Posted on June 6, 2020

Verified Hate on Twitter: It Only Intensifies

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 6, 2020

Way ahead of you.

This is the wife of David French, wife of Mr. Conservatism, Inc. In her profile photo she is posing with an adopted black child.  She has children of her own, but they aren’t useful for social media purposes.

Ilhan Omar is Somali, so she might just be homesick for the anarchy in her real country.

Will there be any standards about what is a “false race-based 911 reports?” This could potentially mean years in prison for calling the police when you are threatened.

One can’t help but recall 1984 and its nightmarish portrayal of children snitching on parents for ideological crimes. Today, the media has far more power over children than parents do.

What happens if whites refuse to go along with this?

I’m not sure what was so funny about this. Perhaps we should ask Joe Rogan.

“It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others,” quipped Ashleigh Brilliant. That’s Haiti, just on a national scale. Still, the almost 57,000 people who liked this tweet are being very clear about what they want to do to us. We should probably take them at their word.

If he can casually donate one million dollars to pro-black groups, he has a lot more to give. He’s married to Serena Williams, so he won’t starve. His black daughter may give him an exemption from the aforementioned “inevitable seizure of your families estate.”

Still, we should encourage this. Every single white liberal should resign immediately. If you don’t want to, welcome to the ranks of white advocates.

This is what the government is letting happen all around the country.

Welcome to Trenton.

The brown-black alliance is showing some cracks. What truly makes this art is the protester who says someone should call 911. Don’t we want to abolish the police?

This isn’t unexpected. The University of Ghana removed Ghandi’s statue in 2018. When he was in South Africa, he wrote about blacks in far harsher terms than American Renaissance would ever allow. It will not stop with Confederate monuments, nor the Founding Fathers, nor even necessarily with whites.

If Colonel Robert Shaw could see America now, would he still think his efforts were worth it?

Many people have tried to suppress our free speech because they falsely claim it leads to violence.

Here’s Slate yesterday:

Carlos Maza is the same person who accused Steven Crowder of “hate speech.”

To review, everything whites have came from violence, blacks are justified in taking everything, the police should not stop riots. All this is allowed on Twitter but we can’t even have an account.

White privilege is a wonderful thing.