White Teacher in an LA School

Mary Morrison, American Renaissance, April 20, 2012

A letter from the trenches.

I am a professional teacher, an unknown white teacher in Los Angeles, toiling away in a grey, run-down government high school hidden from the eyes of the public behind a nine-foot, spike-topped, chain link fence. There are no locks on the front gate; they were broken long ago. The official sign that notes our location has been scratched over with the number 187, a reference to Section 187 of the California Penal Code, which defines the crime of murder.

My school is typical of Southern California: majority Hispanic, a small handful of blacks, a stray white or Asian. Blacks are not welcome in the neighborhoods where I work; the students themselves tell me Hispanic gangs drive them from the projects through intimidation and violence. This is never reported by the local media; they are too busy looking for the Great White Bigot and institutional racism, neither of which can ever be found in the Los Angeles Basin.

My classroom was old and worn when I arrived. It had been dragged over, rats included, from a bleak, failing inner-city school. Yes, literally dragged over. I teach in a “portable classroom” that can be broken into two pieces and shipped across town on a flat-bed truck. It came to my school because some bureaucrat—there are many who make well over $100,000 a year and work in plush, secure, downtown offices with private bathrooms, far away from the schools—decreed that upgrading the infrastructure of “failing” schools would close the gap. As a result, several mostly-black schools were rebuilt from the inside out and ground up. We got the leftovers.

I have not had a raise in 10 years. In fact, my pay has decreased, mostly through district-imposed “furloughs,” which is a school-district code word for pay cut. Yesterday, I learned that school will end four days early this year. That is better than last year, when seven days were whacked off the 180 days of mandated instructional time—and from my paycheck, too. The Los Angeles Unified School District got a special directive from the California state legislature to “shorten the school year” in order to curb payroll.

However, according to local talk-radio jocks and know-it-all opinion writers in the papers, we teachers are paid far too much for what we produce: a drop-out rate of approximately 60 percent, and unemployable graduates who cannot read, write or compute. Oh, what they don’t know! I’d like to tell them about lazy, low-IQ students who enter high school reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, who speak little or fractured English, are disrespectful to adults, and are hostile to the very idea of education. I’d like to tell the public about the students who arrive late every day unprepared, surly, and without textbooks, pens, pencils or paper, let alone homework. Yet these same students always have bags of fast food, and never seem to be without the latest 4G cell phone, iPad, iPod or any other i gadget, all of which are strictly forbidden. This is more because they could be stolen than because they distract from learning.

I’m told repeatedly at compulsory, professional development sessions held every other week, that it is my fault that Hispanic and black students score at the bottom on NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) tests. I’m told that I am the reason students who barely speak English and cannot multiply or divide can’t pass the required 4th-grade-level exit exam they need to finish high school. It is because of me that English learners aren’t getting past a rudimentary level even after years of intensive English-language instruction.

And what is needed? More teacher oversight, more professional development, better, newer methods of teaching, and textbooks loaded with photos that reflect “changing demographics” so “students of color” can see “others who look like them.” These changes will surely raise state test scores and staunch high drop-out rates. Rarely is there enough money to cover teachers’ salaries yet there always seem to be funds to pay for one lavish, hundred-million-dollar theoretical program after another that, we are told, will finally close the achievement gap.

In all my years of being talked down to and patronized by know-nothing, professional educational theorists who have never set foot in a classroom, I have never seen a single one of these expensive mandates succeed: not plush new buildings, nor brand new textbooks filled with “people of color,” nor the latest fad teaching hypothesis, nor all-day teacher professional development sessions. Not one has raised student scores or stopped students from dropping out. All have failed spectacularly.

Do you think the educational system will ever admit that maybe, just maybe, the problem could be the students? That perhaps the reasons for black and brown failure and high dropout rates are low IQ and lack of interest—and not institutional racism, bad teachers or run-down buildings? Of course, to suggest this would cost me my job, my pension, and my reputation.

From time to time, I will try to keep you updated on how Los Angeles tries to educate students, but first, a note about the esthetic environment we have created for students.

Inspiring Students Through “Art”

In 1932, Nelson Rockefeller commissioned Mexican artist and socialist, Diego Rivera, to paint a mural in the lobby of the almost-complete Rockefeller Center in New York City. Rivera was given a theme: “Man at the Crossroads Looking for Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future.” Rockefeller wanted a mural that would make people stop and think.

The resulting painting included a depiction of a Moscow May Day demonstration showing workers marching with red flags, and with a portrait of Lenin at the head of the parade. Rockefeller was annoyed, and asked Rivera to change Lenin’s face to that of an unknown laborer’s, but the painter refused. The mural was paid for on May 22, 1933, and draped until 1934, when it was chiseled off the wall and hauled away in wheelbarrows.

We should be so lucky today.

Today, in the Hispanic-dominated, taxpayer-funded public schools of Los Angeles, colorful anti-white, Hispanic-grievance murals depict murderous communist heroes such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro on walls where children view them every day. Other murals, including some on the walls of elementary schools, call for the removal of “illegal white people” and “European colonial squatters” who have “caused the destruction of our land and people.”

Outside Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles there is a 400-foot mural called Anahuac, which is a Nahuatl (Aztec) word that is supposed to mean Mexico and Central America. Students entering the school walk by panels depicting Europeans hanging and burning Mexicans, smashing their babies’ heads against rocks, and feeding the flesh of Mexicans to their “war dogs.”








At one point on the mural, a Spanish conquistador stands on top of a mountain of skulls, wielding a torch in one hand and a sword run through three indigenous heads in the other. A plaque over the conquistador says:

23 million of our people (95% of our population was savagely killed from 1519-1580). The destruction of our history of over 4300 years of civilization along with the racial rape and cultural castration of our population left, and to this day, continue to leave our people hopelessly chained to the interest that enrich Europeans.

These ongoing tragedies have served Europeans well in the exploitation of our people and their enrichment from the wealth of our land. This has happened everywhere in our “Western Hemisphere.”

The mural also includes a note to Europeans proclaiming: “Your people are . . . inferior to us in your morals, ethics, and humanity—by your collective actions of the last 500 years.”

Another blood-stained note says, in full capitals:

In the midst of the genocide our people were raped!!! Laws were implemented to keep us ignorant of our language, past, our great accomplishments and who we really are!!

A third message, also in full caps, proclaims:

1492 – marks the beginning of the destruction of more than 100 million human lives in this Wesern Hemisphere alone. 23 million of those were destroyed in Anahuac what is now Mexico and Central America by European invaders.

Another section of the mural addresses Roosevelt high students as “Mexicans” and urges them to “wake up” and “find out what’s been kept from us.” The way to do that is to read a list of books that includes American Holocaust which, according to its publisher, chronicles “the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world,” and argues that Christians just naturally do that sort of thing.

After the mural was completed in 2007, the Los Angeles Times correctly reported that it “presents a colorful depiction of the rape, slaughter and enslavement of North America’s indigenous people by genocidal Europeans.” When the board of trustees of the Los Angeles Unified School District was asked whether this was an appropriate sentiment for high school students, its official response was that the mural “merely presents a different perspective” and that there was “no intent to remove it.”

The group responsible for creating this outrage calls itself the Mexica Movement and claims on its website, stolencontinent.com, that it will “take back the continent and all its natural resources” because the continent “belongs to them.”

Visitors to stolencontinent.com’s homepage are greeted by the movement’s manifesto which offers posters for download or purchase:

And what about Diego Rivera, the scorned artist whose mural was scraped from the walls of the Rockefeller Center in New York on orders from an indignant Nelson Rockefeller? His face is now dead center in a portrait of Mexican muralists Clemente Orozco (on left), Rivera, and David Siqueiros, which graces a wall of another LAUSD school in East LA, Woodrow Wilson High School. One can only imagine what Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt would think of the Mexican faces that now appear on their namesake schools.

This is the system in which I teach.

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Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison has been teaching in Los Angeles schools for more than 20 years.
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  • Hirschibold

    Whether or not Hispanics can out-grievance blacks in the competition for spoils, they do have a territorial imperative (and a few IQ points) which blacks lack.

  • Mike Abel

    I, too, have noticed murals like the ones depicted in this article all over Brooklyn, NY.  Several can be seen from the BQE (Hwy).

  • Although I don’t blame the author for the environment he is teaching in, I want to know why you keep living and working in these conditions. You are an idiot. You are a white man with a college degree and at least ten years of teaching experience, and yet you continue in a job you are not valued in and you have even let your wages decline. Usually the least talented people stay in the same job, year after year, and let themselves be underpaid. Why don’t you go teach in Japan or Korea or even Eastern Europe? I guarantee you can find a job there with better, high IQ students, who actually want to learn. What is your problem? To me, you are just as stupid as the students you teach.

    • Son of Abraham

      “You are an idiot.”
      “To me, you are just as stupid as the students you teach.”

