A Duke University-led study shows juries formed from all-white jury pools in Florida convicted black defendants 16 percent more often than white defendants.

Researchers examined more than 700 non-capital felony criminal cases in Sarasota and Lake counties from 2000-2010.

In cases with no blacks in the jury pool, blacks were convicted 81 percent of the time, and whites were convicted 66 percent of the time. When the jury pool included at least one black person, the conviction rates fell to 71 percent for black defendants, 73 percent for whites.

Senior author Patrick Bayer of Duke’s economics department says the study provides evidence that the racial composition of the jury pool actually has a major effect on trial outcomes.



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  • You can’t have trial by jury with moron blacks and browns in your country.

    This is the one race that always prates about “justice” and yet they break all the laws more often than any other race and are bigoted and unjust jurors.

    This goes hand in hand with what people like Sam Francis said (RIP) and Peter Brimelow would say, and more recently commentators like Alex Kurtagic, Paul Kersey and Hunter Wallace would re-iterate…

    “You can’t have a First World Nation with a Third World Population.”

    • Impertinent


    • redshirts

      Our great White hero, Judge Taney, confirmed in Dred Scott that Negroes are not American citizens. He was right.  Their “citizenship” is a fraud, a crime, and a disaster.   

      Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Emily Haddock, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers and Britney Watts would be alive today but for the 14th Amendment.   They were killed by their own Federal Government’s failure to protect them from Diversity.

      “It is well known, that, as a general rule, they are a graceless, vagabondish set, and contribute very little to the support of the State by which they are protected. They are not citizens, never can be citizens, and wherever found in large numbers they are an expense and source of trouble.” 

      -John M. Richardson, DeBow’s Review, 1857

      • hyperborean_genesis

        19th Century racism knows no peers.  They excelled at it, because they could see the Diversity in its more nautral state, just a generation away from cannibalism, and long before Affirmative Action and Diversity saturated TV commercials.

        • joewest666

          They knew what the negro was REALLY capable of.

        • curri

          New York City was probably the capital of American white racism in the 19th Century:
          As illustrative of the matter in hand, I am tempted here to relate an anecdote, though somewhat out of place, as it did not occur till my return to New York the following spring. Chancing one day at the Ordinary at Bunker’s to sit next an English merchant from St. Domingo, in the course of conversation, he mentioned the following circumstances. The son of a Haytian general, high in the favour of Boyer, recently accompanied him to New York, which he came to visit for pleasure and instruction. This young man, though a mulatto, was pleasing in manner, and with more intelligence than is usually to be met with in a country in which education is so defective. At home, he had been accustomed to receive all the deference due to his rank, and when he arrived in New York, it was with high anticipations of the pleasure that awaited him in a city so opulent and enlightened.

          On landing, he inquired for the best hotel, and directed his baggage to be conveyed there. He was rudely refused admittance, and tried several others with similar result. At length he was forced to take up his abode in a miserable lodging-house kept by a Negro woman. The pride of the young Haytian (who, sooth to say, was something of a dandy, and made imposing display of gold chains and brooches,) was sadly galled by this, and the experience of every hour tended farther to confirm the conviction, that, in this country, he was regarded as a degraded being, with whom the meanest white man would hold it disgraceful to associate. In the evening, he went to the theatre, and tendered his money to the box-keeper. It was tossed back to him, with a disdainful intimation, that the place for persons of his colour was the upper gallery.

          On the following morning, my countryman, who had frequently been a guest at the table of his father, paid him a visit. He found the young Haytian in despair. All his dreams of pleasure were gone, and he returned to his native island by the first conveyance, to visit the United States no more.

