Posted on May 18, 2021

Verified Hate: The Great Replacement Is Back Again

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 18, 2021

The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory unless you are celebrating it. A Huffington Post reporter is upset that Republicans are fighting Critical Race Theory and quotes a Democrat state rep who is unhappy about it.

I love it when they say it out loud.

The National Interest also thinks it’s a “problem” if we notice what’s happening.

Millions? Not enough. Most whites don’t know what’s happening or what it means. It’s our job to show them.

The Washington Post has a woman editor, and this puff piece about her shows that progressives truly exist in a different reality. Journalism professor Jay Rosen:

Apparently, some really do believe we’re on the road to fascism. One reader goes further:

Congratulations to everyone who helped us make America “a white Christian nationalist state, backed by most of the media.” Our secret plan was so effective we couldn’t even talk about it on Twitter or Facebook and can’t use basic financial services. But it worked!

Thousands believe Republicans are actual Nazis:

A strong argument for supporting the GOP:

Though Donald Trump was a weak president, many people think he was an autocrat.

An “antiracist physician” tells the world about her pain:

This happens to everyone. Blacks really can’t even “shop in peace?”

Some whites can’t live in peace. Here’s what one white woman says happened to her on Mother’s Day.

Will the police follow up? We know the national press won’t.

Here’s a black man beating a white woman in a store. There is virtually no media coverage. Many people approve of the attack. So much for #MeToo.

Still, there is trouble in the progressive ranks. The woke are increasingly angry with President Biden because of Israel and Palestine.

The split within the Democratic Party over Israel will be more important than the supposed division within the Republican Party over the January 6 protests. The Coalition of the Fringes could fracture over whether Israelis are white.

Neither the GOP nor the Democratic party care much about America’s national interests. Both sides seem far more passionate about who wins a tribal war in the Middle East than they do about America First.

Here’s a sighting of the American paradox. Was America built around white nationalism or racial equality?

The position here is that America was built on egalitarianism. However, didn’t racist Anglo-Saxons create America and her institutions? One progressive makes the novel argument that whites didn’t create America, but actually destroyed an already existing country.

The tweet below is not anti-white but it is interesting. England expelled black slaves in 1596, preferring racial unity over cheap labor. Of course, those who argue race was “invented” to justify colonial slavery will have a hard time explaining this.

The source is The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas by David Eltis.

This tweet is from a member of Congress.

There’s no real evidence that “racism” kills black infants. White infants die more often than Hispanic infants, in what the Huffington Post caused the “Latino Health Paradox.” Race realists know there is no paradox. Races are different and this has consequences. However, since we can’t admit this, we get absurd theories about white racism.

Shakespeare’s Globe theater has fallen to Wokeness, with the help of Cambridge University Press.

#Shakerace is the worst hashtag I’ve ever seen.

A black man agrees with me that the “Oracle” statue in Rockefeller statue is an insult.

He’s right.

A new video shows protesters inside the Capitol on January 6 talking to police about their right to assemble peacefully. I’ve been told by those who were there that the in some places, police and protesters talked calmly. In others, they fought.

We can say two things with confidence. First, Trump supporters did not kill Officer Brian Sicknick. Second, an officer whom the police refuse to identify killed an unarmed white woman who posed no deadly threat. Leftists say she had it coming.

Taylor was part of her boyfriend’s drug operation, and he opened fire on the police. Of course, the facts don’t matter.

Finally, from Ol’ Faithful:

Unfortunately, many would rather die than be called a racist. Those who take our own side will win.