      I don’t know how you were raised, Chris,  but I was taught that you don’t call people names.

      It’s easy to pass judgement on someone else.  Why don’t you pick yourself up and move to Japan, Korea, or Eastern Europe?

    • Ken P.

      Chris wrote: “To me, you are just as stupid as the students you teach.”

      That’s uncalled for and obviously false (based on the author’s writing skill).  The writer is giving us a valuable view from the inside and should not be disparaged for not being able to easily pick up and move to another job or field.  You call the author, with a clearly female name, a man.  But you shouldn’t focus too much on stupidity; bad manners is more of an issue here.

    • Robin Corkery

      What makes you think mary Morrison is a man, Chris?

      • JohnEngelman

        He’s as stupid as the students she teaches. 

    •  I’m glad you said what you said for one reason:

      It makes me realize how stupid I have been at times in the past for popping off and shooting from the hip on matters about which I knew nothing.

      If you only knew…

    • You sound like a ripe young fool. Berating someone for giving valuable insight into a situation in which not many white Americans are able to witness. Teach in eastern Europe??? WOW! A simpleton like yourself should do less talking, and more listening.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Issues of seniority, pension, costs of moving, and starting over – the little things, ya know.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       “Why don’t you go teach in Japan or Korea or even Eastern Europe? I
      guarantee you can find a job there with better, high IQ students, who
      actually want to learn.”

      I teach in Japan and my students are generally bright and better-behaved.  Not all of them really want to learn, however.  Kids are kids. 

      But I do have a pension, insurance and ride safe, graffiti-free trains to work.  First World country with First World people.  Funny that.

      PS-Try to be nice, folks. 

    • bopberrigan

       You are one stupid SOB.  Your whole screed is gibberish plus Mary Morrison is a women.  Crawl back in your hole.

    • Jean-francois Boisvert 1

      I would call that blaming the victim!

  • Rocky Bass

    If this sort of thing is okay these days, then the Klan needs to be allowed to get it’s mural painters to work. I would hazard a  guess that THEIR “art” would inspire more people.
    This is just un-mitigated incitement to racial violence any way you look at it and should not to tolerated under ANY circumstance. Why have more Americans not been made aware of the mestizo threat and intentions? (Don’t answer, that was a retorical Q)
    Life has shown, me at least, that Latinos are less prone to harm whites than backs (orders of magnitude less). Given this kinda of racist agitation, how long will it be until mestizos become more dangerous than blacks?

    • Periapsis

      I can answer that question, Mestizos are just as dangerous, just as violent, and just as capable of murdering whites as blacks are. Several times they tried to bring harm to me on the job site. It’s not a question of how long, it’s here right now. I despise latinos, period. They are no better than the Muslims my ancestors killed time and time again for centuries.

      • Jerrybear

        Are you referring to the Crusades? If so, how did you track your family tree so far back?

    • Diamond_Lil

      They are there already.  White and half white students are regularly bullied and threatened by their self-identified Mexican peers.  Most white kids have left LAUSD.  Hence the very low achievement levels.

  • “…our great accomplishments…”

    LOL! They had no accomplishments. In fact, they were so unaccomplished that in 1532 at the battle of Cajamarca, 169 Spaniards defeated an army of 80,000 indigenous tribes. The mighty Spaniards were outnumbered nearly 500 to 1. This is what we should be learning and celebrating in our schools – the mighty conquests of our people. Not the pathetic ‘history’ of inferiors who never even invented the whel.  

    • DiabolusCaeruleiOculi

      The Spanish are not my people, you can claim them if you want, but don’t speak for all of us.  Maybe nitpicky but true nevertheless.

    • not only is Chris an idiot for posting that Mary is a “he” but now he posts again w/o even reading the posters who delicately reminded him about the men’s name/women’s name difference. Or maybe the ambiguous name Chris is a SPLC fraud. Maybe he is Mark Potok channeling his transgendered dream life. Chris=Mark=Fifi La Rue. 

    • JB

      This whole idea that they were very, very advanced in mathematics, astronomy, architecture and even cardio-thoracic surgery, is probably a fable invented by the people who control the mass media.

      The Mestizos need something to be proud about; someone in a position of power decided to give it to them… even if it is a stupid myth!

  • I want every “Republican” here to realize that this is Reagan’s legacy in California. The Republicans sold out the White man in 1964, 1968, 1986 with an amnesty program and all throughout the Clinton Administration as well.

    But hey, keep complaining about “the liberals” and “Nazis” in the comment section. That’ll really get the White man somewhere, cranking a lever for a White In Name Only who is bought by the same banks and lobbyists that bought the “Democrat” candidate.

    • Celestial_Time

      No solution is specifically right, left, republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, etc.

      The ability to network is so fundamental, yet it seems that the “low IQ” people do a much better job of networking than the people who have facts and reason on their side. Maybe we need dumb students just like the other guys, because it seems the “smarter students” are too scared of their own shadows to accept the radicals who speak on their behalf. Maybe, maybe not.

      • Jerrybear

        The low IQs do not network better. High IQs who run the media and our institutions simply know how to control the lemmings. The propaganda is so powerful that people with high IQs either buy the nonsense or are too intimidated to speak their minds. In my experience, in private, most whites will acknowledge the differences of the races.

        • Celestial_Time

          The media and other institutions are not going to change by some divine intervention. They have to have a reason(an ultimatum if I were to word it) to actually change their conditioning of White people. Expecting sharks to stop feeding on you as you dangle your meaty, bloody limbs into the ocean is idiocy at its highest level. Low and behold, we have the “high IQs” doing this without hesitation. Intimidation or not, that’s sheer stupidity.

          I know people put a lot of emphasis on IQ, but offering yourself as shark food year after year because someone might nail you to a cross if you don’t is the complete opposite of a high IQ in my opinion. Either that or IQ is seriously overrated.

          I’m in complete disagreement with you—the low IQs actually do a much better job of networking. They’ll mass and riot over a cheeseburger. That might not register to the rational mind, but those institutions that are at the mercy of public opinion have to notice this type of civil unrest. Hell, if low IQ means you’re not as susceptible to being intimidated to drive yourself over a cliff, then give me a bunch of dummies.

          Propaganda is only useful if the audience accepts it. They spend billions to keep you from doing something that you can very easily do. When a large enough percentage of any group of people just says to hell with it and does what the media tries to keep you from doing, what do you think happens? They change the rhetoric to fit the audience.

          I know many, many White people will talk candidly about race if you get them in private; but what good does that do if they can be intimidated to the point of cultural suicide?

    • holyflower

      In May, 2011 the U. S. Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law which
      revokes the business licenses of companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens.
      Justices voting yes in the 5-to-3 decision? All appointed by Republican
      presidents. Voting no? All appointed by Democrat presidents.

      As that single example illustrates,  the GOP, Hunter, is not as craven as you imply. 

      Remember as well, it was the GOP — with the help of scarce few Democrats — who beat back the huge Bush-McCain-Kennedy drive for “comprehensive immigration reform”  (amnesty) in ’06 and ’07.

      And it was the GOP and scarce few Democrats who beat back the Obama-Harry Reid push for the DREAM Act.

      The GOP has had a fair number of Benedict Arnolds.  But it is not a party of Benedict Arnolds as is the Democratic Party.

      • MikeofAges

         Hiring illegal aliens is a criminal enterprise. Would anyone object to revoking the business license of a business which habitually sold contraband or stolen merchandise? Violated labor and wage and hour laws? Health and safety laws? Whatever? What makes this one different?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Although I respected and voted for President Reagan, I believe that one of the most harmful decisions he foisted upon our nation was his 1986 amnesty program. At the time, I knew it was wrong and the passage of time has only confirmed this.

    • Lou

       Yes, Reagan did sign that amnesty law but he was screwed in the end , there were promises made that were never kept.. Here are some in Reagans words, tell me if they met the requirements :
      In 1986 I voted for the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill because we were
      told it would solve the problem of massive illegal immigration. In his
      diaries, President Ronald
      Reagan said he was going to sign the bill because we had to regain
      control of our borders. The Simpson-Mazzoli bill contained three
      promises: The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders.
      An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired. One-time amnesty would be granted for people illegally in the United States.

      three promises were broken.
      The government has made no serious effort to control our borders.
      Employers continue knowingly to hire illegal immigrants without any real
      fear of punishment.
      The promises went out the window as fast as Reagan put his John Hancock on the bill.. I’m not condoning it, just pointing out the fact that he NEVER would have agreed if there were not these requirements… Course he should have thought about who he was dealing with..

