Posted on March 16, 2022

Northern California’s Rainbow Coalition of Criminals

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, March 16, 2022

Looking at Northern California’s list of most wanted criminals, it’s hard not to see America’s future. The list is a mix of Hispanics, Asians, blacks, and old whites. Here are all 13 of them:

Michael Que Heath

Michael Que Heath, Asian, 42, wanted for murder.

Daniel Molintas Rillera

Daniel Molintas Rillera, Asian, 65, wanted for murder.

Louis Houston / John Louis Houston Jr.

Louis Houston / John Louis Houston Jr., black, 58, wanted for arson, insurance fraud, and perjury.

Eric Pree

Eric Pree, black, 53, wanted for escape from a federal prison.

Samuel Mendoza-Rubio

Samuel Mendoza-Rubio, Hispanic, 48, wanted for murder.

Domingo Rosas Yepez

Domingo Rosas Yepez, Hispanic, 40, wanted for multiple sex crimes.

Juan Antonio Beltran Lopez

Juan Antonio Beltran Lopez, Hispanic, 54, wanted for murder.

Renato Yedra-Briseno

Renato Yedra-Briseno, Hispanic, 37, wanted for murder.

Mario Castellanos

Mario Castellanos, Hispanic, 42, wanted for murder.

Vince Tomera

Vince Tomera, white, 72, wanted for wire fraud.

Clarence Anglin

Clarence Anglin, white, 91, wanted for escaping Alcatraz in 1962.

John William Anglin

John William Anglin, white, 92, wanted for escaping Alcatraz in 1962.

Frank Lee Morris

Frank Lee Morris, white, 96, wanted for escaping Alcatraz in 1962.

The four whites on this list are also the four oldest — and three of them escaped from Alcatraz 60 years ago. They probably drowned, but if they made it to shore alive, they’re probably dead now. The FBI must really be desperate for white criminals to keep these guys on the list.