty of ageism. I am nearly that old myself. Nevertheless, a movement of grumpy, grouchy old white men is not going to transform the United States.

            On the other hand, according to a “a Pew Research Center poll…socialism has more fans than opponents among the 18-29 crowd. Forty-nine percent of people in that age bracket say they have a positive view of socialism; only 43 percent say they have a negative view.”

            Limbaugh’s lies have been documented as early as 1994.


          • JohnEngelman

            While the GOP dominates among a declining demographic, the Democratic Party dominates among growing demographics, including single women.


            DENVER — Sara Stevenson spends her working hours surrounded by Republicans, namely the married men who work alongside her in a Denver oil and gas firm company.

            But after hours and on weekends, she usually spends her time with other single women, and there’s not a Republican in sight among the bunch.

            “There was just no way I could have supported any Republican this year,” said Stevenson, 31. “They focused so much on taxes.”

            It’s not something that women in my demographic really care about. I’ve never heard my friends lament their taxes.”

            As Republicans dust off their Election Day drubbing last month, their party must confront the reality that the ranks of unmarried women are growing rapidly, and these voters overwhelmingly have backed Democrats for decades.

          • David Ashton

            Single women and gays who avoid reproduction are a slowly diminishing demographic. Not so much Marxism-Leninism as Marxism-Hedonism.

          • JohnEngelman

            The article I linked to say that the percentage of single women in the United States is increasing. Because I think homosexuality is caused genetically I think the percentage of homosexuals has been fairly constant throughout American history. Nevertheless, greater tolerance of gays relieves the pressure many of them felt in the past to get married in order to pass as straight.

          • Mark Tenney

            Stop foreign student visas that take away job security for young natives in their 20s.

        • Joseph

          These days, a Nobel in econ. has about the same value as the peace prize: it is quid pro quo for toting the globalist’s baggage. I think it is also historically evident that academic credentials or even intelligence do not correspond directly with morality nor even being correct.

          And- Krugman’s econ text is a jumble heartily reinforced with “conventional wisdom” of Keynes. Being a Jew might make him successful but not omniscient.

          I’m not sure how Limbaugh figures into this but he is only a useful stooge as well. He was long ago purchased by the warring right.

          • Gracchus123

            “These days, a Nobel in econ. has about the same value as the peace prize: it is quid pro quo for toting the globalist’s baggage.”

            The Nobel committee has been politicized for a long time. Thank you for pointing that out.

            I lost my admiration for academics long ago. While I see the value of scientific and technical education, the rest can “go by the boards” as far as I am concerned. Even so, many of those schooled in the sciences and technologies are supremely naive about the “ways of the world” and can be easily co-opted by one political agenda or another. The fight for grant money in academia can lock-in a political agenda faster than senator Shumer can get in front of a tv camera(and that is proof-positive that the speed of light is not the fasted thing in the universe).

            Those who are mesmerized by academic degrees and/or IQ are, well, mesmerized, and can therefore be easily led down the garden path as it were.

        • Guest

          Yeah? B.F.D. that’s one of the reasons that most of the “intellectutals” hate people like Limbaugh – they can still make millions WITHOUT receiving the “pedigree” you mentioned above. That makes people like Krugman insanely jealous.
          After listening to the “smartest” man at Columbia law arguing the finer points of Obamacare in front of Scalia this past year, I’m not sure that degree is worth a squirt of piss anymore. That guy was a mental midget and was putty in Scalia’s hands.

    • pcmustgo


  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Every time someone complains about higher taxes or a closed park or cutbacks to infrastructure I just say with a serious tone, “Hey we gotta pay for Mexican babies.” I especially enjoy this when I can say it to one of my Liberal Progressive acquaintances that has children.

  • KenelmDigby

    Ultimately, it will lead to disaster, of course.
    What is happening is that a new ‘slave class’ or lowest rung of the labor market is being imported. Apparently a bottomless reservoir of ‘reserve labor’ which ensures that wages at the bottom end will be permanently held down to just above zero, creating a society that is reminiscent of ancient Rome with its mass slavery rather than an equitable high wage, high productivity economy.
    But, I’m pretty sure that the second or third generation imported coolies will stand for it, they will lash out violently and aggressively. They will see that Whites ‘have got everything’ and ‘they have got nothing’ and this resentment, this grudge, armed with a racial animus will result in intractable low level conflict and anger – just like in the French banlieus, for example.

    • David Ashton

      The “capitalists” want a reservoir of cheap labor.
      The “communists” want a street-army of unemployed.
      Patriots want neither.