      • Energizer2112

        Nice excuse by the Right. Reagan wasn’t a dope. He knew very well that a promise is nothing, a ruse to provide cover for his decision. The lobbying record for that bill will tell the tale. Reagan was influenced by GOP-led interests like the Chamber of Commerce, growers’ organizations, construction organizations, et cetera, all very powerful and influential in immigration and labor policy. Reagan may have had regrets, but those regrets reflected his servitude to elements of his own party that couldn’t care less about the huge damage that bill caused.

  • bluegrass91

     I’m in agreement with you.  Hispanics have as much claim on that land as we do, because they are the ones willing to breed more than their foes and show unrestrained force. (their first victims clearly being blacks)

    Whites are in no position to contest the lands of “Aztlan” because we aren’t doing any of the logical procedures in defending territory: securing for your population, eliminating or minimizing foreign populations, and setting up some kind of defensive exterior.

    Whites have done NONE of this, actually the opposite of these things, and is what causes me to hold no ill-respect towards Hispanics as they are merely doing what is both available, natural, and expedient to them.

    I don’t care what we give to others and this point.  What concerns me is when is White America going to TAKE.  When will we say something is for ourselves and no other?  When will we take, hold, and possess a land of our choosing? 

    EVERY group does this but us.  We can cry foul as we recede in power and population and moan as every state secedes to non-White populations, but when will be the day we say that this land, whatever it may be, is ours.  I’ll take anything at this point, any small sliver.  Once White America is given something of their own, no matter how weak, I believe a hidden tenacity will suddenly awaken, and no land will be more beloved and secured than that simple, White homeland. 

    • Lou

       The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo specified the major consequence of the war: the forced Mexican Cession of the territories of Alta California and New Mexico
      to the U.S. in exchange for $18 million. In addition, the United States
      forgave debt owed by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens. Mexico
      accepted the Rio Grande as its national
      border, and the loss of Texas.
      May I remind some of you that we bought the land to which Mexico was a party to and even eventually forgave the debt.. It’s all written down in black and white..
      Most Mexicans probably don’t even know this and our government doesn’t make it any easier for them to either … They are what you call Indian givers.. It’s OUR land bought in blood and monies, fair and square. We really need to get them out or say ,to hell with it and give it all back to them …Can’t have them just colonizing lands where ever they want and feel like…

      • Ditto Lou!

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Thank you Lou for taking the words right out of my mouth. They are trying to rewrite history books in our schools. White Europeans are imperialistic, colonizing invaders don’t you know?

  • Jay1

    This could have described where I work too – to a ‘T’. 

    Look at how the leap is made from the Spanish atrocities (which were obviously barbaric) to suddenly making it seem ALL white people did the killing in Latin america.

    The people of the U.S. never did anything bad to people South of the Border.  No genocides.  No raping or pillaging.  Sure we fought a war with Mexico over control of some territory they inherited from the spanish and could not manage due to Indian attacks that kept Mexicans out of that land, but we graciously PAID them money for it after the war, that it today’s dollars amounted to BILLIONS of dollars.

    But the fallacious linkage of Spanish atrocities foisted on the heads of the Pilgrims I mentioned is the most dangerous thing.  Blacks and their activists blame all white people everywhere and for all time for slavery, even though only 5% of blacks were ever imported to the territory of the U.S. colonies (and later states).  (This percntage is a FACT.  Look it up.)  And even though whites are the only people who specifically banned slavery AND fought a major war to enforce it (civil war).  And even though it was Africans who sold their bretheren in the first place to anyone with trade goods be they Arabs, portuguese or each other.

    The problem is that latinos are now building a mythology of ‘oppression’ in which they will see white Americans as equally culpable as the Spaniards who oppressed their ancestors.  This will fuel their violence against us in the coming years.  Of course that linkage is stupid, not least because ‘white’ hispanics amd mestizos are basically the descendants of the conquerers and should thus hate themselves first!  (Oh, the full-blooded amerindians!  It’s ‘white’ latinos and mestizos who have been opressing them for 500 years!  Oh, but it is so much better for marxists to make them think George Washington, Geroge Bush or whoever were doing the raping and torturing!)

    By the way, the hordes of Asian immigrants coming over are trying to build a narrative of oppression too, based on the treatment of a few hundred chinese laborers who came over and had to work as hard as the Irish on the railroads!

    Our future is on very thin ice.

    • Jerrybear

      I don’t see how you could anymore ‘racist’ when you place blame on an entire race for the actions of the few that took place hundreds of years ago. The whole ‘stolen land’ argument is total intellectual stupidity. If you keep going back into past, all land has been ‘stolen’ at one time or another. These leftists just live in a hypocritical alternate reality where logic does not exist.

  • Jay1

    I know a lot ‘white’ and mestizo latinas myself who want to marry white, American men.  They love being American and speak English, even among themselves.  Why can’t we regulate as a country which immigrants can be allowed in?  There is a minority of people south of the border who would make great Americans and who want to assimilate.

    • Jerrybear

      I know a large Mexican family who have assimilated. They’ve been here since the 40s. There grandparents would not allow their children to speak Spanish. They wanted to be American. The problem is that the vast numbers of immigrants that have already come and are still coming is far too much for the U.S. to handle. They create their own ethnic enclaves where they dominate the politics and culture of the town or city. There are many parts of L.A. that look like a third world country where you would not want to set foot in as a white American. Third world immigration needs to be halted or our identity will cease to exist.

  • Hugo

    Nobody hates Mexicans more than other Mexicans. Being of mixed blood, they possess a deep self-hatred or love hate relationship for themselves, their fellow countrymen, and their culture. Like the split between Sméagol and Gollum, they can never quite shed this schism which dominates their thinking.  They not really European or indigenous no matter how hard they try.    

    • haroldcrews

      It is my understanding that the indigenous tribes in Mexico are persecuted by the Mexicans.  Yet these murals and have the Mexicans portraying themselves as being the natives.

      • Jerrybear

        The morons seem to have no idea that 80% of Mexicans have European blood.

  • XIXth

    Very good point. However, we can never admit their claim is equal to ours in any way. We were here first not them, a fact proven by historical demography. We also hold soverignty over the land not them. Needless to say, we must be more active in fighting the cause. Murals are a potent expression. Allowing this invading mestizo, chollo, indians into our cities and ceding to them the conscious claim of it with their murals is a disgusting weakness. Fight back with our own murals. One which will express the historical chord of our people. The Loyalists in Northern Ireland face a similar situation as here and also happen to be ancestral cousins of the true blue native Americans. They fight for their land with murals. I suggest copying such murals on them. The following offers an excellent example:

    • frank pucillo

      Actually Hispanics can have all the land they want.We should just demand the return of our infrastructure and technology. Such things are beyond the ability of non-white Hispanics. But then again according to the solutrean hypothesis whites are the true native americans.

      • Brilliant solution which applies to all minorities. They can have all the land they want without indoor plumbing, electricity, pharmaceuticals, computers, credit-system and everything else that the evil, imperialist West invented.

        They’ll be at your doors with a begging bowl in minutes flat. 

        • JB

          But, what good will our technology be, if we are step by step displaced, and do not make a stand?

          We need land, obviously. We must start making lots of white babies, again, and put the Mestizos in reservations (and the Blacks in ghettos).

      • Diamond_Lil

        We can demand return of our infrastructure and technology, which won’t happen, or do what Gen. Sherman did – scorched earth.

        •  The earth is already more than scorched by the 7 billion humans and our constant combustion.The earth simply can’t take it anymore.

          •  Ha Ha Ha  The Earth (scorches) itself many times in its’ existence. You seem to think we (open up) the volcanoes and make them spew lava and create the ash-covered skies too huh? The Red Sea – LOL – do you think we made that a barren liquid mess full of so much salt that no living thing (that I know of) can live in it? The Sun – this is a doozy – You think we corrupted the Sun to give off powerful blasts of unlimited energy that bathes the Earth in (potentially) catastrophic diverse radiations that we may not have ever heard of? HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    “Diversity is a hate crime against the future.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Personal reflections on attending the anti-racism and multicultural sensitivity training session,” 2006

  • MissBonnie123

    I NEVER believed that the Mexicans had any claim on the southwest portion of the US and certainly no claim on the continent.

    From the time I was born in the United States, the southwest portion has always belonged to  the United States of America. I was not alive in the 1800’s when the Mexican-American war was fought and won by the United States and, in fact, my grandparents had not yet immigrated to the United States.  Therefore, I nor my ancestors could have “stolen” any land from the Mexicans.

    What’s really happening is that the Mexicans are projecting their racist attitudes onto white people and using past history as a way to publicly express that racism. They have their own country called Mexico but they created an unlivable country there. So, they ran away from that failed country and came here and are now threatening to take our country away from us.

    We white people are fools to not have fought back beginning years ago. The turncoat politicians are also to blame for the nonsense that the Mexicans are allowed to spew inside our schools.

    I wish Mary Morrison luck in continuing to work in that hostile LAUSD and I look forward to more articles from her. May God protect her from the verbal racial assaults.

