Posted on August 12, 2022

Verified Hate: Tim Wise Deleting Tweets Again

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 12, 2022

Tim Wise, one of the more amusing critics of our people, has once again posted and then deleted a tweet. Alas for him, the internet is forever.

It is important for white advocates and white conservatives to understand that yes, this is really what they want. Schools all around the country pay him to talk about “hate.” It’s funny how they use that word.

For a few days, leftist social media, including President Biden, was excited about a possible hate crime.

I’m sure they were deeply disappointed when the suspect turned out to be a Shiite Muslim. It appears to have been an inter-Islamic tribal feud.

Since no one can claim it was the fault of white people, we’ll probably never hear any more about the case.

Remember: The Great Replacement is a racist conspiracy. White people becoming a minority in the country we built is a coincidence.

Also, don’t miss this new book about our extinction. The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid is enjoying good reviews.

A grand jury just declined to bring charges against the woman Emmett Till allegedly assaulted — 67 years ago. Grand juries usually vote to indict, so the evidence must have been very thin. “Activists” want to hound the woman until she dies. They burst into nursing homes looking for her before the grand jury convened. A white mob looking for an alleged black criminal would be called a lynch mob, and would be the biggest story in the country, if not the world.

Some characters at Sesame Place may have not waved at black children. This apparently justifies a lawsuit.

The “Rosita” Muppet was an affirmative action addition to ease American children into a Spanish-speaking future. Now the park may be removing the character altogether. Any interaction with blacks can lead to a lawsuit. Best to avoid them.

There’s going to be another Black Panther movie, even though the star from the original recently died from cancer. Some blacks are going to be upset if whites watch the movie.

Of course, white characters can be swapped out for BIPOCs any time.

There’s something very sad about a people whose self-image is dependent on marketing.

This may be the next “It’s Ok to Be White” poster campaign.

It has potential. The hate is real.

Our evil goes back a long way.

The Los Angeles Times isn’t happy about whites noticing double standards.

Call us snowflakes. Do we get affirmative action now? Will those who criticize us be fired? We know that won’t happen. We thrive despite persecution and hatred.

We aren’t perfect, though. We are often way too noisy in movie theaters, disturbing our black fellow citizens who want to enjoy the film. If you don’t believe me, just watch this commercial.

Assuming the story below is true, I sympathize with the non-whites.

We’d be better off if liberal whites understood what non-whites think about them.

Michael Harriot of The Root said his mom told him a “black person’s humanity can never be fully realized in the presence of whiteness.”

Fair enough. So why must we keep babysitting your people? It just makes you angry.

Only whites want a “colorblind” society. Martin Luther King wanted preferences.

If whites are the indigenous people of Europe, are they entitled to keep everyone else out? Why don’t whites leave America or any other place where we are “oppressing” non-whites? It’s simple? It’s simple: They would follow us, begging all the way.

Poland is still somewhat sane. I look forward to American NGO employees lecturing Poland on its white privilege.

No communication is possible with people who think this.

Oh no, a racial slur. What would happen if whites used a certain word in return? I suspect black fragility would ensue.

This is after what’s happened in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti, and countless other places. Whites can never be victims, no matter how many die.


There’s no reason to go along with this, especially when every major corporation, university, non-profit, and “Western” government is taking the same line. This is simply a clumsy rationalization to defend the existing power structure.

Those of you reading this can see through it and understand you do have a history worth defending and a future to work for. Those who don’t, don’t.