      • The capitalists who want all that cheap labor are idiots: They’ll be the first ones their imported thralls send to the guillotines. As a middle class, patriotic American, however, I have little problem with that. Karma is a bee-yotch.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Washington Post December 10, 2012

    we tore through the new Politico/George Washington University national poll and came up with six thoughts on the data…

    What don’t people really care about? Illegal immigration (5 percent)…

    when prompted a large majority (62 percent) support “an immigration reform proposal that allows illegal or undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship over a period of several years.” Just 35 percent oppose such a measure. Asked whether they would support the children of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay permanently if they get a college degree or serve in the military — essentially the DREAM Act that has been proposed in Congress — 77 percent of people said they would back that measure. What those numbers mean is that if President Obama moves an immigration proposal early next year, Republicans will be hard-pressed to vote against it.

    Immigration could be the issue that dooms the Republican Party. If Republican politicians oppose easing restrictions on immigration they will lose votes. If they favor easing restrictions, the Democrats will gain voters.

    • David Ashton

      Immigration will be the issue that dooms America, never mind which “party”.

      • JohnEngelman

        I would like more restrictions on immigration. So would most posters here, but we are in the minority in the United States.

        • David Ashton

          The judo approach in propaganda has its merits – as and when.
          Public opinion is shaped by those who control the media and education; it is not simply “democratic”. Commercial appetites and habits are influenced by those who control supply chains and advertising. You would be the last to propose that historical and political events are determined entirely by the “masses” rather than intelligent elites. In the USA campaign money and payola are major factors in elections; to a lesser extent in the UK.
          The majority of the British population have always wanted the death-penalty for at least some calculated murders, but they never get their wish because the liberal elite disagree. The “permissive society” was imposed on us.
          Multicultural mass-immigration was pushed on a country (where Enoch Powell once had nearly 90% support in a nationwide opinion poll) by deception at the top, and an electoral system which cripples resistance; now the fact is accomplished, there is a resignation among many people, who take your view – “resistance is futile”, “for you Tommy the cultural wars are over”.
          You ignore the impact lobby groups, think tanks and personal fashions upon politicians. Take just one example from the USA (whether or not you support Israel): the Zionist influence on Congress.

          • JohnEngelman

            Efforts by elites to shape public opinion are only effective when they resonate with popular concerns and with the circumstances most people face in their lives. During the 1960s and 1970s liberals in the United States tried to convince white blue collar workers that the real problem in the United States was not black crime, but the racism of white blue collar workers.

            That was not effective. White blue collar workers began to vote Republican. Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 the prison population has tripled and the crime rate has declined by one third.

            Elites are only able to thwart public opinion for any length of time when it is not strong.

            In the United States support for Israel is strong because the Jews have a prominence that reflects their superior intelligence, because Evangelical Christians think that the existence of Israel is necessary for the second coming of Christ, and because for most Americans who are neither Jewish nor Evangelical the Israelis remind us of ourselves and the Arabs do not.

            Opposition to interracial marriage has dwindled in the UK and the US because most of us see it as a matter of personal freedom, and there are no obvious problems connected to it.

          • David Ashton

            Elites can take action to thwart opinion by creating facts on the ground (as with GB immigration) and/or create opinion by controlling the means not of “production” but of communication.

            I don’t want Israelis destroyed either, but I am cognizant of the organized techniques, funding and propaganda, whereby Jews influence policy in the USA and its me-too satellites. Google Dr James Petras, for instance, to see the detailed evidence.

            On the other side political fence, Google David Horowitz on the wealth that funds the Democrat Party and “liberal causes”.

            Certainly the LGBT lobby and its “pink pound” illustrate how a persistent tiny minority can gradually swing political action and then general opinion, certainly in the UK. Evidence if wanted.

            “Ministers were accused of betraying parents…despite… consultation that half of parents back an automatic block on internet porn” (Daily Mail, December 15).

            Take George Soros out of the dope legalization and “colored revolutions” picture, and you won’t find them so “popular”.

            Or a “democracy” close to your own heart: “It is time to redefine a Korean,” said Kim Yi-seon, chief researcher at the GOVERNMENT-financed Korean Women’s Development Institute…. Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik…urged South Koreans to take the transition to a multicultural society “NOT as a CHOICE, but as an IMPERATIVE.” (NYT International Weekly, 16 December).

          • JohnEngelman

            During a quick check on the internet, I found this: “Study finds wealthy donors lean toward centrist candidates”

            That surprised me, but it makes sense. Most rich people do not want to change the status quo that benefits them with extremist economic and social experiments. The more sensible of them think that a certain amount of public sector spending makes it easier to keep the right sort of people in charge.