    • XIXth

      Regardless of whether your origins to my country our new or not, just remember, there were a total of 50,000 non-Indians living between the Rio Grande and the Pacific at the time of the Mexican-American war. Half of them were American immigrants and their descendents. The remainder of the country was Indian controlled under the sovereignty of the central government in Mexico City. To me that is a very tenuous ancestral claim. Indeed, there are perhaps anywhere between 2.5-5 million Hispanics (And thats being generious) who are descendents of those original Hispanics which were incorporated into the US. In addition, such Hispanics are almost entirely white and racially, culturally, and ethnically do not consider themselves part of these razistas.  The remainder of Hispanics almost entirely originate from immigrating legally and illegally here since 1965. It is they who are the invaders.

  • tinker_thinker

    Thank you Mary for your article. I feel so sorry for you and the people there. Good luck!

  • Jupiter7

    Hunter Morrow

    What you wrote is 100 percent true. Reagan was a corporate whore and big phony  who accelerated massively the race-replacement of Native Born White Americans in California. Mitt Rommney will do for Texas and Arizona what Reagan did for California. As I have stated here many times:at rock bottom the race-replacement of Native Born White Americans is driven by the low wage labor policy of the Coporations who own both Republican and Democratic candidates. If Barack Obama is elected it will effectively be  the end of the Republican Party…enter highly racialized Native Born White American Patriot politcs. The end of the Republican Party will be the best thing that ever happened to Native Born White Americans. The Leftists and Liberals who are anticipating the arrival of the Republican Party’s demise this comming November are completely oblivious to the fact that something will  fill the political vacum…something highly racialized and White.

    • elitist

      I hope you’re right, my impression is that most Americans are too insane and stupid to mount a serious challenge to the rule of corporate PC.

      I see jabbering lunatics on both sides of the political spectrum, and no intelligent synthesis or third position.

      the left seems to think that in demanding open borders, they are fighting AGAINST corporate America – which makes me wonder if they are all simply brain-damaged.

      the right seems concerned primarily with bashing environmentalists, denying the fairly self-evident cataclysm of climate change, praising corporate rule, blaming leftists for open borders policies, and fretting about gay marriage (the fraying of the moral fabric of society etc. etc.) – in other words are equally brain-damaged.

      of course, a winning political formula would be easy to craft:

      close the borders, evict illegals, eliminate all race preferences, ban sharia explicitly, flog corporate America into submission until they respect the law, worker’s rights, the environment, and the nation’s borders.

      state as bluntly as possible that in a multiracial society, the white community must speak as one voice, and has specific interests.

      the corporate right seems determined to wreck the planet as quickly as possible, at which point the survival of Western civilization is a nonissue.

      the left seems determined to crash Western civilization, which sets back human history a couple of millennia.

      At this point, not much to choose from, since I can’t take a conservative seriously who doesn’t want to conserve the Earth, nor can I take a leftist seriously who doesn’t take the rights of the working majority seriously because he is too busy worrying about “Islamophobia” or some other Phantom issue.

    • Energizer2112

      Jupiter7, thanks for your repudiation of the rank-and-file right’s disgusting defense of Reagan’s amnesty. What President has ever signed a bill predicated on a promise by the opposing party? Both the Democrats and the Republicans had their snouts in the ’86 Amnesty, for different reasons. The GOP stipulated a laughable border-security condition in an unspecified future bill as political cover. The Democrats may have even sold that condition to the GOP. The lobbying record stands-Reagan was heavily influenced by business interests important to the GOP during the amnesty debate and were also essential to the bill itself.

  • I was fooled also until I started meeting enough that the law of large numbers coudlnt be ignored

  • My grandparents were educated by the British in a completely non-PC environment. They earned a classical liberal education that was rigorous and rightfully extolled the virtues of the West.

    Consequently, these humble peasant boys were able to imbibe a truly modern and Western mindset. They had to grapple with a rigorous curriculum that wasn’t catered to the lowest common denominator. The students were expected to rise to the challenge. The system wasn’t reduced to the lowest common denominator, rather it was designed to keep that creature out of the system.

    Their education was far superior to mine which was leftist rubbish and watered down everything else. India has institutionalized every evil that Ms Morrison has detailed: affirmative action, dumbed down curriculum, institutionalized resentment, fabricated glory and a tale of eternal woe and humiliation at the hands of the West.

    The result: stupid, resentful students who are barely qualified to sign each others’ papers.

    Now, to be honest, India didn’t have much to tear down. However, America has achieved so much glory at such high cost. The policies promoted by the education establishment as well as the ‘philosophy’ that informs the same is treasonous. In a sane society, the historic majority would rise as one and chase these lunatic criminals out with pitchforks. At the same time, they would do all they can to secure their borders and protect their communities.

    The fault lies in the historic majority. Never in the course of human affairs has a community ceded so much power so swiftly. And such power was ceded to groups that seem to bear an insatiable hatred of that very community. Then, just to make things more interesting, whites continue to peddle resentment against whites as part of ordinary business practice.

    The sickness of the education system is yet another symptom of the overall crisis of the West. There’s something wrong with white race. Well-wishers like myself are astounded by what appears to be infinite capacity for self delusion coupled with a death wish.

    I have no solutions. All I know is that I cherish the West. And the West I know is determined to do away with itself. And I can do nothing to stop it. 

  • Mary Morrison (Mrs. Stonewall Jackson) referenced the Mexica Movement.

    They called Paul Harvey a “Nazi.”  Which shows you what kind of people we’re dealing with.

  • saraedward45

    I feel sorry for the teachers that are forced to deal with this nonsense every day.  

  • Diamond_Lil

    Mrs. Morrison you are very courageous and righteous in speaking truth about what’s really wrong with LAUSD.  The lunatics run the LAUSD asylum.  It must be difficult to hold your tongue on a daily basis.  The only reason the vast majority of these kids graduate is due to social promotion and some test cheating.  It seems the CSTs are opened ahead time for the English writing essay and the topic given to the teachers to preteach to the class.  Yet, even cheating doesn’t help much because these kids refuse to study.  Is it any wonder why there has been a proliferation of remedial college and community college classes in basic math and English?  When the standardized tests go online in a few years, the real result of low achievement will be revealed.  Unfortunately, it will be teachers that are fired or using the PC term, RIF’d.  There is also a high special ed latino population in every school – I am talking Special Day Class, not MR or Autistic, for gangbangers that are mixed in with handful of half-white kids with dyslexia/dysgraphia or high-functioning autism.  My heart goes out to those few SDC white/half-white kids who are the only reason their teachers get up in the morning and go to work.       

  • Jerrybear

    Interesting points. I read a geneology study done on Mexico and European blood was found in 80% of those tested.

  • If the brown man thinks he is going to take back ‘his’ country, well, he can think again.  More and more White Americans are starting to wake up, slowly, but it is happening.  People are getting real tired of their cities and neighborhoods filling up with third worlders.  The liberals, and the traitors are in for a real rude awakening.

    • Energizer2112

      In regards to immigration, the public has been awake for a long time. They are now just fully alert and politically active. Any time an immigration bill is talked about, before it even reaches committee, Congress knows that the phone will begin ringing relentlessly. They learned their lesson after the annihilation of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” by the public in 2006 and 2007. Any talk of amnesty or any talk of an amnesty in small pieces is met by a bulldozer of opposition. The DREAM Act was put to sleep 16 mo. ago largely because of public outcry. Confidence is high. The most stubborn problem lies in stopping legal immigration. This is the next challenge.

  • Bob Johnson

    It’s all incredibly disturbing. What horrifies me most is that no one vets the “different perspectives.” They’re just put out there as facts for kids to absorb. This is clearly an attempt to mold them into future revolutionaries. I thought I could no longer be outraged by what the left was willing to do, but this is disgusting. Those kids aren’t learning anything that can help them, they’re just being turned into dissidents, and the authorities condone it.

    • MikeofAges

      Revolutionaries? More like political street thugs. Are we headed toward the kind of street politics which have been the norm in the rest of the world, even Europe?

      Heck, if that’s all they turn into, we might be getting off easy.

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “…the authorities condone it.”

      Right. From the article:

      “…the board of trustees of the Los Angeles Unified School District…its official response was that the mural ‘merely presents a different perspective’ and that there was ‘no intent to remove it.’”

      The anti-White gov’t of Los Angeles has made White Genocide official in Los Angeles.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Growing up in the 70’s too, I knew it was wrong to look down on Black people or think of them as inferior. However, I kept running into the face of reality each day at school as I observed how ignorant and intellectually slothful so many of the Black students were. At times, I viewed them as somewhat comical and even fearful (such as the time I was almost jumped by four of them while heading back to class after recess). At other times, I admired their athletic abilities. However, there never were any instances that forced me to conclude that Blacks were an intelligent race of people or serious about school. I simply couldn’t do this because far too many of them were thuggish, mentally slow, overly emotional and uncouth.  

