Posted on February 7, 2019

South African Blacks Rejoice in Deaths of White Children

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, February 6, 2019

On February 1, a concrete walkway collapsed onto children at Hoërskool (high school) Driehoek south of Johannesburg, killing three on the spot, and injuring at least 20 others. A fourth student died after emergency surgery two days later, and others have been maimed or paralyzed for life.

Collapsed walkway at Hoërskool Driehoek

The incident has shaken the entire country, not only because it seemed so preventable if there had been routine maintenance at the school, but also because it revealed anti-white hatred harbored by many blacks. Because Driehoek high school is an Afrikaans-language school, by far the majority of students would be white Afrikaners. That led to black social media posts “celebrating” the accident.

A Facebook user from Kwazulu-Natal province, Siyanda Dizzy Gumede, said of the three dead children: “Don’t have heart to feel pain for white kids. Minus 3 future problems.”

His Facebook post soon went viral, with whites understandably outraged. However, Lindsay Maasdorp, official spokesman of the Black First Land First party (BLF), supported Mr. Gumede’s statement:

Speaking to The Citizen newspaper in Johannesburg, he clarified his tweet by saying he was “not certain” the victims were white, but added he “would mourn them if they turned out to be black.”

He reiterated the message in a subsequent tweet, now deleted: “If our God has finally intervened and our ancestors have petitioned and seen that these white land thieves have now died then I definitely celebrate it. I celebrate the death of our enemies, their children, their cats and their dogs. That is our position.”

In 2016, Mr. Maasdorp had said on both Facebook and Twitter that “I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!”

South Africa’s largest news site,, published a piece by a woman black journalist, Zenoyise John, explaining why blacks don’t care if white children die. It’s because of smoldering anger over “past deprivation:”

We have been forced to mask anger, pain and upset to protect the feelings of white people, who have repeatedly failed to self-reflect on their privilege and to apologise fulsomely for their inhumane deeds.

Increasingly, South Africa is resembling other African countries, mired in ethnic clashes, corruption, and a lack of basic maintenance that leads to avoidable accidents. Except that, unlike in other African countries where various tribes are at loggerheads, our main divide is between black and white.

Many initial expressions of black hatred have been removed but here are some that survived:

Vicky Momberg went to prison for two years for calling black policemen “kaffirs.” Penny Sparrow referred to blacks who litter the beach as “monkeys.” She has to pay huge fines and do community service. See my articles about them here and here.

This photo of former premier Henrik Verwoerd was clearly meant to suggest it was a pity he had not died as a child.

Whites were angry. A spokesman for the Afrikaner party Freedom Front Plus, Corné Mulder, tweeted this about the Black Land First spokesman’s glee at the deaths of white children:

Although normally anti-white, various liberals and left-liberal organizations have also condemned the BLF.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, named after a former ANC terrorist, issued a statement in which it said that Mr. Maasdorp’s comments were “despicable.” According to their spokesman, Neeshan Bolton, “What sort of debased value system must one have to almost ‘celebrate’ the deaths of children?”

This question has an easy answer. For the last 25 years, South African liberal-Marxism has demonized whites. The South African president himself, ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa, last year blamed whites for all of the country’s economic and other problems, calling them “lackadaisical” and threatening them with “the anger of young black people.”

Some whites think they can use the legal system against Mr. Maasdorp. The large Afrikaner trade union, Solidarity, which tries to protect its members from being ethnically cleansed from large companies, has vowed to sue Black First Land First for anti-white racism.

Solidarity says:

We are planning a two-pronged legal action which will included a crimen injuria charge and a charge before the Equality Court. Regarding the first, we will avail ourselves of the Vicki Momberg precedent. Based on the precedent created by the Momberg case, we are of the opinion that a prison sentence would be suitable punishment for Maasdorp. We are also planning to lodge a case at the Equality Court in light of the precedent created by the Penny Sparrow case.

I very much doubt that a South African court will apply the same “racism” standards to whites and blacks. The judges at the so-called Equality Courts are biased against whites, as is the law that they must apply. Already our country’s Independent Electoral Commission has ruled that the BLF’s routine anti-white statements cannot affect its registration as a political party “because these are not made during an official election campaign.” Apparently, the party has only to obey the electoral laws once the Commission has announced the exact date of this year’s election and declared the campaign open.

In December, a complaint was laid at the Electoral Commission because the leader of Black First Land First, Andile Mngxitama, had exhorted his supporters at a rally in Pochefstroom to “kill five white people” for every black who gets killed in the violent turf wars between black-run taxi companies. The party was rapped on the knuckles but not punished. BLF lawyers will surely argue that Mr. Maasdorp was exercising freedom of speech by “celebrating the deaths” of white children.

Whatever the outcome, whites and blacks in South Africa are starting to hate each other at a personal level. This may surprise American readers, but this is something I have not seen in my lifetime. Even during the 1970s and 1980s, when the Carter administration, as well as the governments of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, East Germany, and the Soviet Union were spending millions of dollars to create violent revolution in South Africa, individual personal relations between blacks and whites were cordial.

This level of animus is a new, post-black-rule development that will only intensify.