Posted on October 16, 2022

Anti-White Curriculum; Anti-White Students

Anonymous American, American Renaissance, October 16, 2022

This story is one of hundreds Colin Flaherty planned to publish in a book before his death. American Renaissance will post one a week.

When my family moved, our children started going to a majority black school. My kids had to deal with racist black thugs from middle school through high school. But not all the problems came from students. There was one black middle school teacher (who changed her name from Christian to Muslim) who was a complete tyrant towards her white students. Openly and bluntly. My kids and their friends told me story after story about her. The first time she and I spoke was over the phone, when I requested a parent teacher conference. She flatly told me no! No reason why, just no. I thanked her politely, hung up, and immediately called the principal. He was shocked and scheduled a meeting he would be present at. The teacher showed up very late and was accompanied by another black female who turned out to be a Teacher’s Union lawyer! Long story short, our son was finally moved to a different “African American History” class, a state requirement. You can well imagine what that class consisted of. Not only did blacks pick on my kids, but the teachers and curriculum fed the fire with endless tales of white evil.