Posted on October 4, 2020

Proof that White Privilege is Real

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, October 4, 2020

In 2018, police killed 209 American blacks and 6,088 died of overdoses from opioids.

That same year, police killed 399 whites and 35,363 died of overdoses from opioids.

Since 2010, whites have died of drugs overdoses at higher rates than blacks.

America’s richest people have given billions of dollars to organizations promising to improve the lives of blacks.

  • Over the years, MacKenzie Scott (Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife), the richest woman on earth, has given $586,700,000 to “racial equity” groups.
  • Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently launched a $100,000,000 program to “to promote racial justice inside the company.”
  • Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, gave $10,000,000 to Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research — headed by Ibram X. Kendi.

If these numbers don’t prove the existence of “white privilege,” I don’t know what does. Thank God for our elite. Imagine how much worse off the world would be if they wasted their money on all those whites living the high-life, without a care in the world.

White girl smoking crack

Alana smokes crack while her dog stays quiet beside her. (Credit Image: © David Tesinsky / ZUMA Wire)

White junkie

“The Dilaudid (narcotic), it’s peace of mind, to have these in your pocket,” Dave says. (Credit Image: © David Tesinsky / ZUMA Wire)

a drug addict who grew up in Toronto

‘Phoenix’ has been getting a safe supply of Dexedrine, but continues to use highly addictive crystal methamphetamine. (Credit Image: © David Tesinsky / ZUMA Wire)

An addict sits on the street and shows his recently acquired drugs

An addict sits on the street and shows his recently acquired drugs. (Credit Image: © David Tesinsky / ZUMA Wire)

A heroin addict shooting up into his leg

A heroin addict shooting up into his leg sitting on abandoned train tracks near. (Credit Image: © David Tesinsky / ZUMA Wire)

A Heroin Addict and a Pastor

Heroin in America's Heartland

Candace Greene, 33, a former nurse who is now a heroin-addicted prostitute, waits on the street for costumers in the McMicken neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, an epicenter of a growing heroin crisis. She has three kids who are in the legal custody of her sister. Candace is homeless, and lives in an abandoned building. (Credit Image: © Miguel Juarez Lugo / ZUMA Wire)

McDowell County

In 2013, McDowell County, West Virginia, ranked second from the bottom in the life expectancy of both male and female residents. Males in McDowell County lived an average of 63.5 years and females lived an average of 71.5 years. (Credit Image: © Dimitrios Manis / ZUMA Wire)

White Couple on Food Stamps

After struggling to keep up financially, Carl Hoppe was forced to leave his job as a minister and school administrator so he and his wife, Tamara, turned to food stamps to feed their family. (Credit Image: © Scott Strazzante / TNS /

Tara Nordgren packed up her son Allan’s stroller and a wagon she had attached by a belt to the handle of the stroller to bring home the groceries she had got at the Anoka County Brotherhood Council food shelf in Anoka, Minn. Nordgren works at Burger King but as a single mom needs help with groceries since her food stamps were cut back. She doesn’t own a car. (Credit Image: © TNS via ZUMA Wire)