          This young man should have gone to Europe. Should he visit England, he may feel quite secure, that if he have money in his pocket, he will offer himself at no hotel, from Land’s End to John O’ Groat’s house, where he will not meet with a very cordial reception. Churches, theatres, operas, concerts, coaches, chariots, cabs, vans, wagons, steam-boats, railway-carriages and air-balloons, will all be open to him as the daylight. He may repose on cushions of down or of air, he may charm his ear with music, and his palate with luxuries of all sorts. He may travel en prince, or en roturier, precisely as his fancy dictates, and may enjoy even the honours of a crowned head, if he will only pay like one. In short, so long, as he carries certain golden ballast about with him, all will go well.

          But when that is done, his case is pitiable. He will then become familiar with the provisions of the vagrant act, and Mr Roe or Mr Ballantine will recommend exercise on the treadmill, for the benefit of his constitution. Let him but show his nose abroad, and a whole host of parish overseers will take alarm. The new police will bait him like a bull; and should he dare approach even the lowest eating-house, the master will shut the door in his face. If he ask charity, he will be told to work. If he beg work, he will be told to get about his business. If he steal, he will be found a free passage to Botany Bay, and be dressed gratis on his arrival, in an elegant suit of yellow. If he rob, he will be found a free passage to another world, in which, as there is no paying or receiving in payment, we may hope that his troubles will be at an end for ever.

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

      Stop calling blacks “morons”.  That’s offensive to morons.

      Blacks are just blacks. Just because they don’t undertand White ethics and morality, doesn’t make them morons.  They are Africans, and Western civilization doesn’t make sense to them.  We don’t understand Diversity voodoo, but we aren’t morons.

  • redshirts

    It’s called Retributive Justice. The martyrdom St. Treyvon-of-Sanford now makes it a systemic and institutional imperative.

    Get used to it, make peace with it, embrace it, because it’s the fastest growing trend in America (along with justified White bias, bigotry, and racism), and represents the future because future jury pools will be more Diverse and less White, just like Mason, Jefferson, Madison, and Washington wanted, along with all those yankee soldiers who “saved the union and freed a race.” Yankee soldiers invaded the South and suffered Rebel shot and shell so the freed negro Diversity could serve on juries in judgment of White defendants. Everybody knows that.

    That’s why you will see laws mandating Diversity quotas on juries, because racist Whites can’t be trusted to “do the right thing.”

    There is no salvation to what is coming. Demographic change and White minoritization has consequences in every aspect of our lives. The New Ruling Diversity will not look to English Civil Law and Christian Ethics and the common good when they write new laws or enforce their whims at gunpoint. The greatest good of all future policies will be judged by how fast and how much it hurts Whites and tortures them for even having the memory of White privilege.

    Demography is destiny, and your destiny is hellish.

    “If it helps blacks, it’s good. If it helps blacks and hurts Whites, it’s better.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What Diversity means to them,” 2000

    • Impertinent

      To hell you say. So long as America is still 80% white…we’ll take back the laws. Once Zimmerman is executed by a jury of cowards despite all the evidence to the contrary…whites will finally wake up and counter revolt. 

      We’ve had enough of the last 50 years, and 4 generations of AA, MLK, riots, diversity, level playing fields and all the other un working rot that has been forced down our throats to accept an incompetent, petulant perennially aggrieved 12% minority ( now eclipsed by an Hispanic “minority’ that has no love for blacks either )…they’ve shot themselves in the foot with their lack of action against their real economic enemies….the illegal aliens who steal their jobs and chances at success. The illegals know full well what the opportunities are here….and they come here to get them… at the expense to blacks too ignorant to realize it.

      But..so long as we, after 4 generations, keep handing out and rewarding sloth and ignorance…they have no more incentives to do any better.

      • redshirts

        Sandy Springs is 80% White and is sued by the esteemed Civil Rights community for being “too White”.  

      • Anon12

         We are 80% White?  Not even close.

         More than HALF the White population is STILL too braindead to do a darn thing and will always side with the darker hue.

        • Impertinent

          Yes…to their everlasting shame and sacrificing their sons, wives and daughters to the street savages that prey on silly, stupid, ill informed whites.

    • Mutant_Swarm

       It’s time for a little jury nullification for Whites, then, isn’t it?