  • I do not understand why Mexicans would consider Che or Castro to be heros. Cubans are as anglo as your average european.

  • The Spanish treated many native american tribes better than the Aztecs. The Spanish did not kidnap them for human sacrifices. 

  • bopberrigan

     You said a mouthful, big guy.

  • JohnEngelman

    Mary Morrison does a great service by describing a reality one seldom reads about in the establishment press. Too often the inferior performance of minority students is blamed on “uninspired teachers,” run down schools, out of date text books, and so on. 
    No one but a huckster for Charles Atlas pretends that it is possible to take a sickly fifteen year old “97 pound weakling,” and turn him into an award winning athlete. Nevertheless, we continue to expect public school teachers to turn the largely illegitimate children of the underclass into brilliant scholars. 

  • bopberrigan

     I’m afraid you’ve overlooked their contribution of Rap music.  When you factor that in you’ll see what a positive influence they’ve been.  In the future you’ll be humming a tune by Puff Daddy instead of one written by Billy Joel, or Irving Berlin.  

  • Illegal invading Mexicans and their anchor babies have destroyed California and the LAUSD. This is what the rest of the country is going to look like if our government does nothing to stop this invasion via enforcement of our immigration laws. If our government refuses to stop this invasion, then what is next?

    • Impertinent

      What’s next? I think you know as does everyone else here. Unless of course you agree to give up your home and assets in a surrender?

      • Not a chance in hell of that happening Major….

  • MissBonnie123

    Currently, England is being bombarded with Muslims who loudly proclaim that they are going to institute Sharia law over Great Britain.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    The mixed-race “Hispanics” conveniently identify with their Amerindian ancestors rather than with their actually Hispanic ancestors who arrived and blended the Amerindians nearly out of existence in Mexico. 

    Analogous to what happened to the Amerindians in Mexico, White countries today are being flooded with non-Whites and Whites forced to assimilate with them and be blended out of existence.
    That IS genocide, by U.N. definition.

    So you have to give the “Hispanics” credit for their propaganda…with no qualms, they scream “genocide” about the blending out of existence of a large number of their Amerindian ancestors, whereas only with difficulty do we convince even many pro-Whites today that “genocide” is exactly the right word for exactly the same thing that is in the early stages of being done to us!

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Ms. Morrison’s excellent article has been linked at White GeNOcide Project, in a mention entitled, 

    “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, California for Hispanics, and Remaining White Lands for Everyone!”


    • whitechildren

       Its a war over words and ideas.
      Unfortunately, most pro-whites are not willing to be as wise as the anti-whites. Anti-whites see everything as a tool to be used against whites.
      The terms ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-RACIST,WHITE GENOCIDE, are great tools to use in this struggle.
      I wonder if our ape ancestors were as reluctant to use a stone after seeing an enemie’s brains bashed out as our pro-white brothers seem to be with regard to the WHITE GENOCIDE assault tool.

      • Harumphty_Dumpty

        Agreed. The only tweak I’d add is that of course we always call our enemy what they are, “anti-Whites,” so that that term will become as common as the R-word presently is, and will eventually shove the R-word right out of White minds.

        The term “anti-racist” we never use (they are “anti-Whites“!), except in our frequent standard ending to comments,

        “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

        Anti-racist is a codeword for [I’m afraid to finish the line with the term “anti-White,” since Amren’s spam filter has tossed out my posts that included this frequently repeated line in the past]”

        • Harumphty_Dumpty

          I should add that we’re noticing that the term “anti-White” is spreading now, due to our own efforts and the efforts of others. Please let’s imitate the very successful tactic anti-Whites have used to implant the R-word into every White mind, and let’s use the term “anti-White” every time we have the opportunity to until it’s been made into a common word of opprobrium just as was done with the R-word! 

          How feeble have been our own tactics, and how astute the tactics of the anti-Whites! Just look at those murals and those posters!

          • bobfairlane

            Well, if I go paint a mural I’ll be arrested for “hate crimes” and “ethnic intimidation.” 

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Guevara’s remarks are apparently from his youthful “Motorcycle Diaries,” but I can’t find a source that would convince mainstream readers (or even me, for certain) that the remarks were actually made…do you possibly have such a source?

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Thanks for the interesting comment! I spent a summer a few years ago in a small poor village I wandered into in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, a region that for reasons I have no knowledge of is very white. The wife of the couple I stayed with had blue eyes.

    Jalisco is pretty far south, and I found the culture and attitudes there to be what I think of as very Mexican. But I haven’t visited the very southern more indian regions.

    Writing this comment is making me nostalgic for Mexico…I’m very fond of the diversity in the world, and it’s a shame that that diversity will be ended with the blending together that’s falsely called “diversity.”

    Of course right now it’s only the White race that’s being targeted to have its countries flooded with non-White aliens and be blended out of existence, but if the anti-Whites are successful with our genocide, globalist interests will then have a free hand with many other races that may be less able to resist.

    Our concern right now must be in stopping WHITE GENOCIDE.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    In most of the few places in Mexico I’ve been in, the only books to be seen if any were religious books and soft pornography.

  •  I’ve been saying that the eventual end game is that giving everyone a high school diploma as a civil right of his or her turning 17 or 18 years old.  From what you say, the LAUSD is almost there, except the only “hurdle” is the Cashee test.  A secret squirrel source of mine has sent me sample questions from practice tests that are very good examples of what’s on the real test, and from what I have seen, I think we can jokingly call the Cashee test, “Are you slightly smarter than a fifth grader?”  But the LAUSD’s most notorious minority students have trouble passing even that simple test.

    • MikeofAges

       I can tell you from personal experience, the failure to get a high school diploma can be the consequence of civil rights violations.

  • I feel sick at my stomach after reading about your experience. There are many districts in California that would mimic what you have experienced. It is past time for a White revolution….

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    “Flaying people alive and wearing their skins,”

    But…but….how will you get the corn to grow if you don’t behead a young maiden to represent removing the ear from the stalk, and then flay her to represent the shucking of the ear, and then wear her skin and dance around to….well, I forget the rest, since it’s been 50 years since I wrote my first college paper on “The Human Sacrifices of the Aztecs.”

    I don’t recall that they flayed people alive, but I could be wrong. But they certainly did cut out their hearts while they were alive, in great numbers. Conquistadors visiting the inside of some of their temples atop their pyramids, where the open heart surgery took place without benefit of anesthetic, found the walls covered with a crust of blood, which if punctured oozed out liquid blood from beneath it. 

    The priests who did the sacrifices wore their blood-soaked hair perpetually unwashed, so having a priest over for dinner must have been a strain.

    After having their hearts cut out, sacrificial victims were rolled down the stairs of the steep pyramids (the steps of some surviving pyramids in the Aztec domain are so steep I was afraid to climb them, though some others did) and often were cooked up and dined on.

    I would love to have some idea of what the religious feeling behind these practices was, but if Sahagún and other early clerics who chronicled the practices made note of that, I guess I was too young to be interested when I wrote my paper.

    When Cortés was in the capital as a rather overstaying guest of Moctezuma, his sublime skill with human beings (but don’t say anything good about Cortés in Mexico! Seriously) sufficed to keep things pretty chilled, but when he had to return to the coast and leave his garrison without him in the Aztec capital, things went to the devil and….I forget the sequence…I think Cortés returned, but the revolt was on, and a good number of the Spaniards were able to retreat from the capital, but lost most of their treasure and many of their lives in the lake that surrounded the Aztec capital (now Mexico City). From the far shores of the lake they watched a number of their comrades being marched up the pyramid stairs and their hearts cut out.

    Cortés of course returned, aided principally by the Tlaxcalans,* the tribe most resistant to the Aztecs, and destroyed Aztec power utterly.

    Mexico has always fascinated me, I think since I was about 4 years old and saw the Donald, Mickey, and Goofy movie, “The Three Caballeros.” Seriously.

    *In Baja I met a taxi driver who was Tlaxcalan, and he told me that a standard joke in Mexico is that whenever he or any other Tlaxcalan is introduced to another Mexican, the other Mexican says smilingly, “Ah, un traidor (traitor).” But even with this Tlaxcalan, when in my naiveté I spoke favorably of the abilities of Cortés, he became silent, and then explained to me with great courtesy (one thing I find charming about Mexico) that that was not a popular way to speak.

  • Detroit_WASP


    As I always say, most whites have little contact with the 12% US black population.  The extent of their experience with blacks was watching tv shows like Good Times (poor but honest) or Fresh Prince of Bellaire (equal or maybe even better than whites).

