Posted on December 5, 2020

White Flight Today, White Flight Tomorrow, White Flight Forever?

Johnny Johnston, American Renaissance, December 5, 2020

White Picket Fence

My family and I recently relocated to an “authentically white” part of the United States. What’s authentically white? It’s a place where:

  1. There is a white supermajority — at least 90 percent.
  2. Menial jobs (cleaners, baby sitters, fast food clerks, gas station attendants, construction workers, etc.) are still done by whites.
  3. You can listen to at least two local radio stations that play exclusively white music: folk, country, bluegrass, and early classic rock.
  4. Residents leave the doors to their garages and sheds unlocked and even open.
  5. There are no “bad parts of town” or “bad schools.”
  6. Confederate, Gadsden, or even state flags are as common as American flags.

Although the region may not have the same economic opportunities as a megalopolis such as Atlanta or Phoenix, the COVID-19 epidemic has made working from home normal. These areas also allow parents like myself, who don’t have the resources to homeschool, to shield our children from Social Justice indoctrination and anti-white bullying in schools.

Few authentically white regions remain in America, and another decade of demographic change might erase the last of them. Besides an immigration moratorium, the main hope for preserving these areas is through an influx of racially conscious whites from “blue states.” That’s my story, and I am not the only one. Many current neighbors and acquaintances of mine are from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California, having left those leftist enclaves in the last decade or two and never looked back. This trend sped up in 2020 because of the shutdowns and rioting. In October, a mortgage broker told me about a surge of applications since the summer — all from people fleeing blue states. A real estate accountant confirmed to me that home prices in the region have surged as a result. Numerous right-wingers have abandoned Democrat-controlled areas as well, such as Timothy Gordon, Nick DiPaolo, and the entire Daily Wire office.

But what could save authentically white regions from multiracialism might kill the Southern character of most of them. What will happen to the South if the majority of right-wing/traditional and racially conscious whites from across the country decide to settle in Dixie? I was sitting in a local burger joint a week ago when I overheard a Nashville native complain that his city — among the fastest growing in the U.S — has lost its Southern feel. You have to seal off the state, I told him. He thought I was joking. But what other solution is there?

I urge Southerners to take drastic action before it’s too late, even if it means blocking the state off from blue state exiles such as myself. When I was searching for a house to rent or buy, I didn’t experience the slightest discrimination despite having identified myself as a New York native — a potential Democrat voter and “community organizer”/ Social Justice activist. “You should be discriminating against all outsiders,” I thought to myself, if you want to protect your culture and traditions. But the locals don’t seem to want to believe what I’m saying, not being able to imagine that their own region could become like the notorious “ghettos” of once Scandinavian Minneapolis or Anglo Seattle rather quickly. Growth is what’s most important, some argue — Southern accents and safe schools be damned. We have seen the results of that approach in many places.

All I ask from God is that this region remain white until my children turn 18. At that point, if need be, we can all head in our different directions. There is always South Dakota, Wyoming or Alaska if this place goes under.

Such is the state of white America. Stripped of the legal mechanisms to defend our territory, culture, and traditions, whites have spent over half a century in semi-permanent migration, looking for the next safe place to avoid the Third World invasion. As white flight continues, being a traditional white American will altogether be associated with being a rural resident, which is already somewhat the case. Leftist whites view Trump supporters as hopeless, backwards rednecks. But this year’s disturbing incidents of violence, vandalism and statue-removal have confirmed that nearly all the cities our white American ancestors built are becoming hostile territories to their descendants.

Is there any alternative to economic collapse to get us to stop running?