  • There are many Blacks that will not convict a Black defendant. No matter what the charge was and if  the person appears to be guilty.

    • ed91

      All blacks know how each other are………

      They know it could just as easily be them in the defendants chair.

      • Impertinent

        “They know it could just as easily be them in the defendants chair.”

        And more likely in a morgue at the hands of another black. Which is what they forget….that they’re more likely to be assaulted, raped or murdered by one of their own…”bro’s”. The stats bear it out…as well as a weekend of mayhem in Chicago or Harlem.

  • ed91

     ain’t integration great?!!

  • Rocky Bass

    Just another example of wretched black behavior, nothing more, nothing less.
    Just remember “not all blacks are like that”, it’s just that 99.999% that give the other .001% a bad name!

  • Francis Galton

    So when it comes to black defendants, black jurors have “Juror 8 Syndrome” (my coinage).  What else is new?

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    the entire zimmerman affair has one primary  goal: to make whites afraid to defend themselves against a violent assault by blacks.

    • hyperborean_genesis

      Did you really use the word “blacks”?

    • anmpr1

       Yes, but there is another perhaps more hidden goal.  That is, to increase the power of blacks using mob tactics, and to replace existing whites in local government by intimidation.  Also, to insert more than ever the Federal government into local affairs.  But you are certainly correct, this is really NOT about Tray, the “no limit nigga.”  Or if it is, he is the least of the reasons.

    • anmpr1

       Yes, but there is another perhaps more hidden goal.  That is, to increase the power of blacks using mob tactics, and to replace existing whites in local government by intimidation.  Also, to insert more than ever the Federal government into local affairs.  But you are certainly correct, this is really NOT about Tray, the “no limit nigga.”  Or if it is, he is the least of the reasons.

    • No

      Not really.  The Z-Affair is about getting Moochelle another four years to rip off tax paying whites.

      • itsallgood4me

        This looks like a good site for kkk recruitment ! Yall ,go to http://www.kkkwhiteisright .com All of yall ,come on down !!!!

  • Exhibit A, your White honors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g26StfErCk0 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Wow!..just wow! Thank you for sharing.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Great example.  The best cure for a white liberal is to put them in close contact  with blacks.

  • WhitesRdumb

    “In cases with no blacks in the jury pool, blacks were convicted 81 percent of the time, and whites were convicted 66 percent of the time. When the jury pool included at least one black person, the conviction rates fell to 71 percent for black defendants, 73 percent for whites.”

    So you add just ONE black to the jury and your chances of being convicted go up 7% if you are white, but 12 white jurrors only increase black convictions by 10%. That is 0.83% per white juror. If you have 12 black jurors, you are 84% more likely to be convicted if you are white, and 120% less liekly to be convicted if you are black.

    My god you whites R dumb.

    Whites should create one giant jail, and convict timeselves and their familys for life (for being so stupid), and never let any blacks, or other minorities, get convicted and serve time inside the white jails. We should build several of these. We can call them EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, and maybe even CANADA.


  • WhitesRdumb

    America isn’t 80% white. You would be lucky if it was 55% whites. California is no longer a white majority.

    • Impertinent

      Look it up….it’s damn close to that. Besides…we all know that we’ve deeded the west and east coast ghettos to the savages. Places where whites need not go….or need for that matter. Look at the real heart of America friend. The 45 states between the left coast and the rot just east of the Hudson river.

      California can reap what they’ve sowed. Demrats have destroyed everything they’ve ever touched. Only the super rich in their gated guarded forts….which they’ve erected to keep the Bantu’s out will be the last to feel the wrath of the hell holes they’ve created in the name of…”diversity”.

      The “Golden Bear” state is no longer. It’s history. Led by Mr. Moombeam..a retreaded old hippy of a has been will take California down to hell. Which it richly deserves.

      •  California can reap what they’ve sowed. Demrats have destroyed everything they’ve ever touched.

