Posted on November 1, 2020

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Emmy Tekisui, American Renaissance, November 1, 2020

Compared to other creatures, such as the cheetah, the shark, or the crocodile, humans appear frail, with our slow, unimpressive bodies that require very specific climatic conditions. The only reason we lounge at the top of the food chain is our mind’s strength and ability to grasp Nature’s secrets and harness them to serve us. It is to that strength I am now appealing. There is a saying: “He who has no wound can handle poison.” As an African, I may have the objective distance needed to diagnose the sickness plaguing the West: pathological egalitarianism.

This social malaise is more prevalent in women, whose tender, nurturing concern for diverse peoples often leads to their own gruesome deaths, as Paul Joseph Watson points out in a video that is surprisingly still on YouTube. Joseph Conrad had a view of women that would not make him popular today:

It is queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own. There has never been anything like it, and never can be. It is too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set it up it would go to pieces before the first sunset. Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over.

Female ways of thinking now dominate the West.

In this era of automated production and automated thinking, Westerners have lost the rigor that built the civilization worth trying to join.

As pathological egalitarianism has become more prevalent, strong and healthy minds are now viewed as defective. Today, merely suggesting — with evidence — that certain ideas do not tally with reality “triggers” emotional outbursts and clamoring for “safe spaces.” Did your grandparents need safe spaces? I doubt the brave souls on the Mayflower would have reached the new land if they had been worried about hate speech, trigger warnings, and establishing equal rights for LGBTQ+. They did not have tremendous reserves of wealth to subsidize such folly as you do today.

There is nothing wrong with campaigning for minority rights/privileges. But when this threatens the majority it becomes self-destruction. Are not white dispossession and the demand for nursery pens — so-called safe spaces — Lady-Liberty-sized signs that something has gone wrong with you as a people?

In Mr. Watson’s video that I cited, he makes the mistake of blaming external forces. This is an old tendency. As Thomas Sowell explains, the fault lies in human nature, and though we always try to improve our circumstances, we can never achieve perfection; improvements are always tradeoffs.

When you look nervously over your shoulder at night in a “bad neighborhood,” are you afraid of Icelandic lady cellists? What makes a neighborhood or school “bad”?

I recall a conversation with an Indian friend who is Muslim. He insisted that Islam is not a race, and he was annoyed that Westerners seem to think it is. Islam is certainly not a race, but was conceived (received?), spearheaded, and defended by members of specific tribes. By the same token, Magna Carta and its legal/political progeny were conceived, championed, and promulgated by a certain tribe: Britons. The same can be said for the Talmud and the Bhagavad Gita.

Institutions and religions did not spontaneously appear and surround themselves with followers. They sprang up within the group that became its followers. The tendency to ignore this — to put the cart before the horse — is a hallmark of egalitarianism. Advanced egalitarians insist that their enemies — such as the people who read AmRen — are bitter horse-drivers who cling to the supremacist idea that horses should pull carts and who spurn the nobler, higher goal of carts pulling horses.

You could compel every Japanese man and woman to read the Koran from preschool to death, and they would still be polite, law-abiding folk, who make long-lasting cars, hentai, and badly-written but engaging video games.

Why don’t the cities of Japan — or Iceland — burn with the cleansing fires of egalitarianism? Why aren’t there Icelandic or Japanese cop killings?

I think Max Stirner understood why.

What one can become he does become. A born poet may well be hindered by the disfavor of circumstances from standing on the high level of his time, and, after the great studies that are indispensable for this, producing consummate works of art; but he will make poetry, be he a plowman or so lucky as to live at the court of Weimar. A born musician will make music, no matter whether on all instruments or only on an oaten pipe. A born philosophical head can give proof of itself as university philosopher or as village philosopher. Finally, a born dolt will always remain a blockhead, let him have been drilled and trained into the chief of a bureau, or let him serve that same chief as bootblack.

Nay, the born shallow-pates indisputably form the most numerous class of men. And why, indeed, should not the same distinctions show themselves in the human species that are unmistakable in every species of beasts? The more gifted and the less gifted are to be found everywhere. — The Unique One and his Property

Of course, it isn’t all sunshine in Japan, where sex relations have taken a wrong turn. I don’t think Japanese of a generation ago ever dreamt their sons might have to take out “gropers insurance” to pay for legal fees if a woman falsely accuses them.

Whatever happens in the East, the West is at a crucial point. Can it rekindle faith in itself, in what makes it great and unique? Or will it continue sliding towards oblivion?

As an African, I have my own turntable; my record must play beyond its unique scratch.