    However, having grown up in Detroit I know the real story.  EVERY person in my family has been assaulted or robbed by a black person.   We were ran out of every neighborhood we ever lived in.   And they aren’t the bad ones for wrecking the neighborhoods of Detroit.  I AM THE BAD ONE FOR NOTICING THE BLACKS DID IT.  

  • Detroit_WASP

    Yes, you were fed propaganda which most people DO fall for.

  • Celestial_Time

     I would have to agree.

  • The worst Education system in the Country, there are to many layers of Union / regulators who siphon off the money before it reaches the teachers, regulators making good livings off the backs of our children. This will never change as long as California is controlled by democratic legislators.

    • Lerojist

      Very well said…I agree

  • dmxinc

     The problem here is that it is the White government and money that is actively assisting in propagating these lies, stirring up the Mexicans to hatred and working to displace us in our own country.

    • plaintruthforidiots

       It’s not the White government, it’s the JEWS… You haven’t got a clue. Congress is loyal to ISRAEL, i.e. JEWS. The Jews control your entire media, the Jews control the Federal Reserve, the Jews print the money and decide who gets it, no wonder they are in power, they can buy anyone and anything, until we remove from them the power to issue money from nothing…

  • better_times

    The people who are lucky enough to work in TV & film as writers have almost always grown up in upper middle-class neighborhoods attending top high schools & Ivy league colleges.  The few black students & their families that they’ve had personal contact with are the very top of black society. They have normal names, sound morals, do well in school & have a good work ethic.  The people who write for Hollywood can’t imagine the black pathology at the other end of the bell curve.  It doesn’t compute because their black friends are so nice & so normal.

  • vjjames

    Assume some ethnic group like hispanics (or any other) take control, then what? What do they want for their people 100 years from now? If they want their people to be intelligent, peaceful, and positive then they should just start focusing on that now and their next generation(s) would naturally rise up to be the leaders of our society… but it seems that is not what the promoters actually want. They want power, and they want it now, they need the conflict… they like having a mob to whip up into a frenzy to go after others. Its no different than Al Sharpton with the black community, or unions, or politicians with their base when they demagogue. Make no mistake, this is about retaining conflict for power by egocentric people who want to be little gods.

    • Lerojist

      Well said..

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Small correction: the year in Ms. Morrison’s article should read 1492 and not 1942.

  • disqus2222

    I’m sorry, but do Mexicans not grasp the fact that they are 60% Spanish genetically?  Do they not grasp that the “Evil Spanish Conquistadors” were indeed THEIR OWN ancestors?

    • Funruffian

      Well yes and no. You see, during European migration in the 15th and 16th centuries, Some Spaniards, French and Germans didn’t cohabit or fornicate with Indians. They stayed separate and formed enclaves exclusive to their families. Some Spaniards were horny and copulated with the beautiful Indian women of their desire. Thus creating the Mestizo bloodline. If you watch Telemundo, you will see Mexicans who look as fair as some Scandinavians, while some look more dark and exotic and some look pure Indigenous. Many Mexicans and people from Central and South America have a high admixture of European blood, while some have less or none at all.

  • KevinPhillipsBong


  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Hispanics are what drove me out of Texas.
    I lived there for 40 years, grew up in the DFW Metroplex and watched it die. Living in Texas, I got tired of watching the news and seeing images of the latest pregnant white woman killed by a drunk Mexican driver. And God forbid you have an accident with these folks as so many of them prefer to drive without insurance.
    The schools in the suburbs used to be white and exceptional, now Hispanics are everywhere and the schools rank in the bottom 5-10 of the nation. In terms of SAT averages, California scores better than Texas. Lots of ignorant people competing for low wages is not a recipe for a bright, successful future.
    I’m not sure where the above poster got his stats on welfare use but Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies found last year that Texas and California had the same percentage use of welfare in immigrant households with children (61% in both states).
    And where does the above guy get his info on Latinos turning their back on Spanish (as an embarrassing relic of the Old Country)? Of the foreign born in Texas in 2009,  43.2 percent of naturalized citizens age 5 and older were LEP (Limited English Proficiency) (the number is 69.5 percent for noncitizens). Of the foreign born in California in 2009,  46.5 percent of naturalized citizens age 5 and older were LEP compared to  68.9 percent of noncitizens.
    The numbers for Texas and California are practically interchangeable.Now maybe all the Mexicans you know in Texas are smart, hard-working souls but that doesn’t mean the rest of the state is that way. In fact, the statistics show that Texas is really no better off than California (in some ways–like SAT scores, etc it is worse).
     In California 45% of whites and 64% of Hispanics voted for the Democrat candidate for governor in 2010. In Texas 29% of whites and 61% of Hispanics voted for the Democrat candidate for governor in 2010. Thus the numbers tell is its the whites who are different in California (more liberal) versus Texas (more conservative) and not the Mexicans.

  • Dave4088

    Mary Morrison should find a way to get the h$ll out of dodge.  The historical record contradicts every one of the dubious claims made by these idiotic, brown propagandists.  They weren’t even a race until the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors copulated with Indian women and they never had any right or claim to what is now the contiguous (dis)United States. 

      If brown people suffer so mightily in the presence of the white man then why do they follow us wherever we go and live large off of our tax dollars?  Isn’t it “wicked” Anglo doctors who are delivering their baby re-conquistadors in emergency rooms all across America?  It is they who have introduced chagas disease and re-introduced tuberculosis to America.


    • Lerojist

      I ask why can’t the brown people in So. America, Mexico, and other hispanic nations, fix their own countries? Make something of them?

      Why can’t the black in Africa, fix, make something of their countries?

      Why can’t the muslim in the mideast fix, make something of their countries?

      Why can’t the asian in China and other asian countries, fix, make something of their countries?

      Why is it they rush to white nations to live? They want what the white people offer, a civilized place to live, with sanitation, a more peaceful place.

      God said he would bless those peoples/nations that believe on him. The white Judeo/Christian nations of the world are the most prosperous nations in the world. Think about it!

      The white people need to say no more political correctness, or we’ll sink into the empty hole of despair, more than we already have. A tactic of the non white, I’ve heard, is the non whites come into white cities, cause crime, then white flight happens. I say NO more. We stay. We owe it to our future generations to give them civilization instead of barbarianism.

      God warned us, there will be those that will try to steal our blessings, and we’ll be lucky to keep them. The enemy within this nation have opened our gates to people we have nothing in common. They show no respect for our culture, our people, our language, and our FAITH.

      Wake up! Pray for OUR nation.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Great story, and I hadn’t heard it! The Aztecs’ own legend was that they had migrated down from a far northern land (I believe that’s the Aztlán of the chicano activists?) until they came to the large lake by which they saw an eagle perched on a cactus and with a serpent in its mouth (the motif on the present Mexican flag), and there they lived very poorly and hired out as mercenaries for surrounding tribes. War being their profession, they grew to power themselves and built their capital Tenochtitlán on an island in the center of the lake. The lake is filled in today and is Mexico City.

    From what I’ve read, the ruling caste was mannerly and refined and had a very sensible way of selecting its rulers according to ability. Nobles often walked about sniffing flowers (I suppose because of the presence of priests who never washed their blood-soaked hair), and I believe that drunkenness, possibly even drinking at all, before being elderly was a capital offense….I’m not certain of that. But in old age you were allowed to drink.

    As the Mexicans say, “Como México, no hay dos.” (There’s not another country that is like Mexico)

    Not yet, anyway. Just part of a country. And being among Mexicans up here doesn’t feel at all like being among Mexicans in Mexico. And certainly not to the Mexicans themselves.

    • neanderthalDNA

      Yeah, the flayed skin incident, if I remember right, happened on the cusp of the Aztec’s rise to power and the war was like the beginning of their ascendancy.

      Pre Columbian civs are fascinating considering what the built without large beasts of burden.  Just finished reading David Gramm’s The Search for Z, a great narrative documentary of that crazy Englishman, Percy Fawcett, who disappeared with his son and a friend in 1925.  Hundreds have disappeared looking since, but it appears there was indeed an advanced culture in the “green hell” after all.

      Whatever one may say of the natives of America, they sure did better than the natives of subsaharan Africa…

  • alanandrews


  • bluffcreek1967

    Whenever our local schools conduct various ‘drives’ to raise money, I utterly REFUSE to give them anything! I will not give my hard earned money to a school system that educates Mexican illegal aliens and their anchor babies! In my area, our schools are filled with Mexicans and when I see one the school buses pass me on the roadway, it’s mostly filled with Mexican children. Enough already!  

  • Lou

    Well, If you were trying to piss me off , you’ve done it ,and what a good job at that… I’m MAD AS HELL  !!
    I NEVER knew ANYTHING was going on like this…
    Oh yes, I will be looking into this ,oh hell yes..