            If one is at variance from the regnant consensus on economic and social matters it is tempting to blame that consensus on a conspiracy. During the Eisenhower administration in the United States reactionaries were angry that Eisenhower did not repeal the reforms of the New Deal. The more unhinged of them joined the John Birch Society which propagated the delusion that President Eisenhower was a Communist sympathizer who was actively conspiring with the American Communist Party to bring about a Communist dictatorship in the United States.

            The reason Dwight Eisenhower preserved the reforms of the New Deal was because he realized they were enormously popular with the voters. This is what he wrote in a letter to his brother: “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas.5 Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

          • David Ashton

            As an Englishman, I do not dispute the desirability of some state control of the economy and also of social behavior in certain areas; it depends on the areas and the nature of the control.

            I don’t dispute that Ike had some socialist sympathies. As it happens, I have read both “The Romance of Education” and “The Politician” by JBS founder Robert Welch. No-one important agreed with his idiosyncratic and ridiculous hypothesis that “Eisenhowever” was a secret commie (like Alger Hiss, Harry White and probably Robert Oppenheimer), but a good deal of annotation in its “official version” shows how US politics was pushed in many directions to Soviet advantage.

            The “regnant” consensus is just that – “regnant”. It is not necessarily popular or desirable.

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not think immigration will doom America. I do think it will cause problems. The United States will somehow muddle through, but I do believe that our best days are in the past.

        Most Americans do not care about immigration. Most who do desire a preservation of the status quo, which is to say, more immigration.

        If one is a political activist in the United States or the UK who desires significant change political opinion polls can be depressing. The US and the UK are democratic and free countries. We did not get the way we are by accident. The way we are is the way most people who live in our countries want things to be, and to stay.

        When I was a teenager I took Tang Soo Do lessons. That is Korean Karate.

        One of the things I retain from my study of the Oriental martial arts is a belief that one should make the best use of what power one has. If a stronger man pushes me it is futile to push back. I should pull, and try to pull him off balance. The same is true if he pulls me. I should push him.

        One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds, but by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

        For example, those who complain about miscegenation lose credibility on issues where they could win. Those who, like you, me, and most who post on this website oppose a high degree of immigration can document the problems it causes, and hope that in time more will agree. There do not seem to be problems with interracial marriage. That is why opposition is declining, and why the practice is increasing.

        The movement from right to left is not inexorable, but it is the general trend in history. It is certainly the trend on most social issues.

        • David Ashton

          Depends on definition and content of “right” and “left”. Were Ayn Rand and Adolf Hitler “right”? Were Jesus and Muhammad “left”?
          Depends also on the “history” periods chosen.
          I am a qualified supporter of the cultural pessimism of Gobineau, LeBon and Spengler, but believe that modern science could be used to arrest decline and promote positive well-being.

          • JohnEngelman

            The only reason I can think of to restrict Oriental immigration is that Oriental compete with whites for well paying jobs. I am sensitive to that criticism, especially during a stagnant economy. I do not see any reason to admit third world immigrants.

          • David Ashton

            What about the cultural differences and oriental ethnocentrism?
            You write as if the only difference whatever between immigrant Chinese and indigenous Whites was a (slight) average IQ difference between them.

          • JohnEngelman

            I never felt excluded in any way by the Chinese Americans I have known as friends. In their culture I see aspects whites in the United States once had and have often lost.

          • David Ashton

            I do not wish to labor the point but by culture I was referring primarily to language, literature, historical attachments, religious beliefs, dietary preferences, customs, costumes,and internal social ordering like clans and secret societies. Turning large sections of north America into the Han Empire is not quite the same thing as friendly relations with a few Anglicised individuals, or even a day out Chinatown during the Chinese New Year.

          • JohnEngelman

            Historically civilizations have benefited by learning from each other. Because the United States is a civilization deeply in decline, I am pleased to see that China is rising.

            I have always loved Chines people and Chinese civilization. I have always thought that Chinese women are beautiful.


          • David Ashton

            Well, well!
            Doesn’t your you-tube recommendation tell us even more about you? “The East is Red” – a tribute to Mao and the Communist Party. Not quite as impressive as “Triumph of the Will” and much less “sincere”, given that it was produced in 1964, between the man-made famine (which required food imports from the wicked west) and the cultural revolution (which killed a few million more).
            Why you don’t start your own website “Chinese Renaissance” since you think America is finished?

