Posted on October 16, 2019

This Week in Verified Hate, Columbus Day Edition

AR Staff, American Renaissance, October 16, 2019

American Renaissance and Jared Taylor are not allowed to have Twitter accounts. However, anti-white slurs, insults, and condemnations of whites are common on Twitter.

Here are some of the highlights from the last week.

Columbus Day was popular. Countless tweets demanded that people call October 14 “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” (Do indigenous Europeans on the Continent have any rights that can be celebrated?)

Many Democratic presidential candidates recognized “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

(I admit I laughed at that one.)

Media Matters took note of Jared Taylor’s Columbus Day video from last year. Mr. Taylor said that condemning Columbus Day implies that Europeans should never have come to America. Tucker Carlson has made similar points. Media Matters then said Mr. Carlson’s “racist arguments are ripped from white supremacist Jared Taylor.” It tweeted:

#CancelFacebook was trending because Mark Zuckerberg had such bad taste as to meet with Tucker Carlson.

Former Obama Administration speechwriter Jon Favreau says:

Jeffrey Guterman, a “mental health counselor” with a large Twitter following, condemned President Donald Trump’s simple Columbus Day greeting.

Speaking of mental health professionals, Vice published an article that explained how a black therapist helped the author “accept my distrust of white people.”

However, Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital denounced distrust of black people.

There were also the usual blanket anti-white statements from verified Twitter accounts.

Poet Morgan Parker:

Feminist writer Lara Witt accused Andrew Yang of racism, even if there was no “conscious intent.”

Homosexual pornographer Michael Williams denounced a parody video portraying President Trump fighting the media. He called it “white people BULLSHIT.”

The original video, a movie scene in which the heroes murder countless white Christians in a church, met with no media outrage.

Talbert Swan denounced white “allies:”

Finally, a helpful reminder from an unverified Twitter account.