  • 4teepee

    The mixed-race mestizos who falsely claim to be indigenous are mentally defective. There were no mestizos in the Americas before Columbus. So where should they be deported? Who wants them? If Europeans left, who would pay for the government services on which mestizos depend? Mestizos and American Indians do not even get along where I live. As for Che, he was of European ancestry. The notion of indigenous mestizos is a fraud.

    • Funruffian

      What I find interesting is that the Mestizos seem to be the most hostile when confronting Whites and their supposed injustice toward Mexicans. I found that the more Indigenous people of Mexico and Centrl America to be more benevolent. You see, not all Latinoes share that sentiment against European Americans. It’s the hotheaded leaders who are pumping them with Anti-White dogma and anger. The smarter and more reasonable ones know better.

  • ogese

    Hi Mary – – first of all thanks for all the hard work you put into being a teacher.  My job is highly paidI could never work for such a low salary and such little appreciation.  But its not the worst job in the world, nor is it really a mystery how to solve your particular dilemma.

    “Race” is obscuring reality here.  The reality is that we are all related in varying degrees to Europeans and several types of non-Europeans that goes for Mexicans, most blacks and quite a few Whites as well.  I’m living proof.  I’m officially black, but I have French, Scottish and East Indian great grandparents in addition to African ancestors. Your last name’s Morrison, you might be at least partly Scottish.  You might hate me (assuming that because you write for AmRen) but I would be a fool to hate you for being white when I have the same Celt blood in my veins.  In my view, people need to be taught about the truth, the good and the bad of their backgrounds. Fact: the Europeans weren’t any worse than the Aztecs the Japanese or the Zulus. Also, they need to be taught that they can only overcome if they learn math, science, and English better than the average American.  If these Mexican-American kids knew the truth they would knock that chip off their shoulder and study. You want them to study for you — teach them to study for themselves.  I went to a private school where we were by and large taught that. I now have a pretty high IQ and a good job (yea!).  I guess it’s not all genetics huh?

    For you Mary, that’s the good news.  You now know the solution.  The bad news is that you, as the teacher, need to be the one to teach them the hard truth.  But to do that, you need to forget about wasting your time complaining – which most public school teachers do for a living.   In general public school teachers think their job is so hard and that they are underpaid. The priority for most of these teachers is to make their lives easier and earn more money.  So you and your colleagues spend a lot of your time, creativity and effort feeling sorry for yourselves, going on and on about how you need more money, you need fewer kids, how Mexicans and blacks are unteachable.  My favorite teacher grip is: “Why can’t the whole class be made up of all upper middle class white and asian kids with home tutors … boo hoo hoo”.  

    Give a little thought to how other civil servants get paid less and do their job better: firemen, postal workers and of course people in the armed services. You send a letter in Guam and almost without fail it arrives in perfect condition anywhere in the US in a couple of days – no complaints, ifs ands or buts.  Think about how much they get paid, what they have to do for that pay and how they are still the best in the world at it.  Firemen run into burning buildings to grab babies.  They can’t say “I’m not saving them because they’re Mexican” – like you can about teaching.  Can you imagine? Soldiers don’t have 40 hour or even 60 hour work weeks.  They work continuously in chunks of 12-18 MONTHS! If you had to put in even 1/100th of the sacrifice of your typical service person you’d be on permanent strike.  You struggle to teach a child to read English and do math and are quick to say that its because he’s black or Mexican. But then that same kid goes to the US Marines and comes out a combat engineer, linguist or communications specialist. Sudden IQ boost?  Nope, better instructors.

    Get your act together because despite all your hard work you and your colleagues are not working nearly as hard or as well as your counterparts in the other services.  Then, disgracefully, you blame your poor results on other people’s races.

  • joewest666

    Sorry we have given up on everything west of the Rockies.

    You have been warned.

  • Hirene

    The rich in California brought them there to pick crops, work as maids, dishwashers and landscapers.   A few of them make it into the military.  They’d rather have them there than middle/working class whites.    I hope the wealthy get taxed to oblivion.

  • JB

    But Chris, even if this were really their land, what history has recorded, is that we conquered it. It is now ours.

    Besides, Whites have made North America the economic and scientific force it is. Not Mestizos or Blacks.

  • JB

    I have met a few Serbs, and they do not have dark skin tone.

  • JB

    Mestizos are very dangerous, especially Mestizo  males to White women, because they have a low IQ average, a Latin-macho mentality, and are bombarded with images of mixed couples in the media.

    • Energizer2112

      They’ve been lying low as a group. The public rage before the shoot downs of amnesty in ’06 and ’07 spooked them. According to the Chicago Tribune, in an article during the DREAM Act debates, Hispanic political advocacy groups now have dedicated posters for immigration news stories to offset the overwhelmingly negative response about any suggestion of legalization. Even in left wing warhorses such as the NY Times and the Washington Post, every news item about the poor immigrants is pummeled with anti-amnesty and anti-immigrant responses. The rage is palpable and must be common knowledge among Hispanics at this point. Why these media giants bother with propaganda anymore is a mystery. They lost. All that remains is politics.

  • JB

    A Mexican once told me that in Mexico, they have something which is like an unofficial caste system!

    • M&S

      Google: Color Continuum or ‘Casta’. It is anything but unofficial. Mexicans love blondes more than any other women because they want their social position to rise and in the home country that is only possible through whitening up the skin which gives your kids access to things like professional higher education as the entry point for better jobs.

      Keep in mind that the Mexico you see in the travelogue photos and films is doesn’t extend more than a mile beyond the resort towns. Driving ANYWHERE else is putting your life at risk to constant threat of kidnap for ransom by peoples so desperately poor that a typical American looks like a walking retirement fund.

      Which is exactly what 10,000 dollars represents.

      Mexico is a huge nation in which the ‘founding fathers’ were dark-skinned natives who were the patriots (and first President) of the ex-colonial French country.

      Now they are nothing with the bottom 60% of the population having the least and the top 10% owning billions (including the richest man in the world at one point) through monopolization. With the Mestizos as we know them: golden skinned intermediates fighting for scraps from the middle.

      And everyone holding in high contempt all those from even further south as Guatemala, Nicaragua etc.

      The truth of Mexico is that they are VASTLY more racist than we are.

      And the sadness of Mexico City, as a symbol for all that is wrong with that benighted nation, is that, with a capital of some 21-29 million (nobody really knows for sure), some Fifty Percent live in ‘Colonia’ slums.

      For whites in America the two things you MUST know are that-

      1. The average Mexican TFR is about 2.4 in the home country. Beyond sustainment but not critically so. In America that TFR is on the order of 2.8-3.2. And after Reagan’s IRACA (Amnesty 1) that birth rate soared to 4.4.

      2. The generational interval is 17-19 years. A woman is actively groomed by her father and male relatives with compliments for dressing and acting female from a very young age in the hopes that, by the time she has her fifteenth birthday or Quinceañera she is able to date and encouraged to find a boyfriend. By 19, if she is not attending a higher education school (to their credit) Mexican families will ‘intervene’ and ‘help’ her find a man.
      If a Hispanic woman has 3 kids from 17-25 and a white woman has 1.83 (which is trending down to 1.1) only after a delayed marriage at 30 or so, the one woman will have 27 great grand kids by the time she is 60 and the other will, at most, have 2 grandchildren.
      This is how racial replacement theory is practiced. This is genocide in action.

  • BannerRWB

    “Most readers of sites like this seem to want socialism and democracy to stop at a certain “white racial line”, in other words to benefit them and nobody else on the other side of that line. Guess what, it doesn’t work that way.”

    – It works (or would work) that way in every ethno-state on the planet.  The disparity betweens groups is only one cause for  bringing about ethnic conflict.  I’m not saying conflict is non-existent within ethno groups, but separating the groups removes a large basis for much of the trouble we are now experiencing.

    • Lerojist

      Diversity means division. Multiculturalism is not workable. I believe in segregation.

      I am a white woman, I’ve never seen anything good come from multiculturalism.

      God warned us.

  •  Most readers of sites like this seem to want socialism and democracy to
    stop at a certain “white racial line”, in other words to benefit them
    and nobody else on the other side of that line.

    No kidding!  White people making public policy for the benefit of white people?  Whoever heard of such madness?

    Oh, I forgot, it’s called “nationhood.”

  • Energizer2112

    Drinking and posting don’t go together . (Tee hee…)

  • Energizer2112

    Rural America, small-town America, and suburban America remain overwhelmingly white.

  • Energizer2112

    Serbs are Slavs, dum dum. They are part of the same haplogroup as Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Perhaps you should stop reading entirely.

  • Energizer2112

    “Yo b**ch-get in the pickup, and suck my d**k up, until you hiccup.” -author of ’90s rap unknown. How ya like that one. The origin can be found online, no doubt.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Thanks, Ignacio. It appears that in some respects, Guevara was a race realist at that time.

