Posted on August 28, 2019

Why Can’t White People Openly Prefer to Date Each Other?

Liv Heide, American Renaissance, August 28, 2019

Before I started in 2017, I learned quickly that there is great hostility to the idea of white people wanting to date each other. I learned that a dating platform called “Where White People Meet” had been accused of racism. The entrepreneurs backed down and the site disappeared.

However, I did not expect WhiteDate ads to be banned from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Reddit, which meant we had to grow only with the help of alternative media with limited reach. For a few hours we ran an ad on Facebook that targeted Trump followers and got a gratifying number of sign-ups. This gave us a sense of how easy and successful commercial development could have been, because the audience is there: Whites want to date each other.

Last month the WhiteDate YouTube channel and our Instagram account were banned. You could argue that some of my videos — which you can now find on BitChute — were a bit critical of the system, but the seven posts on Instagram were entirely wholesome.

Limits on advertising have hurt our progress. Working underground as we do, we count about 3,500 members of WhiteDate. The ratio of men to women is 6.4 to 1, which may not be so lopsided, given estimates that in the broader identitarian movement, the ratio is estimated at 10 to 1.

Of course, most of our members are fully awake to the challenge of white survival on the ethnic and cultural levels. Even setting aside qualities such as intelligence, creativity, and diligence, people of all races appreciate and pursue the diverse beauty that comes with a variety of eye and hair colors combined with light skin.

Mendel’s laws and recessive European genes make it hard to maintain our phenotypes and mental qualities, but whenever whites discuss these issues, we risk being deplatformed. It is as if social media companies do not want us even to see ourselves as a distinct group.

There are hundreds of exclusive ethno-dating sites for Asians, Indians, Latinos, Arabs, Jews, blacks etc, and the major platforms all accept their advertising. Why do they deny European people the same rights? Why do they want to harm whites only?

I cannot answer these questions, but my experience is irrefutable proof of a blatant double standard: There is a war against our people and our rulers do not seem to care.