        Point of order:  In the 28 years between January 1983 and January 2011, a Republican was Governor of California for 23 years and change of those.

        • Impertinent

          Which only proves my point that whites have for too long accepted the theory that WE…are to blame for blacks criminality. Whites…even intelligent whites aren’t immune to the liberal fantasies that there needs to be a “level playing field” in order to survive politically.

          How many white politicians do you think could survive telling the truth about black crime and chaos? They’re pols first and foremost…what we need is more brave and honest race realists to speak out. To counter the vomit that cowardly whites expectorate to please libs.

  • No

    QUOTE: In cases with no blacks in the jury pool, blacks were convicted 81 percent of the time, 
    Without a negro there, white racial instinct kicks in. They know that if the negro didn’t do whatever he’s on trial for, he did something else, or will do something else, so they may as well nail him.

    But add just one black and the eleven whites get intimidated with glowering negro sitting at the table. 

    Eleven whites + one black is not brown . . . it’s yellow.

    This isn’t unique to juries.  Put one negro in an office . . . in a classroom . . . or on an airplane . . . and whites act differently.  The louder and more aggressive the negro, the more whites wilt.

  • Detroit_WASP

    This is an old trick.

    The city of Detroit put two old white cops (with perfect records, just a couple of years from retirement) in jail for about 5 years for killing a black life-long criminal and drug addict named Malice Green.  The cops said the drug addict grab the cop’s gun, they struggled, cop hit the addict in the head 4-5 times with his flashlight and the addict (who had cocaine and alcohol in his system) died. ….Cops found guilty of second degree murder by 11 black and one white juror.  

    What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      How do you get it through the thick skull of whites that blacks aren’t in favor of justice or equality?  Many who do know they’re bigoted make excuses for them, “Well, not for me to judge” or “Well, I can understand their anger…” 

    • Don’t you love that first name — “Malice”? Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Impertinent

    Ann Coulter makes the case for every black to join the NRA…..why not? They’re under constant assault from their own….and of course those “racist whites”.

    I agree….blacks too ought to be able to stand their ground against the savages among them.

    There might be far less of them if blacks decided to kill their tormentors. Their assassins that kill their children sitting on a porch…cause it sure as hell isn’t white killing them.

    Are blacks that stupid and racially ignorant that they can’t see who’s killing them?


    •  I read that column, too.  And it’s typical Coulter lamestream/neo conservative racial idiocy.  If I didn’t know any better, I would read that column, then come away from it wanting to send all my money to Sarah Brady.  Not allowing blacks to own guns?  Gee, where would anyone get a silly idea like that?

      But you are right, non-criminal blacks need to get CCW permits.  Both of them.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes.  They’d rather listen to black “advocates” like $harpton and $ackson who tell them their greatest fear is from Murderous White Bigots like Zimmerman who hunt down blacks for fun and entertainment — and that the US justice system is racist, rigged against blacks and that there is NO WAY a “black can get a fair trial in the U.S.”

      Since when have blacks ever believed FACTS as opposed to their own race hustlers?

      So, when blacks are accused of any crime, including heinous murder/rapes/tortures of innocent Whites, despite mountains of DNA evidence and video tape of the crime in front of their faces, ALL black jurors see is color:   one more innocent black man railroaded by an unfair, rigged White system that only convicts “people of color” while letting Whites off.

      After the OJ Simpson trial, one of the jurors was quoted as stating:

      I didn’t understand the DNA stuff at all. To me, it was just a waste of time. It was way out there and carried no weight with me.”

      That sums up black jurors right there.


  • Rational_Liberal

    I was on a jury with a bunch of black folks. They don’t pay attention to the testimony, take notes, or know how to argue in deliberation.

    • Anonymous

      Since when do they use logic when it comes to anything? 

      • white_privilege_stigmata

        It’s a jungle thing. You can’t understand it.

