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November 2, 2004
November 1, 2004

In Search of Freedom Anchorage Daily News

White Zimbabwe teenager visiting Alaska is delighted she can drive without fear of car-jackings.
October 29, 2004

25,000 Ghanaians in Italy Ghana Home Page

There are one million non-white immigrants in Italy, making up two percent of the population.
October 28, 2004

40 Excuses and a Mule

Columnist accuses Democrats of cynical manipulation of black vote.

Minority Turnout is Kerry Key Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates

If non-whites voted at the same rate as whites, Kerry would lead by five percent in battleground states.
October 27, 2004

Nobody Knows

Get out the vote efforts may bring unprecedented numbers of blacks to the polls.

A Jobless Recovery? Center for Immigration Studies

Since 2000, employment among immigrants has increased, but has sunk among natives.

Cultural (Uni)Diversity Campus Report Online

A popular photograph on college campuses portrays a black man urinating on a white man.
October 26, 2004

Jesus Christ Is No 1 Black Icon Asian News International

Poll in a British newspaper for blacks puts Jesus Christ ahead of MLK as history's greatest black man.
October 25, 2004

Many Factors Limit Loan Approval San Mateo County Times (San Mateo, Cal.)

California professor says banks deny non-whites loans because they are worse credit risks.

No Longer Just Nordic Washington Post

Immigrants in Sweden "mentally live in their former countries.”
October 22, 2004

Latino Identity The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)

High school "Chicano Studies" class teaches students about Aztlan.