    • fsagas

      They will lose votes? Who would vote for them otherwise?

    • Joseph


  • Athling

    I do not wish that any man should acquire the privilege, but such as would be a real addition to the wealth or strength of the United States.

    James Madison, February 3rd, 1790

  • During Greenspans’ tenure at the Fed., he famously said that he favored continued high levels of immigration to “suppress wage inflation”.

    This is all about keeping wages low. Real wages for most workers have been stagnant at best or falling since the 70’s.

    Of course, we have to wonder how these immigrants can afford to live in a
    1st world nation (at least for now) while earning 3rd world wages.

    The answer: government hand outs. Welfare, food stamps, healthcare, housing vouchers, and home heating assistance.

    As wages fall and businesses cut back on benefits, someone has to make up the difference and you know who that is; the tax payers.

    The whole scheme is for businesses to pay as little as possible while tax payers get stuck with subsiding benefits.

    • David Ashton

      Same in UK.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Can someone explain how Filipinos are the richest immigrants? Is it because they usually come as brides?

    • JohnEngelman

      Many come over as mail order brides. Many white men in the United States prefer Asian women to white women. Unfortunately, in China there are many more young men than young women.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        More like, a small percentage of white men prefer them.

      • redfeathers

        Many white men prefer asian women? Who did that study or poll?

        • JohnEngelman

          Are human beings ‘hardwired’ to find different the faces of different races attractive?

          Scientists have discovered that white people tend to choose other races when asked to rate which faces they find most attractive.

          The scientists discovered that white men prefer the facial features of Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men

          Men and women aged between 18 and 30 were shown 600 faces of the opposite sex and asked to grade them for attractiveness.

          The women tended to go for black male faces, followed by white and then Asian.

          Men plumped for Asian women, followed by white, then black.

          The Department of Psychology at Cardiff University, which carried out the study, says the results of their research are reflected in society.

          Government figures show around one-and-a-half times more black men marrying white women than the other way around in the UK.

          More white men have also been found to marry East Asian women—compared to Asian men marrying white women.

          • David Ashton

            If I remember correctly, this Cardiff “research” encountered substantial criticism of methodology and generalized conclusions. As I have said on AR before, there are reasons for black male attraction to white women and for white older males to seek oriental women; these various disparities themselves have some “racial” significance. In the UK older men get their southeastern or far eastern mates as internet brides, because they are supposedly more docile (not necessarily very beautiful), and these brides are happy to get a UK passport and access to a western welfare society and private wealth.

      • saxonsun

        Women one can walk all over.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    This is my analysis of the data…the countries closest to the United States obviously give us the most poor, since, if you are going to travel such a great distance to get here you need to be smarter and richer. This is the only reason African nations give us richer immigrants than the nations south of us. Whiter parts of Latin America start to appear higher up the list. Countries with messed up political systems but with higher IQs than mestizos and blacks, appear somewhere in the middle (China, Iran, former USSR). Then you have Europe and East Asia at the top. India, Pakistan, and the Phillipines are anomolies. The Indians and Pakistanis who come all the way here have to be among the brightest from their countries, while Filipinos usually come as military brides.

  • How many non-White countries have handed out so much citizenship that their own race has become a racial minority? Just asking.

  • kjh64

    “Mr. Camarota estimates that there are about 10.5 million illegal immigrants in the country, or the equivalent of 28 percent of all immigrants. He notes that this could be an underestimate, and that there could be as many as 11.5 million illegals.”
    Oh please. They’ve been saying 12 million since the mid-70’s. How about 35-40 million. California alone likely has 10 million illegals. Yes, of course importing or allowing millions of poor people is economically harmful. However, even if massive immigration were economically helpful, no amount of money is worth turning our nation’s culture into that of Mexico or some polyglot foreign culture.

  • Mark Tenney

    We need this information to be part of the Fiscal Cliff deal. There is no point raising taxes until green cards, work visas, student visas and anchor babies are ended.

  • 48224

    I graduated from high school back in 1981. I remember hearing alot about the “population explosion” and how all us white people were going to ruin the planet.
    Now, with whites not reproducing and the 3rd world the immigration explosion, no one dare say they will ruin anything!


    Now that “the end of the world” sequel has ended and
    the truth of the Mayan “end of days” is nothing but a falsehood, we need to get
    back to the business of this country hitting rock bottom. Let’s begin by
    exploiting the oil, natural gas and clean coal and open the huge of offshore
    and inland deposits. In the last two
    decades there have been numerous safety and environmental innovations, so there
    is no excuse for not using these resources. With so much fossil fuel available
    is there some ominous explanation why we are not using our own petroleum and
    selling residual amounts to friendly foreign countries. Could it be that some
    of our politicians are paid handsomely by Arab nations, to keep using their
    deposits, instead of our own?