  • drofmanythings

    There is not much to add to her words. Thank you for your testimonial. I have a family member with a similar story in a different city. Her middle school students tried to poison her, putting a cocktail of 15 or so medications in her water bottle when she momentarily hauled a student to the principal’s office. Upon return, 35 minority kids were grinning and acting as if well-behaved, waiting for her to take a sip…which she did. That was her last week of teaching and she is planning a career change.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Unfortuntely they are few and fair between. The majority speak only Spanish, wave Mexican flags (on US soil) and pump out children like breeding machines. They are winning the war for the USA with their wombs.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I was at a state fair once with some friends and we heard this loud commotion coming our way. It sounded like a riot of screeching monkeys, it was just a dozen black girls aged 12-17 going to get some corn dogs. All the White people just stopped and stared with this panicked deer in the headlights look as they passed by. Everything they do is to attract attention to themselves, loud and flashy. Manners and respect of others is not a trait often passed on in black homes.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Stinko de Mayo is right around the corner. Up here in occupied territory the “students” cut school to march to the town plaza waving mexican flags. They have gotten so bold and arrogant because no one says anything to them.

  • Johnny Reb

    I have zero sympathy for her.  Why is she still teaching in the LA system?  At some point she made the decision to stay – no matter how her own race was cursed and insulted.  She should have turned her back and walked out.

    Whites treasure their homes, cars, furniture, vacations, electronic gadgets and credit scores far above their race.  Nothing will ever change for whites until that is reversed.

    • Funruffian

      Normally, one would blame her for her own dismal predicament. But you have to see the world from her viewpoint. She probably has very few options and opportunities outside of this crappy school district. If she wanted to teach in a primarily White school district she should move to Montana or Idaho where leftism hasn’t taken root. But I’m sure she is wired into So-Cal economically and has familial ties and obligations that are hard to sever.

  • ogese

    Hi Banner. Been very busy and missed your response. For the record, I believe in balance and yes, I agree that there is blood on White/Black/Native American and others hands in history. Buffalo soldiers had a choice – they were free men who chose to fight Indians and thus no different than the white men who lead them. You missed the point about IQ here: I’m not saying I was born with a high IQ. I personally think a lot of it has to do with nurture. What I was lucky for was being born to a family that cares. My point was that being born “black” or “white” might not dictate a persons ability to contribute to society as much as many think. Same thing goes for Mexicans or anyone else. Finally, I served as an officer of Marines in the 90s and commanded a unit of taught linguists – its amazing what our country can do with a young man or woman when you tell them to sit down shut up and pay attention.

  • ogese

    Miss Bonnie thanks for your response. I don’t disagree. If I happen to be in the room when she is accused of racism I would defend her unequivocally. Good teaching is hard and requires bravery – and people like us (white, black and otherwise) need to unite and supporting teachers who use tough measures with tough kids.

  • ogese

    Banner – I neglected to respond to point one above. Sorry if that offended you and made you think that I was saying you were racist. I was not. I have heard a lot of hateful language on Am Ren which goes beyond the simple desire to be apart. I realize now, that maybe you are not one of those people and see why you were insulted. Next time, I won’t rush to conclusions so quickly.

  • I knew thing were bad, I knew  mexicans were bent on destroying this country, now I know it is far worse and more advanced than I thought.

  • Thank you, Ma’am, for your blunt honesty. My wife, now approaching the end of her career as an El.Ed. teacher in the Upper Midwest, has watched as our Scandic/Germanic state has been overrrun by Somali MUSLIMS, thanks (believe it or not!) to ‘LUTHERAN Social(ist) Service’- the same people that brought the largest concentration of Hmong people in the USA, to the Upper Midwest, thirty years ago- and for whom I blame the first in a series of race hate killings that WILL occur, which began with the Chai Vang murders in Wisconsin, some years ago. She, too, has non-White Administrators, ‘experts’ and others telling her daily about the ‘glories of multiculturalism’ when she sees the declining IQ’s, the lack of morality, the utter ignorance of their own history by the WHITES in her class, as well as the presumption by Muslim FOREIGNERS, that they don’t HAVE TO observe Western (Christian) morality in their interactions with peers. Everything that this woman speaks of, is happenening all over the USA. It’s not a “Dream” a la MLK, anymore, White Man. It’s your worst nightmare. For real.

    • blight14

       Fr.John+, sir, I would wager that the most  ‘special’ minority in America can hold their own in the contest of bringing in the most third worlders to our nation…..(Somali Bantus, Hmong, etc)….

  • blight14

     Gosh, just think, if we survive another 50 years we MAY someday utter the truth instead of the code ‘cultural Marxists’…..the average dolt on the street can’t likely make the association to which the code refers…..but I guess its a start….and it gets past the moderators…..

  • Mexicans do this because they can.  They do this because white American taxpayers let them, fund them, and are easily guilt tripped into continuing this behavior.  You know what the world’s most effective bulls*** stopper is?  A closed wallet!

  • bobfairlane

    I expect the “indigenous” Peruvians and other South Continental Americans are much like the “indigenous-Americans”, that is , squat brown savages kicked out of Asia millenia ago who miraculously survived long enough to be a bane to European descendants.  

  • bobfairlane

    Join the thread “Racially Motivated Attacks Against White Teachers” on SF.

  • bobfairlane

    Nah, sounds like you are a white-back, lol, supporting the propaganda sold to gullible whites who haven’t gotten a taste yet of the real Mexican terrorism that they are inflicting on the country, or haven’t yet sighted the decline and filth they bring with them as they turn another small section of TX into “little me-hee-co.” Sicko! 

  • fuzzypook

    We could use her in Eastern Kentucky! She might love it here too. It’s a beautiful place for the most part and overwhelmingly white.

  • Funruffian

    Italian migration into Mexico occured between 1880-1920. Roughly, 60,000 Italians from the Northern part of Italy migrated to Mexico to escape the economic woes of their country. They were farmers and set up crops on Mexican soil. While they were prosperous in their business affairs, by 1910, half of those immigrants moved back to their native Italy. I read an interesting article on this.

  • Lerojist

    I agree with you;. White America better wake up. Become involved with your environment. Watch your government. .We will win in the end.

    Satan, and his minions are causing ungodly problems around the world, creating an unhealthy environment of multiculturalism.

    Be not afraid, keep the faith. PRAY for our nation.

  • Lerojist

    I say to white Americans, do you want a civilized nation or a nation of barbarians, simply put. Look at the countries the non white immigrants are coming from…expect their environment to happen here, because they know no different.

    We have become distracted on purpose, have had diversions thrown at us. Political correctness thrown at us. Filth through entertainment (music, TV, movies) professional sports, indoctrination through public education, the list goes on. True we are to be kind to others that pass through our land, but being Christian don’t mean stupid. We have to be smart.

    Pray for our nation…2Chronicles 7:14

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    Please explain how she is doing a disservice to her “students.” Aren’t her “students” doing a disservice to themselves by electing to remain thuggish and ignorant?

  • M&S

    Problem: If you succeed, you enable a Mestizo generation to survive and thrive here who might otherwise be forced to choose between menial positions for which they are themselves in competition (landscaping, fast food, etc.).
    Why would you want that?
    ‘Those who can see’ need to find a job classification as new training which takes them out of the business of educating our racial enemies.
    The truth is that if ONE white teacher said: “We can’t teach these students because they are a menace to themselves and to us and we live completely defensively.”
    The media would go nuts.
    But if a wave of American teachers walked off the job and onto a trade school campus with a desire to be welders or secretaries or brick layers, the message, irredeemable, would be sent: “No matter what you say about us, we are through educating the people who will slit your throats and ours.”
    That is the true nature of power in a society, it is similar to the effects garnered when ATC tower people walked off the job except that there are fewer people entering the education fields these days and those who do would be in for a severe shock.
    No president could out and out replace a massive teacher walk off like Reagan did with the PATCO people, using military controllers.
    These are not racially aware people because they have not made the leap from seeing what kind of people these students represent to deciding on their own behalf to strike a blow for the benefit of their own.

  • danstrom

    Mexicans are descended from conquistadors. THEY are the conquerors, not Whites from the U.S. and Canada. What they REALLY mean is they want a movement built on racial supremacism.

    Also, so-called “Native Americans” are not natively from America; they are paleolithic Asians, immigrants, part of the same group that genocidally wiped out Whites in Central and Western Asia, and invaded Europe for thousands of years, eventually taking Constantinople after hundreds of years of attacking it… thus blocking off the Strait of Bosphorus, the entrance to the Black Sea, the way into Asia for European traders, thus causing Europeans to seek a new way to Asia, which they did by sailing westward…

    Now these Asian-Conquistador descendants are so “oppressed”… Ironic, huh?

  • Buzz-Killer

    Not sure what the problem is… Most of the stuff she points out ……is true. Why don’t you whites just move out of Cali and be done with it?