Posted on November 12, 2004

The Death of the Dutch?

Stephen Brown,, Nov. 12

The recent assassination of Dutch author and moviemaker, Theo van Gogh, by a Muslim extremist in Amsterdam should come as no surprise to those familiar with the condition of multiculturalism in Holland. Earlier this year, the Dutch government became the first Western state to admit that the multicultural experiment, the biggest socialist fraud ever to be foisted on countries since the Soviet one, is a colossal failure.

This admission came in the form of an all-party parliamentary report that basically concluded, among other things, that Muslim immigrants, who make up almost one million of Holland’s 16 million inhabitants, are refusing to integrate. These immigrants, largely concentrated in the cities where they constitute a large percentage of urban populations such as in Rotterdam, choose to live together in their own ‘ghettos’ where they have built up parallel societies to that of the host country. And it is not going to get better. According to the report, between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born immigrants, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, refuse to intermarry with native-born Dutch and are importing their spouses from their home countries.

Ironically, it is the emphasis Dutch governments have placed on multiculturalism that has helped lead to its inevitable downfall. The report states that, in planning their ‘perfect’ society, the biggest mistake the lib-left multiculturalists made was to have immigrant children educated in their own languages, which has resulted in an ethnic separatism in society. This voluntary apartheid from the mainstream has reached the point where it is dangerous for white Europeans to venture into some immigrant neighborhoods where they are regarded as either “an enemy or victim.” The growth of this parallel world has also corresponded with a growth in discomfort among the native Dutch toward the newcomers and a loss of a feeling of security, which is largely due to the new immigrants’ propensity for crime, violence and overrepresentation in the criminal system.

The report concludes that the ethnic ghettos must be broken up and the immigrants made to become Dutch if the country is not to come apart.

But it is probably already too late for that. In the first place, trying to break up the Muslim ghettoes would be like trying to dissolve San Francisco’s Chinatown or New York’s Harlem. Secondly, there is the little problem of Muslim fundamentalism that the dangerously naïve multiculturalists have let into the country like the proverbial wolf into the sheepfold.

A substantial portion of the Muslim population Holland has imported since the sixties, while not violent, abhors Dutch society, the most liberal in all of Europe. Many of these new immigrants hold in disdain women’s rights, freedom of expression, homosexuality, drugs and all the other trappings of Dutch liberalism, and believe their way of life and beliefs are superior to those of their host country. In fact, such immigrants are not averse to replacing the ‘corrupt’ Dutch system with sharia, but by legal, non-violent means.

More importantly, though, for Holland’s existence, this population also contains a minority of Islamist fanatics, such as the one who killed van Gogh, who want to replace the Dutch system with an Islamic theocracy by violent means, kill all the unbelievers in the country and wage jihad to the ends of the earth. It did not help that the Dutch government assisted in funding some radical mosques that indoctrinated young Dutch Muslims into their way of hatred, while Saudi Arabia supported others (no surprise there). Dutch Muslims have been found on the battlefield in Kashmir and elsewhere; but they may soon not have to leave home to fight the Holy War. A letter van Gogh’s assassin left on his victim’s body says there will be more killings.

There are also indications that Islamists are organizing a European army. According to one report, hundreds of European Muslims received military training in Afghanistan and returned home to train hundreds more. They apparently have been buying weapons on the Eastern European black market and have even rented isolated tourist resorts to conduct training sessions. So the underground intelligence war going on all over Europe may soon turn hot, and the assassination of van Gogh may have been its first shot. Such an Islamist crusade would most likely take the form of an I.R.A.-style guerilla war where the multiculturalism-created ghettoes, like the Catholic ones in Northern Ireland, would serve both as bases and as hideouts.

And it is not as if the people in Holland can rely on the law to protect them. Like in other western countries, it has been twisted and weakened so badly the last 30 years to match leftist ideology that it is sometimes a hindrance in combating the Islamist danger. Legal technicalities, for example, prevented the conviction of 12 Dutch Muslims last year for providing support to a North African terrorist organization, while another four Islamist terrorists, accused of planning to bomb the U.S. embassy in Paris, walked out of a Rotterdam court free men in 2002. And even after the Dutch parliament voted to expel 26,000 failed refugee claimants last February, Europe’s first mass expulsion of such people, the Justice Ministry had to admit that if they did not accept the free flight home and a cash bonus, many would have to be let loose on Holland’s streets because of human rights laws.

And what is the response of the oh-so-clever Dutch leftists to the multicultural mess they have created? Like after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, they have been either silent or offered only more of the same. The truth be told, they do not know what to do and are simply engaging in helpless, useless gestures, as reports come in this week of retaliatory attacks for van Gogh’s death against mosques and a Muslim school.

But one observer of Dutch society, interviewed by a European newspaper, says there was already a furtive and creeping migration of the Dutch elite and of money out of Holland before van Gogh’s murder because of the “Moroccan threat.” And if the situation begins to spiral out of control, you can definitely expect more ‘progressive’ rats to abandon the Dutch ship of state they were so instrumental in sinking.