    Then we have illegal immigration which the two
    parties are obligated to cure when the cost and financial support is
    out-the-window. It’s amazing that the LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL & THE BIRTHRIGHT
    CITIZENSHIP BILL that could eradicate illegal aliens entering America, if both
    laws were imposed? These laws sit on Senator Reid of Nevada desk or GOP leader
    John Boehner and NOT being voted on
    to stop this never ending recital that is a massive impossible monetary pressure
    on the taxpayers. This immigration problem has been created by the Democrats
    mostly and the Republicans over many years. The American people should speak up
    and demand no more compromises and tell Congress, “Do your job and do it now?”
    Command the legislators to pass illegal entry as a felony and watch the numbers
    of foreign nationals drop off.


    Have you ever noticed that on TV on the computers,
    magazines they always show the border fence as stretching into the distance?
    But the truth is that hundreds of miles have no barrier, no fence, unless you
    want to call some pre-war rusty barbed wire a FENCE? Why do you think that many
    landowners live in fear every day, because the drug dealers, skin peddlers’ and
    illegal aliens are dangerous? Between sectors there are no barriers, nothing to
    end this invasion. If that wasn’t enough over 46 percent of illegal immigrants
    or as the “open border” nuts describe “Visa overstays. They disappear once here

    Not only is illegal immigration a major flaw to our downsizing
    economy, but when the IRS literary ignores illegal aliens stealing over an
    estimated 7 billion dollars this fiscal year in child tax credits, then these lawmakers are failing to protect
    America and should be dumped. The TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP has not been corrupted
    yet by the K Street lobbyists and is enduring because they have the backing of 41
    million ordinary citizens. If the American Public doesn’t speak up soon, we
    will fail ourselves by allowing the essence of the socialism to sink this
    country. We can already recognize this, by the Obama huge giveaway of food
    stamps for all with no restrictions, free cell phones and a large chunk of
    welfare that the Spongers enjoy, whether illegal aliens, citizen-Americans or
    legal residents.

    WHICH LATELY INCLUDES “THE FAST & FURIOUS” Gun running scandal into Mexico
    and the “BENGHAZI-GATE” where four brave souls were confronted by armed Al-Qaeda
    armed affiliates and slaughtered, under very suspicious circumstances and with
    many questions remaining to be answered?


  • potato78

    The only problem is that White employers like to hire illegal immigrants because it’s cheaper.

    By doing that, we have today’s situation, more illegal immigrants are enjoying our medicaid and medicare. Let us don’t talk about this. We can talk about all day long without solving the any problems at all. That’s what we are doing right now in our congress and government.

    Please enjoy our life.

  • Are all the illegals employed. i ntoice that cities in California like Maywood 13 percent unemployment and Santa Ana 11 percent unemployment have illegal immirgants above the national average but higher unemployment rates. In Ca all the hispanic towns have higher unemployment than non-hispanic towns. Torrance is only 5.8 and Irvine 5.4 percent. Maybe illegals are living with another family that is employed while one isn’t to survivie in the US.

  • Well, it seems strange tha Rush’s fmaily were Birchers. I was involved with them years ago and they considered most Republicans along with Democratics members of the CFR which they dislike. Rush like the Bushes which most Birchers would dislike. Interesting that the Koch brothers father was a bircher since they seem the Grover Norquist type of Republicans but left-wing blogs have brought this out so it most be true. Many Birchers I read voted for Virgil Goode and like Ron Paul who isn’t great on illegal immirgantion like Goode.

  • Well, a lot of the California gorup were legalized under Reagan and othres came thru chain migration.

  • Funruffian

    I truly believe in Jared’s assertion that throughout history, the White race has been the most munificent (generous) in terms of sharing wealth, ideas and a myriad of other benefits for people. I don’t have to prove it. I see it everyday. Which also leads me to believe that Whites traditionally have a far broader sense of humanity and compassion. When it comes to Northeast Asians, we can collectively agree that their hard work, sense of responsibility and intelligence is admirable, but I doubt that the majority of them would have our best interests in mind in terms of equanimity and fairness. They are motivated by greed and power and are venal as anyone else. The last Presidential election proved it when 73% of them voted for Obama. Either they feel they can overleap the power of the White race by voting against them or thy can use the Obama policies to inrease their advantage and influence. Maybe both.