Posted on July 18, 2018

Why White Men Fall for Asian Women

Liv Heide, American Renaissance, July 18, 2018

In places as different as multicultural Paris and rural Germany, I have met white men who have dated and even married Asian or Indian women. Why would tall, high-IQ, good-looking European men who have plenty of options prefer black haired, dark-brown eyed, exotic women to native Nordics?

It seems that all these men started dating European women but eventually ended up with an Asian or Indian women because they were more easy going and less challenging. They also were better-groomed, were modest and adorable, and all of them could cook.

Unlike many of today’s white women, most Asian and Indian women accept hierarchy in relationships, and rarely shout at a man even when they are angry. Their typically small physiques also may give them a certain cuteness.

In this anti-white-male world — in which it seems white women are almost deliberately trained to be a white man’s enemy — men yearn for femininity. A soft and feminine woman makes a man feel stronger and more protective. He feels more aligned with his natural mission to act as a provider and leader. Also, a man whose self-confidence has been damaged by anti-white education and media thrives on appreciation.

Many Asian and Indian women appreciate the tall stature and light colors of European men, and may hope these traits will be passed onto their children. However, European traits are recessive; in mixed children, the typically European phenotype is lost, often forever.

Finding a suitable partner for procreation should be a well-considered process.

Maybe it is time we start to think like Jewish mothers who always try to find the most intelligent, beautiful, and traditional Jewish bride for their sons. This is the thinking that helped the Jewish group and culture survive, and it will help us survive.

Western education and media spreading feminism have manipulated European women into believing that European men owe them chivalry, fidelity, financial security, and hot sex. At the same time, women believe they can dress and behave like tramps, collect as many sex partners as they like, and proudly state that they cannot and will never cook, clean house or — God forbid — iron a shirt. This is war against our men and against our people, and it is being fought through the minds of us women.

For white men to date feminine, high-IQ women outside their race is like taking the emergency exit. Why marry a white nag who dresses and behaves like a man at best, or a slut at worst, if they can have a decent women who is sweet, delicate, supportive, caring, and loyal?

Fortunately, the traditional white wife still exists. She seduces with her natural charm and feminine personality. She has long hair, wears pretty but modest dresses, and brings home-made salads or cakes to parties. She is grabbed from the dating market at the speed of light and already lives happily ever after with her handsome husband, adoring her many children. Alas, she is part of an endangered species.

If we see Asian and Indian women outcompeting us white women and thus threatening the survival of our ethnicity and folk soul, we need to improve. We must once again embrace a more feminine way of being, moving, and talking, we must brush up on our traditional skills, and last but not least we must learn when to shut up! Don’t be like the white drama queens on TV and in movies. I had to learn that lesson the hard way, and I urge other women to be smarter and to study other women’s mistakes.

Your man is not a garbage can for your moods and vanities. Maintaining good countenance is an essential skill for fostering all human relationships. We must encourage our men to become the best versions of themselves, and we must welcome with gratitude everything they do for us.

To see white men as they are, and not from an anti-white-male perspective, I invite white women to look at history. Despite the massive destruction of our men’s gene pool during the horrible brothers’ wars of the 20th century, and despite the suffocation by globalist modernity of their creative potential, their achievements in science, architecture, and art show what white men — and only white men — can do. The richness and beauty of our European heritage alone should make us proud of them, and our sincere admiration and support will make them surpass themselves in the future.

We Western women need to understand that the true mission of our lives is not making profits for a company but making our men strong and successful, and taking care of a home and family. Men are creators of societies; women are creators of life. The one is not more important than the other; both are crucial for the preservation of our ethnic groups and our European cultures.

If they are free from self-doubt, white men will always create high-prosperity, high-culture, beauty-worshipping civilizations. But their creative powers are inseparable from their genetics, so it is our duty as white women — our duty to our ancestors and to our European legacy — to make sure our men want to date, marry, and make families with us!