        • hyperborean_genesis

          Yes we can understand it.  We know it by its face, which is an index to its character.  Ugly and menacing.

  • Ken P.

    The statistical probability for these phenomena (conviction rates decreasing for Blacks when Blacks are on the jury and increasing for Whites when Blacks are on the jury) being attributable to chance coincidence is vanishingly small, given the number of cases (over 700) examined.  The problem in understanding these phenomena is that, based only on the information contained herein, they can be explained in one of two ways: Either White jurors are prone to unjustly convict or acquit on the basis or racial solidarity with the defendant, or it’s Black jurors who are.  I strongly suspect the latter, but the summary above does not address this critical question.  To do so would require far more deeper research that simply tabulate the jury composition.  What is needed for a definitive answer to the question is to somehow objectively judge each trail outcome and thereby “judge the jury” for each case.

  • Is it just a writer’s error, or a deliberate attempt to try to mislead the reader, when the story says that conviction rates “fell to 71 percent for blacks, 73 percent for Whites” if there is at least one black on the jury? Conviction rates didn’t FALL for Whites; they SPIKED by seven percent. Isn’t that proof positive that blacks are more prepared to turn one of their own loose, and more prepared to convict one who doesn’t “look like them,” especially if that defendant is White?

  • haroldcrews

    If it actually meant more a high school diploma would be a reasonable requirement for jury duty among others.

  • Julian33

    Didn’t OJ have 9 black women on his jury?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      In the OJ case, Marcia Clark IGNORED the advice of jury consultant Don Vinson who told Clark that black women were MORE likely admire OJ and find him “not guilty”, the defense took this advice seriously from their own jury consultant.

      The advice Vinson gave Clark was ignored. 

       Vinson felt African American Women would be strong Simpson supporters, Clark thought otherwise. 

      Vinson found African American Women were more tolerant of physical force within a marriage, saying : ‘In every relationship, there’s always a little trouble’ 

      Vinson was dismissed after one and one half days of jury selection.

      Result?  One of the worst miscarriages of justice in the 20th century, a vicious double murderer set free rather than sent to death row.


      • anmpr1

         Clark was probably too busy engaged in “late night” sessions with Chris Darden to worry about the Juice.  But in any event, the OJ trial should have shown everyone who had doubts what blacks on a jury are all about.

      • One might conclude, on the evidence, that Clark and the black male prosecutor who worked with her, Chris Darden, were CHOSEN to lose the case. Of course, the state laid the groundwork for its own defeat when it moved the venue from the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, where the murders were committed, to downtown WITHOUT EVEN BEING ASKED TO. The reason? To make sure there were plenty of blacks on the jury. Result: A jury of nine blacks, three non-blacks. And an acquittal for a cold-blooded black murderer.

      •  I agree that Black women should have not been on that jury. One thing that could have played into the OJ’s acquittal is the fact that his victims were white. Despite the fact that OJ preferred white women, they were glad to see a white woman get killed by a black man.

        • Black women tend to be scornful and contemptuous of white women who are in BM/WF relationships, but they’re not mad at the black men.  I think a lot of black women have the mentality that white women use some sort of magic or voodoo to “lure” “successful” black men (and their money) away from the black women that “deserve” that man and (more importantly) his money.

          One racial calculus with the black women on the OJ jury I heard before they handed down their verdict was that they would roast OJ to punish him for going with a white woman.  As it turns out, they set him free in order to punish the white woman for “taking” their man and his money.

          And yes, as you can imply from what I said above, I think many the beaux ideal of a black man for many black women is a human ATM machine, not a husband.  Then again, on the flip side of that coin, many black men want a perpetual booty call, not a wife.  That would make “romance” among blacks barely a step above out and out right prostitution.

  • Blacks kill whites – set them on FIRE. 

    HATING WHITES legally is a laughingstock funfest for them.

  • JohnEngelman

    I would be interested in knowing if all black juries have ever convicted blacks of crimes against whites. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Statistics don’t lie.

