Posted on January 14, 2021

MAGA Patriots: The Best of People in the Worst of Times

Ilana Mercer, American Renaissance, January 8, 2021

Why repeat hackneyed phrases about annus horribilis 2020?

Recall the opening paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities, a classic by Charles Dickens. Interspersed in that epical introduction are countervailing, sweetness-and-light words. Excise these — and you get 2020:

. . . it was the worst of times . . . it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch . . . of incredulity, it was . . . the season of darkness . . . it was the winter of despair. . . . we had nothing before us.

MAGA men and women are just that: The best of people in the worst of times.

These good people converged on Washington, D.C. Wednesday to protest the certification of the Electoral College vote.

They, who have “nothing before them,” had come to demand that something be done by those who had “brought [them] forth into this wilderness,” yet sit “by the fleshpots [on the Potomac] and [eat] bread to the full.” (My adaptation of Exodus 16:3.)

Cassandra Fairbanks of Gateway Pundit framed her report about the protest that ensued just right: “Patriots Have Stormed the Capitol Building—Masses Breaching Federal Barriers—Cops Losing Control.”

Yes, patriots. Rage that had been simmering over an election whose results lacked constitutional credibility had finally come to a boil.

Prior to the eruption, on January 5, patriots had gathered at the Freedom Plaza in D.C. They patiently awaited their president, who was due to deliver a “Stop the Steal” address the following day. In short succession, they recited the “Lord’s Prayer” (from Luke, not the one-chord grunts of Lil Baby, or other rappers, emblematic of the Black Lives Matter repertoire).

These good people, who have been thoroughly marginalized and demonized — their country made diverse to the point of distrust — puncture their prayers with an “amen,” ancient Hebrew for “so be it.”

Symbolically — oblivious to etymological origins of the word — one of the imbeciles on the Hill (they all make out like bandits on the people’s dime), Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) boorishly closed his Godless chant with an “amen and awoman.” Cleaver had been assigned to give “the opening prayer on the opening day of the 117th Congress.”

Trump’s America has had it with this confederacy of cretins and knaves, that “minds other people’s business,” and can’t even leave the language alone, much less their president.

Donald Trump has been maligned and sabotaged for the entirety of his term. As his constituents gaze down at their mobile devices, they observe that the president has been canceled by Deep Tech, my preferred term for the high-tech sector, as it denotes how deeply the head honchos of high tech have penetrated and poisoned the American public and private sectors.

Trump’s communications are routinely throttled, plastered with warning notices intended to disgrace a president whom “Deplorables” hold in high esteem.

And this from the president’s Twitter account:

“History will judge Trump as a villain,” vaporized CNN’s John Avlon, the husband and commentary sidekick of NeverTrump Republican Margaret Hoover. Appearing on CNN alone or with Avlon, this progressive Republican has also been disgorging the same “piercing” “insight” for months, if not years: “This ends not well for the GOP. There will be a backlash for the GOP [for standing by Trump and his base and denying the election result.]”

A backlash from whom? The intellectual and moral sinkhole to which Margaret Hoover and her buddies belong?

MAGA men and women have themselves been dubbed “deplorables” (courtesy of Hillary Clinton), “lizard brains” (via TV historian Jon Meacham), and, recently, “jerks,” by Donny Deutsch, a lefty business-cum-media man on MSNBC, who hollered that “there are 50 million jerks in this country.”

Correction: We are 74 million strong.

The thread that runs through fatuous TV debates, among Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt and his ilk, is the failure of the Grand Old Party to stand up to Donald Trump.

Unmentioned are the 74 million people who prop up President Trump. These solipsistic, vain TV degenerates — Bush-era operative Nicolle Wallace, the gaseous Ana Navarro, celebutante Margaret Hoover, and many more — have simply “disappeared” or canceled 74 million Americans.

And, in character, cowardly Republicans have been tripping over one another to join them, since the storming of the Capitol building. (These characters were less inclined to flap their law-and-order chops when the BLM movementarians needed to be stopped from occupying and burning down American cities.)

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, suggested that Ashli Babbitt, a patriot shot and killed inside the U.S. Capitol, might have had it coming.

“The president should order U.S. troops to secure the Capitol immediately,” tweeted Laura Ingraham, an ego in an anchor’s chair.

Had Babbitt been black, the Capitol would have long since been burned down (and looted) by BLM, to empathetic nods from the “enemedia.”

As to the “OMG, shocking, shocking” huffing and puffing over the pro-Trump protesters, who “descended on the Capitol to protest the certification of results, before clashing with police”: Get a grip!

Where was the constitutional duty to act forcefully when BLM and Antifa goons romped and rampaged across the country? None was evident. The American power elites — cops, too — simply knelt to and with their racial overlords.

Here’s the difference between pro-Trump patriots and BLM detritus: The latter trashed, looted, and leveled their countrymen’s livelihoods, their businesses. MAGA men and women stormed the seats of corruption.