  • ACE2X

    I can attest to that, On 2 criminal case juries on which I served, racial bias was prominent. On one case where the evidence was incontravertible, one black lady would not agree to the guilt of the black defendant. When I asked her what evidence did she not believe, she responded: “Oh, I don’t know. I jess don’t think he’s guilty.”Black justice amounts to: black, right; all else wrong! They are never positive influences in society!

  •  I think what happens is that you may have one or two level headed jurors but they get threatened by the rest of them and go along just to get out of the jury room.

  •  All that, and her column has one glaring factual error:  She acts like non-criminal blacks don’t have the legal ability to purchase firearms and get CCW permits in carry states.  They do.  Therefore, the “problem” she thinks exists does not exist.

    Now, that does not always translate to non-criminal blacks doing this.  For whatever reason, they’re not doing so.  But I’m not their father, Ann Coulter is not their mother.  Not even I, bigot extraordinaire, am going to give myself the power and pretense to make them do something they don’t want to do.

  • anarchyst

    Q:  What do you call a black man in a suit?

    A:  the Defendent

  • Kevin

    “Senior author Patrick Bayer of
    Duke’s economics department says the study provides evidence that the
    racial composition of the jury pool actually has a major effect on trial

    The OJ trial provided that evidence two decades ago.

  • radical7

    Statistics show that predominatley White or all White juries are far more likely to convict Black and Hispanic defendants even if the evidence presented against the defendant is weak.

    • 549106

      The idea of equality before the law goes away if there’s an inherent presumption that members of a certain group are “all criminal” or that their innocence or guilt is irrelevant in a given case because you don’t like them! Ironically, most of the comments here demonstrate that it’s not possible for someone non-white to receive a fair trial with them on the jury, since their racist/racialist predilections make them indifferent to questions of guilt or innocence. Conversely, the same charge could be leveled at non-whites that show such a degree of racial solidarity that they’re also indifferent to actual questions of guilt or innocence, but this is less pervasive since blacks and Hispanics are not only much more likely to commit crimes but to be victims of crimes from other members of their same group.

      These statistics are totally ambiguous and when people superimpose their interpretation on them it merely shows off their biases, since empirically there’s no evidence one way or the other: If one assumes that 75% of all defendants of all races are guilty,  then white racism/racial solidarity is leading to non-whites being convicted at unfairly high rates, whereas if one assumes that 66%  of all white defendants are guilty and 81% of all non-white victims are guilty,  then it shows how non-white racial solidarity skews the numbers. Since NO ONE KNOWS the actual numbers and it’s NOT POSSIBLE to know, the cognitive mapping here  merely displays ignorance and bias, which is perhaps the point.

      The solution to these problems might be solved by having the jury pool drawn from an ethnically/economically stratified random sample of the population, rather than a random sample in order to ensure that the demographics of the area are accurately reflected.  Or we could admit that our educational system has failed and that respect for legal norms across all races is at an all time low and abolish the jury system for most categories of criminal cases and replace them with troikas of judges, subject to review and limited appeal from higher courts.

  • itsallgood4me

    Periapsis ……..do you know anything about the history of how whites have treated black people throughout history ? Who do you think did all of the lynchings ? Whites had a party lynching blacks ,the whole town turn out ,they had a party ! They brought their children to wittness those lynchings ,just to teach them out things go ! The jury knew everything about how white men came to emmit teals grandfather’s house and took that teenage boy out, in the middle of the night and murdered him ! The jury just went through the motions but they had no intentions of convicting, white men of murdering a black child ! If I didn’t know any better ,as I read your statement here ,I would swear it was the other way around but since I know better , I know what you are saying here is just another racist lie ! You should be ashamed of yourself to say these things because the whole world ,at least those who are honest , will see your statement here as just another pack of racist lies !

    • FransSusan

      No one alive today had slaves. Time to get over the past, stop whining about everything, and stop lying about the past, too. No one had lynching parties.